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  1. Jawbreaker

    I didn't saw complainings about Squadron past season when SOFTCORE was losing 16-3 or something.
  2. Jawbreaker

    @Sparkle, 4-2? Well then 16-3 in past server edition
  3. Jawbreaker

    Well, I kinda started the disrespect cause Rusu started it calling us exe guild, trash people, total noobs and etc :))
  4. Jawbreaker

    Where were your tongue when you were losing? You will go and punish your kid to collect JOGZ for the guild?
  5. Jawbreaker

    Excuses for what? You can't win thats all. After Inception and the previous Phoenix it seems they wanna make the life easier for you so you can win some CS's. However losing rewards for CS is kinda better than the rewards winning CS you take :))) So again you are favored as losers and benefit more p.s. I will be straight - SOFTCORE is not a good guild and it will never be, cause of the core people who can only trash talk about the rest of the server and being selfish. Second they are not organized and they can't simply invent tactics in mid-game CS, the thing they do is just to copy the opponent. Since GROM and DEADCATS, we do not have any opposing guild so far which is sad.
  6. Jawbreaker

    I trully believe the administration did this CS changes so SOFTCORES can have a chance taking the crown in the end, when Squadron will have -15 000 points and some other debuffs for their GM
  7. Jawbreaker

    I heard you are abusing your kid to bring u back on spot when u dead?
  8. Jawbreaker

    All those people finds it funny even after the 100th time.
  9. Jawbreaker

    I believe your brain and iq is equal to amoeba in size and intellect.
  10. Jawbreaker

    @uask4it Fake diploma, fake doctor. Your parents is paying your subscription, giving you money for food and crack, be happy
  11. Jawbreaker

    I havent stole anything so dont mess my name with this. However your guild is the one that the members keep leaving and leaving and saying that "certain" guild leaders are selfish and selling outside of the guild. Something you did while you were in our guild, crying to me every day about every single situation. Why you keep posting about people's parents while your ones pays you the subscription to OldSquad and everything related in your life, you even admitted that?
  12. Jawbreaker

    How and what exactly you have owned? Mafy died (I can't count the times even), your whole team get rapped and we registered always under 5 minutes (except one time where you handle the crown for around 7 min?). The only thing you did is to kill people but you did it chaotically - 0 focus, 0 tactic -> you were just raped literally. Oh I almost forgot, there is also one thing you are good at - crying all over about that ".exe" thingy which makes you poor. What we can call you all? A donators? You can't play this game without donating HUGE amount of money And sell the best stuff outside the guild? Enjoy being on the losing side forever, crap guild
  13. Jawbreaker

    Haha, pretty funny tho. You were beaten so hard that you couldn't even register in a proper way. Even Mafy go to help on switches which was hilarious. Also if we gonna play like this "2-1 for you" lets drag the Phoenix result which was 4:12 before I quit and who knows what was the result afterwards... :))) Teamplay? I don't know how teamplay and rusulets can be in one sentence... since you remember pretty much what was the reason you got kicked from Squadron and now trashtalking for us. Go to your beloved players and may be you can do something more for them
  14. Jawbreaker

    All this situation with banning people if you report them is rigged, manipulative and abusable.
  15. Jawbreaker

    I do not use or have integrated GPU... Only the GTX one. I have checked graphics settings and put them to fully performance optimized.
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