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  1. drolnomed

    that kill i had max mlvl ee buffs you had no buffs. and i was tryharding to use pss skill between chain drives to maybe disrupt a combo in that scenario you were hitting for 4200 and i had to stepback on pss knockback to pot. good time tho,thats why i attacked you,no buff and i usually fish for people who dont have antis when i ice them.but stuck to the fight since buffs,barely won because i felt you didnt time pot.
  2. drolnomed

    tank builds should be unkillable as thats all they can do is tank,and burn sd i guess. but sm whos tankier then tanks thanks to healing when teleporting +sb is just insane tankiness´,and that lets them do it in top dmg gear. the typical zutto effect as well where hes 7k hp when he foods up and can 1 hit my rf from 6500hp in full dd 380 gear +12,being a tank and having the OPTION to also do that much dmg in 1 hit is insane for most pvp encounters we have guild vs guild, the sm problem is roughly the same except they do faster attacks but kill you as fast if you stand still,and most of us have to to hit them. also the unkillable gms are unkillable tnx to how good they play,and how good the 2-3EE supporting with sd are. the unkillables die often if you get them to stand still.
  3. drolnomed

    i will try after work,but it should not need more stats then piercing armor o.o +11 go figure 670 str to use the boots,far more then the armor with more ops and alot more def,inf for anyone reading, closed
  4. drolnomed

    https://gyazo.com/340c35ce6b62f930d9c41f5569486f6d phoenix serv
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