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    1. Deadcat

      Or you can only get BC/DS tickets from certain maps / mobs (like i always felt WW orcs could use a better rewards) and BC/DS had better drop/ rewards or something
    2. Deadcat

      Character name : Arseling Suggestion type : All future content. Suggestion content : I've been playing this server for few years now, and i wanted to suggest something to spice up the new servers / databases. You know how many games have a seasonal theme , like diablo 3, tft, ect ? Well, maybe your server could try it out as well. Like, when a new database/ server opens , make some adjustments that impact the game, and gives it a new twist. For example, make Guild smaller, like 10-15 ppl, or instead of unlocking mg/rf/dl from lvl 1 with vip, add some hard ass quest in game, t
    3. Deadcat

      "without clear evidence. " Gion, did you not read the messages in print, or you only counted that its not 15 messages in row ? This is clear evidence if there ever was one.
    4. Deadcat

      So what are the grand prizes ?
    5. Deadcat

      its fine as it is, its doable now with ranged party who all have anc sets , 15 res, and demons. After 17++ resets it will be doable by everyone.
    6. "what drugs have you been taking? " "yes"
    7. Deadcat

      ppl will just come with alts >_>
    8. Deadcat

      ur argument is so invalid and badly structured 😆😆 it basically mocks it self, only valid part is that the meaning of the word is rooted in the context. In which case he said nothing racist. ( by the way, im curious, what is the "non racist" way ( lol ) to refer to gypsys, is it seems you know lot about them) Its like saying that the sentence "The white squad has arrived" or "the black squad has arrived" is racist, there is nothing racist in either one of thoes sentences, they are just statements...
    9. Deadcat

      Besides, the word it self is not racist. https://tinyurl.com/y2uqr5nw https://tinyurl.com/y5fb5z6c https://tinyurl.com/y2uqr5nw Its used everywhere these days
    10. Deadcat

      i dont see him insulting you, or anyone in your party, he might not even have been talking to you,i see others people in that bc, or perhaps he was talking in party and forgot to write ~ in front. Alto the fact that you took it personally kinda say something, doesn't it...
    11. Deadcat

      Make both karutan maps either battle, or normal. It sucks when you get killed on pvp quest by group of mobs, or a another player guardian the party, and you get teleported to a battle map, and your quest ends. Also sometimes you cant see who killed you, when you get teleported from k2 to k1 , if it was quest ? was it someone trying to pick a fight ? Thats it, thats my suggestion...
    12. Deadcat

      im 80% sure this is a virus/keylogger.
    13. Deadcat

      tbh i also have had instances where gion ignores my reports "because i didnt provide full chat log" even tho you can clearly see someone calling my family trash and wishing them cancer.
    14. Deadcat

      if it comes as a part of like some Christmas event, then yes, i like this idea.
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