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  1. Sensei

    where i blamed about losing? check on the time screenshot was taken... event started 17:15, it should start 17 thats why i took screenshot, /rebuild wasnt working like it should also :)) so keep your things to yourself please
  2. Sensei

    Thanks for enabling castle siege :)) we was lot of us https://gyazo.com/f2e77b8160c62bca0aff9a8f18214625
  3. Sensei

    sadly no my mistake
  4. https://postimg.cc/XXKS8Bd9 https://postimg.cc/9wbkjTYS
  5. as i see in his post he cant take bow away, and couldnt press to upgrade
  6. Sensei

    image is invalid for me also
  7. Sensei

    was interesting reading!
  8. Sensei

    You just dont getting my point of view.. but thanks for replies - its good to see Admin is communicating with community! Its Advent already so must be peaceful! thanks for all 5 years! Cheers
  9. Sensei

    but i was offline like 3hours past 13days (started 13days ago) and spended more like 100euros i think already, but they really spend more :)) and i think i can use my brains good with master degree
  10. Sensei

    so you saying people who paid loads of cash(Dynasty,Hardcore.. etc..) will not have higher chance to win? without spending so much cash you cant achieve that
  11. Sensei

    so its pay2win tournament who paid to get items in beginning on server will dominate this was hoping for something luck based to make everyone equal
  12. Sensei

    now it is like - who have dl in team= auto victory
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