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    1. The last week was intense, the fights from Discord moved to the forum and, finally, into the game. The Squadron remained in the same position, proud, strong, unbeatable. Some fights took place for the only "big boss" that can be beaten right now: Nightmare. As far as I know, the score is equal to the battles between Rampage and Squadron for this boss (from what I've heard, they met and fought only twice), although RAMPAGE being more active they defeated Nightmare 7 times versus 1 time by the Squadron side. So, Rampage received as a "gift" from the other guilds on the server, 6 Nightmares in the last 10 days... Now let me tell you what happened at the Castle Siege, this event that can lift a guild on the heights of glory, or destroy it in just a few days with the help of the merciless curse: The big event came, sunny Sunday arrived with the greatest peace, so far on the server, the strongest guilds were making their strategies, SD potions were created faster than the new players were making zen, these warriors were preparing for the hottest Castle Siege in Inception's history, time was passing out slowly and the Siege started. Squadron, had the experience and unity on their side and the advantage of been defenders against the RAMPAGE guild ... Rampage started the assault, with a little help from the Assasins guild (Those Assassins who have been silent so far, started playing their card in this poker game called Castle Siege, they gave a helping hand to those in RAMPAGE, borrowing them a top player: KAMA3, I'm curious what they had won?),so, Rampage gives the first assault and overwhelms those in the Squadron right from the beginning, from the first attempt they manage to conquer the Castle, Squadron did not stepped back , they returned very quickly and recovered the loss. Everything was crazy, it was like jumping into a horror carousel for the first time, the fight seemed to last forever and nothing seemed to be lost for any of the guilds, until someone (I heard it was mafy ) found the "Achilles heel" and crushed Zutto for the first time on Inception and the Squadron started to shake.This guild that seemed invincible began to bleed from the wounds caused by RAMPAGE, the latter, feeling the "smell" , attacked like sharks and defended as a compact stone wall. Time runs out quickly and RAMPAGE gains precious points ... the fight ended, the pride of the Squadron was shattered and RedBuLL ripped the crown from Voyager's head. Now, the Squadron, from the Hunters becomes the prey and eagerly awaits the next Castle Siege to prove that it was a simple mistake, instead RAMPAGE, who have felt the taste of Squadron's blood, begin to believe superiors, same arrogance that (some voices say) haunted Squadron until they fell. Will Squadron have the power to return? Was it the Curse that overcame them or their arrogance? There are rumors that just a few days after the conquest of the castle, internal battles began to appear inside RAMPAGE. What the hell!! No guild holds the secret antidote against this Curse? Lands of trials only brings terror and chaos to the guilds that manage to be sufficiently united to conquer the Castle, but can't they resist greed? To these questions, time will probably answer us soon. I still hope to see that the evil can be defeated and that a guild sufficiently united will manage to break this evil Curse that kneels the guilds as a straw house is crushed by a tornado.
    2. Hello, We're waiting any feedback / suggestions based on the current info for Inception as well as for the incoming info topics. Cheers!
    3. This interview is about Zutto, one of the best Blade Knight player that OldSquad ever had, I am trying to get this interview since Phoenix, and I finally got it. Probably we have different active time hours since I am "hunting" him down for months. So let's hear what this nice guy has to say: Reporter: " You are the first player on Hall of Fame, Arena Tournament, and Castle Siege rankings, most of the players say that you are one of the best Blade Knight player that was seen on OldSquad , Congratulations!!! " Reporter: " How did you manage to achieve that fast so many hall of fame trophies? Can you reveal us "the secret"? " Zutto: "Thanks, I try to only aim for the "pvp"... trophies, so not a lot of work really . Isn't really any secret behind it, I mean ..Play a class you like and stick with it. " Reporter: " Do you have a permanent party ? How many members (real players ) does it have? Can you name them?" Zutto: "I do have a perma, and I am so happy for it. 5 members: "Boyager, Oklahoma, Trippy and FkinGCunT " Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you guys got together?" Zutto: "Ohh, feels like ages ago, and to be honest I don't remember the whole story. I started Oldsquad a few years back now, alone, not knowing anyone on the server. I think i played with DEADCATS back then, but somehow I met up with Squadron, and they adopted me like a stray kitten , ever since then I've been playing with them." Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " Zutto: " I would say about 4 h - ish." Reporter :"When did you started to play Mu Online? " Zutto: "I started on wigle, back in 2003? Miss those times " Reporter : "How you found OldSquad ?" Zutto: "Searched on top 100 mu servers and it came up around 2017. " Reporter :"What nicknames you had in past?"" Zutto: "Always Zutto. " Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? You have this VIP since you started Inception?" Zutto: "Yes, I got VIP, used it since start. " Reporter: "What type of VIP and why? " Zutto: " Hunter, just because of higher exp bonus." Reporter: "But, do you think dealer is not good ? " Zutto : " Dealer is great actually, but I wanna squeez extra exp out " Reporter :"Because you are the best Blade Knight on the server to reset, can you reveal us a few tips about Blade Knight pvp build? Can you reveal your stats ?"