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    1. enTaroaduN

      First of all, I have access to many accounts Roby, from 5rr to 14rr so I tested a lot, on the official server and test server as well. Don't get me wrong, I didn't said to remove horse, I like DL class myself as well, but this is actually ridiculous how powerful the class is. The horse thing as I said, was just a small example of DL's advantages, and I can go on if you want more, I didn't said that's the main problem, it was just a small example that can always have an impact in the game, like many others. DL's mobility was always a thing for the class, but since it has so much DPS on that cha
    2. enTaroaduN

      I guess everyone is complaining about DL class, but not the DL owners themselves. Let me put it this way so you can understand, most of you on this server, changed race into DL, and why is that? Because you knew the class is way beyond broken, why? Let's see why: [PVM view] Just a few small examples: -As some people said above, about VRF solo stealing bc statue from AE's, I saw a lot of solo DL's stealing bc statues from solo AE's as well, using Chaotic. And as for a small example here, I tested my friend's pure AE with full Aruan Set, decent Albatros Bow Lk+2% +11, w2 +9, 13rr again
    3. enTaroaduN

      @Zutto It's no fantasy what I said above and I've never said it's you, did I? Or maybe you are an asian yourself, jokes on you, Marlon ^^ @Reporter Of course there are hackers on this server, but the ones that are not banned yet, they will never be, because they are smart enough not to show off, so hats off to them, I appreciate them for that. And it's not about "player's pride", it's something else. So let me give you an example, I remember back on Phoenix edition, I actually pmed Gion about one player that I suspected of being a hacker, I just asked Gion to keep an eye on that player si
    4. enTaroaduN

      OFFTOPIC: Most people here, acting like in 2020 hacks are inexistent, when you can easily pay some asian to create any kind of hack for you, for any type of game. Give him some 50$/month and he will update your hack everytime the server security has an update as well, easy as that. The server can have the most advanced security in the world, if someone really wants to play with hack on your server, he will. And let's not act like there are no hackers on this server either, there are, plenty of them, cause when a BK with 5rr, beats 4 people with 7rr in CC, there is surely something suspicious t
    5. enTaroaduN

      Keyboard warrior? C'mon, you can do better than that, and as an ADMIN if you start using this 1984 jokes because you don't agree with someone, well, that says enough about you ^^. You clearly have no ideea what "disciplinary systems" means don't you? Let me tell you so you know, next time when you copy-paste some words from other sources. Disciplinary system means that the power of executing discipline must be in the hands of some trained persons so as to ensure that they make proper use of "Power"(in this case, power means the right to punish someone for their behaviour if they are reported)
    6. enTaroaduN

      Let me tell you where the abuse is. If you check this TOPIC RIGHT HERE you will find a player named Gruba that has been reported by my guild mate, dNice, in game and on forum as well. The problem was, I was in Mamelcia's team and dNice was in Gruba's team, so Gruba trolled dNice's team and helped Mamelcia's team to win(the team I was in). I noticed that as well, since Gruba was fighthing mobs instead helping his team, standing afk in base as you can see in the prints attached in that Report Topic against Gruba. We automatically won that game since it was 5vs4, dNice warned Gruba and I tried as
    7. enTaroaduN

      I actually don't need any reward, thank you anyway. I would be happy if you would take my suggestions in consideration, the reason I suggested those things is because they really matter, I think it would be a good thing for the server.
    8. enTaroaduN

      I'll try to say some things about the server as well, I'll write them bellow, only the things that I don't like or I find them inappropriate, so that means anything else I don't say, it means it's balanced or good enough: -When DL is using Summon spell, the SoulMaster gets summoned as well, even if he is attacking. It's actually annoying, because everytime the DL in my party is trying to summon someone dead or someone that can't walk to the spot, the SM in party gets summoned and his Helper stops, so he won't attack anymore untill the Helper is activated manually again. -The recent u
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