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  1. Geralt of Rivia

    Go to crywolf, spawn a lot of medusa and selupan. Kill and profit. Thank me later.
  2. Geralt of Rivia

    I have an additional suggestion to only show players who are online in the last 7 days on the leaderboard. Many games have the same leaderboard criteria.
  3. Geralt of Rivia

    My favorite event!!!
  4. Geralt of Rivia

    Oh, I'm dumb. Removed.
  5. The first time I have ever reported any player here. I don't know if it is against the rule of this MU or not. However, I'm tired with the bullshit this player brought up. How does revealing the real phone number of other players consider normal? I know you guys having problems with each others but don't reveal personal details of other person. That crossed the line and is very creepy. SS: ....... removed and pm Admin the screenshot .... PS: Ty Goldsmack
  6. Geralt of Rivia

    Hello guys, Since I started playing here, I could never played different server for more than 2 days. In this MU, the staffs always try to improve game-play, always make changes such that everybody happy. For each point, I will talk about what I like about it and then I will explain several aspects I think that we can make changes for the better game play. + Stage system is awesome because it allows new players to catch up with the top players. For example, I have seen aQua guys rose to top of the leader board. That brings more competition and balance to the server. However, some are confused by the stage exp. It would be nice if we have a message saying that they are in a stage and that after certain lvl their exp will be increased up again. I have also seen many newbies joined and left after a while when they see gap between them and top ppl widen as they enter a stage and top pros go out of the stage. For example, people enter a stage 2 at 315 right now and see ProBSB at 393, they would lose their motivation a bit. Of course they may not know that when ProBSB is 395, their stage will be removed. Thus, we shall also inform player by server message or quiz event that stage exp will be remove after top player reach certain level. My last point for stage system is that we could add one additional stage to prolong the game pace: 220-235, 300-315, 350-365, 380-395 (i.e., lower gap for higher stage.) + Maps, battle maps, and non-pvp maps: What I like is that OldSquadMU gives space for different type of players. I believe, however, battle maps should rewards players more to encourage more actions. For example, better gens rewards each month, e.g. one top ancient for each top-3 players per month?!. Relics' mobs should have more chance to drop gems than kanturu 3 (i dont know if it is like that right now). Right now, we have/or will have a "good" boss at all battle maps except atlans. Vul has Queen, relics has nightmare, and raklion has Selupan. I suggest to spawn a weak illusion of kundun with server announcement in atlans rather than loren's ring (not so strong so that newbies can kill it in time too, fun for everyone yay!). Kalima7 should be a PVP map if it drops 380 items. Kan2 should have 2-3 spots of Satyros+Blade hunter to reduce the leveling gap and make players feel better about their chars. We can also increase the droprate of fenrir's ingredients in Crywolf for AFK lords! + Classes: balanced. For next season only, we can RF: reduce the AOE of roar to 3, one very good buffer cannot be super duper good pvm too. Increase the DSR gain per agi for RF to compensate and give more diversity of stats build. Increase BK's PVM ability a bit Improve the speed of summoners per agi a bit to boost hybrid build. Improve DL PVM ability a bit + PK system: I think PK war right now is too heavily punished. Right now, who has more time to bring characters back to spot after being pk-ed will win. We can change so that killing an ee will give 1 kill count only if your party is full and is in 6x6 distance from you. + Game events: DS/BC: at a small variation in starting time of DS/BC so that non-Europe players can enter too. I'm old, slow-handed, and have high latency. IT5-6: 10% drop of feather of condor is too great. How about 60% Old Box 4, 5% Feather of Condor, 30% Old Box 3, 5% Old Box 5? Doppleganger: Only a few people go to this event. I think it would be nice to improve the rewards, for example, a rare chance of dropping Old Box 3. Bosses and invasions: are awesome right now. On the other hands, only rabbits invasion is doable for newbies. Maybe, we can add some ez-killed pouch of blessing invasions in lost tower 1-2-3-7. These pouches should drop a jewels like rabbits and a very rare chance to drop reset fruit, they are blessing aren't they?. There should be one or two fixed-time invasion for old/busy people. Quiz event: maximum 1 win for one ip per day. I always see only a limited number of people win this event 😕 That's all I have to say about it. Thank you. I hope OldSquad will always strike to be a better server as it has been doing in the last 3 years. Best, Mira of Rivia IGN: Ciri
  7. Geralt of Rivia

    Should be banned for a few days i think!
  8. Geralt of Rivia

    Stop using cheat then!
  9. Geralt of Rivia

    I have only one crash in last 3 days. Much better. I also installed the anti-lag patch and reduce the effect when I go afk.
  10. Geralt of Rivia

    Thanks, I shall try.
  11. Geralt of Rivia

    How do you solve it? I still have it frequently.
  12. Geralt of Rivia

    Then dont dupe items. Thank you.
  13. Geralt of Rivia

    He posted mostly in English today. I think it's not reasonable to ban him because of that.
  14. Geralt of Rivia

    I like this, I brought several old friends to this server 1 week ago. THey are very exited because of speed server. Let's make OldSquad crowded again :D.
  15. Geralt of Rivia

    MU Damage is calculated in ObjCalCharacter.cpp. You can search for this file in Google. For example Line: 1180 of https://github.com/MuSeason6FixTeam/zTeamS6.3/blob/master/zGameServer/GameServer/ObjCalCharacter.cpp