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    1. Tautvis

      Also honorable mention that you should maybe read patch notes and see that horse skill isn't 10 range anymore but has been lowered to 6
    2. /crying intensifies/ 🤣
    3. Tautvis

      Overall I am having a great time on Phoenix so thank you for that. - The grind for items is actually fun and a nice addition, finding rare non exe items is really fun and that boosts your characters damage and overall performance as you progress in the maps. - Zen is actually a currency and that's how its supposed to be, I myself sell exe items for zen just because its not that easy where you can leave ur party on auto mode and have 800m zen the next morning. - All of the different classes have a fair chance of fighting, they have their pros and cons, theres no superior class or atleast I haven't encountered one. - A small suggestion maybe on the high level mobs 85-95+ have a low chance of them dropping +5/+6/ items with up to +12/+16/+20 just an as extra reward and a goal to grind certain monsters.(not needed tbh but I personally would like to see something like this. ) - Make DS5+ have a small chance of feather/crest dropping from the Icarus mobs,the competition in Icarus is on an insane level. -Lower the drop rate of chaoses and maybe up the drop rates of other jewels just a bit ? I feel like chaos should be the expensive jewel and have more value and others could be dropping more,but not by much.
    4. Tautvis

      Hey my friend is having a hard time setting up his EEs autoheals and buffs,hes a decent level 310+ but even lower level EEs do a better job and the whole party can farm with little to no potion use,im looking for some auto setups if someone could help us out Either it heals too fast or doesnt heal and eventually the pt dies because everyone runs out of pots.
    5. Tautvis

      Did you try DL with chaotic ? or you don't have it yet
    6. Tautvis

      Well its true that SMGs dominate the server but DL ain't that bad too since I am playing as one myself as a hybrid build,it still lacks on goldens but overall its not that bad.
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