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  1. Tekashi69

    Sell wings lvl 3 summoner +ref , ideally will be a bk wing +opt or fenrir
  2. Tekashi69

  3. Tekashi69

    Buy Wings BK lvl 3 = 3 Feather of Condor PM / mail in game 21RollMG or here
  4. Tekashi69

    FIFA vs 3Musketeers today 22 sv time FIFA 0 - 2 3Musketeers
  5. Tekashi69

    Shaolin Soccer vs 3Musketeers today, 22:00 sv time Shaolin Soccer 0 - 2 3Musketeers
  6. Tekashi69

    Salceson vs 3Musketeers 23:35 sv today sv time EDIT: 3Musketeers 2 - 0 Salceson
  7. Tekashi69

    i found , sry
  8. Hello, 


     My team can play match against your team after 15:00 serv time.

  9. Tekashi69

    Team: CrackTeam Captain: 21KillerDL, 21RollMG, RF Player 2: SushySM, Sushy, SM Player 3: Deff09, Defuze, BK Player 4: AdoRA, AdoRa, Elf
  10. Tekashi69

    Buy Wings lvl 2 BK (luck would be nice) Buy Ring DD HP/REF Buy Pendant Edr 2%/lvl20 Let your offer here
  11. Tekashi69

  12. Tekashi69

    Looking for spam
  13. Tekashi69

    Best guide ever
  14. Tekashi69

    Yo, this is a serious problem, why my topic was moved into spam zone, but @iQons topic was not? We have the EXACT same problem
  15. Tekashi69

    So I bought silver VIP today and GUESS WHAT ? I AM NOT BETTER AT PVP I think it's only ADMINs fault and I want a refund. I want to mention that I have bought the silver one, not the bronze. X(
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