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    The battle for supremacy has reached peaks last week, especially since we had the opportunity to see the first Castle Siege version 2 (of course was released in beta). The ATTACK guild should have been defenders, but for equality, fairness and because it is a new system, to have all three guilds the same chance to win, ATTACK guild was registered directly by the Admin at Castle Siege as attackers. 

    However, including ATTACK, we had 3 guilds signed up for this big event (the other two guilds were PlayBoys and Hardcore, a guild that after the decline that took place two weeks ago seems to be recovered, they managed to bring back in guild some important players who left two weeks ago). Following a new rule, the guild that registers most sign of lords among the registered guilds, with the condition to register more than 300 signs, can block a build at their choice. Hardcore won this first competition and blocked Vitality Blade Knight build. 

    This was the first move on the chess table, a move with which Hardcore created confusion in the opposing camps, ATTACK and PlayBoys managing to reorganize but not without wasting precious time, however Sk0pt manages to register the first and PlayBoys takes over The Castle.

    While Hardcore were fighting with Playboys for the crown, those in ATTACK seemed lost and confused, they were fighting chaotically, organized apathetic assaults. After the first 30-45 minutes, seeing that they collect the fewest points, at a considerable distance from the other two guilds and seeing that there is absolutely no chance for them to win, ATTACK decided to make "anti-game" in the favor of PlayBoys. They also wanted to take revenge on Hardcore, despite the fact that mafy wanted to bury the past, a hateful past between those two guilds, a past where wars with all kinds of "dirty moves" on Castle Siege and outside of it ranging from insults to hunting nights and populating safe zones on all levels. During the interview, mafy declared besides that he would like peace, that he would like to have a clean fight, but his wishes remained desires and again they had to bear the cost of arrogance and anti-game made in the past vs ATTACK.

    Even with ATTACK anti-game or, maybe because of it, fight was balanced between PlayBoys & ATTACK vs Hardcore, until the last 30 minutes when Hardcore seemed overwhelmed, they lost their clarity and some say that it happened because AdriaNN disconnected, a disconnect which caused the reset of his stats and he started to die, Admin helped him up with fixing his build pretty fast but all guild started to look seriously confused, so Hardcore fought well and they failed to reach the PlayBoys afterwards, but managed to rank second, gaining over 10k+ points, and gaining 6 or 7 Lord Boxes but losing to the difference of 4-5k points vs PlayBoys. 

    After this epic fight I started to investigate what happened to ATTACK, a guild that was favorite to take the Crown but obtained probably 1 Lord Box, and I heard rumors that there were some internal fights before this Castle Siege. Also those voices said that they had some players who could not take part in the fight for personal reasons, thus torn by internal quarrels and without the team unity combined with the absence of important players, they chose to play for PlayBoys. 

    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    and here comes the true story. CS starts. just 2 guilds are taking part. Playboys and Hardcore, and just 3-4 Attack players without even Fane being online (after some days he told me that he had some personal things to do and he couldnt play at begin).

    1st 30min CS runs with just us (Playboys, 2 full parties and XinChao without pt) vs Hardcore (honestly no idea how many of them)  fighting and being like with same points.. some min hardcore was ahead and some min us.

    + - after 30min till 1st hour,  more Attack guys start joining (still without fane) and i guess they managed to make 1-2 parties and trying keeping switches without reason. Most of them time they were keeping Switches (especially AlMighty) when we were attacking, blocking us and making us lose time and points. As said it was random. Maybe they kept switches when Hardcore attacking too but i couldnt see that cause i was next to crown and maybe hardcore could move them easier than us without losing so much time and points. Around that time i also get one weird DC (without losing stats) and i relog and game move me in loren deep start, making us lose even more time. at this point Hardcore got Advantage like 2-3k points.

    After 1st hour Fane is joining (more Attack players joining too) and i guess they make patries quickly and try to register, blocking both us and hardcore randomly. they try this around 10-15min and i guess they see that they are already many points behind and without having their vbk stampers they got almost no chance to win it and i guess thats the time that they decide to help us win by blocking hardcore.

    it was like in last 35-40min with hardcore being ahead with still 2-3k points and attack guild better organized trying to block them and let switches free when we were attacking.. even Fane try keep switch and make it impossible for hardcore to register. after this in last 30min Hardcore cant register anymore, their gm also die 3-4 times and we won cs. 

    i guess each guild has its own way to think and to take decisions. i can speak only for playboys. we have few active members. and we tried our chances with even just 2 parties. maybe we would have lose without attack help. maybe it would be close if we were just hardcore vs playboys from begin. cause in 1st whole hour we also lost much time cause of them. at the end.we just wanted to have some fun and we had it. and we also got lucky to win it. GZ to our few people who stayed with our plan, made builds that we needed and made this thing happened.


    PS i liked this new CS system. guilds can try many builds and strategies. sad there are no more many active players in server to try all these things.. i hope in next versions this cs system will be just fine and that we gonna see CS wars out of crown room too (defending gates and statues too)

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    As i know in our guild there were no internal fights .The only problem was that we had a lot of afk players ,and my team mates re-made parties when CS started and we started playing each other on other ones accounts to try to make something .I also came at 6 ,so i've been there just 1 hour .As for mafy's wish ,I never seen him say that he want peace ,so let's not all make a fuss .Also there won't be any peace ,if they choose to start a thing ,i wish them the courage to finish it as they started ! Also i've read the interview and i can say that beside other members from that guild ,i respect mafy more ,cuz he personally said that sometimes he may get overwhelmed by rage and do some shitty things ,while his others mates are fine being assholes .

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    I think no one used bad words.Cuz If we have used ,we would have told that you are the prostitute cuz we are just sharing you to kill .Taking turns in beating the shit out of you .You can give even your account to some1 to play this CS.

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    The main target to not let these people take the castle. Since server started its like 85% we managed it, so i think we made it.
    Peace thing is really funny, coz i didnt start any pk, but this is part of the game. Im not crying being pked like 30-40 times a day. Its ok. This guys are just desparated, what else they can do.. NOTHING. Well.. i can just say this edition was EZ. im kinda not so much taking part atm, but still my guys doing the job.
    Thank you all. At least for trying.

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