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  1. uask4it


    Thats normal in any server. When experienced and very active players go ahead in ranks, its possible for 1 of them to compete against multiple others. Thats the way things go, if the others are not as experienced or equally important - active they will stick behind and cannot contest the top. Especially for this reason on this server there are stages, which help the ones left behind. And DIEEEEEE you want to quit cause you don`t agree with lord mix, but you didn`t come at CS, you are not even in a guild you are out of it cause you don`t want to share your items or whatever other bullshit, your menthality excludes CS out of the game and now you are upset that the rewards on the thing you don`t like/care about are too high. If your menthality was pro CS you would be inside the guild talking with your mates about strategies on how to win CS considering that anything is allowd even coming with 2 guilds against 1. Its pretty pathetic to complain about something being this and that with you not even trying to do it. When there is competition no prize is big enough so you should consider showing some @Shuryk "prize too big i quit i quit ......" get over it gather 2 guilds and come show me you`re good, don`t tell me you quit
  2. uask4it


    yea thats what i was explaining to Alegzander that we were fine on our own. There were talks about making an alliance but in the end we decided to go alone, KAMA3 had a special desire to play CS
  3. uask4it


    It was only KAMA3 in our guild cause he really wanted to fight at CS. We did him a favour and by doing that he helped us too but we did not ask for it and it was only him there`s no need for a plural there. Just wanted to make things clear. /edit: I voted for putting 380 items in bok+5 but with the mention that they should be with fewer options than Lord Mix like @alegzander said and with another mention that im voting this option only because a lot of people revolted about it and i don`t like this energy on the server but in my oppinion things are fine the way they are.
  4. uask4it

    Last server you were crying you lose cause Alliance duping and abusing bugs. GROM don`t know how to play for fun or with honor. GL on your next server LOSERS!
  5. uask4it

    Hi. Server settings are sick, some of the best i ever encountered with the exception that everything is rushed. Already we have people with full gears + 15, bypass all around, others with some sockets, a lot of wings 3, some of them with crazy options already, level going a lot faster than i was hoping too, and in 1 month from now we will all be bored as fuck. I am not looking for that, if i am playing a server with donations and i donate money i am expecting to have a nice experience for more than 5-6 months. So my suggestion is just make the server harder, xp , drops, even bosses harder to kill, pretty much everything harder.
  6. uask4it

    /edit: ok i just saw there`s another topic with the same issues, sorry. Close topic if possible, thanks.
  7. uask4it

    The stats reward for grand reset is way too low and i`ll tell you why: someone who has the maximum amount of GR and Resets = 3GR + 50rr = 200RR has with 6k more stats than someone who has 0GR and 50rr = 50rr so basically after making 200rr i have with 7-8 more resets in stats than someone who actually has 150 less resets than me. The suggestion is to make the stats reward something like this: 1GR- 2000 stats 2GR- 4000 stats 3GR- 8000 stats Or atleast 1GR- 2000 2GR- 3000 3GR-4000
  8. uask4it

    I placed a bet for an item and when there were 20 seconds left someone bet with 1 more credit than me, i instantly tried to bet more and it showed message " Item no longer exists " although the countdown was not over it showed 15 and decreasing. I don`t know exactly what could be done but i don`t think it`s ok this way. In real life auctions you place your bet and if someone bets more you have the chance to outbet him and he cannot get the item unless you retire. Here people can abuse the auction by placing the bet exactly in the right second ( second 20 +/- 3 of the last minute ) therefore giving you no shot at the item.I`m not saying i`ve been tricked or something cause i can do it too and anyone can I`m just saying it`s not right.
  9. uask4it

    Ok so it goes back and forth ... I understand,thanks.
  10. Being in top is an important thing for me and im sure a lot of people think the same so my suggestion to you is to remove the limit of BC / DS participations in one day or basically new players have no chance to catch up with top players. Thanks.
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