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  1. Today
  2. rikihz17

    Hello, it's me Jayce. I had a power shortage 30 secs before ending and we were 5-0 ahead with around 30 secs left. Would appreciate If there's something you guys could do for me.
  3. posting because my friend jayce DCed 30 seconds after we won, i do not that screenshots of him ingame because we dint expect him to dc but 30 before event ended he got dced, is there anything admin can do like generate his reward . ps: this is the only proof i have, you can ask Ganja, selphie,FatAss or me(COONISTIC) that he was in fact playing Illusion temple+6 and he got dced a few seconds before the game ended https://gyazo.com/1ec2c29f9eeedc99f1ddde8cc5027396 (can't upload picture directly on here because of the weight.
  4. Legion

    Hello everyone, since begining there was already 3 different editions of this event so probably most of you already know how it works, but not all of you. Let me describe shortly how this event presents, not only for the newcomers but also I would like to ask for older players atention aswell as event is changed for a little bit now. In earlier editions event was separated for each server, right now it'll be shared for all old squad servers but with different rewards. In every single round there will be a new password for event account, except that there will be a unique item on event character inventory. In order to win a round you'll have to : -Firstly guess the password. -Secondly find out what kind of item does the event char hidding in inventory. -Thirdly you'll have to answer in this topic at forum with a password and unique item. Except that you have to tell us on which server you're playing and post a nickname of character that will take a reward, after that i'll contact with you to deliver a reward. *Take a note that rewards will be different for each server and unique for each new round All informations about current event round will be posted below as a reply. How to break the account password? Try twice to break account password ingame at login server selection screen then press esc to get back into server select frame ( to avoid disconnect ), click again on gameserver and make it over & over again untill you'll figure out what was the password. *Details as rewards, additional rules for specific round and event date will be announced in new post for each event round. *Breaking the event rules will result with a forum warning and prohibition for participating in forum events for 45 days (1.5 month). Current Black List : - None Stay calm and wait for 1st round announce date.
  5. Buy: Agnis Helm Agnis Armor Adam gloves+L+DDHP W3 RF W3 DL W3 Elf W3 SM Condor flame Condor feather Sell: Bless Soul W3 Sum (clear) Scale set + L+HPREF Scale set + L+DDHP Mail me in game: Trau
  6. Solcy

    Yes, there is EXTREME lag for everyone not connecting from the EU. you can see for yourself Windows Key >> CMD >> ping -n 10 mu.oldsquad.ro There is constant timeouts and huge latency. (about 150 ms) average for me Not much can be done except select a better more centralized host, but i doubt this will happen, a majority is the server is EU and they would be outraged.
  7. ronald21

    hindi kailangan lng mablis connection mo. minsan kase swertehan lng din. at minsan my bug din kapag naatak ung character bigla di nakakapulot un lng SoulStrike here
  8. Cottonstar

    I wanted to know if there are other Filipino players experiencing delayed player reaction. I've been playing here since non reset server and everytime I party with players in Europe I don't get the loot. If I create a party myself with all alts, I do get jewels and exc items(loots rotate within alts). I have a decent ISP connection and I wonder if it's just normal since the host server is from Netherlands or Singapore.
  9. Solcy

    thanks, i used the translator but it was garbage but i would like to understand what he is saying
  10.  Hello : what happens with the server my credits and my jewels were stolen by the page
    1. eddw14
    2. eddw14



      How could it happen? me being connected

  11. admin help:

    what happens with the server my credits and my jewels were stolen
    1. Gion


      Please PM me or ADMIN with your details, but make sure to PM one of us, not to post here, because it is public 

  12. esco

  13. LordAlex

    Use translate. He's on the correct community.... no one can force him
  14. Solcy

    Can you translate to english please?
  15. Cottonstar

    May pinoy ba dito sa Phoenix? Tanong lang..Hirap din ba kayo pumulot ng drops pag iba yung kaparty nyo? halos 7 months na akong naglalaro, palagi na lang European players yung unang pupulot kesa sa char ko. Makakapulot lang ako pag puno na inv nila. T_T Fibr user here..
  16. bidahaha

  17. Yesterday
  18. Amatv

    Remember it, it isnt for me, im talking about new people who joins server.
  19. Rukawa

    for BK or ELF wings lv 2
  20. you were right.. just unpacked and it worked. Thanks!
  21. damn.. really?? So I need to unpack them.. I don't have enough spaceeeee >.<
  22. Cerberus

    Sadly its only working with single jewels, not stacked. I guess @ADMIN @Gion can work on the bundle usage too.
  23. Hi, not sure if I am doing anything wrong but I can't see all the jewel (Souls) that I have in my Game Warehouse from the website.. Can anyone assist please as I am unable to transfer them in the Jewel Wallet. Attached screenshot. Thanks in advance for the help. Rukawa
  24. iQon

    Yeah LT is pretty full but u can find some spots. In my opinion if you want best xp dont go to losttower but atlans since its a pvp map you gain more experience and also its easy to walk to higher mobs even if you dont have level requirement.
  25. Amatv

    Hello Spoiler = I used translator. I write for the following: In these last days I meet several new characters who started recently and they tell me that the server does not finish convincing them because all low level spots have a PJ afk farming which is 300+ level and therefore can not give party with them. I was reviewing and noticed that effectively in each level of losttower there is a DL that is farming. Should I put a limit, or something like that? Or will we only be playing those that are already at a high level? From my point of view the best thing would be for the server to grow and not settle for the players we are now. Thank you
  26. Last week
  27. Selphie

    I was doing the gaion event when "Gold Invasion Left" appeared, the moob from Gaion event dissapear too i waste my invition, can i have my inv back? or maybe my reward + First Secromicon Fragment?? here the screenshot
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