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    Error reacted to ThaiBinh in Most awaited proof   
    Hi guys,   ThaiBinh is my character in game, who had the wing3 DL and get banned from the Admin by selling items for real money. The reason why I'm here NOT TO CLAIM that problem to get back the Wing or my Account, I just want to make everything clear with my team and have some messages for player and Admin as well. I hope you guys will take some time to read my post.   That's true, I sold it for real money, I am totally wrong and I don't make any excuse for that stuff. But the problem here is TrueSquad tried to trap me on his plan, on his purpose. Somebody(Fane, mafy, Halifax,...) is already PM me in game and sent me a letter to offer my wing as well after I posted it on the market, but I never get back. Then I also bought a character DL name is eLySioN, then changed its name to ThaiBinh after I made the Wing success. All of the things that I mention above to prove that I want to use not for selling it, everyone can see....... Otherwise, TrueSquad intended and tried to text my teammate to get my private contact, to trap me on his plan. All of his purpose is having my Wing without any efforts. You guys can banned me, and took the wing that is fine with me, I agreed with your decision but it is NOT CLEAR AND FAIR if you give it to him. There are some mistakes that I did, but i think it also have from the player and Admin as well. When you make the rule to ban the people, who sell items for real money, It's inadvertent make players try to find some bad ways to get items from others, the game will be worse and has more and more scammers nowadays. I don't think it will be good if you guys still keep that rule. PLEASE take your time to think about it again and have some solutions to solve the problem, I am really appreciate!!!   TO Players: Learn a lesson from me, please be careful with all the people. We still have some of guys in the dark side that we never know.   TO TrueSquad: I also have some messages for you. It is just a game, it's okay to do that to me, and everyone in here can see what you did.....Out there still have a lot of things to do in our life, so I hope you are not gonna trap or do anything bad with people in our real life. Please think of everything before you do.  "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND". Remember it!!   Thank you very much for taking time to read my topic guys. Hope all of you and your family will be good, and stay safe at this time            
  2. Haha
    Error reacted to Yoshyy in MystHH Flame   
    Non-English and flame
    MystHH : K7 are for you girls .
    The next comment is in english but flame and again he abuse .
  3. Haha
    Error reacted to VarCuPrimarul in For Alexandru Oproiu   
    Traducerea asta face tot postul :))
  4. Haha
    Error got a reaction from Fane in For Alexandru Oproiu   
    @MystHH Ce au Attack cu tine?! Se comporta de parca le-ai fi golit conturile. Acum vii cu Saru`mana Alex Oproiu de parca il cunosti de-o viata si cu multumiri echipei Oldsquad ... nu ma mir sa ai si o gaina si niste branza in sacosa daca tot ai venit pe aici.
  5. Haha
    Error reacted to Tzunade in For Alexandru Oproiu   
    MystHH we know u >>> 
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    Error reacted to Fane in bl   
    Haideti sa va explic eu cum e toata chestia. In urma cu ceva vreme MistHH s-a alaturat noua(asta inainte ca ZaZaX sa fie banat...ei fiind prieteni buni).
    Fiind cu totii impreuna(pe discord) vorbind in fiecare zi si avand o oarecare incredere unul in celalat,cativa dintr noi aveau datele celorlalti(user+pw) de la conturile principale cat si de la secundare.
    Fara nici o suparare,dar cap de nuca(MystHH) s-a gandit intr-o zi ca e mai smecher,si a golit cateva conturi(iteme+wings+jwl+credite....de fapt mai tot),facand "pe prostul",spunandu-ne ca el nu a intrat pe nici un cont si ca nu e vina lui. Ipocritul sa fie ipocrit pan` la capat,nu ? Inainte ca el sa pozeze in nevinovat...pe conturle respective s-au verificat market histori si login logs...tot ce s-a furat,s-a furat de pe IP de Norvegia,si a mers catre contul lui.
    Cum e si normal,ne-am umplut de nervi cu totii,si i-am spus lui Myst tot adevarul ! Dar tot...i-am spus cat de idiot e(nu poti sa faci pe prostul dupa ce esti prins cu mata`n sac),si multe alte cuvinte care la prima vedere sunt urate dar care pe el il caracterizeaza cu brio(nu vreau mute/ban asa ca nu le spun aici)
    Culmea e ca are si curaj sa mai zica ceva,adica parerea mea personala e ca este prea prost sa-si dea seama de greseala lui(incapacitate mintala)...ceea ce e tragic.
    Stiu ca nu e nimic in legatura cu chestia asta in server rules,dar sincer el merita banat pe ip pentru tot ceea ce a facut !
