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    1. Hvman

      Old Box

      Can we take some sort of /pack or store or any way to store old boxes? Most people will try to store oldboxes now, so we can team-drop for rare items in case they drop. The problem i have is that 1st - you get space blocked in invetory 2nd - i myself, almost threw the old box on the ground multiple times when i was full of mats and was in a rush xD P.S. As far as i know there's no pack command, can't store or warehouse it.
    2. Hvman

      SD Replenish

      I suggest that when you are hunted and u do /challenge, to replenish your SD 100% when u enter to the colloseum. Atm i'm 90% it doesen't, and i think it should, cause if i go safezone to replenish SD before challenging, i lose the posibility to repel.
    3. To encourage new players more i suggest adding one invasion in the day(best like at evening i guess) from budgets at to k+3, excluding derkons for now(later maybe even higher, like when added GGD also derkon ans k+4 maybe), so damaging them is limited to amount of resets you have(like 5 and less). This could help new comers to grab also some golds etc, won't be so discouraging that high reset people come and get all the golds and the only way they can get something is by market and buying them.
    4. Currently destroying statues takes a lot of time for a little reward. Currently i don't see people even focusing it, a lot of people already have b/s/life decent amount. I have two ideas that could improve it: I think adding a chance, like 50% for gemstone as additional reward when destroying statue could be nice addition. . Also it kind of make a sense, statues are from stone, so drop the gemstone Other idea is to add just a chaos so it will be b/s/life/chaos.
    5. When I run game I see the following issue(img below). First of all few things I need to clarify: 1. Today(11.24.2020) at the morning I was able to run the game. No problems. 2. Later at the same day at the evening I tried to run the game and I got the following issue, without making any changes at my PC or with game files. 3. Every time I run game though main.exe instead of PlayInception.exe. Because of this issue, which I raise 3 months ago. What I already tried to do: 1. To run game through PlayInception. No effect. 2. Turn Off Windows Defender. Then run game. No effect. 3. Delete this item_eng.bmd file. No effect. But shows another error: Corrupted file :....\Eng\item.bmd 4. To run game through PlayInception after deleting file. No effect. 5. Delete all game files and unzip folder with game again. Then run game through PlayInception. No effect. 6. Then I added main file from NoLauncherInception archive. No effect. 7. Turn On Windows Defender back. As a result I still see the following img. What can I do about this problem?
    6. Starting from 18.11 around 11PM srv time I started getting some random client crashes. I didn't change anything in my computes setup, didn't install any new programs etc. Any idea what's going on? It's not /dcfriend - because there is no information about getting disconnected in like 5-4-3-2-1 seconds, process is just killed and that's it. There is no any popup from Anithack or something like this, what can be going on?
    7. It's been 2 weeks since I wrote the last article about the spectacular fight for supremacy. In these two weeks the time seemed to be frozen, everyone wants to take advantage of this moment (so the server became the most balanced server in the history of OldSquad) except OneWar, no one wants to go for the 15th reset because it enters the stage, and one can lose advantage, or does not recover the gap, but in the meantime we have a balanced top 100. Right now everyone in the top 100 has 14 resets or is just one step away from it and this is lovely! The balance is "at home" on OldSquad after almost 2 months of play and promises incredible battles for supremacy. Speaking, the two battles have been fought since then, the first of them was dominated from beginning to the end by Hardcore, they took advantage of the disorganization of opponents at that time (Neutral, Diamond and FORMOZA). While on the Hardcore side we could see the "perfect" organization, the other three guilds were simply MASSACRED, they had chaotic attacks, disorganization, not even a bit of vision or any strategy, at one point the castle looked like a huge spot on which the Hardcore warriors were quietly leveling, having in the foreground these three superstars: RuSuLeTzZz "The Machine Gun", "The Crusher" mafy and Mu3rTe "The Death Bringer". Time passes slowly, very slowly as if to prolong the agony of the three guilds with fighters who came to the battlefield with "plastic weapons". Eventually the fight is over and Hardcore remain invincible after the most unbalanced fight from the beginning of the server until now, It was just an "easy practice" for No1LiveEr's crew, a victory without any emotion. The following week was a busy one in our community, Neutral was in the forefront, disbanding after that shameful defeat, and a new scandal shook the forum... Chukundah, Snook and Venom robbed Hardwell, Zutto and FKinGCunT in revenge after Zutto did the same thing by robbing Snook, an entire drama was unleashed and The Curse that has been hidden so far suddenly hit so hard cause probably forever splitting the warriors from the second guild as power on the server. "The Amazing" Zutto gave up the fight, Trippy too, FcKinGCunT went to Hardcore (this week), Snook and Chukundah's party joined Dynasty, Exillia and few more went in Diamond. The week passes quickly, a new guild takes shape under the leadership of Fane, who collected one party from Neutral and FORMOZA's