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    1. https://postimg.cc/0byvqDX1 https://postimg.cc/nscB4d0w so, i have vip dealer, full set zen, and as u see the amount of zen is to low......untill today when i completed 400 q, i was gathering like 160k zen per drop...now as u see is like 10%. please fix this. i repet i have dealer vip and lose a lots of zen , who will repay me?
    2. Hello, While our gameplay was built for around 6 months playtime, due to the lower playerbase that would remain for its full 6 months we decided to give everyone a chance to finish the gameplay way faster than it was expected. So, the following changes are up starting from now: 0rr EXP is now 350% from level 1-400 (static). 1-5rr EXP is now 250% (static). Skip Quest minimum time is now 3 days. Maximum players in a guild is now 30 (so more people can get to play at CS, as we won't have more than 2 guilds anyway). Cheers!
    3. why is arf losing hp by using darkside without getting hit from mobs? ( with / without IMP ) with IMP: https://files.fm/f/9v4r3mtu3 without IMP: https://files.fm/f/wqx863c4q
    4. Character name - Phantomelu Suggestion type - Server - Event related Content - Feedback on the Devil Square event and its current state How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the overall quality of life for most of the players Hello, after spending a good amount of time in DS, I would suggest making some tweaks on this event. DS 1-3 were perfectly fine, but we started hitting a wall in DS4. The mob density is way bigger(which is not a bad thing, considering it is an event that was designed for better EXP than your regular afk spot and a source of skills) and the monsters hit harder. Currently I feel like you need a very specific party composition to be able to do it(with ERF being a must have), and even with good sets and W2 we can still feel like we're doing a Mythic raid in WoW. The monster kill rate is low, since we have to focus so much on surviving, and the XP might end up being even worse compared to normal spots(unless you have 3 eMG in party ^^). Maybe replacing some monsters with some lower level ones, and boosting up the xp a little bit would make players want to do this event again. Overall, the state that DS is in, just eats jewel of chaos for nothing. Thank you for your time and I wish you have a great day! Stay cool!
    5. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Drops Content - This suggestion is related to the flow of items in the game between 3 player categories: top players, chasers and newcomers. In my opinion, in MMOs there are 3 type of items: gear (Armors, Weapons, Wings, Spells), currency (Jewels, Creds) and consumables (materials, zen, imps) and the three player categories above. To have a functional economy, these items should flow between the 3 categories. The market on this server looks very good so far, and what makes it fluid is IMO zen and credits (available to newcomers and chasers). However, there seems to be some disparity between demand and offer (offer is way too low, giving too much leverage to top categories over bottom ones. Just look at the prices on the market. Gear flows this way: Top players have the leverage in gear market, demanding the price they want from those below. Top players >>> gear >>> Chasers >>> gear >>> Newcomers Top players <<< currency <<< Chasers <<< currency <<< Newcomers All fair and square, Top players and Chasers invest more time/effort, they get the rare stuff first and can price them whatever they want. Currency is generated this way, causing inflation (10B is nothing for a top player, takes 3 days to gather for a newcomer): Top players - high amount of jewels/creds generated (higher maps drop more jewels, top players get weekly rewards etc) Chasers - medium amount generated Newcomers - low amount All fair and square, because it's a game and you have to feel you progress. Consumables are currently flowing the same way as gear, which is a problem IMO. Top players >>> consumables >>> Chasers >>> consumables >>> Newcomers Top players <<< currency <<< Chasers <<< currency <<< Newcomers In real life economy it may be fair, but this is a game and you need balance. In order to give some leverage to Newcomers over Chasers and Chasers over Top players, i think those above should depend on those below for farming consumables for them. This doesn't happen currently for two reasons: - top players and chasers started to make zen farmers, a lot more efficiently than a newcomer can. check the price of a small DL cape to see how many farmers there are - most players level up in maps that drop materials below their current BC/DS/IT level, so they have to buy them from higher level players How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the fluidity of the market and give some leverage to lower players, that currently get shafted in all item categories (gear, currency and consumables) How the suggestion could be implemented: Regarding materials, i suggest tweaking the drop levels so that a level 340 player leveling in Karutan1 would need to buy the materials from a level 320 player leveling in Kanturu2 end for example (or fill his vault with materials for future events if you are cheap ). Regarding zen, unfortunately farming is an issue without a solution in every MMORPG. However, i think you can add some balance by adding rewards that are harder to farm (maybe rework the classic NPC quests and limit them to once per account). Sorry for the novel, i can't sleep
    6. Character name that is submitting it: Game Suggestion type: Server Suggestion content: Monster above lvl 105-110 should drop only master level event materials. How the suggestion can bring value: Since vulcanus and Swamp are the main leveling zones for Masterlevel people, although a few non 400 level can be found in vulc, i think materials dropped for IT5 BC7 and DS6 are kinda useless at this point at these levels of the mobs, its taking up too much space in the inventory making repots harder, also it doesnt have any use for the Mlvl characters that are "farming" the master level event materials. With this change there might be a little market for these invitations as non ML materials are out of the drop list makes it sell to ppl who "lazy" to pick up such items.
