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  1. Woody

    get out DOGGY :)))
  2. Woody

    ain't no snitch?dose that mean that i snitched you?you sayed earlyer that "your punctuation" was wrong,what should i belive now?
  3. Woody

    ofc :))i'm Santa Claus if u think anyone belives "your punctuation"
  4. Woody

    https://ibb.co/9p3RDy4 https://ibb.co/rQ6XVxq https://ibb.co/m91pV6V https://ibb.co/xMxNK9F https://ibb.co/gtNyX0z
  5. Woody

    thats all the chat.. but ok
  6. Woody

    Eu zic ca ar fi nevoie sa consulti pe cineva, sa iti impartasesti ideile,sa ti se faca textul , dupa care sa ii dai copy-paste (wink-wink)
  7. Woody

    @atysmoke Cere ajutor unui prieten cand scrii ceva,ca tu in continuare nu dovedesti decat ca esti agramat.
  8. Woody

    @atysmoke Dar tie nu ti-au zis prietenii ca esti agramat?
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