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  1. AE ice arrow isn't even working correctly... There is no counter play for any class VS AE, if you're ranged and she hits you with ice arrow it's gg, client has a bug where you get STUNNED and can't move OR ATTACK.
  2. Solcy

    we can see ur gear on web what.
  3. I have good weapon and still hit like noodle
  4. I have an issue with Ice arrow having a huge delay between when it hits, maybe that's latency also.
  5. DL was 1 shotting everyone like 3 weeks ago because of a bug, so idk how they are now thouugh
  6. SM is already not very good so i don't see what the complain is, maybe i just need more ML. AE ice arrow is fucking bugged, it's supposed to ROOT you in 1 spot, not completely stun you so you can't attack. DDI is way to high, you have AEs here (SupremeElf) tanking more damage than vitRF and good bks. Let AE remain as top tier PVM, not god tier PVM and PVP. And don't forget, everyone's IP address can STILL be pulled off the website.
  7. Solcy

    What does everyone think?
  8. Solcy

    Put 10 of your 30 characters on spot, you'll be all right.
  9. Solcy

    Yes, there is EXTREME lag for everyone not connecting from the EU. you can see for yourself Windows Key >> CMD >> ping -n 10 mu.oldsquad.ro There is constant timeouts and huge latency. (about 150 ms) average for me Not much can be done except select a better more centralized host, but i doubt this will happen, a majority is the server is EU and they would be outraged.
  10. Solcy

    thanks, i used the translator but it was garbage but i would like to understand what he is saying
  11. Solcy

    Can you translate to english please?
  12. Solcy

    I guess Desperadoo is a retard then. ty jayce
  13. Solcy

    Swamp of Peace Warp is level 395, but once you warp you can't enter any gate... Any chance the warp level could be modified to level 400 or the gate entrance level rolled back to 395?
  14. Solcy

    It's working i think, ppl are still rage reporting though, like trau just reporting me in the lobby before the game even started and then getting owned. but besides that it is great system, ty admins for working on it, OLDSQUAD player appreciate it very much
  15. Solcy

    i left after the game was over nvm i see it.. At the moment system does consider a game finished only when the time is passed (15 minutes). That's why you receive warn if you leave before event is over even if you already won. I will add a check tonight if only one team left online at the Event it won't give you warn if you leave.
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