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  1. Chukundah

    i do in 3rd cs when grom and jagusie allied vs us , there was a point in top switch and walking near it i killed more than 15ppl alone whit sync full sd on me ^^
  2. Chukundah

    this one suits it better
  3. Chukundah

    very accurate ^^
  4. Chukundah

    hi So ill start off whit the events Blood castle from 1-3 whit 3chaos seems fine for everyone at begin for being doable plus getting chaos for more events / crafts BC 4-5 and 6 the rewards also are fine for everyone now the BC7-8 the rewards should not be equal , since bc8 is for ML , the reward should have some variety,isntead bless soul demon angel , add 10chaos 10lifes chances too Devil square all devil square until lvl 4 are ok , but what i dont its the thing at ds 5-6 droping ancients, i see ancients as a LOT drop only , because as an hardcore server , removing the ancient drop in devil square and add exc item drop would be more equal for everyone , cause there always some ppl get acc from there first and that an huge advantage, so for me the exc drop rate instead ancient would be better also the spots that ADMIN created is awesome for the 4parties (20 ppl) can lvl whitout any KS about DS 7 , now thats ok for ancients drop also the sphere's lvl 5 cause in that point there's ppl whit ML and also ancients from lot only Chaos castle also another event i dont agree whit ancient drop 1-3 should be only jewels 4 - only jewels + old box chance 5 - old box chance3 + 10 jewel pack SOUL BLESS CHAOS LIFE 6 - old box chance 3-4 + 20 jwl pack SOUL BLESS CHAOS LIFE 7 - now here , again whit the after 400 lvl , ancient drop chance(high) + old box 4-5chance(medium)+ 20 jwl pack(LOW) chance SOUL BLESS LIFE CHAOS and HARMONY(10pack) ( medium) about the rankings and credits rewards , all ok for me white wizards Wouldnt change anything in this event , drops are awesome as it is Rabbits - maybe add the drop of life drop would be great too, the rest is ok Golden invasion wouldnt change anything in here also , either way , in begin of game there is alot competition in golden invasion , but it slowly loses competetition in bok3 bok4 bok5 when ppl getting acc from chaos castle and devil square. so as i mention above , the drop exc in devil square , and the removal of ancient from chaos castle , would maintain the goldens more competitive and crowded whit players for the box for way more time until ancients are avaiable from LOT ,cc7,ds7 i see no point in remove ancients from first 2-3-4 weeks in CS winners at LOT , when ppl complete sets until then , so at my point of view the removal ancient drop from CC and DS would be best the option for the competetive way and economy , also mainting players cause there always players that quit because they see others more geared than him/other so the best would be , ancients in 4-5 week cs , and in only ds7 cc7 Illustion temple the rewards are fine until it gets to it 3 4 5 6 the it3 i just removed the old box chance and add box chance only to it4 it3- 10b 10s 10life 10chaos it4- 10b 10s 10joh(high chance) 10life 10chaos it5- half chance old box 3-4 half chance 10joh it6- chance old box 4-5 chance joh10 chance feather condor Kundun , Medusa , Bloody queen , Selupan , Cursed Dragon nothing to change, all drops good at it is , my opinion Bonus systems- all good as it is Arena tournament - i would just change the fact that arena events are the same time as devil square so we either go arena or ds , maybe to possibility to change the timer after DS ends royal rumble , death king , illusion - also fine as it is Spots / drops - the 7-8 mobs are perfect as it is also as the number of spots per map same as the drops of event crafts,medals,zen etc woulndt change nothing since there wwas already a change in drops of medals and hearts Castle siege Unfortenaly , there is alot of bullshit whit this new 20member no ally fight , because even whitout any requests of help to anti game in cs , there will be always someone that hates someone or gets excuse for this and that , that will be impossible to change.. but if it wasnt like this , the points system plus the 20member only fight , it combines so perfectly to this system , because it bring more competetive fights to CS IF everyone played like it should be played and not whit the bullshit it has been last castle sieges. so if everything worked well , this would be perfect because there is 500 players, of course at mid game not all guilds are strong , but at end game whit communicaion and organization from other players they can create good guilds and compete whit top guilds also whitout any hate and focus on 1 only. hopefully this will change, because after all mu is all about castle siege , at least 80% of player base Characters and formulas the formulas here are also amazing to players experience other builds and tactics in cs whit diferent partys, i also liked the cutoff in sm teleport too whit the cd and the bug on teleport in switches, was really a balanced change. Quiz event - i would the the questions , 100% , because the questions are always the same about game and most ppl already read last words and answer it , the question should be changed for other stuff , like culture questions etc, not only about mu GM events - all fine as it is , i dont know if there is , but a race event in lorencia at right exit near the bull spots , would be nice too Website - for what i see everything is very clear and easyli acessable, no complications , and good feature on insta message to facebook Forum - also very clear and no complications , all well organized and very detailed about the servers informations new players- i find hard to get new players when server is opened for 1month + even whit the exp boost at begin and the cut off in stages, is the just lack of patience of motivate of start something when it started 1month ago and hard to reach at same level, i tell this because its a MU server, in another game this thoughs a motivation are diferent , but overall this is just my opinion. i agree whit the newbie boosts and cut off stages when they are completed. test server- very good to try builds , items , sets , mastery, i highly appreciate this move as some other players does because this helps alot whit the doubts we have trough our gameplay in the main server as what we should build and get for our gameplay style my experience- this is the 3rd time i played mu since 2009-2010 i played a portuguese server , and the infinity mu server that was one of the best few year ago and also my favorite server and choice between other i was looking for in xtremetop now this server is the most addictive i played because of its hardcore,unique,detailed features and professional staff as keeping his words about no wipes and keeping updating and trying to give the best of mu, main thing is this cs system, and the details of events by pressing H and clicking in event names, those 2 things for me was awesome and kept me playing on 30rr edition that was my first and now non rr i may have forgot some stuff but for now this are my thoughs , only the main things i would to see on next editions is the changes on DS CC IT BC rewards as i mention above Also the H information in events must get updated , some are not correct Chukundah
  5. Chukundah

    ok i have my confirmation , is all 3 together LOL
  6. Chukundah

    i have problems whit reading? sometimes i think polish ppl are mentaly slow , retarded or ignorant, or maybe all 3
  7. Chukundah

    so in 3rd when grom and jagusie teamed up vs squadron ? we fought outside and inside crown room, and it was combined between u and them , and dont come whit the bs of 3members or 5 from jagusie , cause u know very well it was 10+ members from jagusie to stop us to get inside and crown , it was very good cs even that anti game we still outcome and win , u come cry like a fkin pussy about low geared,low level players that arent even closer and ur guild members level ? they attacked us too and we fighted them too, its not our problem we crown and they fight outside whit ur guild, i would be ashamed quiting cs at 30minutes cause of this after what happened in 3rd cs x) everytime i see the name of ur guild gives me cringe chills, 40points and 15 points for the 2-3 times we got it , doesnt mean shit cause in last 30minutes of last cs u had less than 1k point and u did 9k, every point after 18.25 counts 5 per second, so pls stop getting excuses for everything
  8. Chukundah

  9. Chukundah

    of course u do @RocketPop, or else how u will win cs ? doing some anti game cs? x)
  10. Chukundah

    i already told u TV me in facebook u ignored i cant make video and yes , there is huge diference
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