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  1. Chukundah

    still the same , the diference of the speed i attack in server 20 and in server1 is not even close
  2. Chukundah

    what comments ? i didnt say u have anything to do it,but u as moderator have should have an honest sincerly opinion trough the reports, i dont u see going to comment in other reports that other players receiving , saying that he said that cause of this or cause of that , for example naplet got banned perm for language towards staff, same as michas did so naplet get perm ban, i didnt see u coming here talking for him PLUS yesterday full chat in polish , i wonder also why no mutes cause i dont understand anything all grom said during 15minute in post x) and i can say whatever i want , freedom speech fuck you admin is not offensive ? so i say kurwa after cs i get punishment,fuck you admin +15m polish in post no punshtemt xDD loool im not making a sufferer of my self , i just like to see how some players are privilieged and protected x) nice answer , u just answered me why naplet gets ban and michas will not get ban for both same reasons x)
  3. Chukundah

    so i say kurwa in post i get 12h mute , now michas say fuck this admin and you @Legion come defend him loool very nice to see this kind of stuff between "some players" and gm's x) i wonder what will be punishment , because if it was other random would get 100% ban x)
  4. Chukundah

    its not about ping or wtv, its the miss configs , because in server 20 there is no delay on hit
  5. Chukundah

    @ADMINso this is just going to be passed away?
  6. Chukundah

  7. Chukundah

    forgot to mention that is JAGUSIE player x) maybe he got frustated to lose vs 20 ppl
  8. Chukundah

  9. Chukundah

    if no one understand what im saying , i cannot record it , but i can pass my TV and show so u all will understand this issue
  10. Chukundah

    that was not i mean , what i mean is , for example , every attacks from ur firebirds / firescream , every hit will hit any mob/char , wont have 1sec delay between ur attack when u use skill , all hits will hit everytime u using skill , but whit chain lighting the skill wont hit all hits that it should it , it is delayed, compared to all others class skills that not happens i mentioned others char's for example on skills , not saying that is good or bad hunt
  11. Chukundah

    at the title says , this is very unfair , no matter how much attack speed summoner have the chain light skill when attacking , the visual attack goes faster, but the delays in the attack are between 1 second each attack , i tried whit 46 speed ,used buffs pots to 106 and still had the 1second delay in attack instead of going full consuctevly attack in goldens mobs pvp, that put summ in disavatange in that cause elf's dl's sm's do not have that delays they attack non stop no matter the speed and whitout any delay between they skill attack, but in server 20 when i used chain in erohim at LOT the chains hit consuctevly so that is a bug and must be fixed @ADMINi write u before in facebook u said u raised the limit of it but its still the same , every summoner has this problem and is not fair in to compete in hunt solo dmg vs chars like elf sm emg dl