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    1. uask4it

      Squadron (captiongenerator.com) LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT @Voyager
    2. uask4it

      First of all I had a reason to come here, which indeed was to protect someone(this being the only part that you got right in your hideous post). I did that by explaining why he shouldn`t be banned and not by the crap you are talking about. This was all in my post and very easy to understand but you wanted to prove yourself and show how smart you are right ? That shows a very high level of education. Also your english on an editable post is amazing and shows new levels of high if we`re still speaking about education. Learn a language before you try to flame someone by using it or else you ri
    3. uask4it

      This is not racism because he is not saying anything bad about any race. Are you gonna feel bad if I tell you that you are romanian or polish or greek or any race ? Maybe gypsies will be mad but it`s not our fault that they feel bad for being called for what they are. Is he is a gipsy or not - that`s an entirely different conversation and the only mistake No1 could have done here would be to confuse his nationality. Racism nowadays has taken a very agressive tone all over the world and it`s starting to feel like any small verbal agreesion can be racism in one`s perspective. Giving a ban for t
    4. uask4it

      Chukundah the GOAT in stealing accounts, GOAT in flaming players by using lies and deception, GOAT in stealing accounts and items from guild members, GOAT scammer and of course Greatest Of All Times guild disbander and QUITTER. GL selling shoes Chucky.
    5. kicked you out of the server
    6. uask4it

      A white-haired child making jokes about children, hilarious! Couldn't describe squadron`s core in better words myself, you said SOFTCORE but you were looking in the mirror my friend.
    7. uask4it

      My biggest fans here Get a life little fans. Or atleast some inspiration man, is the same shit everybody already heard or saw 100 times
    8. uask4it

      OMG microleak can speak
    9. uask4it

      You are the most known rotten cavity. Or atleast the biggest.
    10. uask4it

      What opinion I have about microleaks ? I think Voyager is a microleak from my d**k
    11. uask4it

      Make new account now and say montana94 is right
    12. uask4it

      PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STOP CRY :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Stupid children on keyboards foook me
    13. uask4it

      Chukundaaaaaaa ahahahahha. Every db you do the same thing that is copy summoner builds from mufanz and globalmuonline forums, even though this server is set up diffrently.You think you are the best summoner, still every DB theres a better summoner than you Rusu is 100 times a better player than you, you little twat 😆 Last db it was mafy now its Rusu. You should stick to making up stories about people and making multiple accounts on forum to sustain your lies. I understand your parents showed you no love, I also understand that selling shoes for ZARA doesnt make you happy mr Al Bundy but m
    14. uask4it

      you can hear in that video posted that at some point they say in romanian and i quote kill Makiavelli, kill Makiavelli. The only time we ever received help from Assassins was at first CS win of Rampage when 1 and ONLY 1 player from assassins joined to help Rampage- KAMA3. Nothing more to say, i won`t read it further. Chukunda is ...
    15. uask4it


      Thats normal in any server. When experienced and very active players go ahead in ranks, its possible for 1 of them to compete against multiple others. Thats the way things go, if the others are not as experienced or equally important - active they will stick behind and cannot contest the top. Especially for this reason on this server there are stages, which help the ones left behind. And DIEEEEEE you want to quit cause you don`t agree with lord mix, but you didn`t come at CS, you are not even in a guild you are out of it cause you don`t want to share your items or whatever other bullshit, your
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