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  1. Well if you get lvl 250 alts farming the entire devias, people with lvl 50 will never be able to level up so, something needs to be done.
  2. Hvman

    Character name: HVMAN Suggestion type: Server Content: I think in this moment, the class at a highest disadvantage in terms of pure afk lvling is the dark lord once he has no buff anymore. We do not have any def buff like MG/RF does, and we have no potential to get cape anytime soon, like i think will be a long time till we can actually farm icarus. So, given the fact that we have no horse, and no cape, the DL's defens is known to be the worse(i do not know about rf) without those 2 factors and still, is the only non-buffed char. I see myself repoting way often than my non-DL party members and strictly taking double their dmg. How can it bring value: Better life-quality in terms of leveling for DLs How i would implement my suggestion: Same as you did with MG/RF, make DLs get a deffense buff. P.S. I do not own or have tested the RF so he might even have a worse def with the buffs still, but i think he brings other values to the parties (like buffs) while DL simply brings nothing, given the fact that my 2 MGS do the same or more dmg than me.
  3. I think they don't want to make more spots so there are not a lot of spots for actual alts, that could also develop a problem to newer players since they can't kill or ks a lvl 200 farming jwls dungeon/elbe XD
  4. Hvman

    I don't even own a summ but isn't it a bit unfair to go with shop set till silver medal :-? Or is this to balance the fact that summ has a mid-game spike?
  5. Hvman

    Ye, the agi on spirit set is way too high while the early summ build needs no agi at all. Till red winged from medal you don't really have a set.
  6. I agree with 2, bk staying inside selupan/medusa should not be allowed, at some point in time is pretty op. If you have a 5man party without mercenary they lost the bonus % xp so they have to have an advantage over the others somehow so i find it ok. Selupan timing i think is ok, medusa is unkillable if you have 2-3 bks inside just comboing people and jumping in. I think elf needs to be rethinked with the ice arrow ene ammount, maybe 2k - 2,5k dunno, in the test i've done i still don't see her competing with others good pve chars, and pvp is pretty much useless, can't even ice arrow cause it requires 5k ene, which is like 5rr (to have to points for ene +set) let alone the agi/vit u actually need.
  7. ED1: Mie mi-au picat si de elf. ED2: Atlans, tarkan merg, cele pe care le-ai prezentat tu nu stiu.
  8. Hvman

    In my opiniong the line missing should be fixed, but the fact that you do not know where Budge died i think it s ok, the players that are on more, have more information and have an advantage.
  9. Hvman

    I think is a bad quote, or maybe you have a chance that your exe item is downgraded ant not fails, but definetely if your wing combination fails, it s destroyed too.
  10. From what i've been able to see in the gaion event rankins there are these following steps: 1. The most advantageous is to do as 5, cause you get no downtime compared to 4 or 3 , they all compete for the same time and i don't think that s quite fair for people that do not have a party of 5 different chars. 2. The best record time remains from the day u did best (which given the fact that on Monday is the easiest, that one sticks) i think you should make somehow of an overral average during the 7 days which might be more competitive and force people to do monday to sunday. 3. Given that you added the Icing mobs and Icing-Block things during spikes (at least monday tuesday) if it's going to be a matter of seconds that diferentiate 2 parties, is kinda random, cause as far as i've seen is hard or not possible at all to avoid being "stunned" during spike-paths. Overrall i think it's a good implementation, brought some competition, people are more inclined to find parties and play with people.
  11. Hvman

    I think it has something to do with the range of the cometfall, might be +1/-1 from default, and that causes the visual-bug and f**s up the attack/animation. Not sure though, just an opinion.
  12. Hvman

    1100+1080+360+24=2514 He has 2529 2514+Q3 points > 2529 It's the 2nd or 3rd time i see this bug, when someone leave lot has more or less points than it should have. Ex: XenopoL who had 1000 points more till it got fixed.
  13. Hvman

    Cometfall is doing little or no dmg at all to moving targets.
  14. Hvman

    https://imgur.com/a/Lr6c932 @Gion it's been 2 days already since i've posted it.
  15. Hvman

    What about a new EXP boost in LVL and especially MLVL (maybe untill 50-70) I see there is literally no competition at high-endgame since everyone kinda took a break or left, but i sometimes see new players, that are making fast rrs( due to 1-3 rr being kinda easy to do now) but they lack really much in terms of MLVL and on non-rr mlvl is kinda everything so they still stand no chance given the fact that 1 player with 100mlvl can kill an entire party with literally no buffs. Would u think about making the exp even higher and giving a significant boost in mLVL at least to 50-70 so they can become decently competitive given the fact that we have no competition? I mean i know it's summer, and servers are not that populated during summer, that s nothing new, but at least, we give a chance for someone to come from behind in terms of lvl/mlvl in 1- 1 and a half months and maybe we see some activity in high events like maya/selupan/medusa. No new players even attend them, given the fact that the difference between us is huge. Maybe you'll take it into consideration, we play for fun during summer and wait for the new project to come up.
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