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  1. RedBuLL

    Excuse-moi! They used countless times a ghost guild to win against us(remember Sk0pt).
  2. DS2 ended in 1 minute after mobs spawned.
  3. Arunc de 10 minute la inele de lvl80. 50% sunt aripi de bk, 30% de sm. Pana acum n-au picat de rf si elf din cel putin 20 incercari. edit: au mai picat 3 summ, 2 de bk, 2 de sm, 2 de dl, 1 de rf. De elf nu pica. edit2: Portile spre dungeon1,2,3, spre losttower cer lvl-ul din M sau chiar mai mare, desi ar trebui sa ceara cu -10 lvl din cate stiu. Poate mai sunt si spre alte harti, dar nu le-am verificat.
  4. RedBuLL

  5. RedBuLL

  6. RedBuLL

  7. RedBuLL

    Juri, rf doent have socket items.
  8. RedBuLL

    He was in guild with me and from beggining he told me he want to buy cape +ignor for many credits when nobody has w2. Why u didnt put here the chat logs, not shitty print with a phone number? U condemn a guy who worked hard to make that cape and reward someone who was prepared all the time to donate for credits if something good shows up.
  9. RedBuLL

    and what is wrong in this ?
  10. RedBuLL

    and that guy who gave the phone number is the seller ? coz I dont get it ps: if my mates will give my phone number to someone else, thats means I can be banned ? 😮
  11. RedBuLL

    Also kalima6 mobs are hitting too hard.
  12. Main Server should be like it is now. 2nd server should has +10% drop, golden month events and without any other events or invasions. If u remove stages or if u raise exp for newbies, do it just on 2nd server.
  13. RedBuLL

    si mai sunt 2 zile pana revii ?:))
  14. RedBuLL

    No, the guild master should have that rebuild. Its better for who play as gm, but 25 chars with rebuild at cs, I think its too much.
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