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  1. Cerberus

    Duration is fine but bonuses are not meant for a reset server. If they can be boosted and drop chance decreased a little bit, I'm all for that. Would be more interesting. @ADMIN
  2. Cerberus

    nobody would do 500kk roll with low chance for that
  3. Cerberus

    Moss is always fun, you can easily lose all your money
  4. Cerberus

    I think the more serious problem is the massive delay observed everywhere, from shops to warping in new zone, mobs and players are not where they seem, etc. They have to fix that first and then we can see the real state of CC.
  5. Cerberus

    I doubt this will fix the issue. You will probably need to consider other options like splitting the server or something else..
  6. Cerberus

    other thing that may have happened is you anti-virus blocking/deleting some files from the MU folder, try adding it to exceptions and unzipping again
  7. Cerberus

    u can try installing everything from FixGameCrash folder, idk what else u can do. if that doesnt work u have to wait for @ADMIN to respond
  8. Cerberus

    did u try running it as admin?
  9. Cerberus

    admin will make best afk player event but he will be afk and miss it
  10. well you are the only one
  11. I forgot to mention one more pro for this - elf wings demand will actually be balanced now. All previous servers were kind of ridiculous - supply and demand for elf wings was crazy because everyone had buffer and agility elfs suffered a lot, there were not enough wings and price was really high. But with this change it will be fixed.
  12. I dont think it works at all. Its always a chore to play EE and it gives good advantage in both PvE and PvP versus players who dont have EE or dont want to play it. Nobody likes it and almost all of the players who are playing EE have other main char. I think this is the right time to try this, there is still plenty of time to test it and make adjustments.
  13. I think it would be interesting to try this new thing out and see if it works or not.
  14. Cerberus

    From Patch - 31.10.2018 this is for 50rr server, idk if settings from old servers apply to the new
  15. Cerberus

    I think this is just visual and all small capes give 5-10% dmg/abs (cant remember exact number) or something like that. @ADMIN @Gion can will confirm.
  16. Cerberus

    You get Inifity Arrows skill after completing Marlon quest.
  17. Cerberus

    idk how @ADMIN can be so ignorant about this. tons of account names were exposed and he was like "meh, cache problems, clear cache, bla bla". @ADMIN when something like this happens you reset all accounts passwords and send emails to set new passwords
  18. Cerberus

    i bought a feather for 1s 15min ago and i thought the guy missclicked 10s or something lol. but someone may have guessed your password and selling everything change your password asap and wait for @ADMIN
  19. Cerberus

  20. Cerberus

    Sadly its only working with single jewels, not stacked. I guess @ADMIN @Gion can work on the bundle usage too.
  21. Cerberus

    Just tested it and it opens just fine. Do you have WinRar or some other program for zip/rar files?
  22. Cerberus

    ... check the other topic that caused this vote
  23. How to participate? There are 8 levels of Blood Castle in the game and you can enter depending on your level. You can participate in the event by crafting an invitation first. You need Blood Bone, Scroll of Archangel (dropped from mobs, both need to be the same level as the BC you are trying to get into) and Jewel of Chaos mixed in the chaos machine. Success chance depends on server settings. You can check for which level of BC you are by typing /entries in the MU chat. This will also show you the daily limit of participating in events. Finally, to enter the event you must go to "Messanger of Archangel" NPC either in Lorencia (bar) or Davias (church) and select the corresponding level of BC. How to play? The main goal in the event is to take the quest item which drops from the statue and give it to the fallen angel. There are few stages. First you need to kill monsters so you can get to the castle gate. The count depends on the players participating in the event - 40 monsters per player. After you kill the monsters and destroy the gate, you can enter the castle room. There you will have to kill specific monster "Magic Skull". Again, the count depends on the players participating in the event - 2 monsters per player.After you've killed the requiered magic skulls there is one last challenge - to destroy the Statue of Saint which drops the quest item, an archangel weapon. The final step is easy enough, you return the weapon to the fallen archangel. There are 2 NPCs for you convinience - one at the beggining of the map and one in the castle room. Notes: Keep in mind that the player (party) with most damage will get the weapon from the statue so you need to be careful. Only one party will get rewards for returning the quest item. BC is mainly used for experience (and rewards if you're the lucky party). Good spot for experience is right infront of the castle gate as there are more mobs than the room. Buffs from pumpkins are really useful for BC if you are not that strong. You can set up mu helper to pick up parts for invitation by adding "Blood +X" and "Arch +X" where "X" is the desired level of BC. Blood and Arch are just an example, there are many more variants of the item words but this will do the trick. What are the rewards? Rewards depend on server settings but they are usually jewels, old boxes, demon or angel. Useful links PHOENIX Details about server - check Events Info section Events Levels Entries NONRESET Details about server - check Events Info section MAX50RR Details about server - check Events Info section
  24. Cerberus

    Are you sure it doesn't not have the bigger value? What is written on the tool-tip when you hover the item may be wrong, in reality it can deal more damage.
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