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    [Interview] Voyager


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    This interview is about Voyager, the invincible guild master of the best guild on Inception, it is a legendary guild and its name is Squadron. This guild led by Voyager dominated Inception since the start of mid-game period, until now, when end game period started.  

    Reporter: " From the beginning you led the Squadron firmly and managed to take it to the peaks of success, Congratulations!!"

    Voyager : "Thanks, Squadron always had one core team members who manage everything related with the guild. " 

    Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you managed to bring Squadron guild back to Old Squad?"

    Voyager : " Well, it wasn't that hard, we all played together for the past few years, but we couldn't bring some of our key members and creators of the guild due to the lack of time (TwoCheeks, Mboopi, LastHope, Kenpachi and so on)." 

    Reporter: "Please, allow me to enter into your personal life and ask you a few questions. What is your occupation? Do you a have family? How old are you? What encourages you to play this "forgotten" game that is kept alive only by old school "maniacs"  like us ? 

    Voyager : "I am from Bulgaria, living in the capital Sofia and turned 29 few months ago. I am not married, got one happy doge :slight_smile: 
    What encourages me.. well probably it is the nostalgia by playing it at so young age back in 2002-3. I must say that I was rolling this game since then with some little pauses." 

    Reporter : "What are you doing for a living?"

    Voyager: " I am working in an engineering company in the sales department."

    Reporter: "How did you found OldSquad ?"

    Voyager : "When I said little pauses, I have found the server in one website for MMO private servers. I tried it and from the first time my expressions was huge - found many friends and players on my age playing this game and having a good experience. This was 3 years ago and the first edition for me was the NonRR. " 

    Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?""

    Voyager : "In my past I had different names and all was related with NASA space shuttle's missions - Voyager, Endeavour, Curiosity and so on. In OldSquad I was using Voyager mostly. Had funny times with moldovians in past 30rr who couldn't pronounce Voyager and they were calling me 'Boyagar'. " 

    Reporter: "Did you had VIP activated since Inception started?? "

    Voyager : "Yes, and I kept it activated in the first two months, depending on my team. " 

    Reporter :" Do you think OldSquad servers are having a real play to win concept ? Or you think that only donors can get in top? " 

    Voyager : " At the current state - no, back in few editions there were a higher chance you can obtain credits and more character options. I do not like the most of the changes in the past 2 editions (Inception and Phoenix). For sure there is a way to compete with the top players if you do not have VIP - but you have to play A LOT." 

    Reporter :" You know Mu3rte..., he started with 1 month + delay and he got ranked no1 pretty fast, isn't this play 2 win?"

    Voyager: " Mu3rTe is one man army, we have played together once and I was amazed how much time this guy invest in the game. For sure he played a lot when he started, but keep in mind also the stages who allows the new players to level faster compared to the rest of the server who plays since day 1.
    He is also a very good and skilled player in my eyes."

    Reporter : "At the beginning of the server I had the impression that there would be only one guild on the whole server, although there were 600 characters on, the top 40 was just Squadron, what happened? What made that Squadron break into pieces and how did you manage to gather what was left to fight with Rampage and eventually to dominate the server for so long?? 

    Voyager : "Before the server launch we kinda had a full group of 25 players, including some of the people who went to RAMPAGE after. There were differences in the way we play and the way other people wanted to play, so we have decided to say goodbye to each other. It was really hard time for me in the next month to organize everything and continue growing so we can finish as winners in the Castle Siege and I couldn't do that without my team's help. For sure we all played hardcore in the first month, month and a half and we invested a lot of time and nerves to build this. " 

    Reporter: "When you won the first Castle Siege, I know that, initially, there were some fights lost by Squadron to the limit, what did you change at that Castle Siege when you defeated Rampage?  "

    Voyager : " Well, we were behind with players (we had less than them) and we fought hard to be able to compete with them in CS compared to their gear from the past 2 CS's they held.
    In two Castle Sieges we used a DL tank alone in a shadow guild so we can fight vs RAMPAGE + Assasins which was hard for us without using this tactic." 

    Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions ? Do you think that  Castle is Cursed?

    Voyager : "I believe in many things but not in that. Many guilds failed due to the lack of organization. " 

    Reporter: " Have you ever been almost overcome by the curse?"

    Voyager : "No, as I said our guild leadership and organization is different than others and we deal quick with the drama or in the end we get rid of those who plant the seeds of drama :)   " 

    Reporter: "So, you had no struggles between the members right after you won the first siege? "

    Voyager : "No, there was a good hype after this victory which helped and motivated many people who doesn't have our experience and they can give up after few loses. To be honest, I prefer to be on the losing side, this way you give everything from yourself. " 

    Reporter:" Earlier you said that this server's play to win concept its not that real, are you saying that a player who wants to be a top guild master has to donate?"

    Voyager : " It is not the right way to compare a top guild master and a regular player who plays a lot without VIP and a player who invest money in the game. Being a GM in our guild means you got the support from other players in terms of in-game stuff. That's Squadron's policy and we do that for all the key players - we simply invest in them. I do not want to extend my words for the server's "play to win" meta cause there are ways to earn credits without paying a single dollar, but this applies for people who spends a lot of time here. " 

    Reporter: "What happened to Chukundah? Why did he quit the game so early?"

    Voyager : "Haha, he got a new job and he wanted to play more league of legends which caused his laptop to burn. 😂

    Reporter: " What about Snajper, there was a lot of scandal about this player and his separation from Squadron, what really happened?"

    Voyager :"Well, the deal was that we invested in him somehow and he wanted to turn back on us."

    Reporter :" Some voices say that after he was helped, he became a traitor and that's why guild punished him, is that true? " 

    Voyager: " How couldn't you love those voices :)), as I said we invested in him somehow." 

    Reporter : " Can you give us some tips about Dark Lord stats build to be a strong Guild Master ? Can you reveal yours?"

    Voyager : "I am not the guy who should give any tips about Dark Lord, cause this was the first time in my life playing a DL. The thing which every player should do (if the server allows it) is to test every possible stat in the beta server which I did for the first 5,6 resets. After those test I knew what stats I should use till 10th RR. In the first 5 resets I was 60% dmg and when the server moved to its mid phase I sacrificed almost every STR into AGI and VIT, but not for long - as you can see in 27RR I have over 6k STR so I can still be able to  help my team in stamps.
    My current build was 60% VIT, 30% AGI and 10% STR so you can be able to kill people and farm alone in the same time. I do not consider myself as a strong DL or a Guild Master - everything I have done was a result watching other good DL's in the face of ProtoType and BSB. " 

    Reporter : "You are the only Guild Master that held Castle for months and still invincible! (0 deaths in CS rankings) /Respect!!!" 

    Reporter: "Why did you and your friends quit Inception?? "

    Voyager : "Heh, well we all got bored somehow, some of us were playing only for the CS and in the end we decided to take a break from MU. " 

    Reporter:"  Did you had any enemies in game on this data base? "

    Voyager : "That's the thing server missed - enemies. Administration made many changes which turned the server into PVM state and we couldn't enjoy of the PVP. One thing amazed me even more - when mercenary was introduced, people started to whisper me "Can you come davias and let me kill you, I got an quest". Possibly there are one explanation - the administration banished all dedicated players in the face of DEADCATS and GROM who was ready for PVP mash ups during the nights. My answer is NO - I didn't had any enemies. As far as I heard I am being hated from certain people but do not know the reason :)  " 

    Reporter :" What do you need to have in order to handle the challenges of a guild master to become the server leader ?"

    Voyager : "Can you be more specific about this question  'to become the server leader' ? " 

    Reporter :" You were the leader of inception, you still are the one! Leading the top guild to glory and owning Castle makes you top number one leader of server." 

    Voyager :" You have to be passionate and calm in order to achieve something as a guild master. Of course you can not do that alone - the help from your crew is very important." 

