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  1. int24rain

    I will re-edit my post and delete the previous one so it can be more clear. After all those editions since I started on previous NonRR there are few things Admin changed while we played and some stuff he left for the other releases. There is some things I wish to be changed since it is a Hard server and many people are crying that is too hard for them. 1. Return the old style of DS and make everyone KS everyone, thats the point of this event and especially the quality of the server (HARD SERVER, I repeat H A R D server). 2. I would like to see more entertaining rewards for BC7 and IT7 since the drops are same as BC6 and IT6. Prolly you can add some different reward or increase the size of it. 3.Also I would like to see some changes on PVPArena, 150 credits is.. meh kinda too low to waste 10-30 min of leveling. There can be other options like - ingame rewards + credits. Since it is a HARD server don't overdose it but make it more viable. (May be add Reset Fruits as reward?) 4. Remove the harmonies from Old Boxes and let people use Relics (Battle Map) to compete for Harmonies. Thats how it should be, also since there is Gemstones drop in Kanturu3 - you can make it Gens map too. This will kinda return the PVP into the game cause I see too much PVE and no PVP at all. 5. Fix Cursed Dragon pushups - mostly he push the melee chars and the rangerd ones stays in safe AOE without being knocked and 90% of the times they took the kill which is unfair for the melee characters IMO. 6. Make Kalima7 full PVP so people can contest for Kundun. Basically right now whoever gets there first - gets the kill in 99.99%. Kalima is not supposed to be like this and there should be PVP on all Bosses like it is in Medusa. 7. I strongly recommend to remove High tier Ancient drops from Chaos Castle and we can avoid this mess when everyone had their ancient sets even before LOT opens in early phase of the game which kinda destroys it. If you are making 3 entries max for CC - then limit it for the IP, cause many people raise their ALT's so they can farm extra ancients with full geared ancient set on lower CC. This will encourage people to use low tier ancient sets and have high tier only from Kundun and LOT - makes the game more viable and interesting. 8. One guy mention before that there are many spots which are so scattered that if you don't have SM or EMG its impossible to stay on it. Haters will hate but this is HARD server and I wish to remain like one. Please stop doing things easier for the people who complains cause you will get more money from donating pleasing them. You will just simply lose the quality of the server in terms of quantity. Voyager
  2. int24rain

    I have the feel that someone is supporting GROM. Also GROM are free to come with 2 more guilds to support them in the next CS. Also regarding this "anti game" by mamed. Well those guys was attacking us too, the thing is that we WERE in the castle all the time, so we didn't met any of them in the bridge or outside of the castle. As one guy said "cry is free".
  3. int24rain

    20 max in guild + alliance (that means no 25 with DL as GM)?
  4. I also agree with BSB proposal having 1 main guild + one alt/alliance guild which wont be able to teleport for CS. This way you can chose between the best players and whoever wants to prove that he have a place in main guild he will be switched with someone whos behind. This is how the raiding guilds in most of MMO games works, the leader can chose what players to get for specific raid (Castle Siege here), instead kicking people who can't come, inviting ones who can and etc.
  5. Simply started a conversation for trade and when I told him that I can't accept his offer for 20/20 and giving him less, see the answer for yourself I didn't start a flame war but obviously he did, also what the hell this "aleni" means? :))
  6. Is it normal for Ancients to appear with different stats into web market instead with original ones?Example - Vega Sacred Armor or Pants in website adds +5 or 10 str, in-game they add +5 or 10 agility?Same with warrior ring.
  7. int24rain

    That wouldn't be fair, also using the Horse skill will be ,..
  8. int24rain

    Yesh but you can't do it w/o it and this is kinda useful for world bosses since this server is focused on it.
  9. int24rain

