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  1. Solcy

    Just goes to show they were only winning CS because they had 80% of the server in their guild
  2. Solcy

    The best part "Even SoulStrike left for NONE" Nobody wanted that shit lord to begin with ^^ all he does is pk guild mates in LOT. I think most are glad that snake is gone. 405 people on by the way, 90% of 405 inside 1 guild, much fun on a "pvp" server.
  3. Solcy

    Please report on something worthwhile as a change.
  4. Solcy

    we can see ur gear on web what.
  5. Solcy

    Have to agree here, even when we broke her SD we could only hit her max for 100 damage, DDI is scaling way to hard here.
  6. Solcy

    Chose is a strong word considering most people have family/life/work on a SATURDAY.
  7. Solcy

    What does everyone think?
  8. Solcy

    Put 10 of your 30 characters on spot, you'll be all right.
  9. Solcy

    I guess Desperadoo is a retard then. ty jayce
  10. Solcy

    Swamp of Peace Warp is level 395, but once you warp you can't enter any gate... Any chance the warp level could be modified to level 400 or the gate entrance level rolled back to 395?
  11. Solcy

    reporter is making threads about IT now? After you legit went AFK because your team mate didnt have a +15 set? On one side are the top players who get in party with low ones for example a char lvl 380+ 3 rr and top gear lends in pt with 4 zen dressed chars EMG, EDL and ERF. Their complain is that they do not have chance vs other team and they think low dressed chars should not go in IT, they warn low players as antigame. Fact - Server Events are designed to help characters get ahead +0+zen or +15 +dd + ref, there is no difference. On another side are the newbies or the players who reseted and don't have lvl for top IT in consequence joins with alt, they are warned by the top gear guys, they have the right to enter because IT is not only for top chars, they complain about top chars behavior. Fact - Server events don't have a gear requirement and anyone warning low geared players should have the warns applied to your account instead. And there is a 3rd category of players, the ones who play main EE (few ones but they exist). In the last update, the EE was "banner" from IT by ADMIN because they break the balance of IT. They complain about why emg doesn't break the balance and EE does - Fact There are some EE mains but most players would say they "main ee" to help friends win, it would be exploited. EMG isn't giving huge buffs to players that would break the IT balance. If everyone wants to "balance" IT there is a few things that can be done. 1. Enable AE iceshot. - I understand why it's disabled but the best PVP skill for AE being disabled really nerfs the class. 2. Make IT entrance requirement = no armor / wings / fenrir/horse/ demon/ ale / food/ etc, WEAPON +0 from shop only Just some balance thoughts. It doesn't really need to be balanced though, just nerf the rewards slightly, make it a few more times daily and everyone would cry about it less. Right now IT is all about "RNG" anyway. Next Article - Gaion Temple nerf after the "Top Players" "exploited" the shit out of it for weeks and made hundres/thousands of jewels.
  12. Solcy

    My wiener is also 14 inches.
  13. Solcy

    It's working i think, ppl are still rage reporting though, like trau just reporting me in the lobby before the game even started and then getting owned. but besides that it is great system, ty admins for working on it, OLDSQUAD player appreciate it very much
  14. Solcy

    i left after the game was over nvm i see it.. At the moment system does consider a game finished only when the time is passed (15 minutes). That's why you receive warn if you leave before event is over even if you already won. I will add a check tonight if only one team left online at the Event it won't give you warn if you leave.
  15. Solcy

    Kenshin my SM
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