    A golit: 1) Azazel ; 2) SirLuff ; 3) mad4ever ; 4) NocTurN ; 5) Absolut ; 6)FAITH ; 7)polozabest ; 8)MihaiCTC
    Toate conturi crescuta si echipate de noi,fara ca el sa miste un deget !
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    Error reacted to KostisPoutou in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
    Red. Most of things that u wrote are right.. about skopt too. I won’t disagree with u cause u have your opinion and i mine. U also writing about Attack and that they always had ally or helped one or the others. But u totally forgot to mention something about Dieeeeeee‘s guild. If I’m not wrong they also helped u as guild and later by joining u as members every Sunday. Was the same time that we used skopt in 2nd guild and just for 2 cs. Skopt and just skopt!! Solo! 1 char. Wasn’t even in pt with rest squadron. Just solo. 
    i don’t want argue with u dude at this point.. it’s too late anyway. But plz when u start something try write the whole truth. And don’t “forget” things. 
    we always tried win cs with any way and u did the same. All good! 
  8. Haha
    Error reacted to Speedyzor in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
    is not our fault that you guys are 'pussies' and register three guilds, cowards.
  9. Haha
    Error reacted to Mu3rTe in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
    Dude, if you want to participate at CS, give a fucking care, if your full leadership is  not able to fucking register signs and they only login at 23:59 to do it, that means you don't deserve to participate.
    It's part of the game, its a fucking strategy. But no, you guys are cleaver i am stupid. Maybe you guys will learn to play, or maybe try to improve yourself.
    Maybe work on dignity, and pride, and from time to time, maybe admit that others are better than yourselves.
    If that crappy attack guild had any pride in them, they will admit they were outplayed, and learn for next time.
    And do you even have courage to post here? when you put tanks in fucking squadron and hold switch  when gm is not even available?, yes that is Antigame if you wanna speak about that. 
  10. Thanks
    Error reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
    The battle for server supremacy after "Squadron era"  has started since the beginning of the week. The power on the server is divided between three major guilds: Hardcore, ATTACK and the new PlayBoys guild, the latter was created from the active players who remained on the server from the great Squadron guild. Fierce fighting ensued between Hardcore and the other two guilds (ATTACK and PlayBoys), all three guilds dreamed to grab the crown dropped by Voyager. The fights that took place at night turned into prolonged fights, Hardcore provoking both opposing guilds to PVP and PK, making safe areas populated 24 hours a day by warriors from all three guilds, becoming the prey of the anger and revenge. 
    As in any war, everyone had to lose and no one to win, the battles were fierce and no one from these three guilds could not acquire experience. Time runs fast and the weekend is approaching, the Lord's sign records begin and on Saturday night the first surprise is triggered: ATTACK guild is removed from the game this time successfully by Hardcore. The warrior's eyes of these 3 guilds are glittering in the dark, looking to see the great crown  they wish to place on the head of their leader, and, of course, to sit on the great throne and together to rule the MU world.
     Sunday was quiet as usual before the breakup of hell. There were secret strategies on the chessboard that were due to be revealed during the war. In order to take part in this war for supremacy, those in the ATTACK who no longer had the chance to reach the top of the chain, allied themselves with PlayBoys and thus helped this guild to crush Hardcore ones who started the fight well, but they lost important points, being forced to step backwards. Playboys and ATTACK hit hard from start to the end, being helped by some warriors introduced into Squadron guild. They fought bravely and, with the two top guilds force on their side,  crushed and trampled on everything that was moving through their path. At the end of this battle, these warriors were raising Sk0pt to the highest possible rank, the master of Inception, and the ruler of the continent.
    Some rumors say that pride and arrogance has cost the Hardcore warriors the crown, these voices say that you cannot start a war with two equally strong guilds at the same time only if you are crazy, and they seem to be right. They also say that Hardcore had too few warriors with experience and it was another factor that led to their defeat.

