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    Cerberus reacted to Gion in The Newspaper is hiring ! Wait, what ?   
    Hello, OldSquaders !
    First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in reading the Newspaper ! The Newspaper was created especially for you, the players, its only purpose being to connect us as much as possible and to get to know each other. So, here we are, the concept was a success, also bringing up more forum activity, even tho it looks like you enjoy the beefs more than the good things (yes, y'all, I saw your dirty little desires and secrets ). But that's fine, I don't blame any of you.. We all know that it's @Reporter 's fault, so.. it is the time..  we need to find another one ...
    (*clears throat*)
    Y'all really did believe me?
    Now speaking seriously, at the request of our now Head Reporter, because he is very busy in real life and the time is not at his pinky at the moment, we are opening the applications for an additional Reporter, meant to fulfill the rest of the activities (some more interviews, not necessarily with the same length as the ones that are already made, but more general and statistical, because any newspaper does need statistics too / maybe some more rumors, ofc, because you like it, our HeadReporter showed us). In this way I want to shoutout @Reporter again, and to thank him for his work, it is awesome ! 
    In order to apply, just tell us why would you like to be a part of the Newspaper, tell us something about you (age, location, whatever) and any idea to improve the Newspaper, on our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, via Messenger
    ---> https://www.facebook.com/OldSquadMU/
    ADMIN, Head Reporter and me will review the applications.

    The job is also rewarded with 500 - 800 credits per week, depending on the activity.
    Some requirements:
    This job has to be more of a passion, and because it is kind of easy (you don’t need to invest more than 2-3 hours per week), we are looking for players interested to cooperate for a long term. Also, since the ‘official’ language is English, a decent level of English knowledge is required, even tho the Head Reporter and me will guide the Junior Reporter with pleasure.
    These being said, we wish you all good luck and we are looking forward to find the right person to help us make the Newspaper even more interesting for us all !
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    Cerberus reacted to Reporter in Council a New Project for OS Community   
    The Council, a project in which experienced or not so experienced players can help the administrative team take the best decisions in the game, where they can ask for explanations and understand the direction our community is heading.
    Over time I have seen all sorts of players with or without experience who complain about various things, they usually expect that if you enter the forum and open a simple topic, everything is solved, without thinking about the consequences. For example: an Elf player would like to have the top pvp Elf, top PVM, top everything, of course, it's easy to go in and ask but the impact of an upgrade of a class in the game can ruin the whole balance of the server.
    This new project is about us, about the players, about our community, a project that will help us to evolve progressively, I had a little talk with Gion, and I asked him to give us some more details about this project, so you can understand better what it is about. I've selected the most on-point discussions:
    Reporter:" Hello, Gion ! " 
    Gion: " Hello, my dear friend ! "
    Reporter: "Can you tell us where the idea for the council came from? Who thought of this project and what is its purpose? " 
    Gion: " Sure ! ADMIN had this idea, we wanted to implement it since the beginning of Inception, but we had a lot to work on the server side, so we delayed it until now. " 
    Reporter:" What are your expectations from future Council members?
    Gion: " Since we delayed the project until now, it is understood by default that we want some quality, meaning that we cannot let 90% of the players' opinions in the hands of the .. let's say people who are not ready.
    Reporter:" The opinions of these council members will have a decisive impact on the game ?" 
    Gion : " Of course. It is well known that this game is better in teams, no matter if a team has 2-5-25 members. Assuming that a team is usually sharing the way of thinking, because that's why they're a team, right ? So, assuming that the team has the same mentality, our aim is to have a representative in as many teams as possible, from the newcomers' parties up to the highest guilds. Just like a sampler does. Our aim is the Democracy. We want everyone to matter, and taking this into account, that's why I said that the Council is 90% of the players' opinion, any player can still open polls / suggestions / etc. by himself"
    Reporter: "After a player joins this Council, will he be able to continue to talk freely on the forum or in game?" 
    Gion :" Yessir ! Anyone can speak freely "
    Reporter:" Will these players, once they enter this Council have any advantage in the game?" 
    Gion: " There are no immediate physical rewards, as there are no responsabilities, but I am sure that the overall quality of the personal gameplay, as well as the public gameplay will be highly increased soon " 
    Reporter:" Those who register, in order to be elected, must know how to speak English very well? " 
    Gion: " It is recommended to know English in order to be able to let us, the others, know what's on your mind."
    Reporter:" In the announcement made regarding the recruitments of council members you mentioned that those members should be "Players that had contributed during these years", can you be a little more explicit?"
    Gion: " You don't have to meet all the requirements in order to be "elected" as a Council member. As you can see, the newcomers will be a part of it too. That's the "academic" answer, the true reason was already mentioned by me above, and it is that we want quality, even the newcomers have to show that they are ready and that they are really willing to do this. Obviously, the ones that "have already contributed during these years" are well-known by us. And we appreciate it. Looking forward to see more people doing it ! Cheers !" 
    Reporter:" But when you say "contributed" you do not mean that he need to be a donor or something, right? "
    Gion: " 🤦‍♂️No, sir. It has nothing to do with the donations. We are talking about the ones who contributed with suggestions, ideas, also understanding when a suggestion/idea cannot be implemented not because it is wrong, but because we promote what the majority wants, just like it is in Democracy. "
    Reporter:"The announcement for the recruitment of these council members was made around 5-6 days ago, what is the status of the number of players registered for the selection? " 
    Gion: " There are some players who expressed their will to do this and we are very glad. Thank you !"
    Reporter: "Who will select these members and when will this selection take place?" 
    Gion: " The selection is made by ADMIN and me, as I said, based on the previous experiences (personal or public), no matter how small these experiences were. As you can see, we have already stared to add Members. "
    Thank you very much, Gion ! I am convinced that this new project will have 100% success rate !
    Old Squad Council, a new futuristic project that is made for our community benefits! You have nothing to lose guys, to apply for a council member position  just send a message with your CV via Facebook messenger ! 
    More details here :  https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3883-oldsquad-council/  
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    Cerberus reacted to Reporter in The Origins of OldSquad Players' Names   
    Nice story @Cerberus, and i want to thank you that even after you have quit the game you still read TheNewsPaper: )) 
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    Cerberus got a reaction from Reporter in The Origins of OldSquad Players' Names   
    Cerberus: I actually stole this nickname many years ago.. My first Season2 server that i've played (i think it was around 2008-2009) with some friends, there was this russian or ukrainian guy (i think, not sure) with a MG char called Cerberus. So this guy left the server after some time and gave the MG to my friends to play with it. So from that moment started my passion for MG (my fav char :D) and i started using that nickname most of the time when i play MG.
    The meaning of the name, copied from wiki: "often referred to as the hound of Hades, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving"

    Fun facts about that server:
    it was really hard, i think it was 3x exp with max of 2 resets Rune Blade was never added to the item drop but that guy and my friends begged the admin for it and he actually gave them the item. This was the only MG on the server with a Rune Blade
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in Introducing Gion & New mini-projects   
    I have few announcements to make and I'll try to keep them short enough.
    Firstly, I would like to introduce you our new Administrator - Community Manager - @Gion.
    Gion has been part of our Community as a Head Admin since a long time.
    He did his job in a good manner until now so he's ready to take the next step in our Community as an Administrator.
    Basically he is getting my current position as a Community Manager, which means he will cover the entire non-technical community support as well as few new mini-projects.
