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  1. Tekashi69

    go ahead lil b when u have char write here data and time
  2. Tekashi69

    Good mentality for this game even not all u say is true. It is a pity u gave up Inception, because there was less ass to kick around. I can still 10-0 you there on what char you want(u can ask anyone to give u a char) at a given time in front of everybody
  3. Tekashi69

    looking for oponent
  4. Tekashi69

    as @Reporter say we have to be good to eachother. i decided not only to be beter myself but to try to tell more peopels to be beter and we know we have some friends from Australia who are fighting their heads of everyday to scavenge for water. dont be so bad with them just because they come from a place made by EX prisoners they are peopel to !!! Theyr country burns as we speak so thats makes the scavenge for water a real challenge speciall for symptoms who we well know he has his motion problems. but toghether we can help ! toghether we can make australia great again !!! i know i know they sometimes throw bad words but this come from deshidratation witch is real problem !!!! that why i ask to be tolerant with them they are passing some bad moments so we can more tolerant ! imagine fighting a beaver for 2 drops of water . this is real sad :((((( this topic is for my guild after symptoms started to hunt me after i xplicit let him be with no pk in weeks he start again and say he kill all my mates until i leave them. this is not hapening because now they know his condition so we cant blame such peopel. we show mercy. i will try to personall help you , when you are in safezone u have more time to scavenge plz dont laugh at them plz dont throw bad words just help them scavenge sending them in safezone. is better ! #WaterScavenge #Free"Aussie" #Rezist #NoHateForPrisoners #MakeLoveNoWar #BeterTogether
  5. Tekashi69

    U started to say that "my stomach hurts" then 1 random alt character with 1 reset which is offline from then told me random what u see in that screenshots including he calling me "enhungered" or how you say that in english. I dont see any reason why he say that unless is you
  6. Tekashi69

    I was not expecting to recognize and it don't matter if the IP don't match it is too big coincidence that both used the same insult in the same time. I want 2x warns for u : 1 for mafy 1 for Peste
  7. Tekashi69

    It is very easy to see that Peste is mafy https://imgur.com/a/MzxW2hs
  8. Tekashi69

    Reporter u are not right, hardcore held switch while we were attacking too
  9. Tekashi69

    https://imgur.com/a/JD87gjn i demand 2 x warns or extended mute for this individual
  10. Tekashi69

  11. Tekashi69

    My feedback: server is great we are waiting for quest after 30res Vip and credit sistem is good me I never donate 1 euro and check my gear. I love when some random niggas want to be on top of 600-800 player but no donate no play :))))))))) Balance is good, i kill any char and any char kill me I want to see that Moss merchant and the creation idea in him is great My characther is 21RollMG not for reward. For check gear donation 0
  12. Tekashi69

    Sell: 1. Hyon Set +9 (boots +luck) 2. BD Set: Boots +12 LK DD HP DDi 6% Gloves +13 LK DD DDi 7% Pants +11 LK DD DDi 5% Armor +11 LK REF HP DDi 5% Helm +11 LK DD DDi 5% I am mostly looking for joh pm me in game 21RollMG or here
  13. Tekashi69

  14. Tekashi69

    Sell wings lvl 3 summoner +ref , ideally will be a bk wing +opt or fenrir
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