(Zutto was first Blade Knight on reset rankings when I interviewed him). Zutto: "Tip I would give to practice your combo, get used to your atk speed and play with sound, I can't combo without sound , I wouldn't want to reveal my build, If still working on it myslef, I usually don't like high stats builds. " Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How he should build stats on Blade Knight on beginning ?" Zutto: "Try to find a stable party, it will be so much easier that way, then forget about going on top sets,try to go for a common easy one with good opt and as a BK, you have to find a build that suits your playstyle. " Reporter :"What strategy do you have for the future?" Zutto: "To keep what we doing now, farm Icarus and keep doing resets, and keep try help each other gear in the guild... and ofc keep RAMPAGE out of lot " Reporter :"Do you think there is a character in the game that can beat your BK in a 1 versus 1? Zutto: "There are for sure classes I fear, I tend to have problem with wizards and MGs, but any specific person right now, nope. It's still so early." Reporter:" Do you think Blade Knight has any weakness versus another character in player versus player?" Zutto :" Hmm, well, weakness would be I say that it takes more to be "good" at BK compared to some other classes, we usually don't out dmg we outlast battles." Reporter :"You are number one Blade Knight in our reset rankings and your permanent party is divided into the top, FKingCunt and Trippy are close to you but Voyager and Oklahoma were left behind, what happened? Zutto: "Yeah, we had a rough start, Oklahoma and Voy keept dying, loosing time at spot, so they fell behind, we decided to hammer without them, reset solo etc. Isn't really good, Oklahoma and Voy would have a hard time ... " Reporter: "They were not enough active? " Zutto: " To catch up with us, we try to cover each other, but sometimes it ain't possible, but from now on, I think we aim to reset together " Reporter: " You learned from the other party this lesson? If I remember right you over passed them since resets started but always you were left behind" Zutto: " We always knew we can't catch them, it was just lucky for a short moment " Reporter: "Are they not catchable? " Zutto : " For us, at least, we ain't as active as them , they got good team to cover most of the day." Reporter: " Some players say it's impossible to have so much successful combos, they say that you use macro or some softwares to help you. How do you comment on these statements?" Zutto: "This one I heard pretty much everyday for one that never plays BK it might be hard to land combos, but at the atk speed we are talking about it is a child play, it's 3 buttons " Reporter: "What happened to the other two top parties, why they left Squadron? Is it true that they were expelled because they were selfish? " Zutto: "Well, I try to stay out of things like this, I will call them red and mafy party, mafy left because red party left, they been friends for ages and wanted to play together, Red and his friends in my opinion wasn't playing as guild. " Reporter: "So, they were selfish?" Zutto :" To me, you cannot KS guild members on Invasion's, It's called helping." Reporter: That's bad, they KS own guild? " Zutto : " I mean, if you can't accept others helping to kill golden's and you don't want to follow simple rules we have, It's not going to work out, and it didn't. We share everything, we don't sell, I am not saying they refused to share stuff but it was always with an attitude... Even tough, they did help us a lot but I think actually was good in the end, now we have more competition on the server." Reporter :" Does Squadron have an enemy guild?" Zutto: " No, not yet I would say. But that might change later on " Reporter: " What about RAMPAGE, because the guild's founders were expelled from the Squadron, aren't they your enemies?" Zutto: "I wouldn't say it's an enemy guild, not in my eyes at least, it's competition " Reporter :" Do you think Squadron has the power to defeat any guild at Castle Siege this week?"" Zutto: " At the current state, yes. But that could change in few days, Rampage already made some big changes, and yeah, I think they are a new guild with a lot of new people that needs to learn play in a team. And I don't think that they prepared for this CS, they didn't really had any people for switches" Reporter: "So they are Noobs ?" Zutto: " Maybe they thought they could win like that or they just didn't had the right people tonight." Reporter: " They were close at start, what made the difference? What strategy did Squadron adapted when you saw that you are losing?" Zutto : " Someone em.....Boyager was telling us to kill "Rampage", we are still trying to find that player named "Rampage" Strategy changed a bit during the game, we noticed how weak their "stampers" were, so was easy for just a few players to pick them off, while others focused on RedBuLL , then the typical: stack on switches, etc." Reporter :" Does Squadron guild have rules related to drop, invasion, sharing/selling things, etc. ?" Zutto: "We try to keep everything inside guild, 90% of the stuff is given away free or for a small symbolic fee, but it's quite simple : you help guild out, give items and items shall be given back " Reporter: "Why you do not have wings level 2 yet? Zutto: " Just my luck, always late for wings level 2. We have a few wings lvl 2 but no bk so far " Reporter :" Do you read the News Paper ? " Zutto: " I do, and keep hearing voices " Reporter: "You are Zutto from Phoenix server, right?" Zutto : " That's right." Reporter : "Have you read the Castle is Cursed chapters?" Zutto: "Yes, I did. " Reporter :"Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed?" Zutto: "Greed can do a lot to a man, but I am not sure if I can call it a curse yet. If it's a curse, we will break it ! " Reporter :"But have you seen what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?" Zutto: " That's a good question, and I'm not sure what else it could be just yet, if it truly is cursed ... We will find out soon, won't we?" Reporter:" So, you do believe in the Curse, so your guild is searching for antidote?" Zutto :" I'm not gonna jinx anything, but time will tell" Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper?" Zutto: "I think someone mentioned it before, maybe. It was in last one? I can't remember but drama is always fun to read " Reporter: "But always is drama, server starts too soon and ends too early" Zutto : "What do you mean?" Reporter : "I mean servers are not long time playable anymore but never mind it is my thinking ^^, let's move on" Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like this server?" Zutto: "I would put it as an 8, always are ways for improvement " Reporter:" Like? " Zutto :" Biggest one is version, Admin spoke briefly about it before, but I think it's time to move on, older versions sure has its charm, but to go bigger we need something new." Reporter :"If you could ask ADMIN any questions, what would be the most important ones that comes through your mind ? " Zutto: "Free Chuk , No but seriously... What are your plans right now if your got any to work out the speed issue classes are having? " This was Zutto's interview, a nice guy, a top Blade Knight player (probably the best that OldSquad ever had). Thank you, Zutto, for time and patience, good luck!
