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    1. TwoCheeks

      Hi everyone ! We are excited about the Project Phoenix#3 and we will reunite again as Squadron guild. The server seems to combine the high-paced aspects of reset servers with the classic game-play of non-rr, which we enjoy the most. Along the years, we played with many good players that will start on this edition of OS. And we realize is impossible to reunite with everyone under the same guild. This edition we will start as two parties, around 10 people and we intend to recruit as many new players as we can. We are convinced it will increase the competition and give new opportunities, for us also, to meet new people that enjoy the game as we do. The Squadron will be focused as usual on the pvp side of the game, CS as main objective, big bosses fights and applying pressure on the maps. So if this gameplay suits you, we definitely want you in our team ! Add me on discord TwoCheeks#5899 Thank you!
    2. TwoCheeks

      Glad I won the last event you did! Gj.
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