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  1. the entrys got blocked to crackheads
  2. this is true , arena is just played by teaming up from hardcore and diamond , what about the solo players ? will just get teamed up and deleted instantly , teleport has nothing to do whit teaming up compared to ice from AE , so teleport shouldnt be removed
  3. the rules from IT could be applied to arena, like having no fenrirs which is a "boost" for those who have and who dont have , for example the black fenrir since it gives dmg % , and the "no reflect" stoping dmg and also the mace from BK to not stun enemies which is fair enough since ae and sm skills are being removed
  4. to prevent teaming up remove the ae ice arrow from arena, has the most impact in teaming up vs someone
  5. Chukundah

    ive dueled already in phoenix someone u adore so much and uses macro and i was whit summoner , was close win for me 9-10 , i didnt say using macro to combo makes u immortal , its helps whit combo and free's you to use qqqqq whitout 123 at same time and increases ur chances of killing and not dying cause u qqqq and 123. after that , it comes down to stats + items , i dont want ur invitations for anything , what i said is not a lie , if u have better gear+stats and a good macro settings on ur gaming mouse u can perform better than someone that dont have now for the topic subject DL's are overperforming other class's at 14-15rr's , rest of class's are ok
  6. Chukundah

    as long every BK has a gaming mouse to create macro and adjust whit in game speed , everyone can be "OP" whit bk 👍
  7. Chukundah

    come on man , go along whit ur boyfriends u getting lost and delusional
  8. Chukundah

    If u just come here to say the same dusty phrase of "i could make a novel and how many u robbed steal scam blablabla" just because of ur personal hates then just back to ur rat holes and stfu 🐀 when every of u have proof of something that i did come and tell, dont come here whit ur boyfriends "making up facts" just to defame and make u look good , because i never did anything that isnt already spoken on forum would have liked also to take SS where u said u wanted to take time off work just to make me quit 🤣 Btw what is my level? Considering i never did anything to anyone i played togethe for such time , and compared to a rat like you that wanted to sell all our party items just because of ur frustatrions over a lord mix box? 🐀
  9. Chukundah

    so , we already talked in pm and i gave u items back as ofc u didnt had nothing to do and now u even come here to trash talk to me i dont understand ^^ no one touch trippy , hardwell was asked to get items back and didnt want , and u got ur items back, whatever u dont got it back i dont have nothing to do it because im not anyone's father to force anyone to do anything , as i talked whit everyone after all this , its not ok to take from who didnt know and i said to give it back. as for zutto , he wanted to take from everyone in our party specially from me as there was proves in chat history, so everyone talk sht about we taking from 4 of u and even giving back after , but no one cares about zutto wanting to sell and not even "steal" all our party items ? only snook was the victim because voyager had no more accounts. and all of this for 4 lord mix boxes 🤡 and after all this time what i did against anyone i played togeter? completly nothing :)) , as a matter a fact , i gave more from me to everyone than to my self considering the time i had free before and spent whit everyone. everyone just come here to defame me and blame for everything is just funny how ppl ignore the acts of everyone ^^
  10. Chukundah

    its not just me who have items , about hardwell i told him i give back but hes just acting like a princess on period so cant do much , for cunt i already talked whit him , and about rusuletzz can be any day , when i wake up feeling very generous ill give it back 🤷‍♂️
  11. Chukundah

    funny how u make up such stories 🤣🤣 never got kicked from deadcats , and i was asked to join squadron and was not by a regular member like you, thats the first of all so dont act all big and sht like u were something in there because my man u were very far to be someone in there just because u played GM after all of them quit doesnt change what u were before , multiple mistakes? "robbing and abusing my party" hahaha tell me who i robbed and "abused" , since i was the one who carried every party i played in , guess i was the one who got abused for controlling 5chars everytime to events and helping whit gears, disconnected you as a joke to tilt you like it was something important losing that DS for 2lvl's wow big mistake xd , " we still gave u chance " squadron stop exist after the real players stopped to play , u are nothing there just because u played GM whit squadron name on u and 20new ppl inside, "every edition i cause drama to guild and think im the best " xddd , well since i joined i always stayed in top 3 cs rankings for some reason , im not the best but i did my job very well , everyone causes drama , ur just so stupid and big ego to think u never did anything to cause drama xd (even when 99% of the guild didn't wanted you) nice statement 😂 what leading? i never lead any guild i dont pretend to , i just "leaded" 2 cs's and it was a close win , the ones i didnt and u start to , that yes was a pure joke the ASS KICKED everyone got 😂 u talk so much BS and just make up stories to try god knows what against me, my memory is very clean about every edition ive played and what everything happened , about snajper , true but was whit the consent from others too including you , so please , stop acting and stop making up ur little storys about me , when u were part of everything ^^ btw just to remind u Mister epic respected squadron member , negative kda in every cs , being useless and after that play the easiest thing that its GM and sit on crown pressing Q and running around and afk all week for members to gear u cause u never did sht PS: Also , should be nice if u removed ur signature from squadron , cause in squadron no one leaked theyr account info of old players to steal everything because of lord mix boxes. nothing that u can say , or make up stories and shts about me , will change what you and zutto did after all these years .
  12. Chukundah

    "friends" that steal when u have their accounts maybe i was joking also , dark humor is a bitch sometimes , might affect u or not
  13. Chukundah

    funny how everyone ignore the fact that the "respected" players did steal the same guild players after 5years 🤣 i love you all that hate me 💞
  14. Chukundah

    1st i dont care about "thief" or whatever u want to call me or whatever everyone thinks about me , 2nd good for u that u can live whitout mu its good to know that , 3rd i didnt do anything to no ones pc beside going in mu, because in the end this is virtual stuff , im not messing whit personal stuff from anyone, and even if i did which wouldnt i do, u dont know me to be threating me, so about this just stay quiet and dont even try anything. about everything else u saying , u just mad i understand shit happens u can insult me and call me thief and have whole server against me like i fcking care 🤡
  15. Chukundah

    maybe the 3 of u will have the items back , who knows
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