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  1. Solcy

    we can see ur gear on web what.
  2. Solcy

    What does everyone think?
  3. Solcy

    Put 10 of your 30 characters on spot, you'll be all right.
  4. Solcy

    I guess Desperadoo is a retard then. ty jayce
  5. Solcy

    Swamp of Peace Warp is level 395, but once you warp you can't enter any gate... Any chance the warp level could be modified to level 400 or the gate entrance level rolled back to 395?
  6. Solcy

    It's working i think, ppl are still rage reporting though, like trau just reporting me in the lobby before the game even started and then getting owned. but besides that it is great system, ty admins for working on it, OLDSQUAD player appreciate it very much
  7. Solcy

    i left after the game was over nvm i see it.. At the moment system does consider a game finished only when the time is passed (15 minutes). That's why you receive warn if you leave before event is over even if you already won. I will add a check tonight if only one team left online at the Event it won't give you warn if you leave.
  8. Solcy

    Kenshin my SM
  9. Solcy

    Get 3 IT WARNINGS for leaving even though i dont leave!
  10. Solcy

    Right, I'm 100% convinced you're autistic now. Or maybe you switched accounts because when we look at Romans old forum comments you have a decent track record of acting like an asshat in game and then crying like a noob on the forums, just a thought. You seem to have a huge problem with acting like an ass hole in game and doing the same noob shit you're doing now, constant afk pking, provoking people, but to top it all off, you do all of that and then try to waste the admins time on forums when someone calls you out for it, you my friend are a real loser. You've been exposed and should stop making yourself seem like an idiot any further. I'll take my chat ban with honor, at least i know the truth and i'm sure this won't be the last time the admins will be dealing with a down syndrome player such as yourself, you should be required to play on this server with a helmet.
  11. Solcy

    you're still cutting off chat logs and responding on another account, that's weird.
  12. Solcy

    Show the full clips instead of hiding the stuff you say..It's funny you kids act tough in game and constantly afk pk/ks but then cry like a bitch on the forums when people confront you.. Like Killua who tried to pk and KS, got his noob ass bk sent back to devias lul. 2. Bad language is punished from 1 warn to 1 day ban. 1 warn = 24 hours mute. At 3 warns = 1 day ban.Obs: BL on Guild/Alliance isn't punishable but BL on Whisper is punishable! Obs2: Warns are given to the person, not Character (all warns are given to the same account/IP/HWID/name, doesn't matter from what Character you made the mistake). Obs3: If the one that reported a BL case had provoked the reported player (small insults, trash-talks about him, etc.) the reported one won't be punished. We don't encourage provoking and then crying on forum after you got what you deserved - let's act like grown ups. We allow only screenshots of the full chat log and the prints must be made in game, not in windows.
  13. Solcy

    but originally MU does not add protection to characters from PK, some players are abusing that and just setting full low level parties right on top of you in spots.
  14. Solcy

    Something needs to be done about KSing rules, a lot of players are abusing low level characters too ks others with no fear. I'm not saying remove ksing, but some rule about the noobs trying to KS just to lower exp, they aren't even getting drops. They're just doing Anti-Game
  15. Solcy

    I think it's 3'th time when he insults - It's clear you're constantly provoking him and then coming to the forums to cry about it. my previous post was yesterday when he insult me. as you can see the date - this post also showed you clearing provoking him by afk pking his elf, like a noob. this one is today... besides he play with 4 accounts - no he doesn't, the client numbers are controlled by IP.
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