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  1. Roby

    Ok i really tried to read ... But i stopped here -''At this point, when almost nobody has fenrir, DL can just leave a dust trail behind everyone else that tries to hunt goldens, because of his Horse he can reach the goldens before any other class, he can cover the maps before any other class.'' It s just so desperate and cringe to say that lol , hey let s remove the dark horse from dark lord . Second attempt to read ''VRF has no chance vs DL '' idk what server you play my man , but DL no longer beats RF no matter how much he kites . I m seeing your stats right now , you are 12 rr and equiped with acc set + 0 , and probably u have 2 k max vit , and u come to complain of pvp settings .
  2. Roby

    So everyone went to forum , made a nice ''description'' about how DL is OP and bla bla bla , so now what you think about RF ? That he s unkillable on 1v 1 , very hard to kill even on 2v1 . Try DL damage vs a char with a set with DDI , no so much there fellowz , so stop the drama , chars are well enough balanced , except VRF def . Have a nice evening
  3. Roby

    So , the time for Devil Square has camed , I as a really try hard player xD , i always try to reach first the top spot , bassically the best spot. I reached there first , all good. Attention , after 10 s chuckynda appeared, and started to bring his acolytes on the top spot too , probably hoping that will scare us and we ll leave . Well that didnt happened , what happened I let you all see below..
  4. Roby

    It s a full PVP / KS server my friend . Iar in privinta injuraturilor , vezi ca se vede clar in printul postat de tine ca tu ai inceput, deci m-ai provocat. Te salut r3
  5. Roby

    Wow . You are really desperate if you screenshoted that , we were aware that you can see what we chat , that s why the comments from the screenshot (if you dont understand i can explain you in private) . That was probably our first in game chat with diamond players, if we had some conspiracy subjects , dont you think we would talk in pm`s ? Use your brain a bit mate .
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