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    PUDGE reacted to Reporter in [Interview] Makiavelli   
    This interview is about Makiavelli, one of the best Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad has ever had , he is ranked top number one on Magic Gladiator reset ranking, Blood Castle rankings, and second ranked on hall of fame main (he owns 10 Hall of Fame trophies at this moment), and he is also a stage breaker. 
    Reporter: "Hello, Makiavelli ! At this moment you are ranked as number one on MG reset rankings, on Blood Castle and second ranked on hall of fame, congratulations! "

    Makiavelli: " Hello, Reporter, and thank you! "
    Reporter : " Can you reveal us your name and age? "
    Makiavelli : " Of course, my name is Marius and  I`m 28  ."
    Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? "
    Makiavelli : "  When I play mu I`m very dedicated and I play it a lot, that`s why after every DB I play I usually take a break for atleast a few months in which I don't even touch the PC "
    Reporter: "What do you do in real life for a living?"
    Makiavelli: "I`m a dentist. "
    Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? "
    Makiavelli: "I can`t remember exactly, but I think around 2004. "
    Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?"
    Makiavelli: "I think my friend RedBuLL was the one who told me about OS in 2015 or 2016. "
    Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" 
    Makiavelli:" I`ve had Makiavelli for years, krazee before that, many others in the past."
    Reporter: "Since 2015 when you started to play OS, have you played on any other servers? 
    Makiavelli:"I only had an attempt to play other server which opened while i was waiting for OS and as soon as OS was ready i played them both at the same time. There was a conflict in the antihacks of the servers or something like that and sometimes my client would get closed so I couldn`t afk properly. The decision was very easy to make, i quit the other server and stayed on OS, which is the only server that i would play now. "
    Reporter :"Why did you choose this server?"
    Makiavelli:" There`s a lot of work put in this servers since it started and I like the settings more than any other server I`ve ever played
    and even though I`d very much like to play a S14 I only enjoy mu on OS in the last years so im willing to play it even on S6"
    Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? You have this VIP since you started Inception?"
    Makiavelli:"Yes, I have PRO vip activated since it first came up, before that i juggled between dealer and hunter, depending on the stage of the game. "
    Reporter: " How did you manage to achieve so many hall of fame trophies? Can you reveal us "the secret"?  "
    Makiavelli: "You just have to be active and have proper builds/gameplay: either for PVP (arena) or PVE (BC/DS/CC). Testing is the key to everything, someone beat you in something, either pve or pvp event, go to test server and find out what happened - you can at least do as good as he did . "
    Reporter :"Since you are top one Magic Gladiator player on the server, can you reveal us a few tips about Magic Gladiator pvp build? Can you reveal your stats ?"
    Makiavelli: "My stats were constantly changing untill I found what I think is the perfect stats build for sMG , a build that allows  me to do proper PVE/PVP and also hold a switch at CS  and I think its fair on servers with reset limit or non-reset that players make their own builds. I`ve never asked anybody about their build and I don`t want to reveal mine either. About pvp build, it`s easy to find the best one by testing builds in duels on pvp servers."
    Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Magic Gladiator in the beginning  ?"
    Makiavelli:"sMG can be better than eMG in everything, except holding a spot, so my advice is to go sMG since you can find a nice party to take care of the spot killing, also considering there is a bonus xp in party. To get to the top places you should find a stable party with people that you trust so you can share your accounts and try having somebody online to take care of the party most of the time. You should not skip any bc`s/ds`s, you got 3/24h so it shouldn`t be so hard if you organise your time properly, and if that is not enough, you should get a PRO vip that let`s you go 4 times into these events. If you can't find a stable party you can still do it on your own, it`s gonna take more of your time but it can be done. "
    Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best on pvp ? 
    Makiavelli:" "In my oppinion any character that is played well can be very good in pvp but if I have to choose 1 class, it`s gonna be BK."
    Reporter :"You are number one on Blood Castle rankings, can you tell us how have you accomplished that?"
    Makiavelli: "Well, I`ve only missed very few  BCs since the server started and I`ve always been high ranked in resets so my damage was always above average, allowing me to take the statue many times."
