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  1. Zaikon

    im not arguing t hat ae is supposed to be pve beast at first but under those conditions it should be close if not more to wizard side especialy if u attack first
  2. First of all im well avare that those who have reset already and do invasions have more dmg etc but for 3 times in a row today i lost dmg race with ae and all those times other person had wings 0-7 and dint have imp and very likely had no pots ale pumpking, while My self with decent gear and all those things and wings +9 and 2 times mob being 1/3 1/4 hp downed by me i still lost dmg race. Im just trying to make sense. SM character. P.s. I am avare that elfs shoot 3 hits up close even then dmg difference should be on my side especialy i started to damage npc first.
  3. Zaikon

    it would say that it thinks that there are no available entries
  4. Zaikon

    For 3rd time i cant use It ticket. I have it in invenotry i have entries and when i go to npc it does not let me in. There was space to enter all times have same thing with bc 10/10. Others are using it without a problem or any extra actions @ADMIN
  5. Zaikon

    None lost CS after the fun fight most if not everyone were congratulating each other and re-thinking ways of how to do better next time. Personality I think H-N has solid core and people who care more about the event than actually holding the castle. I don't believe we lost anyone because of CS yet. P.s. it was a great attrition fight.
  6. Hi i would like to know what do you guys think if: +mana% on armors/rings would be reworked to boost more or changed to regen mp or maybe smth else like 1%all elemental dmg resist or maybe it could give A G boots like ability pendant is supposed to, I don\. Currently even dd+mana items are quite dead and are used for aida1 mixer or straigh to shop. I have not found single person(rankings) using +mana set just random items.While it could be someones meta build as mana pool increases regen if im not mistaken(could not find a guide about it) Invasions: they are ok ish, some are now abit dated but main ones work decently. My only sugguestion would be to add variety and difficulty if possible like golden invasions what if it's all as now but there would random be a chance to spawn adjusted stats goldens with slight chance of more rewards like: increased move speed of golden/s so they would wonder arround way more. chance of double drop increased defense/attack/hp +1 to box level (maybe not +4s +5) just think about killer rabits or budges people mostly dont use helper on them and if you dont notice your hp you could die. added annoying skills/debuffs or npc can heal/buff him self altough that could be achieved by just increasing stats. Different type of box with chance harmony/guardian etc pvp zone arround golden in non pvp and vice versa once golden is attacked it annonaunces your cordinates and map and so on just feel like flavour is lacking same things can be applied to the whole invasion and afc not saying every 2nd one could be tested with 4-5 a week. Is there any plans to rework rewards for white wizzard? And could we please get explanation on how +10/11/12/13/14/15 set formula works and does apply to all sets, can peaces have mixed +? ( 3 parts +12 one +11 one +10 = +10 bonus) we found some strange behaviour on mg sets feel like mg does not get the def bonus from set unless the set is stormcrow,valiant, th, hurricane and up actual mg sets not cross class ones. My last sugguestion is about web option add luck I personaly feel it could go down to 350-400 to increase people adding luck with blacksmith at the moment a lot of items dont get bought/used due to lack of luck. Personaly feel like slight price drop could increase gobling mixer work load which would result in two 3 great things More jwls used on items instead of being colected in web More burned items More life in web market P.s. These are just my rumblings i'm interested about ways how things can be implemented to increase diversity also whats up with PvP invasions in aida2 most of the time we cant kill other players there even tough only aida1 is non-pvp? maybe it's me mixing up something but it's dam annoying and unlogical pvp invasion with a safe zone.
  7. worked on this for 72h Result about 300/300 maybe more https://imgur.com/SFIjW5B
  8. Zaikon

    Yeah that sucks but I personaly feel like its administration and your fault for ussing password as password. I agree with cerberus it's a trend here, best intentions from adm and players left upset because you are pplaying your own game when should just maintain it. P.s . Not all people read forums so you should send in game mails for those "evil" people who fairly used the system. gl anyway
  9. Zaikon

    Typical event fail guys you need to think it trough before posting especialy words -random Item name from Mu Online (no npcs/maps etc, only items) names would be: crystal, brave, legendary, guardian etc not boots its not a name but a definition of name part. Anyway you will say what ever and ignore. It's like gion misscounts in blackjack and says no i didnt even tough 10+ people are pointing it out. And same password for all servers you for real ? bet can2tero just heard ping here and used it or its same player on both servers.
  10. Zaikon

    thanks we can close this
  11. Zaikon

    https://imgur.com/CmJoZuF Cc 6 there are 3 of us waiting now
  12. Zaikon

    And who ever loged in as gm on 12-5-19 ealy morning should get crash course on what not to do... think it was observer
  13. Zaikon

    Hi so i Killed +3 got credits + exp from killing it but it didnt drop the box (do you rly think anyone would fail to pick it up) I dont know what exactly happened either there was location issue, npc logic or that goldens left map 2-3secs latter but as you see in picture i got exp from the kill . And yes i do want the box. https://imgur.com/onPMuNt
  14. Zaikon

    I have had this hapen to me couple days ago in rabit event. Could you please take a look at dungeon 1-2 and certain locations as only sm can reach some of the spot, what if wizard spawns there.. P.s. I want that bless back https://imgur.com/a/6tXRuQ7 i would upload actual file but i only have 92kb left.....
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