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  1. Tekashi69

    U started to say that "my stomach hurts" then 1 random alt character with 1 reset which is offline from then told me random what u see in that screenshots including he calling me "enhungered" or how you say that in english. I dont see any reason why he say that unless is you
  2. Tekashi69

    I was not expecting to recognize and it don't matter if the IP don't match it is too big coincidence that both used the same insult in the same time. I want 2x warns for u : 1 for mafy 1 for Peste
  3. Tekashi69

    It is very easy to see that Peste is mafy https://imgur.com/a/MzxW2hs
  4. Tekashi69

    https://imgur.com/a/JD87gjn i demand 2 x warns or extended mute for this individual
  5. Tekashi69

  6. Tekashi69

    My feedback: server is great we are waiting for quest after 30res Vip and credit sistem is good me I never donate 1 euro and check my gear. I love when some random niggas want to be on top of 600-800 player but no donate no play :))))))))) Balance is good, i kill any char and any char kill me I want to see that Moss merchant and the creation idea in him is great My characther is 21RollMG not for reward. For check gear donation 0
  7. Tekashi69

    Sell: 1. Hyon Set +9 (boots +luck) 2. BD Set: Boots +12 LK DD HP DDi 6% Gloves +13 LK DD DDi 7% Pants +11 LK DD DDi 5% Armor +11 LK REF HP DDi 5% Helm +11 LK DD DDi 5% I am mostly looking for joh pm me in game 21RollMG or here
  8. Tekashi69

  9. Tekashi69

    Sell wings lvl 3 summoner +ref , ideally will be a bk wing +opt or fenrir
  10. Tekashi69

    Buy Wings BK lvl 3 = 3 Feather of Condor PM / mail in game 21RollMG or here
  11. Tekashi69

    FIFA vs 3Musketeers today 22 sv time FIFA 0 - 2 3Musketeers
  12. Tekashi69

    Shaolin Soccer vs 3Musketeers today, 22:00 sv time Shaolin Soccer 0 - 2 3Musketeers
  13. Tekashi69

    Salceson vs 3Musketeers 23:35 sv today sv time EDIT: 3Musketeers 2 - 0 Salceson
  14. Tekashi69

    i found , sry
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