    Reporter: "Several weeks ago you were ranked number on on main reset rankings with a decent gap between rest of server, what happened?"
    Makiavelli: "I`ve had some time off, had a long vacation in which I lost a lot in ranks, but the gap you`re talking about helped, so I never got far from the first places."
    Reporter: " Do you still have have a permanent party ? 
    Makiavelli:"Yes, I still do have a permanent party with @Sparkle, @mafy, @Mu3rte,  but it's not like it was in the beginning. Some are doing resets, some are doing ML, but we help each other, and I see it as a stable party. "
    Reporter: " What happened to your old mates, RedBuLL, RuSuLeTzZz, TzaPusHH , MasSacre and Obraznic ?"
    Makiavelli:" RedBuLL had a lot of work to do from the beginning of the server, he just wanted to play it with us cause he loves this server and he likes playing with us, as I do with him, but not long ago he decided it`s not worth to spend the little time that he has for himself staying on a PC, but he is still around to help whenever we ask for it.  Rusuletz quit game because of many reasons that I don`t want to speak about, but mainly because he started working and he is the kind of player that either plays active or doesn`t play at all. I`m that kind of player too. Tzapush ... you would have to ask him, I have no idea what happened there, temporary insanity or something. Obraznic tryied to sell a set for real money and he got banned, he did not have the approval of any of us and that`s all I have to say about this. Massacre didn`t have much time from the begining, but he started playing after I`ve asked him to several times so his presence here was shady from the start."
    Reporter :"Why Rampage disbanded? "
    Makiavelli: "A lot of players quit, some players tried to sell for real money and got banned, the energy there wasn`t good anymore. We disbanded it and choose to take it easy for a while, now we have a very nice group, here in H4RDC0RE the energy is really nice, and it`s a pleasure for me to play with these guys. We are not as strong as we were when we were winning the castle siege, but we are getting there, we didn`t abandon the fight for castle, nor will we. "
    Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? "
    Makiavelli:"Yes, I enjoy reading the newspaper, it`s something special that I haven`t seen anywhere else. "
    Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? "
    Makiavelli:"I don`t believe in superstitions, but I find this amusing and I enjoy reading the posts though. "
    Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?"
    Makiavelli: "The more you win it, the less you want it. The more you lose it, the more you want it.That`s how i see it. "
    Reporter: " Squadron is your enemy guild now?"
    Makiavelli:"Yes, they are our enemy guild this database, even though we have played together in the past. I still have friends and people I respect in that guild, even thought they did not take attitude when the administration of Squadron did some very shitty things like show 0 respect to my party, which helped them before and this database too, or steal items and credits from Snajper when they found out he was going to join us. After these events, and others, and losing CS several times to us, what they did is even more mind blowing to me - they allied with ATTACK and then deny several times that they did until Colossus confessed it all on forum and they didn`t even pay them what they promised for their help from what I know. It was not even only the normal help to come and play against us ,they were killing their GM and the GM of their secondary guild to make points.Everything is allowed at CS so we never said that this is not fair, but these are some stains on their chicks and I`d like people to remember it. "
    Reporter : "There are rumors that the ATTACK guild is allied with HARDCORE, are they true?"
     Makiavelli :" We are not allied and we never were, I remember some of them wanted to help us after Squadron mocked them and they offered their services but nothing synthesized."
    Reporter: " Do  you think that your guild can win next Castle Siege? "
    Makiavelli : "I know they can be defeated in the next siege, we beat them before and we could have beat them a lot more times. They did not win because they were too good, they won because we messed up big time on so many different occasions, and it is only our fault we lost but server`s still up and going, as I said before, we have a nice team now and I have high hopes that we`re gonna win the next castle siege. Nobody is crying for the castle but it's a thing of honor."
    Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?"
    Makiavelli: "I don`t see myself in any capacity to give advice on how to improve a newspaper. You are doing a great job, just keep on doing what you`re doing and all is good,or at least that`s how I feel about it. "
    Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Inception?"
