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    First of all, I am not offended by bad language coming from other players, cause it's just a game and I understand that some of them are kids, but, this kid is really sad and I wanna give him a break, so he can leave at least 10-15 minutes from PC and go spend time with his family or friends, or at least, to take one breath of fresh air, I can see that he needs some, since he is 24/24 online on this game, with 5-6 accounts, making fun of people, creating anti-game on events and using bad language on post and pm to other players. About the topic, I went to Budge Dragon when the invasion came, I think it was NON-PVP, i am not sure about that, I can't remember well, so I won't report him about PK as well, so I found the Budge, I was ready to kill him and and I was looking on my phone and then he came, killed me and took the Budge. I said, ok it happens, then he pm me and started to use bad language so I answered him, and you can see what happened in the prints bellow. This isn't the first time, it happens actually everytime when we meet on the game, without any reason, he PK me and then PM me or shout on post the same bullshit (go crying, dance, s***k my d***k, bi**h) and things like this. I said to my self "don't bother it's just a kid, don't give him attention", but this is actually too much. I guess he is just a sad kid without social life and this game makes him feels like he has one, i don't judge, but he needs a lesson. I know it's not a good reason to ban him, but this is just one of many times he did this and I actually decided to report him. By the way, it's not only the bad language about him, his "fun" is to make anti-game at Kundum in lorencia ring, he is just staying there beside kundum, without attacking him, and he is killing all of us who are trying to go in the ring to attack Kundum, and he does this the entire time untill the Kundum is gone, so nobody can kill him, he is doing this every evening, we the low or the new players, he is not letting them to make items. He had the ocasion to make items, now when he has good items and big level, he is stoping new players and low players to make items. So admins, how do you call this? I call it ANTI-GAME, you should make something with this event, I allready talked to Gion about this, he told me he is gonna speak with the TEAM, I don't know if he did yet, but this is a good chance to inform you about this thing. Prints: Edit: I can see that this kid has a lot of reports on multiple characters, for language, for ANTI-GAME, for a lot of reasons, why is he still on this server? We don't need this type of players in this community, a lot of new players and players are leaving the game because of toxic players like him. I recommend you guys to do something about this "problem", it's for your interest, not mine, he is ruining your work.