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  1. Hvman

    Thanks, i thought it s just a 3% ex dmg increase, so it s way bigger than i thought xD
  2. Hvman

    If Snook is a top SM here or anywhere, i m deleting my accounts KAPPA.
  3. Hvman

    6RR -> +3% Damage(PvP/PvM), +2% Defense, +1% HP. 7RR -> +6% Damage(PvP/PvM), +4% Defense, +2% HP, +10% AG. 8RR -> +9% Damage(PvP/PvM), +6% Defense, +3% HP, +15% AG, +2% SD. 9RR -> +12% Damage(PvP/PvM), +8% Defense, +4% HP, +20% AG, +4% SD. 10RR -> +15% Damage(PvP/PvM), +10% Defense, +5% HP, +30% AG, +6% SD. Can anyone explain to me, i get 3% dmg and 2% Def at 6th rr, and when i do the 7th RR i get extra 6% dmg and 4% dmg, or just +3% dmg 2% def compared to 6th?
  4. Hvman

    Ok, close the topic when u can. Thank you.
  5. Hvman

    I understood that, i just asked if you have any plans to do this kind of thing for Phoenix since a boost of new players would help the server (and i also think it kinda needs that).
  6. Hvman

    So you plan on doing a "Phoenix Kid" and then merging the server here too? XD (i'm not sure if i understood correctly)
  7. Hvman

    Oh, didn't know that. Did it work though? XD
  8. I don't know if you've ever thought about this, but there was a way, back in the day (used on webzen too) of merging servers. I can't remember wether they were same style of server then merged because of lack of player or not but my suggestion is: Use your advertisement/marketing ways to announce a new FRESH start (cause somehow every mu player nowadays looks for fresh and end up on shitty servers dunno why) give them a 1/2 boost in everything (exp/jwls/droprate) nothing way overpowered, but maybe to be close-ish to the top50 in the first 1month or something of playing? (Or at least become decently competitive to non-peak hours) Then, merge the servers into one, so the population will grow on server, and i'm sure you'll get more casual players, and new hardcore players and more money (let's be honest, you need the $ to support the server, it's not surviving on thin-air, who still thinks that is a moron) I'm pretty sure webzen did this too multiple times (merging) and maybe it will help you too, since i feel like this database is going to last for at least 3months+ (during the summer) and the playerbase has been drastically lowering) I'm not saying do that, just saying think about it. (I've seen you tried boosting lvl so the new casual players feel more inclined to go, but we all know that mu-players when they see people 6rr+ on a (10rr srv) they wont join for the usual reasons:i'm to far behind bla bla etc"
  9. Hvman

    If it's necessary i will translate it but to be honest half of it i don't even know how to translate. There are serious words thrown. https://imgur.com/a/6bQwEDj @Gion
  10. Hvman

    Regarding this Database on Phoenix, i'd like to bring to the table what i've seen and what my thoughts are: 1.I think there is a slim problem that you might want to take into consideration regarding PVP pace/ early/mid/late game. I think the ups and downs of the characters come too abbruptly. 2. I think you missthought the fast pace ability of some "really into it" players to gear up characters. They really gear themselves pretty fast, and in terms of items they are pretty much End-Game or close to being End-Game but regarding the LVL/RR/MLVL ratio, RANK1 is barely past 50% (6rr 100mlvl) and 98% of the server isn't even at 50% in terms of lvl/rr/mlvl ratio. I think we really skipped the entire mid-game aspect because taking so long to lvlup/mlvl and goldens/bosses being doable at 2-3-5 rrs with some minimum mlvl and decent items made this gap where most of us have very good items, but nothing really worth doing besides pushing RRs and MLVLs. (Maybe if the Goldens were really hard to do? Even +3/+4 to be good with this kind of really low xp? Then people wouldn't be stuck to only lvling, or just make xp Higher) 3. I feel like some characters have been a little bit too underpowered and took quite a long time for them to be buffed like AE(which i still think it's trash, nowhere near Rank1 PVM that she should be given the fact that she's absolutelly outrageous in pvp) or SM. At least SM's manashield with the lacks of EE was necessary for a party, but the AE was really just a downside, so a faster response could've helped there. 4. I think you should also reconsider the "don't make changes during an edition" mentality, it's fine if u test it, and think that they need a bit of a buff/nerf (like ARF last edition nerf, like AE buff this edition). I think the server overall is pretty interesting and well made so congratulations. It is just that i feel we achieved a PEAK in this moment, that is not worth doing anything just rr to easier MLVL cause in NonRR server usually MLVL has a huge impact in both PVM or PVP. I don't know if u ever plan on releasing a new NON RR version, but i hope these things will help you in your future endeavours. Good luck! P.S. I Also think that in this moment is also a problem that most people are under 50% in terms of exp (under 5rr 100 mlvl) and pretty amazingly geared, cause it's destabilizing the PVP, hard to kill people 1v1, sometimes impossible if you are not using scrolls+demon. P.S.2. From my experience with nonRR server we used to use Demons in pvp, but here, they die in 3 hits so that is out of the question. EDIT: I think naming it NON-RR when you are kinda forced to RR (having 0rr 25mlvl would of gotten you competitive for maybe 1month) it's also not really a god idea. Name it 10RR xD
  11. Hvman

