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    "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XVll

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    The second page of Castle Siege v2 was written by the most powerful heroes of Inception, heroes who do not give up and who fight until the last second to defend the prestige, the pride of the guild and fight continuously for riches brought by LordMix and Land of Trial. 

    The first move on the chessboard was made by ATTACK, they won the first battle, they managed to organize and be more united than the Hardcore ones, gathering and registering more signs than them. This small victory brought with it the chance to make the first move in the great war that was to come. Knowing that the power of the enemies in Hardcore and PlayBoys consists on a way fewer players than them, ATTACK leaders decided to block a buffer: the Energy Rage Fighter, they aimed to weaken Hardcore's and PlayBoys' overall vitality. 

    The war begins and ATTACK starts the assaults fast, having the advantage of organization. They have gained precious time, while Hardcore, shocked, seem to reorganize their parties with difficulty, they look disoriented and seem to be completely absent in the first 30 minutes of the fight. Hardcore managed to recover from the crush created by the first blow received as an "box uppercut" in the first seconds of the match. They seem dizzy but they started to gather on the bridge and prepare for the first assault after more than 20 minutes, precious time in which simply this guild that has experienced players seems almost knocked out even from the first moments of the match, they looked like a boxer caught in the corner waiting for the gong before he can even make his first punch. 

    On the other side, there are fierce battles between PlayBoys and ATTACK which are looking like two rival guilds who fight intensely. ATTACK manage to remove the important pieces of the PlayBoys and hang on to the Crown, PlayBoys tried to reply, but they do not seem to be have enough power to stand up against them. 

    Hardcore takes advantage of the quiet moments created by this harsh battle between PlayBoys and ATTACK, they recover eventually and they stepped into the fight like a tornado that demolishes everything in its path without caring about the disaster left behind, they arrive in the Throne Room and register the seal fast. 

    Here comes the moment when The Curse comes up and bring the chaos which focuses only on the PlayBoys and ATTACK, these two top guilds failing to rise to expectations, even if they try hard doing their best... everything seems hopeless, Hardcore clearly dominates the war,  the last 45 minutes comes and those two forces that seem to have no breath came together, they unite as they did in past and start a real fight vs Hardcore, again. There is almost an hour of Hardcore domination and seems that whenever they lose the crown they multiply, they are stronger and faster (it is no wonder that accumulating so much humility and hatred in the past battles made them, this time, to try more than ever to conquer the highest trophy that they can get). But they started to be flanked on both sides, they begin to lose ground, they step back, the points begin to balance and ATTACK, with the help received from PlayBoys, are struggling intensely but still they begin to recover a lot of points which they had in disadvantage.

    We are nearing the end of the war and the ATTACK "featuring" PlayBoys are on the wave, they recovered points quickly and they took the lead. Only 5-6 minutes left of this war and the Crown is already shining on Fane's head, but Hardcore launches a final attack, throws everything they have, they assault with the last resources they have left, blindly in this fight and manage to conquer the crown just  before the last minutes of the fight.  ATTACK cannot come back fast enough because the time is not running in their favor and they have to kneel for the first time in front of those in Hardcore. They lost this war at an incredible difference , less than 200 points were separating them from the glorious victory,  if they made the damn ally with the PayBoys just 2 damn minutes faster... or maybe if they would've been just 2 seconds more focused they would not have to endure the humility of being defeated.

    It is time for the Hardcore to grab the supremacy on server and this time to win even against the two guilds who allied at the end of the war. But still they won and now they look more arrogant than ever !

    This Castle Siege seems to be the last one for PlayBoys, a guild that dominated the server for a short time and seems to have dropped its last words on this battlefield, PlayBoys are history now, but the brave warriors left alive  gave birth to a new power, it is called 32l4ever and I am convinced that they will have a lot to say in the next battles for the supremacy of the continent and there are voices saying that they have rebuild the guild under WhiteRaven to develop a new strategy. I say that it is unlikely that ATTACK will block Agi SM, but some voices say that this is possible to be seen in the next war (or maybe they will gather more sign of lord than ATTACK). We expect them guilds to show us an innovative strategy next Sunday, a strategy that will revolutionize the game.

    All that remains for us is to be optimistic and wait wit patience for the future to reveal the secrets that are hidden in these great GUILDS.

    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    Please, watch your language. I am tired of warns and shi.. things ^^

    Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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    It’s so funny to see hardcore guys having tongue in last Servers days.. I won’t write and explain again what happened in cs. U can believe what ever u want and your friend\just a random player sparkle can write his history as he wish. 
    is it really so hard for u to understand that admin changed really smart the CS and now u can get LM boxes lose or win and we have no more really reason to destroy u every Sunday? 
    Or u think we need more lm or lot after so many months? 
    Anyway we gonna keep making fun of u and enjoy game as we always did with any way we prefer/like. 

    PS. 32forever!!! Enjoy 

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    deci , trebuie sa va lingeti acadelele,gen sunteti prieteni(bff) doar ca sa nu stati in genunchi in fata noastra.Practic dovediti ca ambele guilde nu sunteti pe masura noastra .

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    2 hours ago, AdriaNN said:

    deci , trebuie sa va lingeti acadelele,gen sunteti prieteni(bff) doar ca sa nu stati in genunchi in fata noastra.Practic dovediti ca ambele guilde nu sunteti pe masura noastra .


    2 hours ago, KostisPoutou said:

    toso kairo den prolavainate na ton vgalete ap to stoma.. seira eixame kanei kai sas gledagame se ola ta event! tora vgalate k glwssa!

    arakste tora sta 32 kai apolauste to paixnidi! filakia!

    Si, senors

    Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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