    You may have noticed a slow response-time from my side as well as a lower forum activity compared to normal. This was because I'm stepping out from public relationships for now (reason: "burnt-out") and I'll remain to work in the backstage for the technical/creative aspect as well as the game design of our current and future projects.
    I will still be active on facebook for technical support - which I ask you to use it exclusively for technical support. For any other kind of support you'll have to contact @Gion in the usual places (forum,game,facebook). He'll pass me the message/inquiry if needed.
    Secondly, soon we'll have a rework of the forum that will imply changes in the process of submitting bugs/suggestions to make them more efficient, as well as other forum tweaks.
    Thirdly, @Gion will be handling 2 of our new mini-projects:
    - Community Council - This will be a new forum & discord group where we'll select some active players, which will represent the community of players, in order to facilitate a good relationship between us as staff and players.
    Our goal is to have at least 1 player from each of the "big" guilds, as well as different type of extra players (newbies,old players,etc.)
    We'll use the discord group to communicate for improvements/bugs and anything related for both current and future projects.
    More info soon.
    - Soccer Night - Some of you know, most of you don't. We do have a very nice custom soccer system that we've developed on Inception but we failed to put it in use (lack of players interested) in it's previous forms of organization.
    We'll try to put it again in use, but this time under a totally new structure that we do hope will assure that any participant does have real chances no matter if he has friends to play with or not.
    More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3851-soccer-night/

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    Cerberus reacted to Collision in [Interview] Oklahoma   
    Pure  envy on my 'stash Oklahoma ...
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    Cerberus reacted to Sparkle in [Interview] Oklahoma   
    Well, It seems to me that Oklahoma has traumas regarding Makiavelli.... 
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    Cerberus reacted to Hvman in Feedback from players   
    Btw, will u ever start warning players selling small wings on market to players that might be in a rush or trying to buy their 1st lvl wings and buy actually small wings from market? ^^
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    Cerberus got a reaction from Nemo in Sub-server implementation ideas   
    two sub-servers only first sub-server to have invasions (golden inv, rabbits, ww etc.) second sub-server to have no invasion but 20% bonus exp for 1-250 lvl for example so newbies can catch up second sub-server to have 20% more zen drop (or even jewel?) to attract all alts here
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    Cerberus reacted to KillBill in language canicula   
    english translation using google translate:"I give you the blowjob"
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in [Phoenix] Official Information (everything you need to know)   
    Because we expect a bit higher population at the start than usual, we've decided to release some spots in Elbeland 2, Elbeland 3, Dungeon 1 & Dungeon 2 - as Devias alternatives.
    You have 8 new spots in Elb2-3 and 8 new spots in Dg1-2.
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in [Phoenix] Downloads   
    Client has been added.
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in Announcing Phoenix #2 - Bring the Light!   
    Hello OldSquaders,
    It is well known that we are experiencing darker times due to this COVID outbreak, so we kindly ask you to let us bring the light and give you some occupation while you're at home, more exactly let Phoenix bring the light with its second edition!
    Yes, you heard it well, our Project Phoenix is rising for its second edition, coming stronger than ever, with a lot of new fun systems for you to enjoy while you're staying home!
    Phoenix is featuring our CS V2 System, Mercenary Squad V2 System, End-Game Quest System, a new Progressive Gameplay and a bunch of other great things, to make sure you have a nice stay in our community!
    Prepare yourselves for another great journey brought to you by OldSquad Community!
    Grand Opening: 03 April at 18:00 GMT+2 (Mobs will spawn at 19:00 GMT+2).
    Full Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/
    Test-Server for Phoenix will be opened to public with few days before launch!
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    Cerberus reacted to Gion in New server?   
    Hey there !
    Phoenix Project, our second edition of custom NonReset, will be here sooner than you expect. We will release the full info in a couple of days.
    Cheers !  
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in Upgrading server machine   
    Today at around 17:00 Server Time we'll finish the process of upgrading our server machine.
    This means that Inception & website will be down for 30~90 minutes.
    Reconnect won't work so you'll have to rejoin when it will be back.
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in EXP Increased due to the outbreak   
    Due to the current global outbreak, we've decided to increase Inception's EXP for its remaining life, so people can have a bit easier time playing it while they're at home.
    Normal EXP: Doubled.
    ML EXP: +50%.
    We're also working hard to bring you the new Phoenix edition as soon as possible.
    Happy gaming and stay safe!
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    Cerberus reacted to Reporter in I am Reporter. Just a random player!   
    Many players are wondering who Reporter is and why is he anonymous, why does he do this, and if he abuses the game with his position? Well, at this moment, the Reporter is just me (a random player), I am doing it for several months and I am doing everything in my power to have fun on the forum with the only purpose to increase the level of involvement for players in the forum and for our community. It is very likely that sometimes I write only the first appearance of an event in my articles (maybe I have only one sided part of story) , but if shit happens and I am wrong, I admit it publicly. I do not consider myself a perfect Reporter, but I consider myself a man with a strong spine and this means that I am able recognize my mistakes publicly, a mistake should  help everyone to evolve by not repeating it, no matter the circumstance. Plus, I am trying to deliver publicly the News, which I am personally picking, as soon as possible. 
    If you look at the things constructively, this community has many hundreds or even thousands of players, and it deserves all the best! To be a Reporter inside this community means that you have to voice publicly the community voice, and this means to be equidistant even if you are a player. You have to put the job in the foreground, maybe you have incomplete information, sometimes a Reporter can only express the point of view that he gets on the ground(in game) , so I always must be careful what to write, in order to avoid controversies. But if I have strong arguments or evidence, I can do it with my eyes closed, I believe in the freedom of speech , I believe in this project in which I am involved, and I hope that freedom of speech will always win! I believe in truth and I will refuse to publish a lie, being aware of it.
    I will always refuse to believe that the accuracy of my articles is prejudiced by my pride as a player, or the pride of the people I play with, I will always criticize mistakes (even if they are mine, or Admin's) and I will always bring due respect to those who deserve, regardless of the camp they belong to.
    Being a Reporter means more than being an admin, an admin can make hot decisions, without thinking twice or he can be as proud as he wants, but he has to be even cause the only main judge on this server is Admin. I believe he acts always to increase the value of our community, maybe sometimes he does mistakes, even him can act without caring for the moment and ban someone just cause he was rude. He is right in 99% out of all cases , but I care, I care about all the players (I have an affection for those who put their soul in this game, some of these people make some big mistakes, and some of them do those mistakes because they have the impression that they have the absolute truth and that they have to reveal it to all the server, without thinking twice, without "sitting in Admin's chair"). I also care about all the articles I write, and, if I am wrong, I blame myself. Tho when I have a story to tell , especially when I am one of the most spiritualists, and I get an interview or just an anonymous opinion I commit myself to say it without being constrained by staff or other "forces". Let the truth (even one sided) go public !
    When that time will come and I will give up being a reporter (or I will be fired),  I hope that this project will continue and that the new Reporter who will take over this job will surpass me and raise the written press to the highest level. 
    Until then, the Reporter is me, just a random player, trying to get involved in the community, to take its pulse, and publicly transmit the most important things that happens in our servers and to interview the top players. I do not consider myself a super player or a super star cause I have this job, and I do not think that Reporter should be looked at like this, everything about NewsPaper must and should be about the community. I apologize as a human being, in this way, to those who felt offended in the written articles, but I can assure that those articles have been written with heart and soul and they will be written in the same manner, for the only thing that matters: to bring truth to light and to get our community stronger!
