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  1. enTaroaduN

    If you know the rule, that doesn't mean, everyone knows it. You can tell them about that, you don't need to come on forum and cry everytime someone is making a mistake. Have you asked them to speak in english on global chat? I don't see your name there trying to tell them. Easy to waste time making screenshots and posting on forum, but way too hard to post a simple message on global like "Global chat is for english only", so they will know and maybe they will stop, if they don't you are free to come here and report them for a real reason. Maybe they are new players and they are trying to find people from their country by speaking in their language, or maybe there is a reason, have you tought about that for a second? Or you just like seeing people getting muted because of your frustrated reasons? Next time, just warn them and tell them to speak in english only, maybe they don't know the rule, don't be such a post hunting kid. If they will get muted from nowhere without even knowing about that, they will continue next time, because nobody warned them about that, not everyone reads automatically global warnings from the server, so, grow up. This topic here porn addicted kid :*. https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2955-bug-exploating-guild-optimus/
  2. enTaroaduN

    Sometimes you forget about the rule, believe me, especially when you are provoked. I've seen a lot of people speaking on post in their own language, but I've never went on forum crying about that, because it was only for a moment, they didn't continue, as they didn't in your case also, they stoped and it's not a really dramatic reason to report, only if you are frustrated, and so far I can see from your reports, you are. Seems like that's what you do on this server, hunting people when they are making some mistakes, sad life. I got muted because of this topic, cause I writed some words in my language, then I said, speak english on post, but you didn't screenshoted that, but logs can be checked if you think I am lying: P.S: They mostly spoke on Gens chat, not post, so only the particular Gens that they were in, saw those messages. But rules are rules, right? They will get muted, what can I say, when I reported a whole guild that abused a bug for 2 days, without annoucing the Staff, I got a simple answer from the Staff: "It's my own mistake which you can blame, but creating such drama for such thing is awful. " What can I say, from that answer, I got encouraged to abuse any bug I will find, as much as I can, without announcing the Staff, because it's their mistake. Seems like small mistakes from players, like typing some words in their language, on global, it's a much serious problem than abusing a bug server, interesting rules ^^
  3. enTaroaduN

    All right bro, I can see that it's impossible to explain you anything, so I will just drop it after this, so listen. This is a new server so bugs can appear, as I said, if that guy RRRR has used any tricks as you say, he wasn't going to die, if you assume he was getting missed 100%, how did he died? He got some miss dmg as I got a lot as well, and I did a lot of miss damage to a lot of players there, and then killed them, that print showed only when he got miss damage, but then he died 3 times and got eliminated. The HP bug was a pure bug that nobody abused of it, and I am 100% sure that other players had it as well, not only alexxu and me from my party, but the other players had it as well and they didn't said anything or maybe they didn't noticed cause they didn't pressed P for party bar, cause only there was shown the correct or wrong hp. You connected without wings, then reconnected again with wings and abused it the entire event, while me or the people from my party you acuse, didn't won the event because we played fair, you had wings on you with 12% increase damage and 12% absorb damage, nobody was abble to damage you and you took advantage of it with pure knowledge. My short story is, I had bug, I reconnected and fixed the problem. Your short story is, you connected without any bug, left the event, and reconnected with wings and abused of it the entire event. Simple as that, I didn't cheat, you did. So acuse me as much as you want, nobody abused anything but you and the other friend of yours with wings, and won the event, assume your mistakes, I assumed mine and I fixed them, but you abused of them. I ask a Moderator to close the topic untill we get an answer from ADMIN, people are making double-posts and off-topic for no reason, I am out of this conversation now, have a nice day.
  4. enTaroaduN

    Bro, are you crazy or something? I allready told you, the people from outside, saw the wings on me, I haven't seen them on my self, I knew I had them when I registered, cause I registered fast to get a slot, but they dissappeared from inventory and in my screen there where no wings shown on me , and my HP was normal as well, while in party bar was shown 622. Alexxu is a good example that this bug is random, he got 122 hp, there is no fruit or anything to give you +12 hp, the bug hp was random, maybe some players had it as well and they didn't said anything. The hp bug was random, while you used wings in purpose and pure knowledge about it, and as we all told you about you wearing wings, you didn't take any action to remove it, you ignored us and you used it and abused it, case closed, you did it in purpose while I reconnected and made another character, with the chance to lose the event, just to be fair to other players, and I was cleared of all bugs, normal hp, no wings, but you ruined the all event for everybody, stole the prize and abused it, again, case closed. P.S: I edited the screenshots links, you can now see yourself there abusing wings with no shame.
  5. enTaroaduN