    7. Hello, It is not the first time when I observe that Raklion is ignored as a map for its tier, in the favor of Vulcanus, even for mercenaries with max exp bonus. Why do you guys ignore it? What is its problem?
    8. I spent over 200 mil zen in 2 days on repair items, set and wings on 380Q, Hell Maine in aida to be precisse. I think this is a bug, that only this monster damages my items to 0....and repair costs millions.... Pls check this problem.
    9. Hello, Feel free to drop your feedback related to the Phoenix #3 early game. Things like what you liked, what you disliked, what can be improved/removed, etc., are welcome! This can help us to offer you a better early-game experience on both Phoenix #4 as well as the next Inception (if your feedback can be adapted for it). Cheers!
    10. I just wanted to ask other players from other guilds - do you feel like W3 rates are as they are supposed to be? Are we that unlucky to fail every single combination from a whooping total of 15, or does anyone else also feel like 40% ain't 40% rate?
    11. Hello, We're waiting any kind of feedback related to the Arena Tournament. Opinions, suggestions, improvements, bug reports and so on. Feel free to comment about it.
    12. cant join in it because of the delay i want to reduce this delay
    13. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - balance Content - i will skip the part where AE is simply OP overall at the moment, dominating PVP and PVM and stick to a single point: Ice Arrow is supposed to be a Crowd Control spell, not a damage/finisher skill. The skill is strong enough due to the long freeze time, unavaliability of Rings/Pends +4 and the bug that doesn't let you attack while frozen. The high damage it deals currently is the cherry on top. How the suggestion could bring value - It would add a little balance to AE (although this alone is not enough IMO) and add some player skill element to playing AE: stun opponent with Ice Arrow, finish the skill with Multishot, Penetration etc How the suggestion could be implemented: Lower the skill damage for the skill
    14. Hello everyone, Did you miss me? Well, I don't know your opinion, but I definitely missed you! Today is a great day for Old Squad Community, a long-awaited one by many of the players who have already felt the taste of the quality of this server and, of course, the taste of the competition. The moment has come and we are pleased to enjoy this fresh data base with many surprises, from one data base to another we have seen these servers evolve based on the previous experience, we have enjoyed all those bloody "on the edge" wars, we have seen great guilds destroyed by the curse and turned in ash, we have also seen how some have managed to rise from their own ashes just like the sacred bird who inspired the name of this server, returning better organized and more motivated, with warriors led by pride, thirst for revenge and glory with great leaders who awakened an entire community, warriors who did not give up when everything was lost and made miracles overturning impossible situations, we saw battles won with pride but also shameful victories, we saw how hatred and pride turned strong characters covering them with shame, we felt many times the sour taste of disappointment seeing warriors we admire falling prey to recklessness, we all lived shameful but also glorious moments, everything happens here, dear readers in this beautiful community of which we are all part. A pleasant surprise was announced recently on forum by the founder of Squadron, TwoCheeks, a leader that is known as one of the most respected in the History of OldSquad, a leader who announced that will bring back the strongest core of this Legendary Guild and not only, also promising very interesting fights for supremacy. We already know that every database we have seen many guilds that we can say that are legendary, but we have also seen "unexpected" changes in the battle for supremacy and new guilds that have managed to amaze the entire Community. I wonder what will be the name of the guilds that will rise this time to face them? We already know the names of some legendary guilds who felt the taste of victory on the eternal battlefield called "Valey of Loren" so, will it be Hardcore? or Dynasty? or maybe GROM? Will we see guilds like ATTACK or a return of some from the distant past like NONE? Will the battle for supremacy bring us new guilds? There is still time to find a guild that matches your type of gameplay, you can ask around: https://discord.gg/zjNSMPNc One thing is for sure, time will reveal us the answers to all these questions and more. Having said that, all I can do is to wish you a lot of fun and I hope you relive all the feelings mentioned above! May the Curse stay away from you!
