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    1. Character Name - FistMaster Suggestion Type - Summoner reflect buff Server - Pheonix Content: During KHL - ive noticed Summoner can buff reflect on Guild members - Making All 3 events unbalanced , due to the fact summoners will buff reflect to their guild members , making buff disbalance agains other players Since its pvp event and non reset every little extra will always Overturn the game. I dont think it should be like this
    2. Character name - Aqvila Suggestion type - Server - Economy/Items Content - First of all, i really like the balance to the economy compared to 1st Phoenix edition (last one i played). It's really cool to see that almost all drops from the mobs are somehow useful. However, i have a small issue with access to low/mid ancients. They start dropping in CC4 (requires level 300+). At level 300+ a set from 1st tier (Warrior, Apollo etc,) is completely useless, the defense is way too low to survive even Kanturu1 for example. Furthermore, at this point (300+) nobody is gonna invest jewels in upping such items, because there are more useful items available (BoK+3 exc etc). The same would apply to mid tier ancients (CC5+, lvl 340+). I can see someone using Kantata for example at level 300 (in Kanturu2 etc), but not at level 350 (Karutan etc) How the suggestion could bring value - It would improve the diversity of choice in building a set for levels 150-250 (low tier ancient) / 250-350 (mid tier ancient). How the suggestion could be implemented - in my opinion, a better distribution of ancient drops in CC would be: CC 1: Level 100-179 | Low tier (10% chance) CC 2: Level 180-249 | Low tier (20%) CC 3: Level 250-299 | Low tier (20%) Mid tier (10%) CC 4: Level 300-339 | Mid tier (30%) Low tier (10%) CC 5: Level 340-374 | Mid tier (50%) CC 6: Level 375-400 | 50% Random tier CC 7: Level 400+ | 50% Random tier
    3. Character Name:- -Kenpachi Suggestion Type:- Gens Bonus Reward Server:- -Phoenix Content :- -Currently there is 927 Duprian Gen and 266 Vanert Gen which is very unproportionable ,There needs to be some sort of incensement to motivate people to switch or have it balanced, my suggestion is to give some sort of bonus Exp for the lower amount of player in V Gen maybe 10-15% more that decay the more people on V Gen so eventually when it is 50/50 no bonus but if for example it is 80%/20% the 20% side should get 10-15% Exp bonus then when at 30% the Exp lowers by 3-4% till eventually it is 0% when its close to 40-45%/55-66%. Kind of like Honor System in World of Warcraft if you are familiar with it, since more people play horde , Alliance get more honor reward. How it will bring Value:- - It will Give people an incensement to switch to the underdog Gen and feel they will be rewarded some exp.
    4. Character name : numb Server : Phoenix Zen is a big problem specially in stage , forcing to make alt whit zen sets or mains whit zen sets for spot and still is hard enough for pots + posting market + write post , warping etc .. Is nice that zen has its value just like jewels or credits and a 100kk stone for sure it has a decent value. So , since i moved karutan2 i noticed that gold medals arent dropping anymore and gathering zen has been pretty hard , the weapons from the mob drop helps but takes alot of space in inv to get couple of them to sell in npc. My suggestion is to add gold medals to every high map / mob to help whit a bit more whit the zen and cover the warp costs +potions , gather some on stash, save for the 1bilion needed to reset, and still have some left to spam posts ^^
    5. Hi is it me or the golden invasion aint at the same hours shown in the website and the calendar (H)? Some times start 20 or 40 minutes later, is either that or the invasion start but the anouncement and the dragons doesn't show in the screen. Btw all the other events does start as the hours shown in the calendar.
    6. I had a TOCA drop form merc. bounty, and I put it in my vault. Now I checked and there is no TOCA in my vault, but there was a merc. bounty. What happend?