    Makiavelli:"I like non-reset servers and I`ve played an amazing non-reset here on OS that I'd give 10. I`ve had bad thoughts of Inception at times, like when the aRF was 2hitting everybody and at an immense range, but watching the big picture now I see some very interesting stuff made with builds. Many people are crying that some chars are OP but if you pay attention you will see that they are OP only in front of other classes, or even if they outpower all other classes is just for a limited amount of time. For example at first was BK and MG, after that it was aRF, updates made and now is vRF instead of him, SM also got really strong, people already got some + 15 sockets and once slots will be filled with seeds, vRF will take a step back, and DL/SM/Summ era will begin. BK will always be at least a good tank. I don`t want to miss this opportunity to congratulate all OS team for their hard work with an accent on mercenary and gens systems, I like them a lot. "
    Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?"
    Makiavelli:"I guess I`d eliminate some of the Premium options on website like Change class/Change Name, I`d make the online Blacksmith at a max item upgrading of + 11, remove the add luck option completely, cause in my opinion,
    it makes one of the best options in game be worthless to any very active or willing to donate some money players in game. Some new systems were installed this db and although they are very nice they created a few bugs, some of which were already solved fast or a compromise solution has been found for them for example the case of BC bug, so what I expect from the following servers is  two things : 1:the same dedication of the team to solve major problems and 2: Season 14 as fast as possible on OS.
    Reporter: " What do you think about this new rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Admin."
    Makiavelli :" This rule can be very unpleasant for some players who have done nothing wrong and I know this for a fact because it has happened to me when some players from our team got banned for this reason and all the items,even a very high character at that time ended up in the hands of the players who we were playing against. Some would say that it is my fault for choosing the wrong guys to play with but everybody should know by now that people can hide their true faces very well so I don`t consider it my fault. Although this rule can be unpleasant for people who don't deserve it, I fully agree with it because I don't see a better way to stop this real money market." 
    Reporter: "So you are against "black market" ?
    Makiavelli :"  I don't have anything against someone who would sell/buy character/items on black market but these are the rules and I think it would be best for everybody if there wasn't a black market." 
    Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Can a player who is active reach the top without donating? " 
    Makiavelli :" I don't think VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", first of all because the stages system help a lot all the players who are behind and secondly because there is a market where you can trade basically anything for credits or consumables, so if you are a good merchant you can always have VIP without spending any money. When someone spends years on a project that he shares, I find it normal that he should receive some compensation for his work and I know that these days very few people would give something if they don't receive something in return, for example they like some artists but they have never bought an album to support the guy, online is so easy and cheap. I buy albums of my favourite artists just to support them even though I got all the songs in playlists on Youtube and I also donate when my VIP period is over,even if i have credits, because I see it as a support to the server, and I can also use the credits I already have for other stuff that I need." 
    Reporter: "Thanks for this interview, Marius, I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with health and accomplishments on all plans!" 
    Makiavelli: " Thank you! It has been a privilege for me, and I wish you and all OS players a Happy New Year!" 
    This was one of the most complex interviews I ever took !!!  It could compete with Ganja's or Zutto`s ( I followed Ganja more then 6 hours into all events and I was waiting for Zutto's interview since Phoenix mid game until Inception mid start ), so he deserves the room in NewsPaper Hall of Fame because he is one of all time best  Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad Ever Had!!!
    I wish to all News Paper readers a Happy New Year and I hope that the Goddess of Fortune will bring them all the luck and  to fulfill their pure desires !!
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in Patch - Part 1 - 09.11.2019   
    Release date: 09.11.2019 at 17:35 - Patch will be up after maintenance.
    Congrats to Makiavelli, darkyo and Devex for finishing the Stage 2!
    Note: You need to update the Client via Launcher!