core. We saw in the past that he is an experienced leader in the fight for supremacy, who, after a break of about a year, returns to lead a guild in the Battle for Supremacy, its name is Dynasty and looks very promising. Diamond is reorganizing the strategy after the last defeat, also receiving some fresh forces from Neutral, and MIDGARD is still looking for a strategy, their alliance with FORMOZA did not seem to work last week, they got only one Lord Box, so this time they will go on their own. Eventually these 3 guilds register at Castle Siege and for the first time we see a guild (Dynasty) registering signs of lord to ban a build, it took 5 weeks to see this "miracle" - a strategy to consider. Sunday came, the invincible Hardcore Warriors are preparing a new defense, everything seems to work perfectly for them, with the number one enemy guild destroyed, and with an unprecedented victory in the last week, everything seems to be "a new walk of recreation through the land of trials" for them. Dynasty, to everyone's surprise, although they registered 305 signs of the lord, didn't ban any build, but from the beginning the fight seems balanced, Diamond and MIDGARD tries to keep up, Hardcore has a handicap of 3000 points but seem to recover well and and after the first hour the score is: Dynasty 4548 points, Diamond 2886 points, MIDGARD 2142 points and Hardcore has 461 points. In this last hour, the fight for the switches seems to be disputed between the Dynasty and Diamond guilds, the ones from Hardcore are focusing on kills but it is a strategy that doesn't seem to bear fruit because enemy stamps don't fall anymore, the chaos that took over the other guilds last week now seems to be spreading over Hardcore, although they score a lot of kills, they fail to register because they are losing the fight for switches and so we enter in the last 25 minutes, the crown on No1LiveEr's head starts to shake seriously, Dynasty seem to be in control, Diamond doesn't seem to give up even though they are a little behind but they are in the defenders' position, while MIDGARD doesn't seem to matter too much. Since the beginning of this last hour, the score in the last 23 minutes is as follows: Dynasty 9510 points, Diamond 6300 points, Hardcore 4242 points, MIDGARD 3424 points. Time passes in favor of those in Diamond who slowly recover the deficit of points and before the last 5 minutes they are on the 1st place with a very small difference of points. The fight between Dynasty and Hardcore for the crown is won by Hardcore in these last 5 minutes and those from Dynasty have one more chance to register quickly, but this does not happen and we have in the PREMIERE a guild that manages to end Hardcore's domination. HVMAN snatches the crown from No1LiveEr's head and can celebrate with his team the first victory on this great war, a victory that slipped through their fingers in the past, a desired victory, a hard worked victory that could not be more beautiful, a victory won in the last 15 minutes that these warriors will not forget soon. On the other side, MIDGARD, if they hadn't let their guard down and continued to fight like in the first hour, would have scored a lot more points. Dynasty: if they would've built a solid strategy based on a build-ban they could have won, anyway they had a good performance, while Hardcore although they accumulated until the end 7022 points would not have won this fight even if they had not had the disadvantage of 3000 points. There are "voices" that say that "arrogance" combined with the attempt to repeat the strategy that humiliated 3 guilds a week ago was the biggest weakness (Achilles heal) for this great guild that dominated the server from the beginning until now. These "voices" say that now they are the ones hunted by the curse, invoking the fact that the leaders of this great guild no longer understand each other, the proof being that No1LiveEr is no longer a member of the main Hardcore party and he starts to fall from top. Was this the end of the Hardcore empire? Will Dynasty be able to fight the same without the help of FORMOZA's core players? Are we preparing for a "Diamond" era? The only thing that is certain is that the crown will rest on the head of the leader who has the most ardent and daring warriors, the guild most hungry after victory, with the greatest desire, will proudly hold the supremacy of the server
    8. Character name-Phantomel Suggestion type-Server. Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). I know that this would take some time to implement, but as I can see you guys are doing a great job with scripting custom events. Basically my ideea would be divided in two different game modes - Last man standing and mass pvp based on points. A limited number of players battling in one arena, maybe in parties of max 2-3 people for the points mode and every man for himself for the last man standing. Last man standing would be pretty straight forward as you can deduct from it's name, the closer you get to being the last one alive, you have a chance for some rewards. The points mode would be made in a such manner that even if you die, you respawn on the same event map and keep fighting. Points are earned by scoring kills and staying alive, and lets say 10% of you points are lost by dying. The 2-3 man party would be so players think twice about teaming against others like it's likely to happen in a free for all match. Of course there would be reset restrictions(as I understood that you guys did in the past with the PvP tournament - it's my first db here so I'm cant be 100% sure). And the other thing that I wast thinking about - I'm not really sure if it can be implemented but it would be a