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    Gen Bonus System for Balancing Faction Numbers.


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    Character Name:-
    Suggestion Type:-
    Gens Bonus Reward
    Content :- 
    -Currently there is 927 Duprian Gen and 266 Vanert Gen which is very unproportionable ,There needs to be some sort of incensement to motivate people to switch or have it balanced, my suggestion is to give some sort of bonus Exp for the lower amount of player in V Gen maybe 10-15% more that decay the more people on V Gen so eventually when it is 50/50 no bonus but if for example it is 80%/20% the 20% side should get 10-15% Exp bonus then when at 30% the Exp lowers by 3-4% till eventually it is 0% when its close to 40-45%/55-66%.
    Kind of like Honor System in World of Warcraft if you are familiar with it, since more people play horde , Alliance get more honor reward.
    How it will bring Value:-
    - It will Give people an incensement to switch to the underdog Gen and feel they will be rewarded some exp.



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    At this moment D gens are overpopulated compared to V gens. I warned about this in early stage before the server start and in the first two weeks. Looking forward for some more suggestions but imo there has to be some different ideas with it. 

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    I suggest random weekly drafts between the families dunno if is possible

    the implications are obvios 

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    More player in gens = more people to kill at gens ride and more player to competetive for mountly rewards. You are lucky that you have so many free players to farm points.

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    There's no restriction to be same gens as rest of guild so people that want easier chance for gens rewards should switch to the lower pop gens. But ofc, nobody does it before gens restart, to cause them reset of points.

    We don't have any reason to give "extra bonuses" for people to join some gens, this is not WoW where faction balance is a must, you already have the advantage of easier rewards on lower pop gens, more than enough.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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