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    1. I am not mad at all, as I told, I play for fun, I don't invest real money, just time when I want to loose it. I just saw a pattern here, and some people also told me same thing.. and I just wanted an Admin opinion about this issue, why this happened, and why they collect almost all jwls from spots.
    2. Good evening, On this evening DS I have noticed something that confirmed my suspicious. People from HARDCORE/SOFTCORE use Hacks/Exploits (at least some of them). I have stayed and watched how Amstaff and EzGuard have get all the jwls on the spot in DS (and there were many of them, maybe more than 15-20). I got just 1 Bless and the other from the party didn't answered to me, but I haven't seen any of them to get a jwl. Maybe they got like me, 1-2 max. Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I was in party with alegzander. Just him and 3 other people (From Romania: HarapAlb, IborRF, AbuzFatal) that I know, playing for fun and didn't use any hacks/exploits. We were talking that alegzander picked up all the jwl on the spot, and in few days, I barley got 1-2 jwls. I don't know if this can be checked, but I want other people who noticed this to talk here. As we know, is not the first DB when they play like this. Don't understand me wrong please, I play for FUN, haven't donated money for this game, and I don't care so much, but I want an equal game for pick-up on spot, and kill mobs at normal speed I have just 1 photo from the end of evening DS4 from 10/10/2021 with my inventory, with just 1 jwl in it. And yes, I have selected PU Jewels on clicker. Also, I have selected effect limitation to 5 for no lag. Another aspect, my Laptop is very fast, an gaming laptop Lenovo ryzen5 4000 series from last year. He can support MU without any trouble. https://postimg.cc/sQ1WmBbs LE: https://postimg.cc/gXDYx4g0 - Also Yamato got 0 jwls, the other player didn't answered. I am from Romania also, like Amstaff or EzGuard. So "living near server" should not be an answer... Thank you, CristiSUM
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