    Over the grave of the Squadron era, a new era begins to flourish, the PlayBoy ERA, a new guild who was learning and taking advantage of the experience gained in that legendary guild, they knew how to play this fight in their favor and to speculate and gain an unexpected help (at least at the beginning of the week), a help from ATTACK, a guild that was pushed back by Hardcore, they had only two choices, to stand back and watch from distance or to get in fight and smash the enemy.  
    After this Castle Siege, Hardcore died, the most important players gave up the game for unknown reasons, so rumors are heard that ATTACK and PlayBoys will break the alliance and continue the fight for supremacy.
                                                                                                                                                    To be continued...
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    Error reacted to Colossus in ZaZaX BL   
    Beside swearing ,most important goal of them is to make players get out of this community :)) .May Hardcore be more despicable than GROM ? Reporter why don't you write some rows about how good guys are HARDCORE for this community?:)) 
    We understand that this is a game ,but as i see ,those guys don't understand ...Even made an account and cried "they swear about my family" when they do the same . Perfect character guys ....worst than any other guild on this server .Even some of them left game ,cuz they can't eat their own shits :))Just a bunch of cry babies ,that think they have the power ...but they have no CS ,3 players play on all guild accounts ...they see each other and speak just in weekends :)) 
    But wait ,They have the PERFECT MG =)))) pahahahaha always the same ...Arrogants 
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Patch - 29.11.2019   
    Release date: 29.11.2019 at 00:15 - Stage patch is up and no restart is needed.
    Congrats to mafy, Trompeta and Atenea for finishing Stage 2.1!
    [UPDATED] Stage 2.1 exp (15rr) is now 63.75% instead of 21.25%. [UPDATED] Stage 2 is now removed (exp on 10rr is now normal, like 9rr, 8rr, etc.). [UPDATED] Newbies boost applied: Exp for 1-5rr is now +150% from +100%. Exp for 6-10rr is now +70% from + 25%. Exp for 11-14rr is now +25%. [ADDED] Released GGD's (Vulcanus & Raklion).
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    Error reacted to Legion in A time has came.   
    Hello there.
    I would like to announce you something that was inevitable, before that I'll say a few words.
    Most of you remember me from both sides, as a player which I've been for a long time since I joined OldSquad community, and from the OS Staff member side. I decided to stop playing MU at the beginning of Inception project, while I was convinced I'll be able atleast to handle my current Game Manager duties, that was caused by time that became very limited in my case. Unfortunately I was barely able to handle basic things since the new OS project started, that's the main reason I had to tell you that personally, I'm no longer able to handle my role as it supposed to be. This is the day I want to announce you my Game Manager role has ended. But...
    Don't be so happy yet, i'm not leaving OS community at all, just because of that i'm mostly inactive doesn't mean that I won't watch you from behind the scene from time to time From this day my role will be changed to a simple Helper, I'll be available on forum as a support so you can send me PM anytime, i'll be visiting you ingame while time will let me do that also. This is not a goodbye for sure
    After It's done, I would like to thank you all for the active time spent together untill now, that was few good years with awesome OS community, I'm glad I was part of it & I was rewarded with a lot of new friendships even with those who I had to quarrel with at the beginnig and I was rewarded also with a huge exprience in both aspects, player & staff role 🙃 Again BIG THANKS to all of you!
    I would like to thank also whole OS Staff that we current have @Gion , @Reporter & those who were with us in the past & for their contribution.
    and especially to : @ADMIN
    This is the person who I argued the most since I began my journey with OldSquad.
    Trust me or not but I threw a meat at him few times per week for the first months i played here with multiple of reasons, about class stats, game mechanics , minor bugs , cheats that were working, unballance etc etc... God bless him for his patience🤣 . At the end, after I started to understand his hard job, I decided to try find out a solutions and suggest them instead of blaming him that something doesn't work. With a time our discussions brought some positive effects so I decided to take my chance and help to upgrade OS projects as much as I could, partly being voice of players also., That's how I reached this point, my contribution has done and I'm glad I could have been here for so long.
    I wanted to put some more words there but didn't want to get you bored at the beginning of reading this 🤣
    See you in game,  Cheers !🍻
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Services Down   
    It seems that there is again a network problem (both our services and our provider ones are unreachable).
    Unfortunately there is no ETA as nobody is online to confirm our request and proceed with the switch to the back-up network.
    Due to the late hour, we'll be doing exp compensation in this weekend.
    We'll remain awake to wait the switch and bring everything back online, but we do recommend to not wait as it can come back anytime from 30 minutes up to morning time, so just go to sleep.
    We're sorry for inconveniences but this kind of situations are out of our hands.
    Have a good night!
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Announcing Project Phoenix - Rise above all odds   
    Hello OldSquaders & Guests,
    Many of you were expecting us to announce the new Max30RR edition, as its time has come.
    We won't release Max30RR as our next edition, it will be kept for later on this year.
    Due to the amount of good feedbacks received from you, our dear players, and the 'not-as-expected' experience that our current NonReset offered (yes, we can also fail, it's part of learning/adjusting to player needs process), we decided to profit from the momentum that we currently have and to reward our non-reset lovers for their valuable input, giving it one more shot without waiting 1 more year for the next non-reset style (to lose the momentum and feedback in time).
    And, that's not all, we decided to combine the non-reset experience with the reset-experience in order to reward those 'reset-lovers' that were waiting for the new Max30RR edition.
    Aaand, that's not all, while current NonReset is (should have been) a full hard-core non-reset server (we promise that will be, on his next edition), our new project is kinda semi-hard style (not hardcore, not medium, a combination of them), and a much different experience compared to current NonReset (that still keeps his unique gameplay).
    We want to present you our next server: Project Phoenix (suggestive name, arghh?)
    Once again, in this MU Online world, OldSquad is bringing another innovation to this oldie game!
    Phoenix will have a completely unique and different gameplay compared to anything you have played before.
    Spoiler (from gameplay info):