    Hello there!My name is Martin and I will introduce you simple, basic and most PVP orientated Vitality Rage Fighter. So, lets start with the Rage Fighter itself. Also I would like to thank @AndyMage for sharing this Mu Calculator with whom I was able to complete my build <3 Introduction Rage fighter is one of the newest classes into Mu Online sanctuary and it is very fun class to play.There are 3 most used builds which are - Agility, Energy and Vitality.This time we will speak about Vitality Rage Fighter.This build is mainly focused at Chain Drive skill and it is fully focused on PVP, this skill hits for 3-4 times at once (like most of the RF skills) and also slows the target (something like the Ice Arrow of Muse Elf, but without stun ability). 1.Armor To have a competitive RF you will need to think first what gear you will use.I will put some gear for NonReset server and its current status: Brass Set +DD+REF - Here you will have a lot of Damage Decrease with full Reflect which is very good when you have 5000+ hp. Brass Set +HP+REF - This is most likely the same as DD+REF but you will have more HP and more survivability. To be honest in my opinion both sets are good for beginner, try to make them +12 using website and afterwards you can try make them +15.With this set you can rule till 500-550 ML. Sacred Fire +DD+REF or HP+REF - Now this one has more defense in general and its Best in Slot items you should head for.Again do them to +12 via website and head for +15, but try to get a spare part so if it fails you can insta equip the new one :), you know Goblin is a biatch. 2.Weapons X Sacred Fire Gloves - 1 with EDR+DMG 2% or Mana and other one can be everything but try to head for Dmg 2%/+ one more option. Holy Storm Claws - 1 with EDR+DMG 2% or Mana and the other one can be everything but try to head for Dmg2%/+one more option. In the end most suitable builds are two and I will suggest this one in few phases: Start you RF with finding RF Cape. Find Sacred Fire Set +12+16 and Sacred Fire Gloves +12+16(Holy Storm Claws requires too much Str/Agi and you can use those points in Vitality instead). Get X SF Gloves +EDR and Pendant +EDR. Craft a Brass Set +12+DD+REF/HP+REF 3.Rings Head for DD/DD+REF or DD/DD+HP/HP+REF. 4.Stats There are 3 stat builds in my opinion: STR/AGI for gear (Brass+12+12, X SF Gloves+9+12) - rest Vitality STR/Agi for gear (SF+12+12, X Holy Storm Claws+9+12 - rest Vitality STR/AGI for gear (Brass or SF+12+12, Phoenix Soul Star +dmg200) - rest Vitality. Optimal Vitality is 2100, you can spread other points to STR/AGI.Don't experiment and put energy for health buff, its not worth to do that.You can start with stats for Brass set and put everything else to Vitality, later when you collect a good set + Phoenix Soul Star you can reset your stats, put STR/AGI for gear and everything else on Vitality. In General at level 400 you will have ~2863 points (depending on 3rd quest points) so if you put 2050-2100 Vitality you will have enough points for SF set and Phoenix Soul Star.Brass set +12+12 requires maximum 332 STR and 129 Agility, so you can calculate everything else. This is a small calculation with my current equipped set and stats for level 400 w/o ML in LaCleon - you can check it Voyager at website: There are small numbers for doing DMG on Selupan: 5.Master Level Tree At this server you have 200 points so try to spend them smart (well you can always reset with Credits but you can easily avoid this if you think in future). First 50 points which is the best for PVP/PVM in my opinion: Pvp Defense Success rate - 10 pts. Auto Mana - 10 pts. (you gonna need some free inventory and some mana reg) Auto HP - 10 pts (thats really good since you lack of defense but have a lot of HP) Auto AG - 5 pts (5 points is enough since you lack of AG but no need to spend more) Attack Success Rate - 15 pts (this is must be, you can always start with 10 and in later phase up it to 15-20) This is the second 50 points (50-100): Upper Beast - 10 pts (you use this often when your AG is over and there is nothing else you can put so you can get access to down tiers) Beast Upper Mastery - 10 pts Weapon Mastery - 10 pts Increase Chain Driver - 10 pts Increase PVP Attack Rate/Max Life Increase - 10 pts (you either chose PVP AR or Max Life to spend your last 10 points, but imo you go for PVP so you can early access the Double Damage Rate Talent, then you can go back and add 10 pts to Max Life) And the final build: Currently I don't have ML but I will update the build often and soon I will add an Energy RF build.This build is made by me and its not shared anywhere else, not copied from anyone else, it can lack of information but this is all I learned for RF till now; don't judge my build if you know more than me, better avoid typing if you want to argue with me.; Later I will put how to setup a Mu Helper so you can use Chan Drive till 0 AG and switch to Weapon skill until you get AG.