    4. Last week we had the first true Castle Siege on Inception: the Guild Squadron, that dominated the server since the first week, defended the crown against the guild RAMPAGE (guild built by former Squadron members). They were the only guild who had the courage to register and even attack Squadron, I am saying this because anyone who knows the history of Inception Castle Siege knows that since the server started, several guilds registered every week, but no one had the guts to participate. The beginning was incredible, RAMPAGE had a first lightning attack and RedBuLL registered quickly, transforming RAMPAGE in defenders even from the first 30 minutes. Squadron, led by Voyager, regrouped fast and went in, in a storm attack. The fight was tough, Squadron had some failed attempts, but they managed to regain the status of defenders. What followed was pure insanity, after the first hour of intense fighting the score was balanced, the fight hotter than ever, each guild organizing and changing strategies on the go, but then something happened, RAMPAGE was losing more time than Squadron with organizing assaults, and the warriors from RAMPAGE fell more often than Squadron's in the Throne Room, giving free points to Squadron. Also, RedBuLL started to be attacked seriously and even Squadron started to break off in score, moreover RedBuLL began to be defeated by trying to seal, all the details began to count as time was passing by, and the number of points received by the defense guild increased. Squadron distanced from RAMPAGE and, in the end, they were still the Masters of the Land of Trials, keeping the crown on Voyager's head in the most important Castle Siege so far. I said "so far" because not all the functions of the castle are yet activated, the brave warriors from Squadron will only be able to enjoy Ancient Drops this week, following that after the next Castle Siege, besides the ancients, the guild that owns the castle will be able to benefit from the most important treasure at this time of the game, a treasure that, properly managed, can strengthen a guild to such an extent that it can become invincible, this treasure is called Lord Mix . After this amazing Castle Siege, some people said that RAMPAGE lost this fight because of their organization, others argue that it was because of their main party including the guild master was 70 levels below the main party of the Squadron. They also say that because of this RedBuLL died 3 times in the throne room, other people say that RedBuLL died because he did not have a correct stats build or was in lack of SD potions. After this Castle Siege six Squadron warriors were ranked in top 10 player vs player: The "invincible" Zutto who again smashed everything in his path, accumulating over 100 kills only in this Castle Siege, Rampage warriors did not find the heel of this Achilles, in conclusion was not even defeated once; Exillia ranked the second, he accumulated over 70 kills, and he was defeated only 10 times; Snajper is ranked number 4 with over 40 kills and only 8 deaths; FKingCunt is ranked no. 6 because he killed RAMPAGE players over 40 times and he has 12 defeats. Ranked number 8 is Trippy with 37 kills and 6 deaths, and last, but not least, is hAse, which has accumulated 36 kills and died only 9 times. On the other side, there are only 4 RAMPAGE warriors in top 10 Castle Siege player vs player rankings: Ranked no. 3 , WhiteBK was the best killer of RAMPAGE guild, killing 60 times Squadron players and registering 30 defeats, ranked no. 5, Ganacci has 46 kills and 19 deaths. darkyo is ranked no. 7 because he flamed 37 Squadron players and died only 4 times; Sparkle ranks 10th in this ranking, with 28 kills and 21 defeats. Some questions seek answers after this Castle Siege, and these are the following: Did RedBuLL and the others took The Curse with them when they left Squadron ? Immediately after this defeat strange things happened to RAMPAGE, Fatman erased his character, and the members from mafy's party were seen sleeping among the "secondary characters" in Icarus, while the Squadron looks like a united and stable guild, apart from the fact that they lost Snajper who wanted to change camps and join the RAMPAGE guild, but after leaving the guild, Oklahoma took all the items and credits from his account. If Squadron will lose the castle this week, will the Curse make its presence felt in this guild? When will the other guilds wake up? The Assasins seem more sleepy than ever, they lost DIEEEEEEEE ("voices" say that internal fights related to drops made this hero leave the guild ) and I didn't see any recruitment that could replace the loss of a player as active as DIEEEEEEEE. TheRiper probably will not count even if they would want, because of 2 resets average players. Immortal registered again, but they have only 1 party "alive" and it's way too low. Other questions arise in the minds of the players from Inception, questions related to Squadron, this desired and controversial guild , which has all the spot lights on it : Is it normal after you help someone to leave the guild and "change camps" without being punished ? Is it normal to punish former guild members by trying to ban them with posts from the guild chat? Some players claim that you have to pay for treason, the same people claim that insults should be punished no matter what chat they are written on. On the other side, there are the players who claim that what the Squadron did was shameful, especially because they also took the credits from the account, and about guild chat that should never go public. Which of them do you think is right? You can leave us messages as a reply to this topic.
    5. trololo

      DS 3 rework

      Rework pls this ds 3 coz its rly no rentable spots, from first to last min u have alltime atlans1 monsters, that its little better like devias. After 15 min bettwen atlans first monsters u have spawn 1-2 Devil, 1 Great Bahamut, 1 Lizard. In last 5 min u have +1 Silver Valkyrie and+1 Hydra
    6. Recent discussion in forums chat-box sparkled my interest in this topic - Is this server P2W?? First of all, I have played on OS for 3 editions and have pretty good understanding what you can and can't do being F2P player as myself. I also want to mention that OS is the best server not only in terms of this topic but also regarding its own unique server and active/helpful staff. So lets get to the point, there are many factors influencing your character progression and indeed some of them may require money. 1) Having ACTIVE party and VIP will help a LOT. Getting ahead with leveling makes you stronger than others thus increasing possibility of wining events=getting stronger gear and from that point its just starts to snowball (example Rampage/Squadron got 5rr while 90% of playerbase were 3rr or less and basically steamrolled all events). Although VIP (15% xp) is great boost , BUT still ACTIVE party is most important thing in getting ahead. 2) Having self-sufficient class, for example SMG- great for Goldens/Arena/CC/etc, will help you get TON of credits very easily. There are classes that excel at one particular event , but if you want maximum profit you have to choose one that can do many things. 3) Although first two points are most important,but still I have to mention so called ''Whales''. I have seen people donate 40$ and get full set +DD+HP+11 without any effort, while for average Joe it might take whole month. I can understand frustration if someone swipes his MASTERCARD and gets something you farmed/worked towards for a long time. As I said this point is controversial - you can''t get any uber items but you definitely can skip the grind for gear. What I would do now if we went back in time on server start: get active 5-man party and VIP for 2 weeks, those 20$ should be enough to keep you competitive if you put in effort and time.
    7. It seems that there is too much Zen available in server economy. Can we give zen some value? Maybe something really expensive in shop, or Chaos machine combinations price increase, or more zen required for reset?
