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  1. Snook

    Ofc not. It's the % from your stats at 5th. At 8 rr you have 9% more dmg than at 5 rr , at 10 rr you have 15% more dmg than at 5 rr. Hope it's clear now.
  2. You guys don't know either and it doesn't stop you from commenting with nonsense.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 Should I translate for you? Cause i know for a fact your English is garbage. What do you want to show with that? How pathetic you guys are? We know that since the remake. Sorry for taking your first CS away , newbies , but if you can't kill me with 25 players , idk what else you could have done. PM for translation in case you didn't understand something. You guys are really funny , this is my last reply , im done trying to enlighten you. Waste of time. Good luck in your lives, you surely need it in abundance.
  4. How do you survive irl day by day? Just to remind you how dumb you guys are, you were trying to kill me on stamp with 20 people when all of that was happening. Take a break from games , open a book once in a while , it will help you more.
  5. Snook to the left , Snook to the right , starting to think i'll soon be the most popular char on the server with all your advertising. If reporter has no idea , you guys have even less. Brain up.
  6. As previous mentioned, smart up, try hard and get into 3 digits iq and stop embarassing yourself on forum. I give 0 fucks about your opinions when you're all talking without even knowing what happened , which is also hilarious. Read the article , I love people that hate on me , it means I am doing something good.Meanwhile noone gives a damn about you guys because you're completely unimportant with 0 impact on the game. Signed, Snook ( thief, whore, gipsy and w/e other names i've heard this edition)
  7. Snook stealing items? I had access to that account or something? If anyone wanted to "steal" anything , im pretty sure they would not have returned the items after cs. "so Snook left and he asked all ppl who wants to join his new guild so Waste, DarknesSBK and FKinGCunT left following him" . Asking all ppl? RISE has and will be as long as the server will last based only on selection and invitation not what your random guild has been doing. BTW, Waste was never in stepy , nor was darkness. Guys, wake up , smart up , learn this game better and stop being morons. I hate it , I'm allergic to it. GL in real life , while I was afk "only lvling" I managed to finish my master thesis and get my master degree. What did you achieve for a freaking Selupan? 😄
  8. Snook

    Based on my experience in BC i have to disagree, but everyone is opened to an opinion.
  9. Snook

    Yes. Sm is very very good pvm also. Not as good as mg aoe , but single target It beats him now. But ofc , depends on gear and stats distribution.
  10. Snook

    SM, weak in all aspects of the game except hold switch in CS(full Vit and u dont care), in PvE i think only Elf,Sum and BK is weaker than him, Pvp is same, on bosses he second after BK if we take end of list. Who survived to our day has good PvP impact but no best I like how SM is still seen as underdog, when it's probably the best char at this moment in the game.
  11. Snook

    The main problem of the server , which is the root cause of the fast pace, is that the experience didn't decrease after each rr , unlike what was written in the info. (Now, the resets comes also with minuses, and they are the fact that you need to make the level 0-400 again, but with a lower exp for each reset you do) Can't find it now , but i'm pretty sure I read that it was suppose to be -6% / reset. Because of this there was never the dillema : should I reset , or should I keep lvl for CS , because if you'd reseted after CS , you'd just hit 400 in 5-6 days. Also , due to this it was pretty easy to come back to events , hitting ~350 in 2 days and ~380 in 4 days, so the new players never had any chance at invation or events. Another huge problem was the big anti-game at the start of the server in IT and the lack of players diversity. Therefore , those big prizes helped a lot to create a very big gap in items ( especially harmony options)
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