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  1. RedBuLL

  2. RedBuLL

  3. RedBuLL

    Juri, rf doent have socket items.
  4. RedBuLL

    He was in guild with me and from beggining he told me he want to buy cape +ignor for many credits when nobody has w2. Why u didnt put here the chat logs, not shitty print with a phone number? U condemn a guy who worked hard to make that cape and reward someone who was prepared all the time to donate for credits if something good shows up.
  5. RedBuLL

    and what is wrong in this ?
  6. RedBuLL

    and that guy who gave the phone number is the seller ? coz I dont get it ps: if my mates will give my phone number to someone else, thats means I can be banned ? 😮
  7. RedBuLL

    Also kalima6 mobs are hitting too hard.
  8. RedBuLL

    si mai sunt 2 zile pana revii ?:))
  9. RedBuLL

    Looks like someone will not play here anymore😂😂
  10. RedBuLL

    mafy + 1 warn => 1 day muted. Topic closed!
  11. RedBuLL

    Anyway I hope the new patch for cs will solve many problems. Whatever happened, happened. Its too late now. We can learn even from mistakes.
  12. RedBuLL

    Nu am fost prieteni, doar ne cunosteam. Si eu asta am auzit, ca m-a injurat incontinuu pe voce la voi. Daca a fost asa sunt dezamagit si in orice caz ne-ati incurcat destul tinand cont ca gm-ul vostru murea usor. Si apropo, cu cine am onoarea? Fane nu-mi spune nimic... I forgot that. At first cs won we was helped by kama3 and we was helped only by taking them in our guild. Its a big difference between to be inside us or to be helped in Sk0pt way. This is my opinion. Maybe Im subjective, idk...
  13. RedBuLL

    recap: The server starts. My party with Makiavelli, Sparkle, RuSuLeTzZz and darkyo climbs to the top and settles there. We are followed by Voyager’s party and mafy's party. Squadron is formed. Because I was playing with them and most of them are great people, we decide to join them. mafy also comes with his party at my invitation. Surprised by the fact that the NONE guild from max10rr does not enter, the Squadron dominates the top 50. The first 2 cs are definitely won by the Squadron even without the contribution of my party. Vision problems arise in the guild gameplay. Chukundah and Rusuletz are using bad language in guild chat (we believe it is entirely Chukundah's fault and we was not subjective). Voyager decides to expel them both. We decide to leave. Mafy is following us few days after. RAMPAGE is formed. We treated with indifference the next cs, the one in which the ancients start dropping, thinking that we could easily win. We are not organized and we lose with any doubt. The next cs is the one where the lordmix can be used. Rusuletz being very active organizes everything in detail. We are 25 players at cs. Everything was balanced between us and the Squadron in the first hour. Rusuletz asks us on discord voice to gather all the mg on a switch. Instantly I realize that if he wants all the mg on one sw, I should stay with the other dl’s on the other and spamming horse skill. This was pure luck coz I choose to have many dl’s in guild to have sumon in the room. Looks like it's the winning move. In this way we gain 3 cs. In this time Chukundah cried all day on the forum under different users. As far as I remember, Voyager was complaining about horse skill, as the range should be reduced for horse skill. I offended him, after I got home nervously. After a few hours I realize that it is not ok, delete the message and apologize in pm. The day of the cs is coming. Sk0pt appears at cs under another guild. They win 2 or 3 cs immoral. The next 1-2 cs after that they was better than us, but at one of them and with the help of Zazax who received some promises. Next was agilityrf era when Oklahoma beats the entire server. Yes, we had rf’s, but ours could die easily. At least 2 cs followed ATTACK made us antigame. At one i was playing stamper (darkyo was gm) I was continually insulted by FAITH aka mad4ever on their voice chat. A friend told me that.( Me and FAITH was growing up in the same neightborhood and we know each other) Wanting to take the switch from me, they misunderstanding that they have no chance with a dying Speedy gm. I didn't even play at cs later. In all this time I broke few times the guild. I didnt liked few things in guild and because im many times I act emotional I made big mistakes. Overall I want to congratulate Voyager (not dead at all cs) zutto, Fuckingcunt, Hase, Trippy, Exillia. I also congratulate my friends Makiavelli, Sparkle, darkyo, mafy and Mu3rte. I should have congratulated either Rusuletz or Devex, but they gave up too early). I also want to thank Backa for joining me in the guild from the beginning. I knew he could destroy the server with his combo😂) Going over that, you guys who were in ATTACK don't be so proud because you didn't does anything. Yoi were the ones who always strove to ally with one or the others. Or trolling here on forum. The big boys was always in Squadron or Rampage/Hardcore. After all if there was not Sk0pt or agilityRf era, the battles from castel siege was much more balanced. Squadron yes, was better than us overall, but the difference wasnt so big. I hope in next server will be rules for Castel Siege and if is posible at each stage chars to be balanced again. Cheers!
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