    Gion asked for more proof, so here it is, name of those two who used wings and won the event: Edited links: https://imgur.com/9tuyyt2 https://imgur.com/BgNX0rG
  6. enTaroaduN

    I didn't said I tried to take it, are you blind? I said the system removes all your buffs, that must include the fruits buff as well, right genius? Show me a print where they said they gonna report me. As soon as they said I am wearing wings, no more than 1 minute and I reconnected with other character without bugs. Are you trying to hunt me or something, acusing me of things that I didn't do? Is there a hate reason to my person or what? I could've stayed with bugs on me and win the event easily, take the prize and move them to another account, spend my 2 days ban for ANTI-GAME and that was it, but I chose not to cheat, not like your friends that abused the bugs untill they won the event. Did you got something from that prize or why are you acusing me and trying to get them out of the abusing problem? P.S: And let's stop creating off-topic and wait for the staff decision, end of discussion.
  7. enTaroaduN

    Who spamed ban? Nobody spamed ban, you all said I have wings on me and you all said, let's kill the one with wings, I aksed you all if I have wings on me and you all said Yes, so I reconnected, why are you trying to blame me for something you abused? You left the event and came back with wings and abused it untill the event was over, you killed everyone and didn't even responded to our request to reconnect without wings, you didn't care about it, you just abused the bug to win the event, why you didn't reconnected as I did? Why you had to abuse the event untill the end? As I reconnected and removed my bugs, you should've done the same, but you didn't cause you wanted to cheat. P.S: You didn't had time ? How did I had time to do it? You had wings on you and 5 minutes left for the event, you and the other one, had enough time to do it, like I had, so stop saying that. When you join the event, it removes all your buffs, even Helper elf buff, so I had no fruit on me, that was another bug on my character, I am happy to test with the admins anytime you want, to show you all that wings are not shown when you use them, and all of your buffs are removed when you join the event.
  8. enTaroaduN

    I can see that the spot has been changed, the spot is normal now, yet, no announcement or nobody informed us about that. What will happen with the people who abused that spot for days? I mean, you can see clearly in the video and prints, the number of the monsters. The respawn of 16mobs was in that place, the mobs weren't coming from other directions, they had a straight respawn there: 4x Scorpions 8x Orcus 4x Golocks Now there are only 4x Scorpions and 4x Orcus. We are waiting for ADMIN response, I hope he will take the right decision to punish the guys who abused of that spot for days, without reporting it to the Staff.
  9. enTaroaduN

    Hi there, I was RoyalWIN in that event, I had my wings on because when I registered at the event I allready had my wings on that character, I didn't do it on purpose and the thing was, I didn't even knew about the wings, because at the event, you can't see the wings on your self, at least I haven't seen mine, it was a bug, I didn't even knew I had wings, but the other players saw me with wings and told me about it so I said, oke, I will reconnect then, so I did and my wings dissapeared as well and I reconnected again with another character, without any bug. You, the people who connected with wings in purpose and we warned you about your wings, you didn't even responded, you abused the bug and continued the event. I was between the last 4 without abusing any bug, I would've won that event easily if there were not those people with wings, cause at the end, I couldn't kill them. I don't need any reward, everyone should've did what I did when they had the bug, I only want the people who abused the event and ruined the event for all, to be punished, that's all, because they did it in purpose, they ruined the event for everybody.
  10. enTaroaduN

    What's your name in the game? Are you in that video? If you are, you were exploating that bug, if not, why are you feeling guilty and comment here?
  11. enTaroaduN

    Are you trying to get you out of this situation? How can you say you didn't stayed there when at 11:00am in the morning you were leveling there, too bad I was at work and I couldn't catch you on video, but don't worry, there are logs, the ADMIN can check where you were at that time, then I came back at 18:00pm when I finished work, and I saw you guys still there, I made a video of your party leveling there, and then when I came back again several hours later, you were still there, on that spot, you can see the time on those prints and that video, you stayed on that spot the all day, and maybe the day before, I don't have any proof of that, but again, logs can be checked. Now when you saw you got reported, you're saying you left the spot and you are leveling in Kanturu? It''s pretty lame, don't you think?
  12. enTaroaduN