    I have it in the signature, but I feel the need to write it again: "Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! "
    So guys, feel free to judge me, to reply in NewsPaper, to like or dislike my articles! Feel free and speak truth, I will always appreciate it and I will do my best to write the truth down for our community. 
    Best Regards, 
    Your Reporter, the one that OldSquad Community has at this moment! 
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    Cerberus reacted to Reporter in [Interview] mafy   
    This interview is about mafy, a pro player who made the strongest Summoner on Inception,  he owned his place in this NewsPaper Hall of Fame because he broke the last stages of the game at a very far away distance from the 2nd place (for example, when he entered in the last stage he had 5 resets in advance, compared to the 2nd place), he made the best Summoner on Inception and he is also ranked number 2 on general Reset Rankings, number 4 on general Hall of Fame Rankings (no 1 on Summoner Hall of Fame Rankings), and he also is present in top 5 on almost all other rankings that we have on website.
    Reporter: " Hello, mafy,  you have built the best Summoner on this server, Congratulations!!" 
    mafy : "Hello, Reporter, thank you for these appreciations and I'm honored to be in your NewsPaper Hall of Fame." 
    Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you managed to climb in all those rankings and to get in top 5 on almost all  ?"
    mafy : "I've managed to climb in all those rankings by having a good permanent party, by having a flexible schedule and having active party members, so we could always go to events. We've managed to go complete all entries to bc,ds,cc almost every day. I love a lot to do all events possible, and I always focused on all of them when I am online, including bosses, Castle Siege , etc. I find this the most attractive part of the game."  
    Reporter : " There are rumors that in previous editions you played BK and that this edition is the first one where you play Summoner, is it true?" 
    mafy : "Yeah, I used to play only bk for like 15 years ( with breaks, ofc). I've also had a try with AE on last 50rr edition here, I've just wanted to play casual on that db, but I had a good start with a really good party gathered in Lorencia at startup (with Lovise, WhiteBK, Mr.Cristian - turned to be a perma party). Lovise quit after a while, so I continued on his SM, but WhiteBK retired aswell, so I finished up on his bk. I can say I still played BK also that edition. Returning to the question, yes, this is my first time ever as Summoner. I also wanted to play casual this DB, but, again, a really good party in the beginning messed up my plans and turned it for me into a "hardcore" edition. "  
    Reporter: "I have some personal questions for you, do you agree to give us some personal details about the man behind that player?" 
    mafy : "Sure."  
    Reporter: "What is your occupation? Do you a have family ? How old are you? What encourages you to play this "forgotten" game that is kept alive only by old school "maniacs", like us ? " 
    mafy : " I finished the college and I got a diploma in automatics engineering. I'm 28 years old, I'm married and I have an one year old little boy. This is why I was so active this edition, he kept me close to home, I paused the long trips for a while, also going out every night and the drinks with friends were greatly reduced. For me the time spent with my family is the most important in the world  .😃  So from one of the biggest afkers  ( Psyke's competitor haha) and from the one who was carried by the team because of the lack of time,  I turned into a hardcore player for a while (like old times :D), and was my time to carry others. 
    What encourages me... I name it "MU VIRUS" once you start playing this game ( especially , the oldschool guys who started more than a decade ago) you can't stop playing it. Since more than like five years ago, on every database I say "ok, this is my last db ever. Time to stop playing this game", but really nice projects like Oldsquad servers and old players who ask me to play make me join again and again and over again. ^^ " 
    Reporter : "What are you doing for a living?"
    mafy : "I'm managing my own fitness club, so nothing to do with automatics engineering  that's just my back up plan, just in case, if I will ever need a full time job." 
    Reporter: "How did you found OldSquad ?"
    mafy : " As I remember, RedBuLL told me about it, and I started here in first db among all old players who came from the most famous Romanian server at that time." 
    Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?""
    mafy : "I've always played with nickname "mafy". Last 50rr edition I had my AE named Wicked." 
    Reporter: "Did you had VIP activated since Inception started?? "
    mafy : "Yes, and I was able to farm enough credits to keep it activated all the time." 
    Reporter :" Do you think OldSquad servers are having a real play to win concept ? Or you think that only donors can get in top? " 
    mafy : "It depends. If you are a hardcore player, you can easily obtain everything you need without donating(Mu3rTe and me are some examples for Inception). But on the other side, if you are a casual player you can buy VIP and items from market, so you get in top and start being competitive in the easy way.   But I consider it being more play2win than pay2win."
    Reporter :"Do you have a permanent party? Do you have this permanent party since Inception started?"
    mafy : "I always play with a permanent party. I think this is the key to be competitive. Can't do everything alone, teamwork always leads to great achievements. I've changed 3 permanent parties because many of them quit, my actual party is with Mu3rTe, AdriaNN and Sparkle. "  
    Reporter: "What happened to your old permanent parties ?"
    mafy : " In the first perma party, we were only 3 active players: me, Ganacci and Fatman. Trompeta and WhiteBK, they were afk all the time, so after a while they said that they have to quit because of lack of time. After this, because of some misunderstandings in our party, Fatman deleted his char, so Ganacci quit aswell (he also didn't like some settings and considered this edition is too hard for his style). I was also close to quit, but I found Snook's party searching for members, so Fatman took Trompeta's char and we both joined them. After a while, Snook and his team was really busy so they hadn't enough time to play, so they were about to quit, and that incident with Snook made them all quit (TheKing, Snook and Alex). Mu3rte started to play, Makiavelli's party was also broken, so we started the last perma party - mafy, Mu3rTe, Makiavelli, Sparkle and AdriaNN. "  
    Reporter : "At the beginning of the server you joined Squadron guild, what happened? Why did you left Squadron to join Rampage ? " 
    mafy : "Yeah, I've played with Squadron guild before, I know them all, I still consider them all my friends, although some of them threw some bad words towards me  . Initially, RedBuLL told us about this new edition and we were supposed to join a whole guild from another server, but many ppl changed their mind in the last few days before the start, so we stared only 1 party here. Why I left Squadron? ... I'm not a player who jumps from guild to guild just for winning or having benefits, I have principles and I'm against compromises. As I said to Squadron members nicely, (was a party decision, not only mine) my party left Squadron to join Rampage because, first of all, RedBuLL told us about this new edition and he invited us to play here. Secondly,  RedBuLL is our friend for more than 10 years, it was obviously to follow him, considering these 2 reasons. "  
    Reporter: "There are rumors that there were strong quarrels inside Rampage that made you leave the guild,  are they true?  "
    mafy : "There were not strong quarrels, but yes, there were some fights inside guild that I didn't like, so I preferred to play out of guild for a while. I didn't left to join other guild. I simply preferred to play quietly for a while and it was the most relaxing time I had on this edition . "  
    Reporter : "Did those fights took place immediately after you won one of the battles for supremacy?"
    mafy : " Fights were since the beginning because of different visions and opinions. Winning didn't brought argues, they were already there, haha."  
    Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions ? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed?" 
    mafy : "I don't believe in superstitions at all. I think the main reason why some guilds fail is the lack of organization and also because of the pride and the selfishness of some. "
    Reporter: " The population on the server has dropped in the last few months from 600+ characters on, to 300+ chars on, now it seems stable, what do you think is the cause of this population decline??"
    mafy : "You can't make a perfect server since the beginning... There are always things that need to be adjusted as the server advances, but many ppl can't understand this and at every problem there are some who quit. Every problem was solved sooner or later. Anyway, you can't please everyone. I also think that this is the range of a mu server life, 3-4 months, after this time they are slowly dying. " 
    Reporter: "After the Castle Siege that took place two weeks ago, you had a period when the most important Hardcore players (including you) were offline , the remaining active players left guild and now Hardcore looks like a guild scattered all over the server. What happened?  "
    mafy : "I went on a small vacation for 5 days, but I was also thinking yo quit when I saw that we are 5-7 ppl against whole server united.   But I returned and reconsidered, so I went back online    "
    Reporter: "At the Castle Siege from last week you fought against ATTACK guild, why?"
    mafy : "Yeah... it was our duty to return them that "favor". We were only 3 ppl trying to mess them, but they managed to win despite this, so I have to congratulate them for the organization and for bringing full squad there. It's the first time when I see them having identity, and it looks like a very good guild is born. Congrats! GG, WP "
    Reporter : " Can you give us some tips about Summoner stats build and ML skill tree for Summoner to be a top pvp character ? Can you reveal yours?"
    mafy : "My stats build was always a mystery (also when i played BK and not only on this server) and I like to keep it that way. That's why only a few close friends have access to my account and pc, only those I really trust!  .  I think there isn't a standard perfect build for a char. You must adapt your stats build with your style and also with your role in the team. It's also about experience, thinking and adapting to each situation. Two players can have same build and items, but there always will be one better than the other. You must find that little thing that can make you the winner. Things are even easier having the test server , that's another innovative way brought for us by Admin, where anyone can find the perfect build for him."
    Reporter : " Now I see you and Mu3rte online and active, will you try to fight for the castle again? " 
    mafy : "Yes, this CS V2 sounds really good, we will try to bring as many players as we can on the battle field. I also hope that all debts were paid between guilds and I think everybody (including staff) will want to see a first FULL CLEAN fight and the best to win, without any anti-game. I saw some problems inside PlayBoys, but I hope they manage to make a good team for this CS so we can see a 3 guilds fair fight for the first time in 5 months. I also hope ADMIN will record this expected epic fight. "
    Reporter: "What do you think about this new Castle Siege V2 ? "
    mafy : "This new CS V2 sounds really good, the staff doesn't stop to impress me (all of us, I think) with their innovative and unique ideas, you guys really MAKE MU GREAT AGAIN! "
    Reporter:"  Did you had any enemies in game on this data base? "
    mafy : " I can't call anyone from the server my enemy. I only have fun, I consider PK as a part of game, but many ppl take it personally. I can say that I had a time when I was hunting ATTACK, our guild was hunting them actually, because some of them are players with 2 faces. They were messaging us to stop killing them, but they were killing our ppl, or killing us in the night, or saying to a 10 y/o kid that will rape and kill her and her family, or something like that. They also had a time when they were only the anti-game guild on the server, first they talked to Squadron to help them against us, next week they message us that they will do everything against Squadron because they hate Squadron. But I think bad things went away when their toxic ex-leader was banned. As I know, his behavior was the only reason that started fights between our guilds. There is a Romanian proverb that says that "any green forest has its dry trees", in conclusion they also have nice ppl there, and as I said, it's just a game, I don't have a personal problem with any of them. I had only one uncontrolled rage at one CS, when I threw some bad words to Fane. I would like to apologize for that in this way. I hope he will read this. " 
    Reporter: "Have you ever had a moment in wanting to quit playing Summoner ?"
    mafy : "In the beginning, summoner was really weak and useless, but no way to quit playing it, despite that, this determined me to do everything to make it shine   Actually, there was a moment when Rusuletz quit , we needed 1 bk, so I was thinking to come back to my first love  , but I gave up and continued the journey with my character as it is, Summoner. " 
    Reporter: " Do you read the NewsPaper? What do you suggest to improve on it?"
    mafy : "There's always a pleasure to read your articles, you are doing a really great job! (even if sometimes you judge us in your articles and sometimes it seems like you are picking sides ). I suggest more interviews, they seem to be really fun. I also want to see there a topic where we can throw some questions for you, you select some of them and make your own interview. " 
    Reporter: " Haha, Reporter's interview! That is funny, people will say I invented questions for myself ^^(I am joking, ofc). I will consider this idea, but, please let's get back to you, it is kind of late and I still have few questions.  "
    mafy: "Yea, sure, let's move on.  "
    Reporter " You said in one of the answers that you gave me earlier, some players in your camp or even from your permanent party, were banned by Admin with the reasons that they "tried to sell items for real money". What is your opinion about this rule? Do you think it's unfair? "
    mafy : "This rule stopped the "black market". I think is a fair and a really good idea. A player should never sell his char, especially a player who was helped by a guild or a permanent party. I consider that it is fair to donate the character to the ones left in game. " 
    Reporter : "Do you think cheaters deserve to be forgiven? Here I refer to cases such as GROM or DEADCATS, guilds that had major impact on server."
    mafy : "I think everybody deserve a second chance. I would really love to see GROM and DEADCATS back. I think they had their punishment, bugs are solved, so I'm voting for a second chance for them, but still keep an eye on them." 
    Reporter: " Do you have any messages to send to friends, enemies or Admin Staff? "
    mafy :  "Yes, I have some messages for all of them : 
     Message for friends: Sorry for calling you noobs when you are doing something wrong    Message for enemies: I want to apologize to some players, cause I might be arrogant sometimes, but when someone mess with me he gets in exchange the same payment and I might sometimes to overdo it.  Message for Staff: Keep up the good working and maybe you can try to answer faster when we ask something   " Reporter: "I would like to end the interview with two challenges. Do you accept them?"
    mafy : "Just shoot ! " 
    Reporter : "First one : Imagine that starting from today OldSquad is your server, what changes would you make to improve this server? What would you do to attract more players? What would you improve on it?  "
    mafy : "At first sight everything looks just perfect in my opinion. Maybe I would make a small group with top active players on server and ask them about the game play every week. I wouldn't wait until ppl start complaining and shake things on the server.
    I will also tell you what I would love to see here. If I'd own the server, I'd do the next thing: I would try to make an EPIC MEGA ULTRA LEGENDARY edition by bringing here GROM, DEADCATS, SQUADRON and old Linkmania rival guilds - Regal and SCREAM. I would like to see a legendary database that can bring back a lot of oldschool players and combining with the players we already have in this community, and with the stable server like this one can be a combination that can last months and will still be fun!" 
    Reporter :" Second challenge :Name 3 guilds from the beginning of your "Old Squad Journey"  you admired  , some details would be nice. "
    mafy : "1. Regal - our old Romanian legendary guild, I was one of their member back then , they were only one edition here, first one as I remember, they were so well organised and so active that GROM at that time didn't counted at any event. I remember there were 800+ online and 2 sub-servers, and we always managed to kill Selupan, medusa and all other bosses on both servers all the time   I hope somehow they can be brought here again for one more EPIC edition.
    2. Squadron - They are always very organised, they used to plan everything in detail, nothing is just "random" for them, those are the main reasons they get the most powerful guilds in all editions . 
    3. GROM - Despite that since I ever know them they tried to use all advantages they can get, including bugs, they remain a force, they always manage to gather top active players and they are competitive every time they show up." 