    8. Last week it seemed rather monotonous, like it resembled its previous week, and the long-awaited Castle Siege has finally arrived. And guess what? Squadron led by Voyager won easily, as in the previous week, without any guild, like Assasins or LegendS, daring to even try to fight such a force. Also, on Sunday things seemed quiet, and I say they seemed quiet because they hid a storm inside the most appreciated and respected guild on the server, all players without guild dreamed to get there, or if not in the main guild at least in the secondary guild, Squadron even recruited a few players in this secondary guild (Addicted ) and the other guilds seemed afraid to try to shake off this force that has dominated the server since its first week of life. So it is Sunday, in the air is a silence that announces nothing special, this silence haunts the server that seemed asleep and that nothing spectacular can happen, and yet a light breeze announces a horrific scandal that shakes this legendary guild called Squadron from the ground and the first signs be seen in the top 10. I was just checking this top when I saw that two of the five heroes leading reset ranking were out of Squadron : the first Summoner on the server (RuSuLeTzZz) and the first elf (Sparkle) had no guild. Within few hours all the members of this party were out of Squadron. I tried to investigate, to find out what happened, but all I could find out was that they were expelled because of internal fights. Some questions started to appear : The real reason they were expelled by Voyager is because they were selfish? Or did they come out because they believed themselves superior? They have not been seen in the Valley of Loren at any castle siege so far and darkyo has remained outside the Squadron for a long time at server start. After only one day, a new guild was born, or better said reborn because I have seen this guild name in the past on this server. Guild name is RAMPAGE and the master is the first Dark Lord on the server, RedBuLL. Another day or two passed and another five of the top 10 members(mafy, Ganacci, WhiteBK, Fatman and Trompeta) left inside, have been excluded from this guild that holds the supremacy of the server. Were they also excluded by Voyager? Or they left Squadron to join their friends in RAMPAGE guild ? But if they gave up the Squadron to join RAMPAGE, why didn't they join this guild yet? RAMPAGE already looks like a strong guild (it's number one in the top guilds) but if these 5 heroes join, the balance would lean in their favor. As for the Assassins, what I don't understand is that although they have very active players like KAMA3 , DIEEEEEE or UbivAshKa, who kill the golden's as if they had a spot with them, they have not yet actively participated in the Castle Siege. Was it because Land of Trial had no value until now? Or because they don't have enough active members? Legends seem to be stable but without great ambitions, probably building in the medium or long term because they have not been, until now, seen as a guild that has the courage to fight for supremacy. Another question comes to my mind, Shinigami is an alt ? He is very active in invasions and if he does not have a guild so far, it is probably because he wants to do everything by himself or because it is an alt!? Judging by the signs, Squadron seems to be struggling hard with the curse and remaining without 10 top players will have problems defending the castle this week, IF any of the 3 guilds mentioned above will have the courage to face them.
    9. Hello OldSquaders, Today at around 18:00-18:30 we'll be performing a full maintenance on our systems. Both Inception & Phoenix will be down from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Most probably reconnect will not work so make sure to be online in the evening to relog! In order to try to combat the delays, we're applying the only things left that can be done on our side: - Tweaked & optimised most of our scripts. - Updated all of our system softwares to latest versions. - Changed the psyhical processor (CPU) to a better one. - Reduced the tickrate of the gameserver. If after all of this measures delays are not over we have to think how to implement a second sub-server without affecting (too much) the overall gameplay. This is confirmed by our devs, but we're trying everything else with hope that it can be fixed without such measure. Basically, we have too many players (and, more important, actions/second) for a single sub-server to handle them smoothly, but sadly not enough for a healthy 2 sub-servers concept. That's why you're having much better performance on both Server20 (crywolf/valley) and on Test-Server, even though they are both on the same machine and same settings/scripts. Let's hope for the best. Except of the maintenance & the already-told measures, we've been working on the new (bigger) patch. Changelog can be found here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3365-patch-3420-02102019/ We had more features to release but they're not ready yet, and maintenance was settled, but we'll try to release them asap, hopefully at the end of the week. Things like Non-English warn system between players, a full FAQ with most common questions we receive, CC kills & wins, BC wins, etc. Also, the first edition of OSGM is starting from tomorrow! More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3364-osgm-1/ #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    10. It seems that jwl drop rate is very high. Haven't participated in any event and been playing afk all the time, but i easily managed to get a ton of jwls only from leveling. Not sure in the middle and late stages of the server how many you need, but having a lower drop rate i think would be more fun.
    11. Hello. As a player who played OldSquad all editions since the past 3 years, I would like to know what is the current hardware state of the server and its internet connection. It is more than clear we have more people than all other editions and the quality of the server at all is good BUT it is kinda laggy and sometimes it is getting even worst (spikes and moving your hero forward/backward non stop and you have to warp back so you can actually move, otherwise you are catched in a funny loop). Will be there any improvement of the machine which is running the server or the internet connection? Also this affects one of the best spells and probably the best spell of DL's - Chaotic Desier. I have tested in Main server and in CS Server (server 20) and in Main server you can't use this spell cause of the lag and it doesn't hit at all which is gamebreaking for DL's. On other side I have tested it in Test realm and there is work as well like in Server 20. In the end I believe I am not the only one who is facing this lags in the server and wishes everything to be fixed as soon as possible. Can @ADMIN gives us any information about all this stuff? Regards, Martin
    12. As you probably already expected, when you saw the title of this article, this is the first chapter in the history of the top guilds fighting for Inception supremacy. That being said, let me tell you what has happened so far since Inception started : Squadron guild easily took the first castle siege and relaxed, the main party members didn't even show their views inside Valey of Loren at this first siege. I have asked here and there and this is what I heard: some people say that they aren't actually inside guild since darkyo didn't joined Squadron yet, these voices say that they are selfish and full of experience, knowing that no guild on the server will even be able to scratch the force that Squadron has, they have remained relaxed on the spot, especially since Land of Trial has no value at this time. Other gossips and rumors say that the second party in this guild is nothing worse, being selfish and not expecting members of the same party after giving reset, just to reach the others from the top, even if they are from the same guild. But always all the jealous mouths speak evil of the powerful and it is clear that the Squadron can only be defeated by being caught on the wrong foot, otherwise the only chance is for the Assassins and Legends guilds to unite. Saying these I reach, and I agree with the Chukundah who said in the previous article that any guild is likely to recover the not-so-big difference between the Squadron and the others. Assassins are doing well, they are already climbing to the most important top rankings and are becoming stronger, but I do not believe the whispers that are heard and I do not think that Legends and Assassins are thinking of uniting, from what I know. Although fewer in number than Squadron, they are very well organized and very active, some whispers I have caught flying say that some of them are truck drivers, and that they play remotely from tablets or directly from laptops, so, they are active, united and experienced "old" players on OldSquad, all they have to do is continue to ambitiously climb to the top and they will be serious competitors for Squadron. PRiME guild kept its core from Phoenix, but had a slow start, we will see how it will evolve in the near future. Latin and TheRiper guilds are newly formed and, as you can see, they started having reset players. These are good signs that show that they will strengthen and that they will probably have a word to say in the battle for the server supremacy. Related to the guild LegendS, I can say that at this Castle Siege came 3 or 4 players, who probably got bored and tried some little "pvp fun", but without having any hope that they could take the castle from the hands of the Squadron. I heard rumors that they have players in the guild with a lot of experience, I think this guild has a healthy start and that we will hear from them for a long time from now on and that they have the opportunity to recruit and develop the top players. Immortal guild seems to have missed the start but grows steadily and surely, it is the first server they play from the beginning so they still have to learn, but I am confident that in the future they will fight the titans and will probably become one among the guilds that move the pieces on this chessboard called Castle Siege. I hope these guilds will reach Squadron's power, and I hope to see a permanent fight between at least three guilds with similar powers, and the best to join the laurels of victory and the riches of the land of trials. Regarding The Curse, so far, the following questions are seeking answers, which surely time will gradually reveal to us: Will this arrogance not shake Squadron from the ground? Do these brave warriors not invoke the curse of the castle thinking they can defeat it? Are they sufficiently united? Does Voyager have the antidote?
