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  3. Zutto

    BK cant use But yeah this should be looked into
  4. Im not sure what to say about this.. Its just a shame I hope for the next edition, there will be rules against stuff like this so it never happens again.
  5. Zutto

    @RuSuLeTzZz I promised you I would show you our last cc. Since some of you got doubt about me, thinking i use macros and what not I started to record all cs/cc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz02FtKf_8U All I see is a Diablo flying all over at 1.40. does that mean Diablo is using .exe :)? No it means muonline is 20 years old and visual bugs are here to stay(he was most likely next to me) Macro king out.
  6. Zutto

    I would love to hear all the theories
  7. Zutto

    Mister boyager top 1 vacuum tester
  8. reset+lvl check working together. I rather have an ''unworthy'' opponent then a quest I cant finish
  9. How can it be too much? it feels like a flaw right now. Loosing quest because of RNG doesnt seem fair at all. In my opion quest shouldnt be about being lucky and get a player you can reach lvl wise.
  10. Would it be possible to have a lvl check? countless of times you get targets thats in other maps, and if ur in a stage it can be days before you could reach such a high lvl map. Also in my ''Challenge'' there was 2 players in arena.
  11. Zutto

    he pew pew me everyday sadly Yeah true, that might have been an unnecessary buff
  12. Zutto

    I gotta say I do think ARF'S might be abit to powerfull currently. One RF can melt pretty much anyone including tanks. But, we still got some resets to go, so this might change later on. But as I remember from test server, aRF was very popular due to its insanely good dmg. Time will tell
  13. Dopple event, how does entries work now? currently is not open untill 2h + will it be open for everyone under a short period or close when 1 party enter and cooldown again?
  14. Yes, seems abit harsh to remove antitode. during events like CC/IT ice might be abit to powerfull.
  15. What about deathstab? a straight forward push would been nice(short distance) Not gonna say what I think about cyclone, I think we all share the same experince 🤮
  16. Zutto

    @Greenwhy you no dmg?
  17. Zutto

    I usually dont bother to even read when people mention it but.. its so pathetic that you accuse me for using a macro, acutally really childish ''he is better then me, therefore his cheating''. Get over it, I never have used any so called ''macro'' to play bk. Care to explain?
  18. Zutto

    traaaaash bk
  19. Yeah, would have to be tweaked to make up for it. I guess high stats ain't really my cup of tea.
  20. Even so, I wish atk speed was alot lower and maybe a cap.
  21. I know not everyone agrees, but my personal feeling is that atk speed on classes is way to high. It just feels unnatural.
  22. You can never move forward if you keep looking back. I'm not sure we been playing the same game, Since i share a totaly different view
  23. Depends on what you vote Couldnt agree more
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