good ideea against "smurfs" - everyone would get the same items when entering the event arena(for example Dragon set for DK's and so on - they should be the same tier) with, or without excellent options. Also, if you want to bypass the resets limit, just set some baseline stat points as it is in IT currently. If the high RR guys feel like they worked their asses off for their gear, and don't like the ideea, we can also split the events in 2 parts - hard mode - where everyone keeps their current equipment, and fun mode - where everyone has the same sets. How the suggestion can bring value. I think it would be a nice event, where players would have fun and relax without being stressed that other people transfer their items from their main chars and dominate. At the moment mercenary squads is a nice ideea but it has it's own flaws, and it feels more like a daily chore - kill(most of the time) afk players. If you could implement both of them you could switch them every week, and I think that these events will have a high rate of participation. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision). I think that I explained my idea in detail. Of course, we as a community can work on it and add more suggestions if you guys like it ^^
    9. Hello, Like some sugestion, i think in this DB have alot of changes, like the ELF who is OP for the moment, DL same like ELF, RF cannot beat nothing, only the spiders from lore, can think a little bit about what i say, ofc only if many players agree with this, because in this moment i think we have 2 classes who can own, and rest can't do more thinks. Last DB for me was great! This is too, but seems from my opinion need some re-balanced characters...
    10. Currently there are situations where you can be hunted having 20 lvl against 400 lvl. Obviously there will be no chance in such case. What i propose is to choose between two things: If level difference is too big(like idk 50-100) - lower hunter level so challenger can have any chance OR: Exclude possible players to hunt if level difference is too big - so basically people on the same level will hunt similar level players
    11. Hey all! Just writing to get some other peoples numbers. I have been.. slightly disappointed in my success rate lol. I have attempted 4 sets of 2nd wings (all with 90% success chance with the tooltip). I failed 3 out of the 4 sets. The chances of this are low, but not unreasonable. I am mainly here to see if everyone had bad rates, or if there are some people enjoying the other side of the RNG hammer? haha Regards,
    12. Character Name: CritsKills Suggestion Type: Website Suggestion content: The recent market history table update is a really nice improvement from the old 'template', but it can go even further, especially the table displaying the details of each transaction since it looks like this currently: All that's needed is just some tiny tweeks to the 'style="..."' attribute of the cells and it could end up looking somewhere closer to this: An example of that code for that would be this: <spoiler> <table class="ranking-table" style="line-height:15px;"> <thead> <tr class="main-tr"> <th style="text-align:center;">#</th> <th style="text-align:center;">Item</th> <th style="text-align:center;">Added on</th> <th style="text-align:center;">Merchant</th> <th style="text-align:center;">Buyer</th> <th style="text-align:center;">Bought On</th> <th style="text-align:center;">Price</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">1</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <span id="market_item_223619" data-info="0101530015343402009000FFFFFFFFFF"> <a style="cursor:pointer"><span style="color:green;font-family: tahoma;font-size: 12px;">Exl. Dragon Pants </span></a> </span> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">05/11/2020 15:11</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/50657750657743726974/Max30RR">PewPewCrit</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/4861646573/Max30RR">Hades</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">10/11/2020 05:37</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black; width: 100px;"> <span class="market_bless " style=""> 1 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/bless.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Bless" /> </span> <br/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">2</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <span id="market_item_223297" data-info="10C250001325FE00004000FFFFFFFFFF"> <a style="cursor:pointer"><span style="color:#E68A2E;font-family: tahoma;font-size: 12px;">Saint Crossbow +8</span></a> </span> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">05/11/2020 15:12</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/50657750657743726974/Max30RR">PewPewCrit</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/5461646575737a/Max30RR">Tadeusz</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">09/11/2020 17:38</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black; width: 100px;"> <span class="market_bless " style=""> 1 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/bless.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Bless" /> </span> <br/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">3</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <span id="market_item_222098" data-info="0040D400156A3C0000C000FFFFFFFFFF"> <a style="cursor:pointer"><span style="font-family: tahoma;font-size: 12px;">Wings of Elf +8</span></a> </span> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">05/11/2020 15:11</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/50657750657743726974/Max30RR">PewPewCrit</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/43756d7061/Max30RR">Cumpa</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">07/11/2020 15:03</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black; width: 100px;"> <span class="market_chaos " style=""> 5 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/chaos.