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  1. CS senior weapons are weak compared to bok+5 and DE / NMweapons , considering we have resets and weapons are non exc whit low dmg and the pink opt is not compensating the exc opts from bok5 weaps and DE / NM weaps so what i would suggest is increasing they dmg / rise %(specially storm Blitz stick since non exc raven have nearly the same rise , like 2-4%) , or make them exc whit 2 opts max @ADMIN
  2. montana94

    btw ur left arm bicep looks bigger than the right one , too much masturbation ? i understand … if i was a girl i wouldnt want anything whit such creature
  3. montana94

    @uask4it judging by this picture of you , i can tell , that drugs is consuming you , skinny as hell , ur mouth sliding away , we added some hair just so u look a bit better , and hidding ur rotten theet from all the shit u smoke x)
  4. montana94

    now were back to 4th grade school , saying these type of things "no no , you are " " no no you are the one " no no you are" xD jesus christ man i feel bad for you , 30y old ...
  5. montana94

    CRACKova city , the most known rotten cavities bald head fake dentist
  6. montana94

    dude ur 30years old, tell ur dad to remove ur keyboard and cancel ur internet ^^ the way u talk and express ur self is the same as u say " stupid children" x)
  7. montana94

    better players than me because they get couple more kills in cs ? are in front of me in ranking? xd i can also chase weaker players to farm kills instead focusing the important stuff and lose cs , im not that dumb like u all x) if im that lame how u all lose 1v1 , every cc , group fights? u all fall down , everyone see's it theres no point arguing on that XD , and now just did cc4 in case u didnt see the best summoner rusucrap got eliminated by lame chukundah , just like all other pvp fights ^^ , and dont worry u will be down more times like before like every pro player in ur guild xd dont understand why u lie to ur selfs and cant admit others are better just because u have so much hate ^^ u all are just rats that came out of the sewer after 4 editions of this server being completing irrelevante , ur having the best times of ur MU time because GROM stop play and banned , but still u all are LAME as fuck ^^ please , just stop , its already embarrasing , stay quiet , keep losing , go back to ur habitat dirty rats ^^ u all are 0 everyone has eyes , we all see u copy us every CS strategies , spamming profile clicks too see items and opt , creating alts to ask tips , is just sad u all know 0 about this game , u guys are just EXP BOTS ^^ i respect only no1liveer . decent player last thing , mentioning that rusu makes more Money than me is just stupid XD like i fucking care, and telling that i sell drugs ^^ , rather do it than using them like ur junkie ass face x) dont expose other's life , is just a game u dumbass x)
  8. montana94

  9. montana94

    so many f***ks .. ouch !! is it hurting? how's ur guild members ass? i bet its pretty stretched up and deeper ;D
  10. montana94

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