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  1. Chukundah

    +1 forum warn by Gion
  2. Chukundah

    get my name out of ur rat mouth u worthless dogshit RF
  3. Chukundah

    @ADMINupgrade season and more pvp events ✌️
  4. Chukundah

    this guild wasnt even meant to be made this edition is not about needing kenpachi or twocheeks, guild is not 2 players and there was no tryhard from no one and not even half of main players played it only 6 from us played from squadron , and still ur guild whit more core players have lost vs 19 other new players which is even more shamefull ^^ , whitout mentioning that from since ur first defeat here every next cs u copied all our strats and none of u cant deny that , as every cs was streamed and there's replays . But gg's , u copy the best to try to be the best but u all will always be the shits as u were all previous editions, u guys arent good players, ur having the best edition of ur mu game time xd enjoy ur miserable wins rats ^^ and enjoy ur mu time and looking like zombies from lacking of sleep to farm TOCA's and being on spot 24/7 , specially makiaveli drugs + no sleep .. cant imagine how degenerated u looking atm 💀 , and rusuletz whit hes static / dead face expression whit one eye to east other to west 🤪 , ive seen all ur photos before u cant deny all that 🤣 Disgusting creatures ^^ GL noobs may ALLAH be whit u all .
  5. Chukundah

  6. Chukundah

    forgot to mention the times they lose against PLAYBOYS 🤣
  7. Chukundah

    whit wood bullets to kill weaker players to get in top1 kills and act pro and lose cs cause doesnt know what to do inside
  8. Chukundah

    someone call the Special Needs to get sparkle back
  9. Chukundah

    i gave him the wings , hes lying , he prob lost them or sold npc .. wouldnt surprise me considering how dumb he is
  10. Chukundah

  11. https://ibb.co/C80gmh3 speaking non english and insulting moldavian ppl to die in torment
  12. and i bought ur stupidity , dumbness , "lowiq!" for 5k for w3+11+L 🤡
  13. Chukundah

    im sure u can x)
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