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  1. Solcy

    but originally MU does not add protection to characters from PK, some players are abusing that and just setting full low level parties right on top of you in spots.
  2. Solcy

    Something needs to be done about KSing rules, a lot of players are abusing low level characters too ks others with no fear. I'm not saying remove ksing, but some rule about the noobs trying to KS just to lower exp, they aren't even getting drops. They're just doing Anti-Game
  3. Solcy

    I think it's 3'th time when he insults - It's clear you're constantly provoking him and then coming to the forums to cry about it. my previous post was yesterday when he insult me. as you can see the date - this post also showed you clearing provoking him by afk pking his elf, like a noob. this one is today... besides he play with 4 accounts - no he doesn't, the client numbers are controlled by IP.
  4. Solcy

    Obs3: If the one that reported a BL case had provoked the reported player (small insults, trash-talks about him, etc.) the reported one won't be punished. We don't encourage provoking and then crying on forum after you got what you deserved - let's act like grown ups. Killing his ELF afk is provoking him, next.
  5. Solcy

    Reporting myself because the noob TomT and Purine like to come to random Icarus spots and start to KS and then cry about reporting people because they're losers.
  6. Nice guide but it's a shame feathers don't drop on this server.
  7. Solcy

    that's not racist rofl..
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