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Chaos" /> </span> <br/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">4</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <span id="market_item_222094" data-info="0B0229001098190A00B000FFFFFFFFFF"> <a style="cursor:pointer"><span style="color:green;font-family: tahoma;font-size: 12px;">Exl. Silk Boots </span></a> </span> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">05/11/2020 15:11</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/50657750657743726974/Max30RR">PewPewCrit</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/43756d7061/Max30RR">Cumpa</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">07/11/2020 15:01</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black; width: 100px;"> <span class="market_chaos " style=""> 3 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/chaos.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Chaos" /> </span> <br/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">5</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <span id="market_item_221603" data-info="0338A00010F6450000C000FFFFFFFFFF"> <a style="cursor:pointer"><span style="font-family: tahoma;font-size: 12px;">Wings of Spirits +7</span></a> </span> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">06/11/2020 00:07</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/50657750657743726974/Max30RR">PewPewCrit</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;"> <a href="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/details/character/6c4368756b756e646168/Max30RR">lChukundah</a> </td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black;">06/11/2020 16:11</td> <td style="align-content:center; border: 1px solid black; width: 100px;"> <span class="market_credits " style=""> 250 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/credits.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Credits" /> </span> <br/> <span class="market_bless " style=""> 30 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/bless.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Bless" /> </span> <br/> <span class="market_soul " style=""> 30 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/soul.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Soul" /> </span> <br/> <span class="market_chaos " style=""> 5 x <img width="30" height="50" style="padding-right: 10px;" src="https://mu.oldsquad.ro/assets/jewels/chaos.gif" alt="MuOnlineWebs" title="Jewel of Chaos" /> </span> <br/> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </spoiler> These changes can be made in the market history template that dynamicaly generates the view (populates it with real dynamic data), but I think you already know what I'm talking about; How this would bring value: Well that's straight forward, it is a really easy and fast to do modification that improves how all of us visualise that history table and allows us to cleanly and fastly read through it without having to stress our eyes trying to distinguish column from column, row from row, etc. It's a quality of life improvement that I'm sure no one will really have anything against it. How would I personally implement it: Well I already left you a picture and a code snip of a 'sketch' that already improved the visualisation of the table
    13. as the title says, it seems fair to me to have a place to complain in case of injustice / abuse. at the moment we are in the hands of the staff, what he says is the letter of the law, even if it is wrong and contravenes the server regulations.
    14. hi i have a proble whit soul barrier: the problem I encountered is the difference in effect with and without soul barrier, in detail I attached the images of a commercial to Aida2 192/164 attacked by the Golem level 83, while my pg is 334 second reset. the problem I encountered is the difference in effect with and without soul barrier, in detail I attached the images of a commercial to Aida2 192/164 attacked by the Golem level 83, while my pg is 334 second reset. Looking at the skill tells me that it has a damage reduction rate of 45% but from the images as you can see it does not Is. name pg Darlin time server 16:28
    15. Hello, After Stage 2 is completed and after 40 days, it's safe to assume that the Early-Game of Inception is over and we're starting the Mid-Game. In order to offer you a "close to perfection" experience in our community servers we require your honest and constructive feedback, so we can know where to work more or what to exploit more in future. So, if you want to contribute for your own satisfaction, please let us know in this topic what you liked, what you didn't liked, what you would change/modify/adjust and anything else may help us to help you in future. The feedback should be related to: progression (items/exp-wise), events, features, drops, economy, newbies experience, etc. for the EARLY-GAME, if you have any suggestions for the things you didn't like they are welcomed. If you don't have anything that you didn't like (which is hard to believe) you can focus on what you liked the most (and what can be made even better). Anyone that come with a solid feedback (not 1-2 propositions wrote in a fast manner) will receive 150 credits as a small reward for your time and contribution - leave character name in topic. Note: Feedbacks are accepted (for reward) until next Wednesday at 23:59. Cheers!