    You would think that this are the only things that Phoenix brings. You're totally wrooong!

    We worked (and we're still working) hard to touch all of your good feedbacks for Phoenix.
    That means, up to 60% of the gameplay will be totally reworked (events, PK system, items progression, rates, characters builds diversification, socket system/seeds rework, new features, etc. etc.)
    While there is no full info yet, we'll keep you updated as we're working on and we'll try to release info one at a time, before the opening.

    What we can release you now is that, another major change that we made is to rework entire credits system & VIP system:
    We want for our Phoenix to be the greatest MU Online experience that you had ever had! And we'll work like slaves to make it real!
    If you have any thoughts/opinions on what we released / will release related to Phoenix, we're waiting you on his dedicated topic from General Discussions zone.
    Expected release date: 15/22 March - we'll announce you with at least 10 days before we set it, based on our work progress.
    Phoenix dream is helped to get real by community-feedbacks and the constant work & brainstorming of our staff, special mentions for @Gion & @Legion.
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Latest News 31.12.2018   
    While I am still on holiday until January 3rd (reason why you didn't saw me last days and no answer yet on fb) I am here to tell you the latest news and updates at the moment:
    - I announced the need of 10 players with 50ML for 'last stage' but it was too fast and unfair for the top players, so it was prolonged to 10 players of 80+ ML instead of 50. Which happened recently, so the following changes have just been released:
    Level 1-385 exp boosted for newbies (15-35%).
    Stage3 and last one removed.
    Released Wings Protector.
    Released Helper3 (Kanturu2 - Max level 330).
    - Extra exp for holidays have been prolonged until yesterday (instead of 25 as it was announced) - now it is removed.
    - Feedback Contest is prolonged until 5 January (winners announced between 6 and 10 January) - keep coming with your feedbacks!
    - We are still waiting for staff applications (got over 6 until now but waiting more, answers will be given after 3rd January when I will have time to speak with each of you).
    - I'll try to answer most of your fb messages in the next hour.
    - Thanks to some dedicated persons that reported us, we found out that the people that we respected and admired during years are just a bunch of people that if they can't win under normal circumstances they just try to find ways to cheat (abusing rules / events / and in the current case, bugs). This is the GROM, people that proved to be worthy opponents, until this edition, when they got owned and then started to abuse site bugs in their own interest.
    After analysing all the logs we concluded the main chars and ip's/accounts involved into the bug abuse.
    Players that have been exploiting (highest chars and guild): 
    Michas, NFZZ - GROM - All accounts banned + IP&HWID ban & restriction to any further OldSquad server(s)/edition(s).
    TOMMY, Lolek - GROM - All accounts banned + IP&HWID ban & restriction to any further OldSquad server(s)/edition(s).
    Betley, MarcelBK, Marcel - GROM - All accounts banned + IP&HWID ban & restriction to any further OldSquad server(s)/edition(s).
    Yorven - GROM - All accounts banned + IP&HWID ban & restriction to any further OldSquad server(s)/edition(s).
    SweetPussy, ZLODZIEJ, KosiaLapa - GROM - All accounts banned + IP&HWID ban & restriction to any further OldSquad server(s)/edition(s).
    + other non-guild chars & accounts (from different ip).
    Now, because even if the rest of GROM was not directly involved into exploiting, most of them profited from the others. I didn't ban the rest, but all of them except the chars already banned got up to 80% of items deleted (especially the good items) - doesn't matter if they were farmed or abused - as their punishment.
    Shame on you, GROM! And thanks to people that know to play fair and report anything they find or suspect.
    I wish you all a happy new year!
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    Error got a reaction from ADMIN in Sapphire at CS!!   
    Well done.

