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  1. Tekashi69

  2. Tekashi69

    Looking for spam
  3. Tekashi69

    Best guide ever
  4. Tekashi69

    Yo, this is a serious problem, why my topic was moved into spam zone, but @iQons topic was not? We have the EXACT same problem
  5. Tekashi69

    So I bought silver VIP today and GUESS WHAT ? I AM NOT BETTER AT PVP I think it's only ADMINs fault and I want a refund. I want to mention that I have bought the silver one, not the bronze. X(
  6. Tekashi69

    Subscribe. Tons of stoopid niggas are being impressed by those numbers
  7. Tekashi69

    Make some noise y'all, it's fuckin' treyway!
  8. Tekashi69

    I do belive you. Your profile picture inspires me trust
  9. Tekashi69

    Pls give this man a prize
  10. Nice events #3way

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