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  1. symphoiaf

    idk if Non-RR can also have a winner Items: Large Around Shield +3+L Char: Valeria Sever NonRR - 4 seed sphere please
  2. symphoiaf

    https://imgur.com/a/t4hZjwh Idk why I can't insert URL
  3. symphoiaf

    Taken today...
  4. Dear my dear OS players, Considering I want to transition to SM/Sum from BK, I want to trade the following items: Vicious set+11+L+12op with G+B+11+L+hp+rf+12op with 5%dd from JOH Bone Blade+15+L+S +SD Decreement Tomahawk+15+L+edr+speed +SD Decreement W2BK+15+L All for Sm or Sum items. Mail me in game if you are interested
  5. I know I do not have screenshot... but if you guys could check the log. He did not move a single bit in IT5 at 21:00 today. Yet he got Feather of Condor which is quite unfair to the rest of us. I really urge you guy to do something about it. Remove the prize is good enough for me.
  6. symphoiaf

    well this would explain a lot... my eMG's damage is not what I expected (2DS+15 - 1 full 5 socket)
  7. symphoiaf

    Greeting from Viet Nam It's nice to see a new face around here... Wish you the best
  8. symphoiaf

    https://curiosity.com/topics/why-computers-can-never-generate-truly-random-numbers-curiosity/ What u just said is just mathematic... but you did not take into account the core problem of modern computer science. T
  9. symphoiaf

    Well written but you did not escape the newbie POV. You need exc items with good options to go into CC - where the reward are high... You need ancient items to maximize what you could get in DS. Medal might give you a great +11 set with considerable defense but you will eventually experience the lack of damage and stagnation in farming. On the jewels drop, I burnt every single jewels I picked... luck option in this server is lower than the rest, making items +9 is quite a pain in the ass. Making wings burnt a lot of jewels as well, you could not get far without a decent wing 2. It's true that new player wants to have fun and decent gameplay but only at first... the nature of MMO is competitive, you could not have fun if you could not enjoy the events of the game (DS,BC,CC...), could not enjoy the loot - get slaughtered during WW, rabbit, golden invasion or join a decent Guild. Notwithstanding what I said, you got some notable points. Furthermore, every servers got some butt-hurt players, I buy items from top people all the time... honest and decency get you far... and I am lucky to get a Vicious set in the 1st month here but I know not everyone is as lucky. Someone I know try to get gaion set for months and willing to play hundred of jewels and tier 1 ancients for it. The demand are high leading to the somewhat equivalent price. Just sit back and enjoy the game. You will crave for jewels and items soon enough,
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