    What do you mean, both guilds? Have you read what I said there? Or are you reffering to guild GUARDS as well?
  13. So, as the title says, this guild OptimuS(to be exact, Emperor the Guild Master, MACYK, and others) is exploating bugs on this server. In the morning arround 11am, me and my party went in Karutan1 to find better spots and xp than Kanturu2, we saw on website people from OptimuS in Karutan1 making lvl fast, and we said, all right, maybe it's time to go there and maybe we can resist and get good xp, so we went there, we tried several spots, but none of them were good enough, so we found one, pretty okey, we stayed there arround 10 minutes, hard kill and our RageFighter was diying, because of the number of monsters, they were arround 15 or more. Well, after 10 minutes when the invasion has finished and guild OptimuS finished goldens, they came straight to this spot and started to ks us, they knew about the spot, that's where they were making lvl so fast, so as they were ksing us we asked them to leave, they didn't wanted to, so we left and went to other spot, they didn't wanted other people to know about that spot or to make lvl there, because the number of monsters was big, as I realized later. I've tried to reach Gion or Legion in game, to tell them about that spot and ask them if that is okey or its just a respawn bug, but couldn't catch them online, and I couldn't make screenshots or video at that time to post them on forum, cause I was at work, so after I finished work, arround 18pm, I went to that spot and they were still there, after half day, making lvl so I made a video to show you guys, how Emperor's guild and friends are exploating that spot(bug) without announcing the Staff. The thing is, I inspected that coordonates a little bit, that spot, and I think it's a coordonates respawn bug of two spots instead 1 in that place. So enjoy the video of Emperor and his guild and friends, exploating a bug for their own without annoucing the staff. https://vimeo.com/327312639 P.S: If the video won't work, ask me to upload it on another source, thank you. Update Edit: After 1 full day, or maybe 2 cause they were in Karutan from yesterday but we only catch them today, they are still abusing the coordonates spots bugs without reporting the problem to the Staff, very nice ^^
  14. enTaroaduN

    First of all, I am not offended by bad language coming from other players, cause it's just a game and I understand that some of them are kids, but, this kid is really sad and I wanna give him a break, so he can leave at least 10-15 minutes from PC and go spend time with his family or friends, or at least, to take one breath of fresh air, I can see that he needs some, since he is 24/24 online on this game, with 5-6 accounts, making fun of people, creating anti-game on events and using bad language on post and pm to other players. About the topic, I went to Budge Dragon when the invasion came, I think it was NON-PVP, i am not sure about that, I can't remember well, so I won't report him about PK as well, so I found the Budge, I was ready to kill him and and I was looking on my phone and then he came, killed me and took the Budge. I said, ok it happens, then he pm me and started to use bad language so I answered him, and you can see what happened in the prints bellow. This isn't the first time, it happens actually everytime when we meet on the game, without any reason, he PK me and then PM me or shout on post the same bullshit (go crying, dance, s***k my d***k, bi**h) and things like this. I said to my self "don't bother it's just a kid, don't give him attention", but this is actually too much. I guess he is just a sad kid without social life and this game makes him feels like he has one, i don't judge, but he needs a lesson. I know it's not a good reason to ban him, but this is just one of many times he did this and I actually decided to report him. By the way, it's not only the bad language about him, his "fun" is to make anti-game at Kundum in lorencia ring, he is just staying there beside kundum, without attacking him, and he is killing all of us who are trying to go in the ring to attack Kundum, and he does this the entire time untill the Kundum is gone, so nobody can kill him, he is doing this every evening, we the low or the new players, he is not letting them to make items. He had the ocasion to make items, now when he has good items and big level, he is stoping new players and low players to make items. So admins, how do you call this? I call it ANTI-GAME, you should make something with this event, I allready talked to Gion about this, he told me he is gonna speak with the TEAM, I don't know if he did yet, but this is a good chance to inform you about this thing. Prints: Edit: I can see that this kid has a lot of reports on multiple characters, for language, for ANTI-GAME, for a lot of reasons, why is he still on this server? We don't need this type of players in this community, a lot of new players and players are leaving the game because of toxic players like him. I recommend you guys to do something about this "problem", it's for your interest, not mine, he is ruining your work.
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