    13. Hello again, This interview is a about RedBuLL, he is the first player to achieve the most desired thing at the moment on Inception, the first Reset! This interview had two sessions, so if some questions doesn't seem up to date that is the main reason and I think I could talk to him endlessly . Reporter: " You are the first player to get a reset on Inception server. Congratulations!!! " RedBuLL : " Thanks, mate! You should also congratulate Makiavelli and Rusuletz. They were almost all the time online. " Reporter: " How did you manage to achieve this first reset, can you reveal us "the secret"? " RedBuLL : "Its not a big deal. I play with 4 good and old players of this server. We make a good team. And it's not about me, it's about all the party. I was the 1st player because I was the most inactive from the party haha. " Reporter : "Did you expect, a week ago when you started playing, you to get the first place and to be the first to reset ? " RedBuLL : "I was expecting to be in top 10 because, as I said, I play with Makiavelli in party 😂 😂 " Reporter: " So, you have a permanent party ... How many members (real players ) does it have? Can you name them?" RedBuLL : "My mates are Rusuletz, Makiavelli, Sparkle and Darkyo. " Reporter : " So, five individual players, no alts in party?" RedBuLL : "Yes, we didn't used alts, just when some of us were off for rr " Reporter : "Can you reveal the names of those alts from your permanent party ?" RedBuLL: " Clemence is mine, but I can't reveal you their alts. Ask them if youu want to know .They are nice guys, so you might get an answer." Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you guys got together?" RedBuLL : " The first time when I heard a new server will start, I talked to Makiavelli, I asked him if will play, he said yes and he told me that we will going to play with some old friends of him: darkyo, No1L1v3r and I don't remember the other name atm. , anyway ...those friends of him didn't joined, except darkyo, so in the day before server start we wanted to join Sparkle and weew , they already wanted to play with us but in the last day before server start, Rusuletz contacted me and asked if he can join my permanent party , I said yes and here comes the fifth member. Me , Rusuletz and Makiavelli already played in same permanent party on last NonReset server, but me, Maki and Sparkle played mu since 97d season on same server, we had known each other for many years ." Reporter: " You was ranked as number one for at least 4 days in a row, you did the first reset on the server, then you were overtaken by FKinGCunT, Trippy and Zutto. What happened? " RedBuLL : "I was waiting my mates to get rr. We wanted to stay at the same lvl, to enter in the same ds/bc. darkyo was 1 or 2 lvl behind me , so we had to step back and wait. " Reporter: " So you sacrificed the first places in the top to wait for your friends, why do you think the others did not do the same as you? RedBuLL : " Yes we are a team and I don't want to be somewhere I don't belong. That place is for Makiavelli, and I think the gap between them and the others from perma was much higher then ours, and they knew that their friends will rr in the night and they cannot be online at that hour (my opinion... I don't know for sure)." Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " RedBuLL :"I work 2 days and 2 days I'm free. So when I'm free I spend 4-5 hours maybe at pc, but to be honest, at this beginning I spent more than that." Reporter :"What about the members of your party? Did you had any "dead" moments (times when no one was in a permanent party) this week?" RedBuLL :"Yes, in one of the nights, after returning from 12 hours of work, I had to be on guard, after taking over the reins of the party, at no 30 minutes I fell asleep 😂😂 a few hours later Makiavelli woke up and found all the characters in safe areas " ....But dead moments except that are maximum 2 hours/day. " Reporter :"When did you started to play Mu Online? " RedBuLL : "I play mu from 2003 or 2004, in any case the first db of former mudex. In 2007 I purchased a PC that, maybe you can not believe, but did not go without mu if we do not put the mu at least in the bar, it blocks in about 30min. This is why I was forced to play mu without wanting it " Reporter : "How you found OldSquad ?" RedBuLL :"I searched Google for mu servers, and after I entered on OldSquad also found Psyke with whom I also know in reality life...So I stayed to play this srv. " Reporter : "When did you started to play Mu OldSquad?" RedBuLL :"In springtime of 2016." Reporter :"What nicknames you had in past?"" RedBuLL :"I started to play with MuMaster on mudex, and after few years I switched to this one. On Pheonix I was Endorphin and other nicks for alts were Clemence and SunShine. " Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? You have this VIP since you started Inception?" RedBuLL :"Yes, all from our party got hunter vip from 1st day. " Reporter :"Because you are the first player on the server to reset, can you reveal us a few tips about DarkLord starting build? Can you reveal your stats ?" RedBuLL :"Yes, I'm ene dl. This is all I can say.(If someone got critical dmg I want to buy). 