    [UPDATED] Stage 2 exp (10rr) is now 75%. [UPDATED] Stage 1.1 is now removed (exp on 5rr is now normal, like 4rr,3rr,etc.). [UPDATED] Newbies boost applied: Exp for 0rr is now 300% from 200%. Exp for 1-5rr is now +100% from +40%. Exp for 6-9rr is now +25%. [UPDATED] Maximum points in a single stat is now 16.000 from 8.000. [UPDATED] Old Boxes 3 & 4 are released. [UPDATED] Cursed Dragon evolved, HP increased, can drop OB3&4 as well now. [UPDATED] Balgass have been buffed in HP as well, and will drop extra 2x Old Box 4 as well. [UPDATED] 380 quest NPC is now released as well as 380 quest monsters. [UPDATED] Illusion Temple is now released. [UPDATED] Arena Tournament levels: 0-2rr is now 0-5rr. 3-6rr is now 6-10rr. 7-10rr is now 11-15rr. Added an extra level: 16-20rr. New schedule: 0-5rr is every Tuesday. 6-10rr is every Thursday and Sunday. 11-15rr is every Wednesday and Saturday 16-20rr is every Monday and Friday. [UPDATED] Imperial Guardian is now released. Note: You need at least 5 resets and level 300+ to join it. [UPDATED] Bloody Queen is now released. [UPDATED] Professional VIP is now released. [UPDATED] Chaos Machine (on site) is now maximum +12 from +11. [UPDATED] Reset Skill Tree (on site) is now released. [UPDATED] Increase ADD Option (on site) is now released. [UPDATED] Character Market (on site) is now released. [UPDATED] Limit of Market items is now 20 items/day from 10 items/day. [UPDATED] Market does require at least 1 reset to be used now. [UPDATED] Dark Horse got a new skin update, being an actual Dark Horse now xD. [UPDATED] Dark Horse is no longer requiring the level for bonuses to be active. The same thing is now applied to other pets that also requires level. [UPDATED] User interface have been visually updated. [FIXED] BC Reconnect being applied until xx:34 instead of until xx:30, "stuck-ing" players in some cases. [FIXED] Warping to pvparena from sv20, bypassing requirements. [UPDATED] From now DS6 & DS7 reward (box of ancients) will be generated into user inventory instead of dropping to the ground. [UPDATED] Blue golems no longer have their skill (that drains your mana). [UPDATED] Jewels drop on low and very low mobs have been highly reduced. [UPDATED] Now PvP Attack Rate gained from level is much lower (to reduce the gap between lower level characters vs high level characters, as it's a reset server). Change on ASR formula: Level*1 from Level*3 [UPDATED] RF Defence gain formula is now AGI/5 from AGI/7 (so he can be able to survive in maps like rest of chars). [UPDATED] RF DSR PvM rate is now AGI/6 from AGI/8 (same reason). + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in Maintenance + Part 1 of the next Patch   
    The Stage 2 is close to its end, so the new patch is incoming.
    We'll take this opportunity to also make a full maintenance on our systems.
    We expect it to happen at around 17:00 tomorrow (Saturday), it will take 5-30 minutes and, while reconnect can work, it is not guaranteed so make sure to be online (or leave the characters in /offattack).
    We have both good and bad news.
    The good news is that the incoming patch is pretty big, covering both stage content and new content/features that will add another layer of gameplay and economy to our server.
    The bad news is that we are working on many things simultaneously and couldn't finish all of them yet, so the patch will be split in 2 parts, first part will be released tomorrow with stage content, fixes and updates while the 2nd part will be released in few days, along with new features/gameplay changes. Also the mercenary rework didn't started yet but it will come as well hopefully in 7-10 days.
    The 10rr exp will be unlocked before the actual patch from tomorrow (exactly when stage is over).
    Expect to see nice things in the next period.
    Thanks for being part of our journey!
    Kind regards,
    OldSquad Team

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    PUDGE reacted to KostisPoutou in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vll   
    i think u r even funnier than this
    and nope.. u r not rampage neither squadron. u have just some mid 6-7rr char in different guilds and u ask things and u write them as u want.. but thats ok.. i like it in fact! u were just too much aggressive this time vs squadron and voyager just cause they played smarter and they didnt left cs in luck and in moving skills and thats why i decided to write u..
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in Services Down   
    Ok so network is back on 100% for now (as you probably also noticed that it didn't repeated).
