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  1. RedBuLL

    Looks like someone will not play here anymore😂😂
  2. RedBuLL

    mafy + 1 warn => 1 day muted. Topic closed!
  3. RedBuLL

    I want to trade Scale helm+15 lk dd hp Scale gloves+15 lk dd ref for: Scale pants,armor,boots+lk+ dd hp/dd ref/ref hp +13/+14/+15 Ring dd hp/ dd ref or other good items.
  4. RedBuLL

    Im not sure about reflect, but dd is max 60%.
  5. RedBuLL

    @Green excuse me for telling you, just read your posts from this topic. You say nothing with many words.
  6. RedBuLL

    @ADMIN this is not supposed to be like that. Oklahoma is hitting me with 1,3k edr from 1 hit and as agility rf he should be just decent at pvp (as u wrote on chars build). What can I say about others? They dying instantly. I dont care if u do something, I just write this to help. If we win or lose the cs? I dont give a shit.
  7. RedBuLL

    Bre, de fiecare data am murit cat a tras Trompeta in mine. Cred ca ar fi trebuit sa va focusati cum sa ii omorati, nu sa arunc mingea. Chiar incercam sa o arunc, dar pe moment nu intelegeam dc nu merge. Chiar si asa KAMA3 era incontinuu cu Voyager langa el. Ati jucat asa de bine incat doar eu reuseam sa iau mingea. Devex ala urla degeaba, eram doar cu el jos si ma rugam de el sa o ia.
  8. RedBuLL

    It was me on FCKSQD. I had /lock on that account, thats why I didnt droped the ball. I realized at the final. @Devex I said to take the ball last time, but you didnt. And was obvlious they will win with Voyager in their team. Thanks PS: Amstaff nu stiu dc te-ai bagat in seama cu warn-ul ala. la 4-0 te simteai in stare sa il omori pe voyager?
  9. RedBuLL

    What should we see next? Zutto saying we need cooldown for combo ?:))
  10. RedBuLL

    You should type Exc Scale Arm , if u want to loot scale armors for example
  11. RedBuLL

    Everyone knows Psyke, but no one ever seen him doing an event or just to type something. So almost all think he is an alt. This is his biggest advantage. When @ADMIN will release a new rank for best afk players he will destroy us because this will be his moment of glory in this game. You guys should take him because is a good bet. His history started more than 15 years ago, he was the first player ever. And the biggest. He is the best. True story! He invented the party. Four slaves+Psyke. You should try this, it's a great move. Anyone who said otherwise it's fake news.
  12. RedBuLL

    I have a mate who doesnt find his place in our guild, so I need to beg you to take @Psyke in your guild. He's already a legend of this server. Like someone said if u dont have an old man, you should buy one.
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