    Reporter: "Have you ever had a moment in wanting to quit being a Guild Master?

    Voyager : " Yes, there were some moments, a month after we have won vs RAMPAGE cause the pressure was really hard and it was focused on me and I really wanted to step down for a while." 

    Reporter: " Do you read the newspaper? What do you suggest to improve on it?

    Voyager : "Yes, I am reading all your articles. I could suggest more detailed information about whats happening in the server but in general the idea of the Newspaper is good :)  " 

    Reporter: " Do you have any message to send to friends, enemies or Admin Staff? "

    Voyager : "Well, I already sent a message of my friends which I played with, about the enemies - don't think they care about my words. Administration - I would like to see a server setup like the oldest OldSquad editions - no restrictions, no DS camps and everyone should fight for everything -> that's Mu Online." 

    Reporter : "Do you want the Grom guild that cheated the hell out of all the expectations (hacking), that was stealing startups, stealing everything they could to get back on OldSquad? Would you like Admin to 'parole' them ?"

    Voyager: "I believe everyone deserve a second chance and OldSquad was build thanks to players like DEADCATS and GROM who left their trail. I would like to face them once again in the next NonRR which should be in a newer version."

    Reporter: "I would like to end the interview with a challenge. Do you accept?"

    Voyager :" Haha, if the challenge is without making me return playing in the server - yes, I accept." 

    Reporter :" No, no, name 5 players from the beginning of Inception you respect (not Squadron) , some details would be nice, and 5 players you dislike, we also want details "

    Voyager :" Tough question. I can't say I dislike anyone, Mu is a game where you can start admiring people who PK you overnight and have fun PVP fights :D
    The guys which I respect a lot is:
    1.Mu3rTe - played with and versus him in multiple editions and he proved to be a valuable player
    2.RedBull - we have similar characters and he is a nice guy
    3.AlmightySM - proved to be a skilled player in every edition I saw him
    4.MaSSaCre - was nice to play versus players like him
    5.CRIEEEE ofc :smile: - even with the multiple jokes we made of him - he still is a good guy who was one of the TOP MGs in each edition" 

    Reporter :" And the flop list? The one with the players you dislike the most? "

    Voyager :" Well, don't have such a list, there wasn't enough worthy people to make me dislike them, if I could add a name from other editions in my top respect list - that would be Mamed, i had enormous fun playing versus this guy. "

    Reporter : " So, you don't have a disgrace list, but you can make a list with the players you respect more since you started to play OlsSquad?" 

    Voyager : "Legion, Weew, BSB, Mamed, Soulka those are the players from which I learned a lot and had an enormous fun playing versus them. I do not have a flop list, I am really not that type of player who will dislike someone in mu online, I don't believe you can have such a list. "

    Reporter:" Thank you very much, "Boyager"  :) !" 

    Voyager:" It's Boyagar!!!" 

    Reporter: "Thank you, Boyagar!!!!!!!!!! And I hope I will see you again in next editions,
    cause OldSquad is about pro players and you are one of those!"

    Voyager:" Thanks, was a funny interview :) I am far from one of those but thanks, I am playing only for the fun = )".


    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    On 1/14/2020 at 4:58 PM, Reporter said:

    Reporter: "What happened to Chukundah? Why did he quit the game so early?"

    Voyager : "Haha, he got a new job and he wanted to play more league of legends which caused his laptop to burn. 😂

    respekt Chukundah the GOAT

    always be remembered as the best summoner from oldsquad as ever had , a true legend

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    • 4 months later...
    On 1/17/2020 at 8:43 PM, baldheadrat said:

    respekt Chukundah the GOAT

    always be remembered as the best summoner from oldsquad as ever had , a true legend

    Chukundah the GOAT in stealing accounts, GOAT in flaming players by using lies and deception, GOAT in stealing accounts and items from guild members, GOAT scammer and of course Greatest Of All Times guild disbander and QUITTER. GL selling shoes Chucky.

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