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    1. Captain: Archie Player2: HASPID Player3: Break
    2. @Arrack i See that you got already two items with DSR, it's good for sure you should get full DSR set for early/mid game, dont fear of getting some Agility early as SM to get more DEF/Rate so you will be able to survive on better spots. I see you are using Platina Staff which probably costed you a lot of stats for 0 reset, might be better to get some lower tier Staff and put the stats into agi/vit/ene. I would also recommend to find for some ppl to make party (with about your level not to get into GAP). You can try to find some DSR item for 1b or 1s on Web Market. For zen i recommend to pick all Hearts/Medals and sell the dropped items to NPC same with items +3/4+Option (sometimes they are worth a lot of zen). These are the basiscs of how to survive early on better spots. If you would need any further assistance please reach me here on forum or in-game.
    3. Hello All, Just wanted to warn you all of making business with ppl from Warriors Guild and especially Dracula and his party. Mr. Dracula tried to scam me for 3k but fortunately i was not sure if i can trust him, because of his and his party attitude in game, so I tried to take only "half" of the risk. Below you can find screen of our "deal" PM in game and proof giving him 1,5k cred. https://imgur.com/cXeXE4X If anyone else got scammed by him or his party/guild you may add your evidence, so we can warn the rest of our community.
    4. Hello all Please find my reaserch below, please tell me if I am wrong or the Divine Stick is bugged? I've tested it on 6 different sticks/staffs/ Below Example(please see also ss's) Mystery stick, which gives 24% ... 3417 * 24% = 820,08 <correct> Excellent Violent Wind Stick, which gives 70% ... 3421 * 70% = 2394,7 <correct> Divine Stick of the Archangel, which gives 86% ... 3421 * 86% = 2942,06 <corr.... oh wait... +2565> So +2565 of +3421 is 74,97% instead of 86% - is it bug or I've missed something? (for other 3 weapons from the shop the calculations were correct)
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