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    I forgot to mention one more pro for this - elf wings demand will actually be balanced now. All previous servers were kind of ridiculous - supply and demand for elf wings was crazy because everyone had buffer and agility elfs suffered a lot, there were not enough wings and price was really high. But with this change it will be fixed.
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    Energy Elves as we know them - In or Out?

    Saying it ''works / always been good'' is delusional statement as 90% of people who been playing here for long time clearly don't agree with you. You never know until you try, don't be sacred to test new things if you want to improve.
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    Energy Elves as we know them - In or Out?

    If we had to think about "why to change something that was always good" we would still have a shitty CS where people attack in last 5 minutes to get crown and go back to spots. Such argument would never be good, at least not for us.
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    Energy Elves as we know them - In or Out?

    You can never move forward if you keep looking back. I'm not sure we been playing the same game, Since i share a totaly different view
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    I dont think it works at all. Its always a chore to play EE and it gives good advantage in both PvE and PvP versus players who dont have EE or dont want to play it. Nobody likes it and almost all of the players who are playing EE have other main char. I think this is the right time to try this, there is still plenty of time to test it and make adjustments.
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    Energy Elves as we know them - In or Out?

    Depends on what you vote Couldnt agree more
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    Would be great without any buffs from EE. Just imagine a cs without elves who spam sd recovery on main chars. In this way any good chars can be killed and in my opinion the teams will win the cs, not the best players.
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    OldSquad Inception - Grand Opening & Info

    Hello OldSquaders, We have the news about Inception as we promised! The release date of Inception will be on Friday, 13 September at 19:00 Server Time (GMT+2) - mobs will spawn at 20:00. We're still working hard on it but we hope to give you the Public Test Server access with at least few days before opening, where you can test what you want for Inception. The Public Test Server will remain opened during the Inception life-time so you can always test anything you want there. The official info topic has been updated and it can be found here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server/ It contains all the info about Inception - but they are only like 85% sure, things may change until it's open day, based on your feedback and suggestions that you can bring in this topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3314-discussions-about-inception/ We'll continue to update/release info topics for Inception during this days so keep an eye on forum! We want to also highlight some of the important changes/features that Inception will bring: New Mother-Kid system, where Inception will be the mother server and Max50RR will be a seasonal (100 days) kid server with limited content (no sockets/wings level 4 available) from where transfers will be made to Inception at the end of each season. OFF-Attack is now available for everyone (5 hours, no auto-pick) while VIP's will boost it: Hunter - +5 hours, no autopick. Dealer - Autopick. Professional - +7 hours, with autopick. Box of Kunduns drops are reworked to give new chances for lower players/casual players to farm their items: BoK+1: 68% chance for BoK+1 item, 24% chance for BoK+2 item, 8% chance for BoK+3 item. BoK+2: 68% chance for BoK+2 item, 24% chance for BoK+3 item, 8% chance for BoK+4 item. BoK+3: 68% chance for BoK+3 item, 24% chance for BoK+4 item, 8% chance for BoK+5 item. BoK+4: 76% chance for BoK+4 item, 24% chance for BoK+5 item. BoK+5: 100% chance for BoK+5 item. Obs: The items dropped on lower BoK's are only Set Items (no weapons). Anti-Alt farm feature added: Now you can't use Helper in low maps (until Tarkan). You will be able to use a built-in clicker that is working based on Helper settings (using /attack command). In the rest of maps (mid and high) you can't use the /attack command but you can use Helper. Due to that, all drops from maps until Tarkan are highly boosted for active farm (jewels, spells, etc.) Maps limits for all classes: In order to keep the balance between RF, MG & DL vs rest of classes and to also keep the maps as they were intended (without lower level move from website) we added level-checks: Now DL, RF, MG can stay in low maps with -10 levels than rest, and on rest of maps with -20 levels than rest. Also, in order to progress on maps by feet (from kanturu1 -> kanturu2 or atlans1 -> atlans2) you'll have to have the map level (available for all classes). Maps are revamped: Now the 3 different types of maps are spread to make sure we have 1 type from each on any kind of map (low,mid,high,v high). Now Non-PvP maps no longer have exp penalty (from 15%) while drop penalty remains the same (25%). Now gens-maps will give you +10% exp compared to rest of maps but mercenary squad boost won't work on gens maps (but quests & points will still work). Now on normal maps you'll have Mercenary Squad that will boost your exp (+6%/+14%/+24%) and bypass non-pvp maps, etc. The new map system is made because of Mercenary Squad, instead of punishing less-active players we'll just reward more-active players, without affecting the overall gameplay for everyone. Balgass reward is now 2x Old Box 4 and 3x PoH, but can be picked by any Balgass contributors, neutral drop, not only by killer-party. Killer will still receive the credits. The same rule is also applied for Illusion of Kundun from now. Energy Elf buff-nerfs to make them less 'must-have' and more 'an extra advantage'. Exc items drop from mobs on low and mid maps is raised (so people have things to invest jewels in, on early-game), but they can only drop with 1 option but with 80% chance for luck. RF, DL, MG will go on same BC/DS/CC like rest of chars based on the same levels. Other changes: Now Rare items will drop with 4 options instead of 3. The chance to drop them is also lower. Now Senior Mix will give 2x Guild Master Boxes instead of 1. Each Guild Master Box will drop specific 380 exc item with 3-4 options. Now Bloody Queen will drop 2x Last exc. item tier items instead of 1. Royal Rumble, Death King invasions and /blockexp features are removed. Full HP Recovery option from Wings (level 3 & 4) is removed. Some Old Boxes drops reworked. This are just a part of things that we're working on, there are more things updated/changed/reworked, but you'll find them either on the info topics or directly in game. Don't hesitate to read entire info to have a great start on Inception! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
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