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    1. uask4it

      Rocket science for real. Imo you got it all backwards, it aint racism to call a romanian - romanian but it is racism to call a romanian gipsy. Example: It ain`t racism to call a coloured man - black but it is racism to call him nigger ( he is black, but he is not a nigger - maybe this will make it easier to understand how racism works ) You banned Rusuletzzz for calling a moldavian - a moldavian.
    2. uask4it

      Im not trying to unban anyone, im just curious of the logic. Do you think its fair that the players reported in these 2 cases get the exact same punishment ? Yes or no @Chukundah . Its like in my country where laws are so well thought and put together that pedophiles and rapists get lower sentences than a guy selling an ounce of bushes.
    3. uask4it

      https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2962-reprot-racist/?tab=comments#comment-29188 How can " silly moldavian " be punished the same like this ?
    4. uask4it

      Squadron (captiongenerator.com) LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT @Voyager
    5. uask4it

      First of all I had a reason to come here, which indeed was to protect someone(this being the only part that you got right in your hideous post). I did that by explaining why he shouldn`t be banned and not by the crap you are talking about. This was all in my post and very easy to understand but you wanted to prove yourself and show how smart you are right ? That shows a very high level of education. Also your english on an editable post is amazing and shows new levels of high if we`re still speaking about education. Learn a language before you try to flame someone by using it or else you risk to end up flaming yourself. Peace!
    6. uask4it

      This is not racism because he is not saying anything bad about any race. Are you gonna feel bad if I tell you that you are romanian or polish or greek or any race ? Maybe gypsies will be mad but it`s not our fault that they feel bad for being called for what they are. Is he is a gipsy or not - that`s an entirely different conversation and the only mistake No1 could have done here would be to confuse his nationality. Racism nowadays has taken a very agressive tone all over the world and it`s starting to feel like any small verbal agreesion can be racism in one`s perspective. Giving a ban for this would probably be a very appreciated action in a ladies or girlies society but I don`t think we`re one of those.
    7. uask4it

      Chukundah the GOAT in stealing accounts, GOAT in flaming players by using lies and deception, GOAT in stealing accounts and items from guild members, GOAT scammer and of course Greatest Of All Times guild disbander and QUITTER. GL selling shoes Chucky.
    8. kicked you out of the server
    9. uask4it

      A white-haired child making jokes about children, hilarious! Couldn't describe squadron`s core in better words myself, you said SOFTCORE but you were looking in the mirror my friend.
    10. uask4it

      My biggest fans here Get a life little fans. Or atleast some inspiration man, is the same shit everybody already heard or saw 100 times
    11. uask4it

      OMG microleak can speak
    12. uask4it

      You are the most known rotten cavity. Or atleast the biggest.
    13. uask4it

      What opinion I have about microleaks ? I think Voyager is a microleak from my d**k
    14. uask4it

      Make new account now and say montana94 is right
    15. uask4it

      PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STOP CRY :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Stupid children on keyboards foook me
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