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    1. cant join in it because of the delay i want to reduce this delay
    2. well about the gens event its too early for that too much people will suffer in this event sir.. all people will move to safe map but its hard to get spot .

    3. ronald21

      i see soulstrike and zutto duel and the score is 10-8 i think only soulstrike can kill zutto in 1v1 but soulstrike only 1 combo bypass
    4. ronald21

      sir i don't like whitewizard drop because ob low chance drop. you can increase the drop rate of ob because too much people always hunt ww so they can get better reward also for newbie.. also put helper on server so new people can help to grow also someone already reach 10rr. also can you drop to 40-50 %dd it will help our server to build a socket items set wich is top item //Legion edit, DD won't be changed as our objective was to give people an option of competition with exc gear vs socket gear.
    5. I think ice arrow skill should be 50% for many reasons or remove skill in cc...I think the ae abuse to much that skill and even if they dont deal any dmg they will drop you. about dd should be 50% or 40% and about ms change the effect to increase % base on agi not on ene+agi
    6. this is my username ronxaris22 and ronxaris21 please check sir thanks 😃 i hope its not bug

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