    16. A fairytale battle took place on the eternal battlefield called Valley of Loren, a battle like none ever seen before, a historical one that will remain written by the blood of these fighters in the stones from which the great castle is built. Four guilds took part in this epic bloody battle: Hardcore, Purge, Diamond and FORMOZA The guild that holds the supremacy of the server, Hardcore, led by No1LiveEr, as usual, prepared an almost perfect defense, upgraded the gates and the statues thus recovering 40% of the deficit which was not negligible (-3500 points). They started the fight being organized even from the first gates, trying to slow down the attacking guilds. The warriors of this great guild had a very difficult mission, an almost impossible one, considering last week's balanced fight. Purge, led by Snook, the guild that launches the attack, has once again brought in 25 of the best fighters ready to shed their blood to break this glorious Hardcore domination which lasted since this server's debut, followed by Diamond led by HVMAN, a guild that failed last week to make the threshold of 2500 points , but with a good performance, especially the "Glowing" Glowa which stamped number one in the previous battle, and the guild ranked with the fourth chance, FORMOZA, under the leadership of Mamelcia, a guild that takes part in this war for the first time. Due to the fact that we have three attacking guilds, the gates and statues fell very quickly, so, after the first 10 minutes have elapsed, the fight moves inside the castle, and the madness begins: the elves from Hardcore and Purge move amazingly, buffing, freezing, running, I can barely follow them, at the switches the fight is chaotic, Purge manages to register first, but next, the most focused stampers seem those from Diamond who manage to register pretty fast, although HVMAN and Snook are constantly hunted by Hardcore's elves and cannons. The fight is spectacular, we enter the last hour of the fight, and the score is commensurate, Purge leads accumulating so far 2942 points, followed by Diamond with 2050 points accumulated, Hardcore who managed to reduce the handicap quite a lot holding 1604 points and the last were those from FORMOZA with only 200 points. The crown switches from one end to the other of these great three leaders, Diamond takes advantage of the fierce battle between Hardcore and Purge and begins to gain precious points when they hold the Crown, while Hardcore is recovering points step by step due to the multiple kills made by RuSuLeTzZz "The Machine Gun" , Mu3rTe "The Death Bringer", "The Stunning" Mael and BugBless "The Terror" . Purge counterattacks using its legends, "The Amazing" Zutto, "The Insane" Chukundah, "The Bloody" FKingCunt helped by MindPower and Duke. "Glowing" Glowa makes wonders again on the top switch and Almighty fights on a par with the other stampers for the bottom switch, so Diamond have countless chances to register, some successfully crowned, Achilles' heel for Diamond is still HVMAN which due to the fact that it was low level (297) was killed much easier than the other leaders but he still fights from peer to peer with them for The Crown. The fight continues to be dominated by Hardcore's countless kills slowly proposing in the first place, Diamond dominates with important minutes over the other guilds holding the crown on HVMAN's head for the longest time, they take full advantage of the fights between Hardcore and Purge, those (although we see a little chaos in their fight) seems to have the balance of the game with the cannons focused on Hardcore, being one step behind them. After we enter in the most important 30 minutes of this battle the score is: 12493 for Hardcore , Purge follows with 8192 points and currently holds the crown, Diamond accumulates 6640 points, and FORMOZA manages to accumulate 831 points and gives up this fight. As we approach the last 15 minutes of the game, Purge is about to overtake Hardcore but HVMAN snatches the crown from Snook's head, and Purge seems to lose clarity and morale, everything balances and when there are 6 minutes from the game the score looks like this: Hardcore 13806 points, Purge 13337 points and Diamond who still own the crown, has 9438 points. Everything is possible at this time, If Diamond keeps the position of defenders for another 6 minutes, they can win, if any of the other two leaders registers, will win the battle. The fight for switches seems to be dominated by Hardcore who manage to register when there are ONLY 4 minutes left in this battle and everything falls apart for Purge and Diamond, who have to settle for Lord Boxes so hard-worked, 4 for Diamond and 4 for Purge . Fantastic final for Hardcore in this battle, which continues to be the guild that dominates and hold the supremacy for 4 consecutive week. The warriors from Purge feel that they need to change something and start a reform, a reorganization to help them win next week, the leaders of this guild have decided to disband the guild and rebuild a new one, this is called "Neutral". Diamond were the surprise of the week, showing strength and unity, if last week they failed to cross the threshold, this week astonishing us all were on the verge of winning! Congratulations to all for this great fight!
