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  1. Timor

    I have already gave up playing and still reading your articles;-) sometimes biased, but it makes playing more interesting. Good job bro, respect. Free speech Free GROM
  2. Timor

    i agree with activity 🙂 i even tried to find someone for gaion event on post, nobody answered. Same with dopple, hard to find ppl to move out of spots. maybe other chars like mg or sm can do it solo, idk two weeks without real enemies on CS makes me so bored that i quit. I see that many events promote teamplay, but it making solo-playing ( sometimes we are just forced to play alone) uncompetitive It would be nice if i can make some solo-activity to make me stronger or maybe i see thinks like this only because of broken DL:<? still, i had a great time here, thanks for all. See you at OldSquadS14, break time for me:-)
  3. seriously killua? you came here to tell us that stealing is something wrong? can u answer where is my set, jewels and credits from Phoenix? you have sold even my char, you .. Just to prove that i can post here your IP adress. I see it on market. Or there is no reason to proving? Are you going to deny?
  4. Timor

    https://imgur.com/a/o71waUh im sure its some alt/drop/other char, he logged out 2 min later you should consider muting main char i really want to know who is he 🙂
  5. Timor

    have you changed something in DL's horse def? mine 50lvl horse increase 23 def, when it was around ~~250 second thing, cant we delete horse lvl req? i think its bugging fireburst attack range when DL is lower than horse lvl requirement and its maybe fair if other items (380) doesnt have that requirement about that bug(?), you can check it at lowlvl dl, hes not moving closer to monster attacking him but stay out of range. Easy to notice at ice queens, big spot with ranged mobs.
  6. Timor

    adding moss with low chance for top weapon wouldnt affect newbies, and let me lose all money. I agree that it is great idea. But we should keep chance for really top tier weapon, cause if i have bok5 exc weapon and the best i can get is gonna be f.e. bok4, it wont encourage me to lose money
  7. Timor

    i agree, inflation goes crazy without dropping medals, without zen set, etc. i have on my main char about 1kkk zen. Yesterday i saw someone at post buying 1b1s for 100kk zen imo res price is not enought. Raising prices for selling at webmarket may be bad for economy. We need to find good reason to spending zen, this ideas looks more like raising taxes
  8. Timor

    +1, chaotic is lagged again
  9. Timor

    than for Fixing 🙂 but meanwhile /invasion stop working on sub-20
  10. Timor

    i would like to ask you for making shared annoucements between both sub-servers (1 and 20) for now while you are in crywolf/loren/lot you can see several infos about crywolf event, IT, cc etc or if someone has killed the budge or rabbit, but there is no info about this Invasions start its kinda frustrating, and looks like oversight Can u take care about that? bless, Timor
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