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  1. Cerberus

    u can move to atlans/tarkan for repot but yes, one shop in vulcanus wouldnt hurt
  2. Cerberus

    everyone has equal chance to enter, idk what u mean by that
  3. Cerberus

  4. Cerberus

    Poison doesnt work on invasion
  5. Cerberus

    Server is based in Europe and the targeted playerbase is in central european time (+- 2 hours i guess). Its just not possible to please all players in different timezones.
  6. Cerberus

    i somewhat agree on this. i remember many years ago a server i played on 3x exp very hard, u had to pick up items from mobs and level them with jewels. but what are medals suppose to drop then? this will just result in people putting a piece of tape on the mouse' right button and still attack afk for 15min - or even more elegant solution if there is a macro or clicker outside of MU that works through the MU guard - i have no idea as i havent tested this same. there has to be more easy way of obtaining exc pends and rings Anyway, great feedback.
  7. you need to have gens to enter battle maps 2nd part of quest drops in tarkan/icarus/kanturu/maybe some other maps too idk
  8. Cerberus

    u can solo it with mg or summ (tested), i dont see the problem
  9. Cerberus

    Event is already really easy. In your case if you are 2-3 tanks, ofcourse you wont have the damage.
  10. Cerberus

    Ingame nick?
  11. Cerberus

    Sadly, we can't play right now. So team "idk" can have the free win.
  12. Cerberus

    11:50 Server time UDRII vs Fatality 1st match: 3:5 2nd match: we forgeit as we had to go
  13. Cerberus

    this is not entirely true, only few zones are that way
  14. Cerberus

    Team: UDRII Captain: Cerberus Cerberus MG Player2: MORGANA MORGANA SUMM Player3: AirwaveS AirwaveS DL
  15. Cerberus

    same but yesterday, had to waste 1 BC entry to restart MU and enter again the same BC
  16. Cerberus


    how many people have 380 set? its just one..one for 1 week. What is this lame ass argument "what we will do till 20rr"
  17. Cerberus

    Duration is fine but bonuses are not meant for a reset server. If they can be boosted and drop chance decreased a little bit, I'm all for that. Would be more interesting. @ADMIN
  18. Cerberus

    nobody would do 500kk roll with low chance for that
  19. Cerberus

    Moss is always fun, you can easily lose all your money
  20. Cerberus

    I think the more serious problem is the massive delay observed everywhere, from shops to warping in new zone, mobs and players are not where they seem, etc. They have to fix that first and then we can see the real state of CC.
  21. Cerberus

    I doubt this will fix the issue. You will probably need to consider other options like splitting the server or something else..
  22. Cerberus

    other thing that may have happened is you anti-virus blocking/deleting some files from the MU folder, try adding it to exceptions and unzipping again
  23. Cerberus

    u can try installing everything from FixGameCrash folder, idk what else u can do. if that doesnt work u have to wait for @ADMIN to respond
  24. Cerberus

    did u try running it as admin?
  25. Cerberus

    admin will make best afk player event but he will be afk and miss it
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