    I didn't want to say that it's unballanced, this is how mu is, it's unballanced in some aspects, most games are. (that's what i was trying to say about vrf/bk) The point i want to make is that it's not 100% percent related to the server that people chose to leave, some did, but not all, and definetely not most did because of the server, it's because of 3rd party related things, like work, lack of time, simple too worked up (because some people really played 10 hours a day for 3 months and that's hard) Though looking through archives, on the forum, i've seen some really entertaining events for example: -Pvp arena tournament -There was a boss, that spawn and people could use a command to instant become lv 400 when they reseted, and everyone could participate in that boss fight, and after it ended everything came to normal. Those are 2 interesting things, that i wish i see here, but dunno. They said they'll bring pvp arena and it's been 90 days and i haven't seen it yet xD So, in my opinion, it s 50/50 why people leave. P.S. PVP ballancing in mu will never exist to 100% extent, it s how the game it's designed. Out of all the private servers i think this is one of the most ballanced in terms in pvp/pve (look at Webzen, they have utterly unbalanced pvp)
  12. Hvman

    If u think here u win vs BK/RF (maybe as summ) with anything else in this stage of the game(mid-late), you are lying to yourself. But i aggre that the PVP-balance is maybe the least thing that people leave the game (except elfs, they left, cause they are pretty much useless besides a walking icearrow). Also, quarantine is over, people are back to work in most countries, so they don't have the time, decided to quit, it s normal and has nothing to do with server being good or bad.
  13. Hvman

    1. The currency is based on jwls and or Credits (which you can get from donations or from other players via market) 2. BK/RF/Summ looks like the strongest in PVP in this stage of the game. 3. Elf is not good, at least not PVP, is decent in PVM but not great.
  14. Hvman

    I myself do not like anything past s6 as well just because of high grynd, most rng based and overall really unbalanced in my opinion. I think the way to help the server is by doing some pvp-events based on Class or Reset Gapped, cause even so, doing more PVP events, only high lvl/mlvl players will join. The Soccer event is good for example, you don't need to be on 24/7 and play like an addict to be competitive. I still think the classes are also a bit unbalanced, cause the pace of this DB at least was really fast, 2 months and there were set/items +13/ wings3 so some characters had a really short life-span when they were supposed to be good, and the so called "mid-late-game" PVP chars have a lot more lifespan to begin with. Also the server is pretty competitive, so that's why people leave, they can't deal with it, and that cannot be solved in any way shape or form no matter what the Admin would do. P.S. There were some bugs that also took some time, like PK on PVP invasions, TP coord from Curse/PVP invasion back to base (some times when you were Outlaw2 bcs of bug and couldn't join invasion anymore) but i guess that's solvable and most have been solved (but took some big time)
  15. I myself reported this 3 times, dating back 1 month ago. Is that how is supposed to work, that noone answers these? So, BK can just sit inside Medusa/Selupan/Kundun, jump out, do a combo, then go back inside and you are unable to Target. @Gion I don't know if it's an unsolved thing, or this is how it's supposed to work, but only BK can do that.
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