    7. This interview is about Chukundah, one of the best Summoner player in OldSquad history, at this moment he is ranked number 1 on Castle Siege Summoner pvp, no 1 in Summoner on HoF ranks, number one on Summoner on CC general rankings and no 1 Summoner on Mercenary ranking, he is also one of the most active players from our community in game and on forum. Reporter : "Hello, Chukundah ! Welcome to The News Paper Hall of Fame! " Chukundah :" Hello ^^" Reporter: " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, etc. " Chukundah :"Yes , my name is Angelo, I'm 25, I was born in Spain and came to Portugal when I was 8 years old . Lived in Lisbon for some time, then moved to Almada. I work in a clothing shop but all this virus thing happening, atm is closed , and I have a small retail business for an extra income. As hobby, I usually work out everyday , play videos games , go out few times at night, I also try to read as many books I can, related to psychology and others that help me understand how human being acts, thinks etc. Every book that teach something about human behavior interests me " Reporter: " When did you start playing Mu Online? What nicknames you had in past? " Chukundah :"I don't know for sure but I first played a Portuguese server probably in 2005-2007 , then after many years, I wanted to play mu again and found out OldSquad in 2016. My nickname was only Chukundah , and 1 time only I used MONTANA, for the first time when I played OldSquad " Reporter: "How did you find OldSquad? Can you tell us a short story about your first steps on our server? Have you came alone? What was your first permanent party, what was your first guild, etc ? " Chukundah :"I found it through Xtremetop100 , I checked the forum of the server looking for infos and they were really good, so I decided to start playing here. I came alone, yes, on a Non rr edition where DEADCATS and GROM were more active, I joined DEADCATS in the almost ending stage of game, which they quit playing after 2 weeks, then I started again whit them in prototype main party as they needed one active player " Reporter: "You are currently the No. 1 Summoner in the following major Old Squad ranks: Castle Siege pvp rankings, Hall of Fame rankings, Chaos Castle general rankings, and Mercenary Squad rankings, how did you accomplish this? Chukundah :"I don't really care about any rankings, doesn't define how good you are in game , maybe the CS one but still anyone can get on top if you play only for kills instead focusing the objectives that makes the win more secure , other rankings is just from being active. " Reporter :" Yea, but you are still the no. 1 on these rankings and I think people would like to know how they can get no 1 in any ranks" Chukundah :"To get in reset/lvl ranking for sure you need a permanent party with VIP + sharing TV / acc info , doing every BC+DS per day, and moving to higher spots when possible ( also, sometimes is better a lower spot whit faster clear speed) , even if u have to KS or PK for them ^^. Any other ranking that involves PVP and rewards requires in a 100 % rate a decent set +11+dd , and if you "main" that class you already should know the build that you should have to survive/kill against every other class, in order to have chances against other players and come out with a victory. Mercenary ranking doesn't involve much effort since you get random players to kill and mostly afk , just do 1 quest and back 12h after for another quest, as I did" Reporter: "What do you think about this server and community?" Chukundah :"One of the best server out there, just need improvement on season, and maybe 1 more GM to help admin with inside game stuff , that ppl complain/report , about community is all good as well , for me the more toxic they are, the better. I have no fun in well behaved community ^^ , unfortunately Admin doesn't allow that " Reporter: " Where does the name "Chukundah" come from?" Chukundah:" From the actor Chuck Norris, haha , I just tried to invent something after "Chuck" so it wouldn't be the same name , so I came out with Chukundah." Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? Do you have this VIP since you started Phoenix?" Chukundah :"I did bought Pro VIP yesterday for the first time just to do more events , but since the beginning I had only Hunter VIP " Reporter: " You are one of the most active players from our server, how much time do you spend /day playing Mu Online? " Chukundah :" If the server is really competitive and guild / party active too , in 24h I prob' play 13h , but meanwhile I do other stuff out of pc. I just time the events in alarm to do them and have discord on mobile to have notifications if something comes up" Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player who recently joined the server? What should he do to get to the top places or to get inside a top guild?" Chukundah : "This game is really hard for people that join later , Mu is a game where you need to have ppl to play it as party , if you play alone you won't get anywhere until you find a stable party, people that are joining now they struggle a lot because they are alone , they get ks / pk by stronger players that most likely make them quit , unless you are willing to do everything to fight with tops, then be patient, level up as much alone as you can or with party, if you have one, until you