    Reporter: "Thank you very much, mafy, it was a pleasure !"
    mafy : "Thank you also for the 1000$ that I got to accept this interview.🤣"
     I will end this interview saying that mafy is not only a top player, he is also a decent person that has a lot of humor!🤣🤣🤣
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in Patch - CSV2   
    Release date: Anytime until Sunday's Siege.
    We're proud to introduce you our totally new concept related to CS that we've work on during last weeks. We really do believe that the new CS system will be much more fun, balanced, competitive, fair, rewarding and interesting compared to its previous state since WebZen created it (and we've adjusted a little in CSV1).
    Note: Even though we've announced that the new CS will be on Wormhole as well this week, we've decided that it is better to monitor only one CS at a time (as they are on the same time). Due to this, we've decided to let only Inception on the new CS on this week (and only next week on Wormhole).

    Note2: We consider the new system in BETA until it is played at least 2-3 times, so problems may appear as well as bugs/system crashes (taking into account the magnitude of the system), so we really need your feedback after each CS, where we will also be online to monitor it.
    Note3: On this CS, on Inception, CS will start with OldSquad as Defenders so everyone starts with same chances on this new system.
    Now, the part that you were all waiting, the actual CS changes, the CS V2 System:
    Improvements to LoT Permission concept: Now GM can give LoT access without the need of characters to be online/same server, only to exist. Note: It doesn't matter how you write the name in terms of upper and lower cases, just to be correct. Now you can join LoT only by command /lot. GM can give permission only to the characters that he consider 'worthy', ofc, he can grant permission to everyone from guild and not only. Exception: GM doesn't need permission to use /lot. Now GM can set the tax for entering LoT. By default tax is 300.000 Zen. Max tax that can be set is 15.000.000 Zen. Note: GM can use /lottax Number, where Number = a number between 300000 and 15000000.  Now when using /lot you will pay the set tax in zen to the CS Money (that can be extracted from Senior by GM). Note: 70% of the TAX goes into guild budget on Senior and 30% is server-tax, which is deleted. Now you'll be noticed when you are being granted with access in LoT or when your access is removed. Now when you remove permission in LoT from a player, if he is in LoT he will be moved outside of LoT. Note: Permission can be removed only if GM is on CS server (crywolf/valley/etc.)
      Improvements to Killers part of Gameplay: Now default kill points is 10 points. Now default kill points will be raised randomly during CS time (it will announce when it changes). This anomaly can happen between 17:30 and 18:30 only. There will be minimum 2 changes and maximum 4 changes during this hour. First change will happen at 17:30. Duration of a change is between 10 minutes and 20 minutes but at 18:30 points will get to normal no matter how much left from last change. The value of points will always be between 12 and 25 during change. It will be announced to participants when Kill Points are updated. Now normal kills will be DefaultValue-ResetDifference between targets. Minimum value is 2 points. Note: This means that if killer is higher in resets than the target killed, the points will go down with 1 point for each reset difference. Note2: If target is higher than killer the value remains maximum (the default value), it won't go higher. Now GM points is 5x default kill points (can't be lowered with ResetDifference). Now TANK points is 3x default kill points (can't be lowered with ResetDifference). Note: TANK rule is being BK or DL with VIT+AGI >= 60% of total points. Introducing CS roles: Now Guild Assistant is able to use /assist in order to teleport to his GM. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Now Battle Masters will always get the normal kill points value (ignoring reset difference) - apart from their AoE STUN access. Now GA's & BM's will give 2x default kill points when they are killed (if they are not tanks, else they give 3x). Note: Both GA & BM's are set in the moment when CS starts, any further change during CS won't change the effects to other players.
      Improvements to CS Gameplay: Now you can "feed" kill points to other participants only if your Guild does have at least 300 points. DEF Points updated: You get 1 point in first 30 minutes after initialization (17:15-17:44) You get 2 points between 17:45 and 18:09 (25 minutes). You get 3 points between 18:10 and 18:29 (20 minutes). You get 4 points between 18:30 and 18:44 (15 minutes). You get 6 points between 18:45 and 19:00 (15 minutes). Now if Defenders GM is out of room his team will only get half of DEF points per second as long as he is out of room. Example: If current DEF points is 3 per second, if GM is outside of room the team will only get 2 points per second. Example2: If current DEF points is 6 per second, if GM is outside of room the team will only get 3 points per second. Now if Defenders GM stays near crown throne (between 174x/214y and 178x/217y) his team will get an extra 1 point per second. Example: If current DEF points is 4 per second, if GM is near crown his team will get 5 points per second. Introducing CS Builds: Now all CS participants can make a free rebuild during each CS (anytime during CS, but you can't stay in Valley without doing the rebuild). This means that you can play any build of your character, depending on your guild strategy and what is needed at that CS. This also means that Tanks are no longer part of normal gameplay - anyone can play Tank for CS, GM's are no longer doomed to make a character only for 2 hours per week of fun, as well as the stampers. This builds aren't kept, so at the end of CS you will get back to your previous build. With this change we're aiming to "fix" multiple things: Encourage new guilds to participate at CS without the need to depend on random players to sacrifice their gameplay for TANK in order to have any chance at CS. Encourage PvM players to take part into CS despite their build being PvM for the rest of the time, increasing number of CS participants. Bring a layer of "freshness" on each CS, as strategies can be changed/adjusted after each CS, nothing being "meta" for too long. Note: All current TANKS characters can get a FREE rebuild. Condition: Be a DL or BK with more than 60% of total points in AGI+VIT. Contact us for the manual rebuild. FIXED all statues & gates default values & upgrades from Senior as well as buffed HP, Attack Rate & DMG of Canon Towers. Info: Statues starts with 1.500.000 HP, 80 DEF and 0% Recovery. With all upgrades (that costs JoG & Zen) a statue will have 5.000.000 HP, 550 DEF and 3% Recovery.  Gates starts with 1.900.000 HP and 100 DEF. With all upgrades (that costs JoG & Zen) a gate will have 5.200.000 HP and 520 DEF. Along with the fixes, we've also reduced the characters damage to gates/statues, so that repairing/upgrading gates & statues can bring a new layer of gameplay at CS for Defenders, that can opt to defend them and win extra time (& points). To compensate this advantage for Defenders, we are also adding 2 new advantages for attackers: Introducing Build Ban: Now The attacker with most sign of lord registered each week can BAN a build at that CS. This means that the banned build can't be used by all participants. Any build from the banned list can be banned including VDL/VBK, depending on everyone's strategy. Note: You need to register at least 300 Signs to be able to BAN a build, not only being first. Builds that can be banned (banned list): ESM, ABK, VBK, EE, AE, SMG, SDL, VDL, ERF, VRF. If a build is banned, characters from that class can't have more than 20% of total points in that stat. Example: If EE build is banned, an ELF with 32000 total points can't have more than 6400 ENE at that CS. Command for banning a build: /banbuild Build. Period for Build Ban is between Saturday 00:00 and Sunday 16:45. Note: If the highest sign guild doesn't ban a build between this period, no build will be banned for the CS. Introducing Handicap System: After each CS win, the winners will get a handicap for the upcoming CS. Handicap starts with weak punishments and goes harder as following: 1st win: On next CS the team starts with -800 points. 2nd win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -2000 points. 3rd win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -3500 points. 4th win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -3500 points and 2/3 of VIT limit for GM (if limit is 15k the GM will have a limit of 10k VIT). 5th win (consecutive) and onward: On next CS the team starts with -5000 points and 2/3 of VIT limit for GM. This Handicap system is aiming to reduce the time spent as CS winners for the same Guild. Now there is a maximum value of VIT that can be used at CS, depending on stage of the Game (Current Value: 15k). Exception: VRF. Now Town Portals will be deleted when you enter CS server. Now when you enter CS server if you have any Life Stones created they will be removed. Now after first 30 minutes, every 15 minutes the GM from the team with the lowest points at that moment will receive a Life Stone that can be used anytime during the CS. Note: If GM does leave CS server (switch char, disconnect, or going to server1) he will lose the accumulated life stones. Life Stone can be used by dropping it on the ground. After dropping it, it will take 1 minute for it to become "active". While a life stone is active, people that die from that guild will respawn from the place where the Life Stone is placed. Life stone does have 30kk HP and can be destroyed by opponents (before the activation minute as well). Now in order to access the CS NPC where you need to register signs (during signs period) you need to respect the following requirements: 1. Have at least 15 members in your Guild. 2. Have an average reset score bigger than 60% of top1 player resets. If you don't have those requirements you can't register signs, but you can still register to CS. Now Attackers that die at CS will respawn between end of the bridge and 1st line of gates. Now Defenders that die at CS will respawn between middle of 1st & 2nd gates and middle of 2nd & 3rd gates. Now in order to access the CS battle (stay in valley) you need to respect the following requirements: 1. Have at least 15 members in your Guild. 2. Have an average reset score bigger than 60% of top1 player resets. 3. Have at least 5 members from guild online on either valley or crywolf. If any of this requirements fails, you will be moved out from valley when you try to enter during CS. Checks are happening each 60 seconds (and you are noticed how many seconds left before next check). This last changes will (automatically) make it much harder for people to do "ghost" strategies, but still doable.
