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    1. Soulka

      This is a full PvP Server - that means you can Kill/KS any player, any time, as much as you want, AS LONG AS GAME LET YOU DO IT. cry is free
    2. Soulka

      ahahah real
    3. Soulka

      The range on those mobs are absurd, they shouldn be able to attack u in a 10 range, and its just not worth fo going there without socket drops.
    4. Soulka

    5. Soulka

      Also why sumoners are useless on cs but like 20x stronger on regular server,. makes no sense
    6. Soulka

      Character name that is submitting it: Game Suggestion type: Server Suggestion content: Monster above lvl 105-110 should drop only master level event materials. How the suggestion can bring value: Since vulcanus and Swamp are the main leveling zones for Masterlevel people, although a few non 400 level can be found in vulc, i think materials dropped for IT5 BC7 and DS6 are kinda useless at this point at these levels of the mobs, its taking up too much space in the inventory making repots harder, also it doesnt have any use for the Mlvl characters that are "farming" the master leve
    7. Soulka

      Also honorable mention dark horse with 10 range using bypass kills every1 offscreen, its fun
    8. Soulka

      just lurking around 🕶️ no intention to play mu atm, and as far as i know i have ban cuz of beren duped on my accounts 😁
    9. Soulka

      Wow, this topic just got lit, super cool memes, laughed my ass off 😂
    10. Soulka

      Meanwhile in GROM Headquarters via Imgflip Meme Generator
    11. Soulka

      lol ppl are so stubborn and egoist, no1 understands the joke...
    12. Soulka

      1, Supernatural 2, Game of Thrones 3, Stranger things 4, Walking dead 5, Hell's kitchen
    13. Soulka

      welcome and gl!
    14. Soulka

      Nah, i dont vouch for this admin guy, he sounds pretty egoist....
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