    15. -Character Name:- Kenpachi -Suggestion Type:- Multiple builds per character -Server:- -Phoenix Content :- We are approaching the level 400 when people will have to focus the quest system and some of the task will not be easy for certain classes/specs such as Energy BK / Energy RF and few others because they won't have strong PVM to be able to last hit a budge or last hit a white wizard which could be very frustrating to a lot of people. My Suggestion is to have 2 build per character (/build 1 - /build 2) with a set cooldown of 3 hours but able to reuse during event such as Golden/White Wizard/CC , main objective to give those guys who do semi buff character to help thier members to have a chance to progress through the quest system at 400 and able to somewhat compete for some events with a cooldown on it will ensure people will not spam /build 1 /build 2 during random times they will only use when they are after events. For example /build 1 could be Energy BK /build 2 would be Str BK and same rules apply to each spec, so once stats are added only way to change stats is fruits but now will have 2 different builds to upgrade/choose from. I normally would not suggest such a feature but since I saw how demanding the new quest system at 400 is, I feel some people will not get past 400 for weeks and weeks just trying to get some of those requirements for reset. How it will bring Value:- It will give people a fighting chance who have builds that will not be able to progress through quest system vs top hunter characters.
    16. Character Name:- numb Suggestion Type:- Mercenary Quests PVP changes Server:- Phoenix Content :- People have been using /pvpquest and hunting in group going in as 1v2 1v3 to secure the quest , or when they are being hunted they ask party for help and when the hunter comes they start pk him until he runs out of sd and the hunted player kills him or /challenge if the hunter moves map or out of sd. My suggestion is making this /pvpquest system only the both players that are hunter and hunted being allowed to target each other and not by other players to "help" him since is a solo quest. How it will bring Value:- A more balanced pvpquest between both players , considering this system was made for "solo" fight and not a teamfight
    17. asking for a friend having very low fps. (3fps). all games are fine except MU. already tried redownload/reinstalling client but still same problem.
    18. https://www.captiongenerator.com/2213731/NONE-start-new-Phoenix-server rip kekw
    19. -Character Name:- Voyager -Suggestion Type:- Gens rankings rewards -Server:- -Phoenix Content :- I would like to see some changes from next month Gens Rankings rewards. Currently rewards announced in the main topic is: Gens Rank Rewards: First place from Vanert & Duprian: 4x TOCA. HoF badge 2nd place from Varnert & Duprian: 3x TOCA. 3rd place from Vanert & Duprian: 2x TOCA. 4th place form Vanert & Duprian: 20x Jewel of Harmony 5th place from V & D 15x Jewel of Harmony There are 25(50) extra rewards for top 5~30 players from Vanert and Duprian: 5x Jewel of Harmony First 3 places are kinda alright for me. However 4th and 5th place are not that satisfying to fight for since you can obtain 10x gemstones/harmonies from IT5/6 on a daily basis (even twice per day). Don't mention the breakrewards gave people like 10-20 harmonies each player. I won't comment the month since the launch but I do not think that the rewards this month is OK compared to the rewards in all other events, especially when this is a 30 day even which you need to participate in the raids everyday. So I am suggesting changes to 3rd, 4th and 5th place to be following: 3rd place from Vanert & Duprian: 2x TOCA + 3x Ancient Box/BoK +5 4th place form Vanert & Duprian: 5x Harmonies + 5x Ancient Box/BoK +5 5th place from V & D 5x Harmonies + 3x Ancient Box/ BoK +5 (I have put 5x / 3x Ancient Boxes on purpose, cause these boxes drops all Tier ancients, not Tier 1 only) Looking for some more suggestions with the rewards so we can see more people fighting for TOP 25 places in Gens. Also @ADMIN can reduce the waiting time to switch gens so more people can go from D to V gens and balance it a bit and make it more interesting. (I am not complaining in the current situation, more people to kill šŸ¤“)
    20. With the server being so popular anyone got any tips on lvling? I spend 30mins to find a spot to lvl and get killed for spot always. Will they add a second server to make it playable to newbies?
