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    1. I dont think that thread about server is good place to talk about someone rank position. Forfiter or Forfajter BK (top 1 bk when i made 400 and 2 rr and top 10 ranking with most useless class on the begining ) My pt was 3rd behind snook and mafy''s pt) - sum Grazynka wasnt mine (some noob pick it - its polish women namen. When we start as smg/bk/erf +alts we cannot reach top at the start ( i dont remember when i was in ranking around 330). Maybe i never will be top30 in ranking top donator, but every time when i play here im soon or later top10 ranking ( same on Inception ).

      1. ADMIN



        Maybe i never will be top30 in ranking top donator

        You lost me here. Actually top 15 are the players that always donated mostly only the 1st VIP, and rest of credits acquired from their gameplay. Mu3rTe was top5 entire Inception with 10e donated (I'm not even sure if he donated those 10e or someone else from party donated for him).

        Sorry, can't continue the conversation with someone that after years of OldSquad and real players proofs still consider that the top players are there because they "donated", lul.

      2. Grazynka


        i dont say that this is pay2win. When you check actual thread you will see that i said that this server is play2win (thats why i play here). Active and competetive players dont need bcs when you play active you can easy earn credits. On last inception i dont even buy first vip - i earn credits by my self in 12 h from start. 

        My text about donator ranking was rude same as your text that i never be competetive player - and it was only one purpose. This server is business for you and its perfectly fine for me bcs you make here pretty good job (maybe end of 2020 wasnt the best but still - hard to fine better server) so you deserve for every donate. My first edition was Wormhole#1 (noob server but still top1-10 as Grazynka). Phoenix#2 as i said when i end at 400 2rr i was in top10 and top1 bk. Last inception edition - even when i quit server for 1 week at 0rr and long time play alone without perma pt - i still was around top10 at 24rr as Grazynka. 

        I dont expect respect from you, but i dont want be treated without respect and even player who usually is top100-1000 doesn't earn for it. 

      3. ADMIN


        Excuse me, but I am pretty sure you understood it wrong.

        There are maximum 30 full-competitive players on our servers. No matter what we help you with you'll never match them on top. The fight for breaks is between those players, and you can never change that unless they quit our servers.

        This message was not about yourself, "what we help you with" - you = players that aren't on top, not directly targeted to you, same for "you can never change that" - players, in general, not yourself.

        The moment when I targeted you is when I actually checked your name on last edition and I told you "Unless you played with another name" which means I was not sure that the character was you or not, but there aren't many with a forum name which is played by other players ingame.

        So, if you were in top 30 as you said you are part of those 30 players that I mentioned, so again no reason to feel yourself "not fully competitive".

        And still, you mentioned about respect but there is nothing to do with it, I didn't insulted anyone, I just said the reality of our servers. If reality was different, then top 30 players wouldn't be 70-80% the same people on every server/edition.

    2. xD. So its my mistake @RedBuLL.
    3. Nope, about last phoenix edition
    4. Im not 100% sure but probably redbull doesnt start with them. @RedBuLL Do you replace "CristianDL" in mafy pt ? Later tp diff doesnt change that much bcs on 0 rr is hard to stay in relic on 213. It isnt problem to change class here even without donating. On last inception - ES/TS/FB cost 1k credits at first day (Emg and Arf even dont need to do it - just rr). Ok its your server - i just tell you want i saw on last 2 editions (you solve 1 problem last time - lure mobs from other spot) and help make this server more competive for all class. We will see who make 1st break this time.
    5. Darkyo - everyone who want play here longer (edit: and who want be high in rank )start with perma pt. We talk about full dl/mg/rf pt.
    6. In fact, the restriction does only really benefit reset servers (like Inception/Wormhole), on Phoenix it doesn't make any big difference (even if you go in the higher maps faster, you can't resist there / kill fast enough). But still, it is here as well. So you why you wrote that dl/mg have 10 lvl/20lvl advantages with tp? EDIT: i didnt read second part. You wrote correctly. 0 rr on phoenix is more important than next rr or first rr on inception. DL: LT1 - 60 Basic class - 90 (they even cant go there at 80 from devias) DL: Aida - 113 (its not only visual - dl ca
    7. Imo it change alot also on non rr server. On the face of it doesnt change that much, but it isnt true. Faster tp to dungeon 3 (when for other class isnt worth go there bcs of distance) let you exp faster and take free spot and create snowball effect. You faster achieve cc and next lvl cc (solo cc its free rewards), dynamin exp etc. I think that vip here is balance and dont make this server pay2win, but when you want start play as basic character with vip - you are in worse position than mg/dl. As i said earlier - mg and dl dont need it, bcs they are pretty strong characters in early game, when
    8. Requirement to make 150 lvl Its perfect for people who play just for fun (More lvling - more fun). Isnt it ? I have other suggestion also involve with "premium class". Imo the biggest diffrence in compare with basic characters is lower lvl to teleport/enter on maps. Imo main reason to add this advantege to premium class was fact, that they was added later to game (its let them lvling faster to achieve similar lvl to basic class). When all class start in same time (or 150 lvls later) this diff gives premium class very strong advantages without reason. Imo all class should tp/enter to map
    9. Hi,

      Can you check again balance between sum and bk? You nerfed sum in period patch, buff bk in this match up and now bk are able to kill sum at 1 combo. They add 30k hp, they are unkillable until they get ice arrow bcs almoust every bk running around and use autobombo an again run away but still he is able to kill me fast. Most of bk change his skill range so also dont have problem to reduce distance. 

      Im well geared summoner w3 +15, raven +15 full set rw 13+l+DD+idd +2x chrono and Blaze oneshot me 5 times in row. Even when i have almoust 10 k hp with buffs. Now when you buff global dmg even when i add more hp he still will be able to oneshot me. So if i dont ant die at 1 combo i should add 10k vit? its really correct way to play sum here?

      All othe chars are pretty balanced. Maybe sm is too good balanced (its sounds weard) but every class except sm had weak time in game, only sm's are still good with high outplay potencial and they will be even better in late game).

    10. Grazynka

      Totally true! I was there and this ... Bugbless start running in other side that he should. In opposite team was more hardcore players ofc.
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