😂😂 " Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places?" RedBuLL :"He should be friend with Makiavelli, not with Psyke " Reporter :"What strategy do you have for the future?" RedBuLL : "We can't reveal something that we don't know 😂 😂 " Reporter :"Do you have any enemies in game? " RedBuLL :"No, I don't have enemies(except Psyke, ofc). " Reporter: "Did you had any in past ?" RedBuLL :" No, I didn't. Of course, I may have quarreled with some people sometimes, but I didn't hold the hatred against them." Reporter :" Which is your favorite character in game ?" RedBuLL :"BK, for sure, but Zutto didn't quit yet, so I made DL. " Reporter :"And why not play BK?" RedBuLL :"Because he is too good. I didn't beat him yet as bk. Maybe this is my chance. @Admin pls make DL stronger haha " Reporter :"Who is the player, or players, which you dislike the most, in this server ?" RedBuLL :"I can't say that about no one. I dislike just when someone is using bad language. These guys should be banned. Not just to get warns. " Reporter :"I see that you and your party members are in Squadron guild, how did you managed to get in ?" RedBuLL :"I am playing with them from NonRR srv, 2 DBs ago. Rusuletz and Makiavelli were also in this guild. " Reporter: "From what I see, there are many players with different personalities in the Squadron, have you had any conflicts in the guild?" RedBuLL :" Yes, I had a conflict with Twoochecks, about a very good item. He doesn't play now, but probably he will play at many CS. (We didn't insult ourselves, just because each one had different opinions)." Reporter :" Does Squadron have an enemy guild?" RedBuLL :" Maybe GROM, it was the only one." Reporter :"As you can see, there are several guilds registered, but none of them have reset players(yet), except Squadron, do you think you will have a fight?" RedBuLL : "I don't know. If will not gathering many players on and up for CS we can have problems. " Reporter :" Does Squadron guild have rules related to drop, invasion, sharing/selling things, etc. ?" RedBuLL :"We currently do not have any rule written on our discord channel, but we usually give free items or charge a symbolic fee.Regarding the lot we usually do not sell outside the guild until most have finished sets. " Reporter :" Do you read the News Paper? " RedBuLL :"Yes , I read all the news. Are you a real journalist? Every article is amazing. " Reporter : " Thank you, I am not a real journalist, I discovered this side of mine here on OldSquad, I will tell you a short story about how i got this "job" : When I read the announcement about the Reporter project, many ideas came to my mind and I said to try (although I tried after a few weeks after seeing the announcement), Gion contacted me the next day, I had some kind of interview of engagement with him and with Admin, where I shared my ideas which, with Gion's help, I managed to write these articles you see in NewsPaper." Reporter :"I do not want to bore readers too much with details about me and my job so we can continue the interview, of course if you please. " RedBuLL : "Sure, ty for answer." Reporter :" Did you play on the Phoenix server? " RedBuLL :" As I said when you asked me about nicknames, yes I played with a bk, Endorphin" Reporter : "Have you read the Castle is Cursed chapters?" RedBuLL :"I read all the articles😄:" Reporter :"Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed?" RedBuLL : " No, I don't believe this. " Reporter :"But did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride) what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?" RedBuLL :"I think the sale of very good items outside the guild creates some internal conflicts." Reporter :" Do you think that after the ancient items will appear in the Land of Trial and the Squadron will be the owner of the Land of Trial, will there be battles inside the guild?" RedBuLL :"Maybe, I can't say no or all the ppl will be happy, but we are not at first DB together and we share almost all items. And about me, if someone need an item from me, I'll give it with pleasure, no doubt." Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper?" RedBuLL : You should make a topic Gossip girl, where to post rumors and gossip. " Reporter : "This is a nice idea, I will think about it Ty for Tip " Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like this server?" RedBuLL :" 8 " Reporter :"What do you like the most in our server, and what you dislike? " RedBuLL :"I like that these exp steps have been set so that the top ones do not go too far and in everything the admin did on the server. It was somewhat innovative. " Reporter :"If you could ask ADMIN any questions, what would be the most important ones that comes through your mind ? " RedBuLL :" Admin, when season 14 will be released?" Thank you for time and for answers, and I wish u good luck ! As you would expect and as I've already gotten used to on the Phoenix server, this is the first of many interviews I plan to take on players who have a major impact on the server's life and come to light like the sun's rays at sunrise.
    14. Hello OldSquaders, First week of Inception is almost done, we already have our first players with reset from each class, but game didn't even fully started, as you currently have access to only like 30-40% of server content. It's a long and fun journey, that nobody should miss, and there are high chances for any newbie (especially in first month) to recover pretty easily due to our stages, and the way exp works on them. Inception reached the highest number of players (not chars) online in first week out of all of our projects until now - 350+ real players. But this can be pushed out even harder until the end of first month (when usually the record is set, based on previous editions). We've done our job, with hard marketing campaigns in order to assure a healthy start in terms of numbers. Now it's more on you to continue the push! Due to that, we're running a Referral Week, more exactly 10 days, starting from today until next Monday. The following (permanent) changes are done to Referral System: Credits per referral raised from 300 to 350. Resets needed for the referred player in order for the referrer to have the reward reduced from 15 resets to 10 resets. The following change is done until next Monday: Requirements for referring players is down to 0 resets and level 100 from 2 resets and level 200. That means, from now until next Monday everyone (with at least level 100) can invite friends or strangers to join Inception, instead of only 2rr+ persons. What you have to do is to ask your friends/strangers to write your character name on Referral field on registration. When they reach 10 resets you will earn 350 credits for each referred user. You can get referrals from any kind of places like skype, facebook groups, etc. Cheers!