    I have also tried for the past 2 weeks to troubleshoot the random disconnects problem (where 150-300 random characters got disconnected-reconnected) 1-2 times per day, and I think that I finally found (and fixed) the issue. So far it didn't happened since last night when I applied the fix (had to rework some scripts to work asynchronously with the database). The rest of them will be reworked for the incoming patch, to be even more sure that it is fixed. It was pretty hard to trace the problem as it never left anything behind (neither log, errors, crashes or network activity). The fact that not everyone was getting the disconnect and also numbers were random and characters were random made it even harder to trace.
    There can still be random disconnects-reconnects to only part of characters but they should be much more rare and its related to network dns problems / peers problems / attacks / etc. At least in this cases we clearly know what is the cause (as it leaves info in the network activity).
    Thanks for your patience! :d
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in BC bug2   
    Yes, makes sense, /re auto is directly accepting the party, that's why I suggested /re auto or /re off to those that are having that window bug in bc/ds, so it can't happen to them.
    I'll investigate what can actually trigger this bug.
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    PUDGE reacted to Colossus in BC bug2   
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in BC bug2   
    I'm pretty sure it's just a visual bug, I saw one more case like this.
    You can check the actual map anytime on website, if it's same like in game, then it's not just a visual bug.
    Last time one char was showing in a screenshot in bc3-5 (can't remember) with level like 80, but he was actually in BC1.
    Your party mate confirmed as well that he can't see him, and that you have a visual bug.
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    PUDGE reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vl   
    Thanks for the appreciation,  you can discuss anything related to NewsPaper here, it's made for everyone not just me.
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    PUDGE got a reaction from ADMIN in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vl   
    I don't know if I'm allowed to comment here, but dude, tbh your storys are so good.
    I feel the dedication you put in this and is very nice . keep it up 
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    PUDGE got a reaction from Green in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vl   
    I don't know if I'm allowed to comment here, but dude, tbh your storys are so good.
    I feel the dedication you put in this and is very nice . keep it up 
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    PUDGE reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vl   
    Flames and lightnings were seen, and  thunders were heard in the Valey of Loren last Sunday. Castle walls were shaking, clouds of smoke and dust rose from the gates of the castle, a battlefield in its terrifying splendor, earthquakes that were felt in Lorencia, and the noise of the weapons and the screams terrified the church of Davias, the fight was unbelievable, Squadron did not let the guard down, not even for a moment ! Since the first assault they have continuously attacked, and, when they had to, they defended almost perfectly. I say these things because the fight was more balanced than the one that took place in the previous week, but Squadron lacked something.. A glimmer, a moment, they only needed a few more minutes, and they could've decided everything in their favor. This didn't happened because Rampage, as they used us to, were closer to perfection than Squadron, the difference was made only by the desire to succeed, when they defended all their Dark Lords were fighting as one, as if something mysterious was controlling them, they were defending the switch as if the last piece of life they had been dependent on that button. And the last 5 minutes were their key.
    ATTACK and Assasins guilds took part in this fight but were not yet ready for this fight, both guilds brought too few players, ATTACK failed to hold both switches in the same time to let ZaZaX register. Assasins started well, but were overwhelmed by the power of Squadron and Rampage, personally I was pleased to see these two guilds taking part in Castle Siege and I hope they will find solutions to become even more competitive!
    After this fight, Rampage came out to be the winner Guild, but something strange began to happen in this guild, which by brute force and organization dominated Inception for three weeks .... was hidden, seemed lost, everything it was so normal until now that I thought it had finally disappeared, but these first signs are already visible and I realize terrified of how cruel and ruthless he is, he sought weakness until he found it and when he found it showed the colts and started biting heavily from the most solid guilds on this server, this week the first signs that The Curse did not disappear were shown at Rampage, mafy and Trompeta left the guild after some internal fights, later this week I see RuSuLeTzZz offline, I try to find out what happened but I get hit by an unnatural silence, no one wants to say what happened and I don't understand anything.
