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    1. noisyboy

      Character Name:- FishyFish Suggestion Type:- Mercenary Quests PVP changes Server:- INCEPTION Content :- People have been switching right after seeing /pvpquest target and continue to pick easiest quest to do(kill) and maintain points or gain more. My suggestion is insert a time limit before you can use switch char/select server after you do /pvpquest so that the hunted person can /challenge and get a rightful duel. How it will bring Value:- A more balanced pvpquest, and stop farming pvpquest with farms.
    2. noisyboy

    3. noisyboy

      Hi, one of the negative points on this tournament it`s that u can see other characters info.. and that kinda make this event useless for the ones that don`t go inside with whole guild like some other ppl are doing it. They will target you in order to eliminate and then only ppl from 1 guild will win. My suggestion is to make this event more like ChaosCastle - transform all same skin - and diffrent gens will have diffrent bufs on them. This way it will me more fair play for the solo players inside and they can have a go for the win. Thank you.
    4. noisyboy

      remember this one =))) https://www.captiongenerator.com/1427602/Yami-wants-to-win-CS
    5. noisyboy

      @Gion don`t you remember the nice drama around the NONE Guild was teasing BDSM by taking the castle :))
    6. main server as it is.. sub server - non pvp 80% exp - no invasion, no mercenary... 0... if u`re a slick in main server and still want to lvl up beeing afk you can do it in sub server but punished as well.
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