    17. Hello, as the title says, I think there is an issue with the stage 2 newbies bonus experience. The thing is that according to the patch notes my 6 resets SM should have a 100% exp bonus because of stage 2 bonus which is actually working as intended for him. But, on the other hand my 0 resets MG is getting 200% bonus only which should not be like that but 400% bonus according to the patch notes. Here is a proof of what I mean. Left side (6rr SM)... Right side (0rr MG) My MG is getting almost 2 times SM exp (not exactly double exp because my SM is like 20 levels higher) and it should be way more than twice the exp. I might be wrong coz dunno the exp formula but I feel like getting same exp with my 0rr char before and after stage 2 patch.
    18. Hello, As few of you might have noticed, the summoner does attack, compared to sm/mg with the same attack speed value, roughly by 1.7-1.8x faster which obviously increases the output damage for it with a little bit too much, therefor this class might need some attention, considering that blast is range 5, it also puts the character into a too safe range, even if it would get too squishy as a compensation of its damage output and this combination is a little too much for pvp (events or random fights). Since the server aims for a balance, I believe there should be some actions taken regarding this issue.
    19. A great battle between the most important guilds on the server took place, PURGE and Diamond finally signed up on Saturday evening, so, I had the privilege of watching our warrior masters in action again. Hardcore started as defenders with a handicap of 2000 points, due to the fact that this great guild is undefeated, so far, and owns the castle for 3 consecutive weeks. They prepared the gates and statues again, in order to recover a little score , out of the -2000 handicap, they used mostly the same strategy that paid off for last week, all darklods on 1 switch, and on the other they put all the cannons. Purge, the strongest attacking guild had an incredible performance in the first part of the siege, managing to keep the advantage and even increase it sometimes, they managed to conquer the castle very quickly in this first part, much better organized than last week, and all focused on victory. Diamond warriors also came to take part in this war and they didn't do it badly, they managed to register once, the beginning of the fight was a formidable one for them, in the first hour they had at least managed to accumulate ~ 1000 points and, also, registered once. The battle was balanced in the first hour between all three guilds, followed by 30 minutes in which Diamond seemed to have lost their focus, the battle being largely between Purge and HARDCORE, but, sadly, only one single star is shining like a diamond in this small guild with big aspirations (Diamonds), that star is called Glowa and he manages to shine on the switch and to confuse both guilds when registering. We are approaching the last half hour and the balance is tilted in favor of PURGE, those from Diamond no longer seem to focus on the fight except for the "glowing" Glowa, the fight for the bottom switch was the fiercest, the crown on No1LiveEr's head starts to shake because Purge shows clarity, they are even faster when they return to the castle and register, but on the last 30 minutes Hardcore wakes up, recovers from the shock and starts to gather, they manage to approach Purge step by step and sometimes even to overtake them. There are 10 minutes left and they manage to take the lead, Purge seems demoralized, they start accusing Diamond of playing anti-game in favor of Hardcore, instead of focusing on taking the switches and everything falls apart for them. Diamond did a nice fight at the beginning and their major weakness was just another stamper, one like Glowa to be able to register more often, also HVMAN needs to take care of set or build cause he died few times and that is achile's heal for a guild. Purge made 13223 points and received 4 free lord boxes, that's really good, thinking that Hardcore can have max 7 Lord Boxes. As for the invincibles from HARDCORE, they keep the crown on No1LiveEr's head, hardly, but they have succeeded, this guild remained undefeated on Castle Siege and continue to hold the supremacy of Inception , they won the chance to do 7 lord box (if for those in Purge they were free, HC has to pay the price of 30b / 30s / 30jog and 1kkk zen per day) but they also benefit from the invaluable antiques that will fall at their feet for another 7 consecutive days, and will also benefit from the spot that will propel them to the top. Many questions arose as a result of this epic battle, but I will reveal only the most relevant ones: Did Diamond really helped HARDCORE? They finished with 1800 points and if they did this they certainly didn't do it for free, giving up the remaining 700 points to get a Lord Box so what HARDCORE promised to them if the rumors that come from Purge are right? The Next Castle Siege will probably be played in the exp stage, Purge will recover even more from the resets and HARDCORE will start with a disadvantage of 3500 points, will they be able to continue to keep the crown on No1LiveErs head? Will FORMOZA actually come to fight? They didn't show up last Sunday, they don't want top items with 3 Opts? Due to the fact that I heard many "voices" from Purge saying that Diamond helped HARDCORE, I went in game to investigate and tried to obtain the answers for the questions that players can give, got in contact with HVMAN's party member and No1LiveEr's and that is what I received : Reporter : "Hello, guys (referring to HVAMAN's party) " TaleSp1N :" Hello" Reporter:" Did you helped HARDCORE last CS?" TaleSp1N: "No, we didn't, we prefer Purge to win, but we won't help any team, everyone for himself ,we work hard to win for our self and we did good! Then I went to No1lveEr's party: Reporter:" Hello, guys, how do you comment the rumors that Diamond helped you to win this fight?" RuSuLeTzZz : "If that rumor is true .. then the fact that Trippy stole from Collison ( his guild mate ) , Chukundah is a scammer and pk his guild mate Manyak , Oklahoma stole all items from Snajper .. are all false. Cheers!" Now I wait as a reply to this article the pro and contra arguments from PURGE, DIAMOND and HARDCORE, OR EVEN FORMZA!
