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  1. RedBuLL

    What I change for the next rr db ? 1. ML harder(to do ml50 in a month). 2.Exc items only with 2 opt and low drop chance for dd/ref/hp. 3.Blacksmith for adding luck and jol opt(max 4% for hp/mana recovery and +12 dmg/def) and after lvl 400 for making items+10/+11.
  2. RedBuLL

    http://via Imgflip Meme Generator
  3. RedBuLL

    Eu de data asta nu joc ma :))
  4. RedBuLL

    Salut. Mai jucam cativa... Tsubyke n-a vrut sa intre ca il supara Dinamo
  5. RedBuLL

    1. Game of Thrones 2.Narcos 3.L'onore e il rispetto 4.Billions 5.The Get Down
  6. RedBuLL

    Because the time does not allow me to play so much, I decided to quit as GM. I hope you enjoyed playing the events what I did. Good luck everyone and play fair!
  7. RedBuLL

    Glume de Times New Roman, dar nu-i exclus sa fie adevarat
  8. RedBuLL

    Si acolo e mai bun decat dinamovistii.
  9. RedBuLL

    Bre, tu parca ziceai ca intrii și tu... Pai nu te ți de cuvânt?
  10. RedBuLL

    Posibil da, probabil nu :))
  11. RedBuLL

    I throught you were from my country.
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