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    Error reacted to SirJudge in Sapphire at CS!!   
    -Censys: Cine a luat CS-ul
    - GrimRipper: Saphire
    - C : Cine sunt astia?
    - G: Noi prostule
  19. Hype
    Error got a reaction from SirJudge in Sapphire at CS!!   
    Well done.

  20. Hype
    Error got a reaction from GrimRipper in Sapphire at CS!!   
    Well done.

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    Error reacted to ADMIN in full day Ignore   
    Whoever made transfer request before yesterday night will have an answer during today, and any further details.
  22. Haha
    Error reacted to Cristian in Alliance   
    Mai dau si cate unul in romana pe ascuns.
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Great Start!   
    Max50RR has been succesfully released 7 hours ago and it brought together online over 226 unique players (not chars) on first 2 hours.
    In order to reduce your unwanted frustrations we decided to remove Goldens from BoK+2, BoK+3 and BoK+4 (from now on) on first days so they won't bother you on your growing process.
    We hope that you enjoy your stay on our community and have fun on our server(s).
    Few things to look for on this weekend:

    - Bonus System from 18:00 to 20:00 (Double Exp) - Saturday & Sunday.
    - Arena Tournament (0-4rr) on Sunday at 19:15 (minimum level 200).
    - Royal Rumble Event on Sunday at 18:30 (fist fight, level 1 chars, free for all, reward 1x Crest + 1x Feather)
    - Quiz Event (random hour between 10:00 and 00:00) - reward 1x Bless for each correct answer.

    #Make MU Great Again!
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Grand Opening Max50RR - Medium Style - 31.08.2018   
    Hello OldSquaders & Newcomers,
    Less than 30 hours remained for the grand opening of the new Max50RR - Medium Style Server!
    The server will be launched officially on 31 August at 18:00.
    You will be able to test the game, make parties, etc.
    The MOBS will spawn at 19:00 (after 1 hour). 
    We're very excited and we hope that everything will be fine for your to enjoy!
    You still have time to share this to your friends, groups, etc. and to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Let's show to the MU Online Community once again what real quality truly means! 
    So, share the news to your friends, families, pets, strangers and gather on the start day to conquer once again the OldSquad World!

    Important info:

    - !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Max50RR' Server when you are logging, else you will be logged on Max30RR and you will be able to use the Max30RR services / options instead of Max50RR!!!
    - In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 3-6 minutes to be sent but it will always be delivered).
    - You can make DL, MG, RF from level 1 since server starts if you get VIP (Only bronze until Break 1 - 20rr). Else you can create them at level 300.
    - First reset is at 370, even if this is a medium style server, first resets will still take some time (probly 1-2 days).
    - When you are in party, all the Zen collected by anyone is divided to all the rest of players from party.
    - You don't need Energy Elf as alt and not even in parties at all. Their buffs are nerfed hard so nobody needs to depends on secondary chars like EE's. You will be able to enjoy full experience of our server with only 1 character (of course, you will need strong guilds to progress).
    - 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (08 August - Sunday) but there will be no Ancients drops, no Senior, no Erohim - only LoT spots and fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS (that will have Ancients Drop, Erohim and Senior as rewards).
    - This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned!
    Also, we want to share you few important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here:

    - Official Info topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2503-official-information-many-details-about-server/
    - Info about Credits: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2506-info-about-credits/
    - Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2507-special-hot-features-that-you-should-know/
    - Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2498-server-rules/

    If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time!


    OldSquad Team
    #Make MU Great Again!
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    Error reacted to ADMIN in Disconnects, Stage1, News   
    VIP day has been added/extended! Enjoy!
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