    20. https://imgur.com/a/aFnl9yr @ADMIN i didn't use /reoff /reon anything. It's frustrating to wake up in the morning for the BC in bonus. The most frustrating part is not even the bc entry+invite, it's the levels i m losing compared to my party P.S. I think i posted in the wrong topic maybe admin/gion can move it to game question/problems P.S.2. I have my entrie back, no invite, and level lost
    21. I think the main issue with illusion temple is that warns are abused, you intentionally warn people to not let them do more it. The mechanic is good, i get it, but can't it be really abused?
    22. Hello. When I run launcher file: PlayInception.exe I see next screen: Actually I have played on other your server, Phoenix probably, and I met absolutely the same problem on absolutely the same environment. And as I remember, you have shared additional file to resolve this problem. Can I get this file for this server or any other ideas how to solve this issue? What I already tried to do: I have downloaded files from both links(mega and google drive) Both works same. I have completed all the steps from ATTENTION IF GAME IS NOT WORKING.txt. Result launcher works same. Also I have downloaded Manual Patch, same result. Link on the same topic on other your server:
    23. A new episode was written last Sunday on the old battlefield of Valley of Loren, Hardcore prepared an almost perfect defense, preparing the gates and statues by investing in them, although it was probably not easy to gather so many JoG's and Zen, well working as a team and looking better and better, especially as it dominates the most important events of this period, while PURGE seems to be sleeping. This guild with great players does not seem to be what Squadron was once because just as the week was dominated by Hardcore so was the fight, Hardcore dominated from start till the end and managed to win this fight very easily, much easier than in the previous week when everything was at the limit. Purge, the sleepy giant, did not seem too affected by this defeat, the warriors of this guild continuing to "sleep peacefully" on the spots, moreover a good part of the warriors of this guild, the Polish people went to build another guild. A new power seems to reappear on OldSquad, its name is FORMOZA. And I say "reappear" because there are many rumors about these warriors, some say that Mamelcia is the great ProBSB, the GROM legendary Guild Master who wants to forget the glorious past with a shameful end for his guild and to reborn, like a Phoenix, a strong guild to fight for Castle Siege, (when all the people admired GROM power and their Castle Siege organization some of these warriors started to use cheats and were banished by ADMIN from the server). It's Saturday and normally, an important Castle Siege is about to be contested , a siege after which all powerful master guilds can benefit from the most important items, those dropped from Lord Box , but by this time while I'm writing the article the PURGE guild isn't registered yet, would last week's defeat have been too painful for the "sleepy warriors"? It's the first Castle Siege with Lord Box, aren't they interested in this reward? Or will they join those in FORMOZA? All these questions will be answered tomorrow, of course.
    24. Deadcat

      Kartuan 1 & 2

      Make both karutan maps either battle, or normal. It sucks when you get killed on pvp quest by group of mobs, or a another player guardian the party, and you get teleported to a battle map, and your quest ends. Also sometimes you cant see who killed you, when you get teleported from k2 to k1 , if it was quest ? was it someone trying to pick a fight ? Thats it, thats my suggestion...
    25. Hello, I have just bought 3 pieces for crd and I did not get any screen attached
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