    21. As stated on pheonix info AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. Having cape + 11 + luck , non exe weapons like most rfs. RF has 95% miss rate on K3 monsters , Cursed Dragon 98% miss rate and 100% on maya hands. Didnt managed to test balglass or other late game bosses , but im sure same problem will encouter somewhere else after next break. Please review monster DSR formula. Otherwise this AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. is just AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. P.S please dont tell me i dont have enoguh stats or wrong build , PURELY VRF with STR for TOP weapons , and res is VIT. ALL other characters dont encouter this problem. Please solve this issue
    22. Character Name:- Kenpachi Suggestion Type:- Castle Siege change Server:- Phoenix Content :- -To disable Friendly Fire on Horse push? last Saturday there was more than 100 people fighting and super laggy most of time the character is just getting pushed left and right without even seeing any Dark Lord on screen , The horse push range seem higher than what it says as well. having to worry about enemy horse push and friendly horse push is really not ideal at all, makes it not fun what people will do is just stack DL, It is not fun when you can't control your own character for 20second straight multiple times in a row. -Also 2nd suggestion is to lower range on horse push / Range 10 is too much ,is it actually 10 range in CS? I never played with this high range before. How it will bring Value:- -It will make the game playable for a lot of people since most of time you are just zig zagging around the map with lag. My vision:- - Remove friendly fire from horse push (Earthshake) or reduce the effect by 50% -Lower range on Horse push (Earthshake) to 4 or 5 range.
    23. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - balance (for future editions) Content - I find the idea to remove EEs from the game very interesting, it levels the playing field and removes some of the most boring aspects of the game. However, this has an unwanted effect: using Defense to progress through the maps scales a lot worse than using DSR. When EEs were a thing, defence would scale with 2 factors: character defense (increases as you upgrade your set) and elf buff (increases with EE's level). Of course, the 2nd factor does not exist anymore. DSR scales with 3 factors: base DSR (given by a character's agility), the number of DSR items you wear and ERF buff. All these 3 factors are still present. As you could see in Rankings, most top characters will use a DSR set, even for classes/builds that normally would use something else to survive (pure defense, DD, etc). The options to choose a set for higher maps are currently limited, as it would be a lot more expensive to play a low agi build and up a set +11 to survive Karutan2 than to simply use DSR+0. I should point out that in this stage of the game (break 2 almost over) the problem seems to slowly disappear, as there are more resources available to up other type of sets (DD, HP, etc). It is still an issue for those that will start later and for future editions of the server. How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the diversity of choice in building a set for levels 300+, making other type of sets viable (for example high tier non excellent +9, mid tier ancients) How the suggestion could be implemented - this is the tricky part with this suggestion... I am not completely sure on any of these suggestions and how they would affect other aspects of the game (i'm thinking they could apply in a future edition): - increase jewels availability between break 1 and break 2 to make it easier to up intermediate sets to +9/11 - slightly reduce mob damage and leave attack rate as it is - provide alternative ways to buff/debuff (for example increase the effect of Weakness in PVM only)
    24. Character name - Phantomelu Suggestion type - Server - Gens Raid Content - Feedback on the gens raid and overall gens situation How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the overall quality of life for most of the players So, currently, as all the D gens players know and feel frustrated about, the daily raids are extremely hard for us, mainly due to the fact that there are no players in battle maps. Currently, rank 2-9 in the gens rankings are secondary characters who afk. I know that the only way to get more kills in raids is to change gens(which would be dumb to force all guilds to play in the same gens), but I would suggest making some tweaks to the system. My ideea(that would seem like the easieast fix) would be to put a requirement for 10-20 kills to be able to join the ranking and get rewards. Looking forward to more people replying and hearing more ideeas on this.
    25. Character Name - FistMaster Suggestion Type - Summoner reflect buff Server - Pheonix Content: During KHL - ive noticed Summoner can buff reflect on Guild members - Making All 3 events unbalanced , due to the fact summoners will buff reflect to their guild members , making buff disbalance agains other players Since its pvp event and non reset every little extra will always Overturn the game. I dont think it should be like this
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