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  1. When doing gaion during golden invasion and golden mobs leave, mobs from Gaion also disappear. So you cannot complete the event.
  2. Zutto

    he pew pew me everyday sadly Yeah true, that might have been an unnecessary buff
  3. Zutto

    I gotta say I do think ARF'S might be abit to powerfull currently. One RF can melt pretty much anyone including tanks. But, we still got some resets to go, so this might change later on. But as I remember from test server, aRF was very popular due to its insanely good dmg. Time will tell
  4. Zutto

    @Greenwhy you no dmg?
  5. You can never move forward if you keep looking back. I'm not sure we been playing the same game, Since i share a totaly different view
  6. Depends on what you vote Couldnt agree more
  7. Zutto

    Try conntact via facebook, Usually a quick answer
  8. Zutto

  9. Zutto

    Hey, Thanks for the offer, but I'll hold onto the SM wings for bk that aint clean
  10. Zutto

    Ice arrow should only disable your movment, but sometimes it ''stuns'' you (cant use any skills at all) so ur just standing there for 5 seconds doing nothing.
  11. Zutto

    But currently its not working as intended, so we all should switch to AE just to abuse it :)?
  12. Zutto

    What are the staff's toughts on ice arrow? And will the bug with ice arrow acting as full time stun be adressed? It should be a mobility disable skill, not a 5 second stun.. @ADMIN @Gion
  13. Zutto

    Added sum wings+return dmg to the list
  14. Zutto

    Sorry, literally sold it moments ago. I'll keep you in mind if i make another one
  15. Zutto

    Added new wings
  16. Zutto

    Looking to trade SM 3rd +luck+Ignore for BK 3RD+L+X
  17. Zutto

    Max 2 accounts connected on same hwid, but you can make as many you want
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