      Improvements to CS Rewards: Now if a CS guild makes over 4500 points at CS the GM will automatically get 7 days VIP at the end of CS if he is online (either extension to current VIP level or a new VIP for 7 days). Now at the end of CS, if the GM of loser guilds is online, he will get 1x GM Box for every 1500 points they made at CS (to split with the rest). Now at the end of CS, if the top3 killers are online & they have more than 300 points contribution (each), they will get 3/2/1 days VIP (based on their place) - either extension to current VIP level or a new VIP for 3/2/1 days. Also, the new Rewards System (not mentioned here) will be up on the next project/edition, that will change the vision about LoT.
      Improvements to CS info/messages: Now everyone can see current CS Points when they are announced globally (server 1 as well, not only CS players). Now current DEF Points and current Kill Points are announced everytime score is announced (only for participants). Now you can see current DEF Points and current Kill Points when you write /score. Now /score will only show teams that have at least 1 point. Now when writing /score you will also see your current points contribution to your team, as well as your current kills & the banned build. Note: Score will now show on the global along with current DEF/KILL points, and your contribution/kills & banned build as system message. Now CS winner will be announced on global (not only on CS server) - server1 can see it as well. It will also announce the runner-up with its points as well if it does exist. Now killing a GM/Tank will also show his name. Now killing a player will also notice you (points earned and player killed). Now there is a Top3 CS Killers (contributors) announcement on global each 5 minutes. It contains position, name, guild, points and kills. It is announced globally (server 1 can see the top as well). Now when DEF points are increased it will be announced for CS participants. Now when Kill Points are increased/decreased it will be announced for CS participants.
      Improvements to CS Characters buffs: Command DL build removed from CS server (useless). Mana Shield skill formula on CS server changed: Old: 2 + AGI/700 + ENE/3500, 30% max rate, 60s duration. New: 2 + AGI/800 + ENE/5000, 35% max rate, 90s duration. EE DEF skill formula on CS server changed: Old: ENE/20, 120s duration. New: ENE/18, 90s duration. EE DMG skill formula on CS server changed: Old: ENE/18, 120s duration. New: ENE/15, 90s duration. Sweal skill formula on CS server changed: Old: 10 + VIT/600 + ENE/200, 100% max rate, 60s duration. New: 5 + VIT/700 + ENE/250, 120% max rate, 90s duration. Critical damage skill formula on CS server changed: Old: ENE/30 + CMD/50, 60s duration. New: ENE/25 + CMD/200, 90s duration. Increase VIT skill formula on CS server changed: Old: 100 + ENE/4, 60s duration. New: 300 + ENE/7, 90s duration. Increase DSR skill formula on CS server changed: Old: 50 + ENE/10, 60s duration. New: 200 + ENE/14, 90s duration. Stern (stun) skill from Battle Masters changed: Old: 20 seconds duration, 4 kills required. New: 6 seconds duration, 10 kills required. Extra effect: People under Stern can no longer use Potions until it expires. Cancel stern kills required changed from 2 to 5.
      Extra CS changes: Crown changes: Old: GM lose 0.35 seconds accumulated on crown for every 1 second they are outside of CS room. Old: GM lose 1 second accumulated on crown for each miss-click on crown / lose of switch, etc. New: GM no longer lose accumulated seconds on crown when they are outside of CS room. New: GM lose 1.5 seconds accumulated on crown for each miss-click on crown / lose of switch, etc. CS Schedule changes: Monday 00:00 -> Wednesday 23:59 - Normal Register (at NPC) Thursday 00:00 -> Friday 23:59 - Signs of Lord period. Saturday 00:00 -> Saturday 23:59 -> Late Registrations (Website) - no signs accepted. Note: Manual registration rule for CS is now removed, the Late Registration from website is taking its place, with the same concept but now automatically. Note2: Period for Build Ban is between Saturday 00:00 and Sunday 16:45, if the highest sign guild doesn't ban a build between this period, no build will be banned for the CS. Maximum IP connections on CS server is now 1 instead of 2.
    As an END-note, we really hope that you'll like the new system and we can't wait to see it in action. Despite a lot of changes, we'll improve/adjust anything needed in the next period related to the new system, based on your feedback, until we have something 100%.
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    Cerberus reacted to Reporter in [Interview] Makiavelli   
    This interview is about Makiavelli, one of the best Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad has ever had , he is ranked top number one on Magic Gladiator reset ranking, Blood Castle rankings, and second ranked on hall of fame main (he owns 10 Hall of Fame trophies at this moment), and he is also a stage breaker. 
    Reporter: "Hello, Makiavelli ! At this moment you are ranked as number one on MG reset rankings, on Blood Castle and second ranked on hall of fame, congratulations! "

    Makiavelli: " Hello, Reporter, and thank you! "
    Reporter : " Can you reveal us your name and age? "
    Makiavelli : " Of course, my name is Marius and  I`m 28  ."
    Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? "
    Makiavelli : "  When I play mu I`m very dedicated and I play it a lot, that`s why after every DB I play I usually take a break for atleast a few months in which I don't even touch the PC "
    Reporter: "What do you do in real life for a living?"
    Makiavelli: "I`m a dentist. "
    Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? "
    Makiavelli: "I can`t remember exactly, but I think around 2004. "
    Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?"
    Makiavelli: "I think my friend RedBuLL was the one who told me about OS in 2015 or 2016. "
    Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" 
    Makiavelli:" I`ve had Makiavelli for years, krazee before that, many others in the past."
    Reporter: "Since 2015 when you started to play OS, have you played on any other servers? 
