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    Devil Square 4(And probably higher)


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    Character name - Phantomelu 

    Suggestion type - Server - Event related

    Content - Feedback on the Devil Square event and its current state

    How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the overall quality of life for most of the players


    Hello, after spending a good amount of time in DS, I would suggest making some tweaks on this event. DS 1-3 were perfectly fine, but we started hitting a wall in DS4. The mob density is way bigger(which is not a bad thing, considering it is an event that was designed for better EXP than your regular afk spot and a source of skills) and the monsters hit harder. Currently I feel like you need a very specific party composition to be able to do it(with ERF being a must have), and even with good sets and W2 we can still feel like we're doing a Mythic raid in WoW. The monster kill rate is low, since we have to focus so much on surviving, and the XP might end up being even worse compared to normal spots(unless you have 3 eMG in party ^^). Maybe replacing some monsters with some lower level ones, and boosting up the xp a little bit would make players want to do this event again. Overall, the state that DS is in, just eats jewel of chaos for nothing. Thank you for your time and I wish you have a great day! Stay cool!

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    I think we have to keep in mind the fact that most players still very much lack the sort of gear needed for this event (a majority of the server doesn't event have w2 yet, for example).  There are plenty in game buffs that can also be acquired through playing and used for DS as well to make things easier. I personally like the idea of guilds needing to send in more than one party to work together on a spot. Makes it more challenging. 

    That said, I do agree that difficulty and reward don't necessarily match; drop of spells is pretty low and exp isn't much better than what you get on spot. I think the reward aspect could be improved to further server competition for DS.


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    Trust me, gear is not our problem. The top parties on the server that invest a lot in their gear have this problem. I don't even want to know how will players without guilds and strong perma party will be able to do anything in this event. As for your suggestion with 2 parties, why would we waste 10 chaoses to go in DS and get WAY less exp than on spot(considering 2 party ksing each other)? You can also farm those skills with a secondary char in DS1-2-3 without too much hustle and bustle.

    Also, speaking of buffs and other things, our ene rf with +9 cape and full +11 set dies in DS even with defense buff and hp food from pumpkins.

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    We need way more opinions on this in order to change something related.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    From what I noticed, activity of players on forum is reaaaaally really low on this DB. I wrote this post cause our party has experienced this, and also many of my guildies were also talking about it on guild's discord. I'm really looking forward to more ppl replying and telling us their opinion.

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    Hello .

    On this case Phantomel it`s 100% correct. Seems really hard to make more 2-3 bars if u got probably perfect party(with erf) and top pvm chars like emg. Our party finds ds4 really hard also..and probably spend like 300 pots HP. Probably ds5 will be imposible . Also as I noticed  on site.. That not many people got decent gear ..that makes ds even harder. Phantomel its one of the lucky guys with decent gear w2..i dont even want to imagine how is for other people..

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    In my opinion ds 4 is fine. Main problem is that you need to be active ( for repots, sometimes qqqqq :D). People who want change it, just want to enter to ds and go afk. If you want be afk on event - you should stay on spot. Even without gear or w2 you can survive there, if you use angel/pumpin buff. If you want join all pt as 1 man using tw, you probably have problem to survive there. If we want change ds4 - we can reduce hp moobs like 10% becouse its true that kill is slow even with nice aoe dmg (this also help people who want to stay there afk bcs less number of mobs will hit them in 1 moment). 

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    • 1 month later...

    As we've redesigned the DS take into account different opinions, I'll count this as an accepted suggestion.

    +40 credits.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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