    I take a look at the Squadron guild and I see that they have not escaped the ungrateful anger of this wretch Curse, Devex left the guild after this Castle Siege and there are rumors that he would like to go to the Rampage, Sc0pt also left and made a small guild in which he took some players. Because this new guild registered  to Castle Siege there are some rumors that Squadron has joined the second guild to slow down Rampage on switches, Is this a new strategy? Or is the curse who leaves you for a while to believe that you have triumphed and hit you when you did not expect it, so fast and so strong that only the great Guilds manage to stand up and engage in battle with him again the next day.
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in BC bug   
    I heard it can happen when you get request in bc safe zone as well, or you give request there, so if you already have party just stay with /re off, if you don't just stay with /re auto for both giving and taking party.
    We're also thinking to come in help and add an auto entry back (on the next bigger update) if you leave character before BC/DS starts (like disconnect / switch character / etc.)
    You can also use it to skip a bc/ds if you don't find a party, and try later, without wasting entry.
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    PUDGE reacted to Reporter in The Begining of Stage 2   
    After a month and a half since the beginning of Inception, our top heroes have activated the second stage, and they started to dig a hall to bury the first Stage. The server will probably balance again, although this stage will be shorter than the other because the characters are much stronger, they get more experience thanks to the Mercenary Squad , and if they will do the experience events daily, probably in about 7 to 10 days they will break this Stage and we will finally enjoy the desired events like Illusion Temple, Gaion and Mirror Events, and another "big boss" will spawn (Bloody Queen). 
    Also, another hot features will be unlocked in Stage 2:
    -access to Character Market;
    -you can upgrade the items on site up to +12, not +11;
    -access to PRO VIP;
    -the stats limit raised from 8k to 16k.
    When this stage will be over, an important moment of the game will start, because  quest level 3 will be unlocked, alongside with the possibility to do the Master Levels. I am curious how the top will evolve and what strategies the most powerful players will adopt.
    Phoenix server showed us that those who played for Master Level and gave up resets were far more powerful than the players who played for resets and exp., of course we cannot compare Phoenix with Inception, but the Master Levels are not to be neglected, and those who will go this way will have to give up the normal levels and the top of the resets, in exchange for the sacrifice, players who choose to go after the Master Levels will gain time to fight for the top events and the riches they bring (Blood Castle 8, Illusion Temple 6, Devil Square 7). It is likely that these players will dominate the server in the short and medium term. 
    I also have a question for the NewsPaper readers:  What strategy do you, guys, think is the best? 
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    PUDGE reacted to ADMIN in Services Down   
    It seems that there is again a network problem (both our services and our provider ones are unreachable).
    Unfortunately there is no ETA as nobody is online to confirm our request and proceed with the switch to the back-up network.
    Due to the late hour, we'll be doing exp compensation in this weekend.
    We'll remain awake to wait the switch and bring everything back online, but we do recommend to not wait as it can come back anytime from 30 minutes up to morning time, so just go to sleep.
    We're sorry for inconveniences but this kind of situations are out of our hands.
    Have a good night!
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    PUDGE reacted to Colossus in Rage Fighter build   
    I would like to present my point of view here ,regarding the Rage Fighter character at this moment in game .
    At the moment ,as I've observed ,yesterday the damage done by mobs was rised and it was not announced .Because of this ,I would like to suggest ADMIN to check again the "Funcionality" of Rage fighter in game .I understand very well that RF gets stronger and stronger with each RR ,but ,at the moment a RF with 5500 agi has just 1150 def rate(PVM) which is very low for this much points .At 8000 agi ,i won't be able to stay at condra or relics ,and I will be limited by the Stage 1  (max 8000 points per stat) and this is not balancing the game ...
    At the moment a RF can't : PVP ,HUNT ,stay on spots that other chars at same rr can stay ,can't deal damage .
    Also ,before all talk ,i wanna tell that even the argument : RF WILL BE BEST IN END GAME is not valid .Go and test it on test server ,mail me in game and i show u that he has nothing more than other classes .
    What i suggest is to rise (a bit ) the def and dmg done by RF .I am not interested in rising the PVP dmg ...just PVM and PVM def ,so a RF can level-up like others do .
    This i my opinion ,if i am wrong i accept it ,but you need to demonstrate this .
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