    15. Goodmorning. I'm having a problem. When I try to connect to Inception server I get instant DC the moment I click on the server. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GQh6HCSn9KN7eUitnOjk2tgXaPElwAdO/view?usp=sharing I suspect it has something to do with having both accounts on /offattack. But in Phoenix if you had accounts with /offattack the 1st time you were about to put your username and password, it was saying "account already logged in" and actually you were dcing this account, if you tried a 2nd time entering everything would be fine. Also, if you tried to bypass the limit of available IPs in the beginning the small anti-hack window had a yellow color, notifing you, which in our case here doesn't happen, as you can clearly see here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uLzqFY_pt76NAjT7Lvo6LN8VW8t66UiP/view?usp=sharing So actually, I'm locked outside of my accounts if that's the case. Else, I dunno Some help please EDIT: Just adding that both my accounts have VIP enabled. (Dunno if that helps in investigation more but anyway)
    16. Hello OldSquaders & New comers, Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our Inception (old Max30RR) server. Back to origins! The server will be launched officially tomorrow (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+3 (follow counter from website). You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc. The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). We're very excited and we hope that everything will be fine for you to enjoy! You still have time to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly means! So, share the news to your friends, families, pets, strangers and gather on the start day to conquer once again the OldSquad World! Important Info: !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Inception' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Phoenix and you will be able to use the Phoenix services/options instead of Inception !!! In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent). Energy Elves are removed from gameplay - they are useless on Server 1! Hybrid AE's with AGI+ENE can be good support for CS/Balgass - where buffs are decent. You can make DL, MG, RF from level 1 since server starts if you get VIP. Only Dealer/Hunter available until Stage 2 - 10rr - when PRO will be available as well. You have access to OFF-Attack for up to 5 hours. VIP is boosting its duration/it adds auto-pick. Goldens from invasions will be released progressively, so they won't kill you on spots at start. Only BoK1/Budges at start. Test server is still online and will remain online even after Inception start, so you can test anything anytime you want. You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more! 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (22 September - Sunday) but there will be no Ancients drops, no Senior, no Erohim, no LoT spots. You will play only to get used to our custom CS System and for fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS (CS rewards are progressive, only at 3rd CS you will have ancients drops and at 4th CS Lord Mix). !!! NOTHING IS CONSIDERED ANTI-GAME ON CS! You can use any kind of strategies (ghosts,allies,etc.) but do it on your own RISK of getting bad reputation/enemies! We still encourage fair play but it's up to you! Make Sign of Lord great again! Keep in mind that Inception is running on a Mother-Kid system, where Inception is the mother and our 50RR server will be the kid, more info on Gameplay info. First season of 50RR as a kid will start in around 2.5-3 months, so first transfers on Inception after around 6 months. This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned! On first reset the EXP is linear (same % from level 1-350 at any level). But after 1st reset the exp is dynamic (lower % on lower levels, higher % on higher levels). This is made in order to balance the time spent on high levels vs the time spent on lower levels. So, if on 0rr exp is 100% for level 1-350, on 1+ resets you have like 30% on 0-50 levels, 80% 200-300, 120% 300-350, etc. Please don't forget that Inception is a truly HARD & PROGRESSIVE Server! Which means exp is low, drops are low, content is progressive and everything is achieved by PLAYING, especially active play. Also up to 60-70% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time. Make sure to invest jewels in early exc items from mobs / non exc items with high defence in order to progress! Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here: Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server/ Info about CREDITS: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1192-inception-info-about-credits/ Special / Hot Features: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2236-inception-special-hot-features-that-you-should-know/ Characters Info, Builds & Buffs Formulas: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2260-inception-characters-builds-info-buffs-formulas/ Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1193-inception-server-rules/ Other info topics can be found on Inception's Info section! If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time! OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    17. Hello, The Public Test Server for Inception has been released! It is now online and it can be accessed from the same client that has been uploaded for Inception on downloads section: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1176-inception-downloads/ The documentation can be found here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3328-inception-test-server-commands/ Most of things are done, especially important things like chars, mobs, etc. There are still details to be tweaked/adjusted until the official release, so keep that in mind when playing on test-server. Also feel free to report anything you find wrong or any feedback you may have (it may not be on our list and can pass missed). Enjoy!
    18. I'm curious how a good summoner PVP build would look like on max30 reset. How much str/agi/vit/ene and maybe options for items
    19. Hello, OldSquaders ! The beginning of a new era, "Back to Origins" Inception is coming fast, so get ready for a lot of fun and action, save economies, buy a new mouse, clean your computers, call all your friends , prepare new coolers, sharp your fingers to get more click speed, get free days from job , make sure you have plenty of coffee because the start will be hard and it requires a lot of active time , of course if you want to fight for the Top. Some "voices" told me that you will have the best Reset Server you've ever played, there are rumors that some Old OldSquad Legendary Guilds are gathering their troops and permanent parties are already defined. If you want to get in top you should all have a permanent party before the server starts!! Inception is a hard style game play server, so prepare to fight for everything you want to get! If you want to be one of the top players, you need balls and a strong guild protection, so be sure you will find that as fast as you can, a "warm" place in a strong guild is hard to obtain, but not impossible. Also, be sure you read every detail about the new server on our forum. Having said that, I have nothing left but to promise you that, as Reporter, I will do everything in my power to animate the forum with news from the game and with news from spectacular events. PS: Do you think that The Castle Curse will continue on Inception?
    20. Hello, Based on this topic https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3311-futureee/ we decided to bring it up to the vote as it's an important concept that can change everything we know about MU (into a better thing, in my opinion). So, please bring your votes (asap) and any other observations so we can prepare the concept for Inception (if you want it). The idea is simple, do you want EE's to be out of "must-have-secondary-char" line? The first option is no, keep it as it was - nothing will change related to EE's. But, the second option is to remove the EE build as we know it and to integrate it into a Hybrid-AE build. That means, EE buffs will be useless on normal server (1), so you won't need EE's in order to level up or compete to PvP Events. For that, entire content will be adjusted (mobs, bosses, etc.) for such change, having lower dmg/def/hp as they used to, especially on low resets maps. More than that, the limit of accounts per IP+HWID will also be reduced to 2 instead of 3 (to match the new no-ee-need change). The second part of the idea is to implement the EE into a Hybrid-AE build. So, giving new options to AE players for their builds (instead of blindly going for full agi & vit). What that means? Buffs will be decent on server 20 (mainly CS) - so guilds should encourage Hybrid-AE's so they can push their chance at CS, at the cost of lower solo-impact on gameplay. More than that, Ice Arrow would be part of Hybrid Build, so only by having 5000-8000 energy you would unblock & use Ice Arrow - so not only getting EE buffs for CS as Hybrid-AE but also unlocking your strongest CC spell for other kind of support on both Server 1 and CS. Poll will close on 1st of September at 23:59. The winner option must have at least 70%+ votes in order to be applied.
