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  1. Zaikon

    And who ever loged in as gm on 12-5-19 ealy morning should get crash course on what not to do... think it was observer
  2. Zaikon

    Hi so i Killed +3 got credits + exp from killing it but it didnt drop the box (do you rly think anyone would fail to pick it up) I dont know what exactly happened either there was location issue, npc logic or that goldens left map 2-3secs latter but as you see in picture i got exp from the kill . And yes i do want the box. https://imgur.com/onPMuNt
  3. Zaikon

    I have had this hapen to me couple days ago in rabit event. Could you please take a look at dungeon 1-2 and certain locations as only sm can reach some of the spot, what if wizard spawns there.. P.s. I want that bless back https://imgur.com/a/6tXRuQ7 i would upload actual file but i only have 92kb left.....
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