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  1. Hvman

    I'm DL and i say NERF DL cause it's too op? Also, chain lightning skill on summ is not working so cometfall has to have higher atk speed on summ compared to SM ofc, since summ's chain lightning is a lot faster than sm's cometfall. The dmg is pretty understandable, summ is paper, so he needs high dmg for bursts given that he dies in 3 hits. This is what i was looking for. The buff idea. P.S. My conclusion is: Nerf DL pvp dmg 2-5%, buff pvm 2-5% Buff ae, or gets his buff to be worth that 4k ene for ice. Rest of the classes seems fine on w3+ddi.
  2. Hvman

    maybe you forgot 1 char on /offattack and you were connecting with 3 mains instead of 2? XD
  3. Hvman

    You talking about AE vs Non DDI- Non w3 classes. Go Try AE vs ddi/w3 and you'll see they can't touch you, because no dmg, because they lose 4k ene, because they need to add more vit than the rest because their hp/1vit is low. Also i want to see that AE that's beating VRF on BC statue :)) You are funny. Also i did not say only about AE, i also said about bk, and all other classes BESIDES sm because i said i did not test it. To answer your question or conclusion, no i dont want ae to be as strong as rf, i want to have a meaning besides ice arrowing. AE are no longer pvm top chars, because their HP POOL is very low, and easily killabie in BQ/Future GGD/Selu/Medusa, so no more rank1 top dmg from AE.
  4. Hvman

    Oh ok ok, was waiting for more gossips now that zutto drama is over.
  5. Hvman

    Sorry for double posting, i couldn't quote you on my previous one. I agree with your "general idea" BUT: DL atm is broken, simply too much dmg and def. AE in my opinion is far from easy-medium to play. You need perfect-pitch position, being able to sustain icearrow while not dieing when you closely focus someone. I was dueling Exilia which with my DL, using 2 items, and he could barely kill me while i was not moving. If summ is engaging in battlemap fights (since debuffs are not working non-battle) he has to do: Buff himself, Reflect his party, Sleep Enemies, Debuff Enemies, Do DMG, Avoid Death. (imo, as i said, summ is fine in my opinion as it is right now) SMG i think it's okish, maybe i was overzealous. VRF in my opinion has the biggest advantage because : Easy to play at full potential, Medium(kinda high in my opinion with a trick or 2)damage and his resistance is far from medium (also we are mid-game not late-game so that's why my opinion that vrf is overachieving, especially pvm single target) I don't like abk, i don't enjoy playing that build, so i cannot comment on that and also did 0 test on sm so same here.
  6. Hvman

    That's why you are so good as bk :-? Remove test server just because you do not like to test stuff? Some of us really enjoy testing stupid builds and see if they are working on testserver. + some MLVLS are bugged and cannot be fixed, so you would not know that unless you test it. P.S. Your idea of 1v1'ing you @ADMIN could be a funny idea for an event if you got some hours to joke around with players. I think would bring the comunity closer to you, or @Gion since he's the community administrator.
  7. Hvman

    I do not understand the part where you say "will dinasty be able to fight the same without the help of FORMOZA's core players?". Do you know something that i don't? At the moment that i'm writing this, formoza's core is still part of Dinasty XD
  8. Hvman

    I'm opening this topic maybe players have something in mind to ballance the classes even more that Admin will enjoy and implement. My ideas are : DL - Nerf his pvp dmg by 5%, add his PVM dmg 5% AE - Boost his PVP dmg by 7 to 9% and/or make him get higher hp/1vit point. EMG-Boost his pvp dmg if he's that low hp/def, by at least 8-9% SMG- Increase his defens and/or hp/1vit point and lower his dmg by 3 to 5% VRF- dunno, fix it, he's broken. 15rr has way better singletarget than ae, unkillable in pvp, tears through any sm/summ/mg/ae even BK easily. Can't kill DL cause DL is more broken atm XD. BK - i think admin really likes BK to be OP as long as Zutto plays him XD I think he needs a bit of work, his def is low (we tested set+12 full ddi, w2+11) , maybe add 3-4% to his def, since the rest will be covered by w3. Summ- I think summ is just fine as it is. SM- Haven't tested it yet, i think his icestorm does a bit too much dmg(pvm), but just by seeing it, didn't have the chance to test it. Feel free to come with different ideas, maybe they will be usefull.
  9. Hvman

    More drama please👀👀
  10. Give me your main-char name in game. I don't wanna f**k with a guy that can code. ONTOPIC: I think your improvement is a lot better for the simple eye.
  11. Hvman

    I think is a good idea on paper but imposible to implement it.
  12. Hvman

    Don't mind me, i'm here for the drama only, keep going.
  13. Hvman

    The fact that 2 spots are so close that you literally have no way but to KS eachother has nothign to do with perma-ds. BC is even closer, but you have room to not ks eachother. I don't wana KS my own guild. Smart boy.
  14. Hvman

    I think you must translate it into english.
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