    Makiavelli:"I only had an attempt to play other server which opened while i was waiting for OS and as soon as OS was ready i played them both at the same time. There was a conflict in the antihacks of the servers or something like that and sometimes my client would get closed so I couldn`t afk properly. The decision was very easy to make, i quit the other server and stayed on OS, which is the only server that i would play now. "
    Reporter :"Why did you choose this server?"
    Makiavelli:" There`s a lot of work put in this servers since it started and I like the settings more than any other server I`ve ever played
    and even though I`d very much like to play a S14 I only enjoy mu on OS in the last years so im willing to play it even on S6"
    Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? You have this VIP since you started Inception?"
    Makiavelli:"Yes, I have PRO vip activated since it first came up, before that i juggled between dealer and hunter, depending on the stage of the game. "
    Reporter: " How did you manage to achieve so many hall of fame trophies? Can you reveal us "the secret"?  "
    Makiavelli: "You just have to be active and have proper builds/gameplay: either for PVP (arena) or PVE (BC/DS/CC). Testing is the key to everything, someone beat you in something, either pve or pvp event, go to test server and find out what happened - you can at least do as good as he did . "
    Reporter :"Since you are top one Magic Gladiator player on the server, can you reveal us a few tips about Magic Gladiator pvp build? Can you reveal your stats ?"
    Makiavelli: "My stats were constantly changing untill I found what I think is the perfect stats build for sMG , a build that allows  me to do proper PVE/PVP and also hold a switch at CS  and I think its fair on servers with reset limit or non-reset that players make their own builds. I`ve never asked anybody about their build and I don`t want to reveal mine either. About pvp build, it`s easy to find the best one by testing builds in duels on pvp servers."
    Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Magic Gladiator in the beginning  ?"
    Makiavelli:"sMG can be better than eMG in everything, except holding a spot, so my advice is to go sMG since you can find a nice party to take care of the spot killing, also considering there is a bonus xp in party. To get to the top places you should find a stable party with people that you trust so you can share your accounts and try having somebody online to take care of the party most of the time. You should not skip any bc`s/ds`s, you got 3/24h so it shouldn`t be so hard if you organise your time properly, and if that is not enough, you should get a PRO vip that let`s you go 4 times into these events. If you can't find a stable party you can still do it on your own, it`s gonna take more of your time but it can be done. "
    Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best on pvp ? 
    Makiavelli:" "In my oppinion any character that is played well can be very good in pvp but if I have to choose 1 class, it`s gonna be BK."
    Reporter :"You are number one on Blood Castle rankings, can you tell us how have you accomplished that?"
    Makiavelli: "Well, I`ve only missed very few  BCs since the server started and I`ve always been high ranked in resets so my damage was always above average, allowing me to take the statue many times."
    Reporter: "Several weeks ago you were ranked number on on main reset rankings with a decent gap between rest of server, what happened?"
    Makiavelli: "I`ve had some time off, had a long vacation in which I lost a lot in ranks, but the gap you`re talking about helped, so I never got far from the first places."
    Reporter: " Do you still have have a permanent party ? 
    Makiavelli:"Yes, I still do have a permanent party with @Sparkle, @mafy, @Mu3rte,  but it's not like it was in the beginning. Some are doing resets, some are doing ML, but we help each other, and I see it as a stable party. "
    Reporter: " What happened to your old mates, RedBuLL, RuSuLeTzZz, TzaPusHH , MasSacre and Obraznic ?"
    Makiavelli:" RedBuLL had a lot of work to do from the beginning of the server, he just wanted to play it with us cause he loves this server and he likes playing with us, as I do with him, but not long ago he decided it`s not worth to spend the little time that he has for himself staying on a PC, but he is still around to help whenever we ask for it.  Rusuletz quit game because of many reasons that I don`t want to speak about, but mainly because he started working and he is the kind of player that either plays active or doesn`t play at all. I`m that kind of player too. Tzapush ... you would have to ask him, I have no idea what happened there, temporary insanity or something. Obraznic tryied to sell a set for real money and he got banned, he did not have the approval of any of us and that`s all I have to say about this. Massacre didn`t have much time from the begining, but he started playing after I`ve asked him to several times so his presence here was shady from the start."
    Reporter :"Why Rampage disbanded? "
    Makiavelli: "A lot of players quit, some players tried to sell for real money and got banned, the energy there wasn`t good anymore. We disbanded it and choose to take it easy for a while, now we have a very nice group, here in H4RDC0RE the energy is really nice, and it`s a pleasure for me to play with these guys. We are not as strong as we were when we were winning the castle siege, but we are getting there, we didn`t abandon the fight for castle, nor will we. "
    Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? "
    Makiavelli:"Yes, I enjoy reading the newspaper, it`s something special that I haven`t seen anywhere else. "
    Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? "
    Makiavelli:"I don`t believe in superstitions, but I find this amusing and I enjoy reading the posts though. "
    Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?"
    Makiavelli: "The more you win it, the less you want it. The more you lose it, the more you want it.That`s how i see it. "
    Reporter: " Squadron is your enemy guild now?"
    Makiavelli:"Yes, they are our enemy guild this database, even though we have played together in the past. I still have friends and people I respect in that guild, even thought they did not take attitude when the administration of Squadron did some very shitty things like show 0 respect to my party, which helped them before and this database too, or steal items and credits from Snajper when they found out he was going to join us. After these events, and others, and losing CS several times to us, what they did is even more mind blowing to me - they allied with ATTACK and then deny several times that they did until Colossus confessed it all on forum and they didn`t even pay them what they promised for their help from what I know. It was not even only the normal help to come and play against us ,they were killing their GM and the GM of their secondary guild to make points.Everything is allowed at CS so we never said that this is not fair, but these are some stains on their chicks and I`d like people to remember it. "
    Reporter : "There are rumors that the ATTACK guild is allied with HARDCORE, are they true?"
     Makiavelli :" We are not allied and we never were, I remember some of them wanted to help us after Squadron mocked them and they offered their services but nothing synthesized."
    Reporter: " Do  you think that your guild can win next Castle Siege? "
    Makiavelli : "I know they can be defeated in the next siege, we beat them before and we could have beat them a lot more times. They did not win because they were too good, they won because we messed up big time on so many different occasions, and it is only our fault we lost but server`s still up and going, as I said before, we have a nice team now and I have high hopes that we`re gonna win the next castle siege. Nobody is crying for the castle but it's a thing of honor."
    Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?"
    Makiavelli: "I don`t see myself in any capacity to give advice on how to improve a newspaper. You are doing a great job, just keep on doing what you`re doing and all is good,or at least that`s how I feel about it. "
    Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Inception?"
    Makiavelli:"I like non-reset servers and I`ve played an amazing non-reset here on OS that I'd give 10. I`ve had bad thoughts of Inception at times, like when the aRF was 2hitting everybody and at an immense range, but watching the big picture now I see some very interesting stuff made with builds. Many people are crying that some chars are OP but if you pay attention you will see that they are OP only in front of other classes, or even if they outpower all other classes is just for a limited amount of time. For example at first was BK and MG, after that it was aRF, updates made and now is vRF instead of him, SM also got really strong, people already got some + 15 sockets and once slots will be filled with seeds, vRF will take a step back, and DL/SM/Summ era will begin. BK will always be at least a good tank. I don`t want to miss this opportunity to congratulate all OS team for their hard work with an accent on mercenary and gens systems, I like them a lot. "
    Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?"
