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    1. atysmoke

      https://i.postimg.cc/mrkMgvcz/Screen-02-10-14-35-0000.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/3NTdmVwZ/Screen-02-10-14-39-0001.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/mgDhYQTK/Screen-02-10-14-41-0004.jpg might not be the best screenshots but still that attitude ....
    2. atysmoke

      👌👌👌 good job :))) but i can’t find myself in the newspapers :)) i guess i neeed to work harder to be famous :)) 🤪🤟 and my opinion Is that not just Players who get hall of fame should be interviewed😜 but in general is all good i just wanna say that there are many players doing great things around 🤪👍💪🤟
    3. atysmoke

      Maybe it want’t 50 vs 5-6 :)) bcs i dont’t know how many ppl was there but we were 5-6 ppl 🤣 actually it was everyone against hardcore :)) it was fun bcs we were outnumbered and still doin shit there :)) so in my opinion everyone from hardcore who attended should be proud 👌😁🤗
    4. atysmoke

      Nu e nevoie😅dupa cum observ ai reusit sa citesti si tu, domnu prof de limba si literatura romana 👌 pacat de oxigenul risipit ptr voi👍 Have fun! And visit the chaos goblin 🤣🤣🤣
    5. atysmoke

      Eu cred ca voi aveti aceasta problema @Woody sunteti niste copilasi care va masurati puterile pe mu online... vb de familiile noastre cu @ZaZaXin frunte de parca neam cunoaste dar idee nu aveti cu cine vb ... ma obositi interlopiilor ...
    6. atysmoke

      @ZaZaX interlopul de pe @oldsquad care in timpul liber face memeuri despre jucatorii pe care ii admira 🤣😂 💪👍
    7. atysmoke

      Maki famous 💪😅😅🍾🍾🍾
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