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  1. radzii

    Buying the following items: Dark Phoenix Helm +L+DSR Dark Phoenix Armor +L+DSR Dark Phoenix Pants +L+DSR Dark Phoenix Gloves +L+DSR Dark Phoenix Boots +L+DSR Post or message me here
  2. radzii

  3. radzii

    Definitely. bok5 or higher. But 380 items would probably be too much xd 100-500kk per roll would be fine
  4. radzii

    A slot machine that uses zen would be nice
  5. radzii

    Yes, it is nerfed intentionally. It has a 2% initial damage decrease and increases up to 30%. Formula: 2(%) + (AGI/700)(%) + (ENE/3500)(%).
  6. radzii

    Pm mo si Valentine Christmas o Kupal
  7. radzii

    Sino kailangan ng guild dyan na mga pinoy sa Inception? HAHAHAHA
  8. radzii

    Password: armorpadItem: Bronze Helm +0 +4defServer:PhoenixIGN: Ekaa //Reward delivered
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