    Makiavelli:"I guess I`d eliminate some of the Premium options on website like Change class/Change Name, I`d make the online Blacksmith at a max item upgrading of + 11, remove the add luck option completely, cause in my opinion,
    it makes one of the best options in game be worthless to any very active or willing to donate some money players in game. Some new systems were installed this db and although they are very nice they created a few bugs, some of which were already solved fast or a compromise solution has been found for them for example the case of BC bug, so what I expect from the following servers is  two things : 1:the same dedication of the team to solve major problems and 2: Season 14 as fast as possible on OS.
    Reporter: " What do you think about this new rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Admin."
    Makiavelli :" This rule can be very unpleasant for some players who have done nothing wrong and I know this for a fact because it has happened to me when some players from our team got banned for this reason and all the items,even a very high character at that time ended up in the hands of the players who we were playing against. Some would say that it is my fault for choosing the wrong guys to play with but everybody should know by now that people can hide their true faces very well so I don`t consider it my fault. Although this rule can be unpleasant for people who don't deserve it, I fully agree with it because I don't see a better way to stop this real money market." 
    Reporter: "So you are against "black market" ?
    Makiavelli :"  I don't have anything against someone who would sell/buy character/items on black market but these are the rules and I think it would be best for everybody if there wasn't a black market." 
    Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Can a player who is active reach the top without donating? " 
    Makiavelli :" I don't think VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", first of all because the stages system help a lot all the players who are behind and secondly because there is a market where you can trade basically anything for credits or consumables, so if you are a good merchant you can always have VIP without spending any money. When someone spends years on a project that he shares, I find it normal that he should receive some compensation for his work and I know that these days very few people would give something if they don't receive something in return, for example they like some artists but they have never bought an album to support the guy, online is so easy and cheap. I buy albums of my favourite artists just to support them even though I got all the songs in playlists on Youtube and I also donate when my VIP period is over,even if i have credits, because I see it as a support to the server, and I can also use the credits I already have for other stuff that I need." 
    Reporter: "Thanks for this interview, Marius, I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with health and accomplishments on all plans!" 
    Makiavelli: " Thank you! It has been a privilege for me, and I wish you and all OS players a Happy New Year!" 
    This was one of the most complex interviews I ever took !!!  It could compete with Ganja's or Zutto`s ( I followed Ganja more then 6 hours into all events and I was waiting for Zutto's interview since Phoenix mid game until Inception mid start ), so he deserves the room in NewsPaper Hall of Fame because he is one of all time best  Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad Ever Had!!!
    I wish to all News Paper readers a Happy New Year and I hope that the Goddess of Fortune will bring them all the luck and  to fulfill their pure desires !!
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    Cerberus reacted to ADMIN in Happy Holidays! 4 Years of OldSquad!   
    Hello OldSquaders,
    Our team would like to sincerely wish you Happy Holidays and a great and bright New Year, full of joy and fulfillment! 
    We want to also let you know that this month we're reaching 4 years since OldSquad was born!
    It was a pretty intense year that brought a lot of improvements to our community, from all perspectives, but most importantly, we highly raised our gameplay quality during this year.
    We had a great journey with Phoenix, that proved to be the highest quality server we offered until now, but it was also surpassed with the Inception project, our current project being even better than Phoenix.
    We've also greatly reduced the "major problems" a project may have and also increased our overall stability.
    In our opinion, it was a great year, and we're sure that we can make your experience here even better.
    We're constantly working to achieve "closer to perfection" servers, and we'll never stop until this game will be fully dead or simply unsustainable, which we're pretty sure it won't happen too soon.
    Thank you for being our players during this year and we really hope that you enjoyed your time spent among us!
    Now, speaking about the future, 2020 will be another "full" year, for us.
    If we speak about servers schedule, we'll continue our community with only 2 main servers (Inception & Phoenix), and, based on how Wormhole will succeed or fail with its mission, we may extend/improve such mother-kid concept or simply abandon it.
    Inception will always be the "autumn project" and Phoenix will be the "spring project".
    But, as we told you during this year, we're going to expand our community with a new, fresh, last-game version (S14 or S15) NonReset replacement, somewhere after 2nd part of this year, if everything will go well. We don't have any info for now but it will take a lot of time to learn about it and then create something worth of OldSquad.
    We currently have our "to-do list" with some important things left that we want to bring:
    CS System V2. A full PRO guide in playing our servers competitively. Forum reorganization and Info reorganization. Personal notification system ingame based on your own character class/reset stage. End-Game Quest system especially for Inception. And many other smaller things and improvements that we plan to do for our systems. We also want to extend our to-do list with your own feedback, so we're opening a 4 YEARS Feedback Topic, where we ask your feedback that may help us to improve your future experience, more info here:
    Kind regards,
    OldSquad Team.
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    Cerberus reacted to Gion in What you listening right now?   
    Who remembers Kat?
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    Cerberus got a reaction from atysmoke in Why people quit game before getting full gear&stats?   
    These are the 3 major reasons IMO:
    This server is somewhat influenced by the pay to win option "donate". You give too much credits for donations. I still don't know why it's called "donate" when its clearly "buy credits". When you donate you don't get anything in return. Why don't you do a little experiment - remove the credits option from "donate" and see how much people care about this server. I'm guessing the "donations" will drop to 5%. With every single patch the admins are creating more and more difference between active and semi-active/non-active/AFK players and these players are the majority in most cases.When ~50 players (out of lets say 200) get 90% of the items, there is something wrong 2nd reason leads to this: full items and max resets/stats are too hard to get for the normies therefore they quit Of course, not everyone will agree with this and that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    SADLY (no real competition), this is the best server I have ever played and as much as I hate it and criticize it, I love it and I want it to improve.
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    Cerberus reacted to KostisPoutou in More Events, PLSS!!?   
    guys.. MU is like 15years old game.. the 90% of top 100players are about 30-35years old..  most of them have families etc etc. its kinda normal that they cant take place in every event.. i mean.. for me is already too much doing 3bc, 3ds, 2 marce quest and maybe 2 gaion events every day.. MU was always like afking most of time. and the last years with helper picking everything u need.....
    reporter maybe u see 600++ online.. but there are max 200 players.. everyone using 2 acc and there like also people like muerte who somehow can log 4 noob dls and make their own pt. and from these 200players i guess only 100 are the really hardcore player who know the server and play hard.
    and we are at the point that these 100 players got already what they need.. i mean.. kundun.. drop anc.. nah.. why i bother? i got already my +12 set. maya event.. nah.. i got already my +12..13 weapon. Inva.. nehhh.. all sets are done.. etc etc.. maybe sock items will wake up server a little..
    i playing this game for 15 years.. with pauses ofc. and the reason that im still playing it, its cause it doesnt really need that much time and u can afk at least for exp. and i finding old squad already a really tryhard server.
    about server and admin i cant say shit. ofc server isnt perfect or pvp isnt totally in balance but still omg..... its by far best server i have ever play. with all events and bosses active. really few bugs. with good balance in pvp with game master doing events etc etc.
    maybe this +12 upgrade with cred making things really easier. but i can also understand it cause a good server needs support and money to work. and still server isnt pay2win.  cause u can still win cred by selling items or from inva etc etc.
    i dont really have any suggestion.. its simply how MU is.. it was and it will always be a semi afk game.. thats why same people play it still after all these years
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