    21. Hello OldSquaders, We have the news about Inception as we promised! The release date of Inception will be on Friday, 13 September at 19:00 Server Time (GMT+2) - mobs will spawn at 20:00. We're still working hard on it but we hope to give you the Public Test Server access with at least few days before opening, where you can test what you want for Inception. The Public Test Server will remain opened during the Inception life-time so you can always test anything you want there. The official info topic has been updated and it can be found here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server/ It contains all the info about Inception - but they are only like 85% sure, things may change until it's open day, based on your feedback and suggestions that you can bring in this topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3314-discussions-about-inception/ We'll continue to update/release info topics for Inception during this days so keep an eye on forum! We want to also highlight some of the important changes/features that Inception will bring: New Mother-Kid system, where Inception will be the mother server and Max50RR will be a seasonal (100 days) kid server with limited content (no sockets/wings level 4 available) from where transfers will be made to Inception at the end of each season. OFF-Attack is now available for everyone (5 hours, no auto-pick) while VIP's will boost it: Hunter - +5 hours, no autopick. Dealer - Autopick. Professional - +7 hours, with autopick. Box of Kunduns drops are reworked to give new chances for lower players/casual players to farm their items: BoK+1: 68% chance for BoK+1 item, 24% chance for BoK+2 item, 8% chance for BoK+3 item. BoK+2: 68% chance for BoK+2 item, 24% chance for BoK+3 item, 8% chance for BoK+4 item. BoK+3: 68% chance for BoK+3 item, 24% chance for BoK+4 item, 8% chance for BoK+5 item. BoK+4: 76% chance for BoK+4 item, 24% chance for BoK+5 item. BoK+5: 100% chance for BoK+5 item. Obs: The items dropped on lower BoK's are only Set Items (no weapons). Anti-Alt farm feature added: Now you can't use Helper in low maps (until Tarkan). You will be able to use a built-in clicker that is working based on Helper settings (using /attack command). In the rest of maps (mid and high) you can't use the /attack command but you can use Helper. Due to that, all drops from maps until Tarkan are highly boosted for active farm (jewels, spells, etc.) Maps limits for all classes: In order to keep the balance between RF, MG & DL vs rest of classes and to also keep the maps as they were intended (without lower level move from website) we added level-checks: Now DL, RF, MG can stay in low maps with -10 levels than rest, and on rest of maps with -20 levels than rest. Also, in order to progress on maps by feet (from kanturu1 -> kanturu2 or atlans1 -> atlans2) you'll have to have the map level (available for all classes). Maps are revamped: Now the 3 different types of maps are spread to make sure we have 1 type from each on any kind of map (low,mid,high,v high). Now Non-PvP maps no longer have exp penalty (from 15%) while drop penalty remains the same (25%). Now gens-maps will give you +10% exp compared to rest of maps but mercenary squad boost won't work on gens maps (but quests & points will still work). Now on normal maps you'll have Mercenary Squad that will boost your exp (+6%/+14%/+24%) and bypass non-pvp maps, etc. The new map system is made because of Mercenary Squad, instead of punishing less-active players we'll just reward more-active players, without affecting the overall gameplay for everyone. Balgass reward is now 2x Old Box 4 and 3x PoH, but can be picked by any Balgass contributors, neutral drop, not only by killer-party. Killer will still receive the credits. The same rule is also applied for Illusion of Kundun from now. Energy Elf buff-nerfs to make them less 'must-have' and more 'an extra advantage'. Exc items drop from mobs on low and mid maps is raised (so people have things to invest jewels in, on early-game), but they can only drop with 1 option but with 80% chance for luck. RF, DL, MG will go on same BC/DS/CC like rest of chars based on the same levels. Other changes: Now Rare items will drop with 4 options instead of 3. The chance to drop them is also lower. Now Senior Mix will give 2x Guild Master Boxes instead of 1. Each Guild Master Box will drop specific 380 exc item with 3-4 options. Now Bloody Queen will drop 2x Last exc. item tier items instead of 1. Royal Rumble, Death King invasions and /blockexp features are removed. Full HP Recovery option from Wings (level 3 & 4) is removed. Some Old Boxes drops reworked. This are just a part of things that we're working on, there are more things updated/changed/reworked, but you'll find them either on the info topics or directly in game. Don't hesitate to read entire info to have a great start on Inception! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    22. Our next project will start somewhere at the beginning of September. OldSquad - Inception - The 3rd edition of the old Max30RR server. Inception is the server where everything started in our community, and we're working on a bigger revamp of it, bringing new systems and features for you to enjoy. A fixed date for the start will be announced at the end of August, along with full info about the server. So, make sure to be free at the beginning of September to start a new journey in our world! Stay tunned on our site & forum for news. OldSquad Team. #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    23. Last week was a kind of silent one, until a shadow came from past to hunt the top rankings reset players, a silent war started by Trau and his crew against those strong heroes, and the traces of midnight silent battles were seen every morning in safe zones.... The other wars for Main Events such as Invasions and Bosses were balanced, fights between NONE and Smurf were equal, pray divided between them. Another moment to remember this week was when NONE decided to share Land of Trial with all the server and invite all the fighters inside, to have an ancient epic feast, hoping that this generous gesture would straighten the eyes of the Gods toward them and with divine protection beside them will win again next day . Saturday came, NONE and Smurf have been intensely prepared for this fight and as I told you, another page has been written in the History of the Castle : NONE warriors fought hard, just before the first hour of the siege, it seemed they would not be defeated, as they successfully rejected Smurfs assaults , but then something happened, something broke , they lost their balance..... On the other side, Smurf fought hard from beginning until end, with the fresh memory of the last defeat, they assaulted the Castle without stopping, until they felt the "smell of blood". That was the moment when they attacked the "open wound" that was opened inside NONE's guild chest and hit it with their best shot.... NONE collapsed and didn't found the power to reorganize, after they lost Crown in the middle of the fight, they felt overwhelmed by the enemy's force. The remaining time passed quickly and Smurf's warriors managed to win the Crown and put it on Yami's head. After these events some new questions begin to appear while the other old ones remains unanswered : How long Smurf will dominate the server? Does NONE has the strength to come back next week and take back the crown? Will the curse hunt them down ? Did they got the antidote?
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