get lvl for higher map and party someone. Meanwhile creating an alt to lvl with you, going to all possible bc + ds , doing every golden invasion no matter what goldens you kill , every gear you get will be good if it has good opts for small boost on pvm, doing all these there will be a point that you will find someone to play whit and decent geared , also joining any guild that has active players also helps a lot, but it takes a loooot of time and patience , which I believe most new players don't have " Reporter: " Do you think that Old Squad has a really solid play to win concept?" Chukundah :"Yes , you can take me as an example , I only donated once at the beginning ( 10€ for vip) and had VIP every week until now and all set+12, doing every invasion , all events for weekly credits reward, selling items + jewels , I've made more than 30k credits " Reporter : "You are a player who always has something to say, always gets into conflicts, where does so much energy for flame come from?" Chukundah :" This is a game where the competition and the "hate" should and must exist , without this every mu server dies, so I like to start dramas and "conflicts", as you said , to bring all these together and make ppl more active in game, to get to you in some type of way, by going in invasions to get items to get stronger for killing you , and if you get them there in invasion they fight vs you to get it , instead of being soft and ignore you cause you don't have any probs with him / them , joining other guild cause they hate you and other etc .. everything that involves pvp and everything else in game like them going to your spot and kill all your party at night, and pk them every 1 hour ... goes on ^^ And sometimes I just do that for fun when I'm bored ^^ I don't really take anything serious. " Reporter:" Since I first saw you, few years ago, you were playing Summoner. Is this your favorite class? Have you tried to play any other class as main?" Chukundah :" Yes, it is. I play summoner since I started in that Portuguese server, but I once played BK and RF here, to try out , on which I sucked hard so i just stood with Summoner" Reporter :" Speaking of permanent party, do you have one? Can you tell us a few words about each member and a short story about how you guys met and got in a perma?" Chukundah :"After DEADCATS stop played i joined Squadron discord to play in next non rr edition and my first permanent party was with Zutto, Voyager, Okla and Sync. On the next edition was Colision Psyke, Hase, Snajper aand this one was Hase, Colision, Waste, Kozy. They all good guys to play with, and experienced players . As for now, since Hase and Colision quit, I had party with MasterQue and Waste only , so we kinda jumping to other parties when they resetted and we lvling together, so as long it's stable exp and doing events, I don't mind " Reporter:" Can you describe the most powerful permanent party you had on OldSquad?" Chukundah :" I liked more the first party whit Okla, Zutto, Voyager, Sync, the daily chatting was nice ( without mentioning that I once entered Voyager TeamViewer and he had gayporn on .. everyone saw it cause I took SS so all know I'm not lying^^) , but too much afk, in that party I was taking 4 chars and me to every event ^^" Reporter:" Why aren't you in that permanent party anymore?" Chukundah :" They wanted to play together with other guys they played before, like Trippy and FkingCunt , so I didn't mind to make party with other ppl" Reporter: " You said earlier that the permanent party is essential in this game, but there are also players who have worked wonders solo, Mamed or Mu3rTe(on its start on Inception), what do you think about this style of play?" Chukundah :""I don't know too much about Mamed's style of leveling. About Mu3rTe I know: he creates a lot of chars to lvl with him , and once they gets same lvl or couple below him , he creates new ones to boost exp. It's a very good strategy to lvl up fast , but, also, you need to have a lot of patience to do this " Reporter: "What happened on Inception, why did you left game so early?" Chukundah :"I don't like a server with many resets , so I reached a point that I had everything on my summoner and got bored of resetting and lvling again." Reporter: "What is your role in Squadron?" Chukundah :"I don't have a specific role , I'm just a regular player here , sometimes I try to help in voice chat at CS , and in guild I also try to help whit stuff that happens inside, or preparing for something, related to invasions we mostly use guild chat " Reporter:" There are rumors that you're the main reason why Hardcore founders left Squadron, is it right? What really happened? Can you tell us? " Chukundah :" Yeah, it's true. When I join a guild I have standards, one can be giving everything free if you have and don't need. And they simply don't do it, they farmed spells and items , and didn't want to share for free, and also hiding from us, which pissed me off and drama started so they got kicked , and if you ask the players from Wiggle, that left them , they will say the same " Reporter: " Have you heard about the Snajper scandal? What happened there? Why were the items from his account taken away?" Chukundah :" Yes, I do , and poor Okla took all the blame , so I'm here to say that I'm the one who wanted to do this and asked Okla to help me. He(Snajper) was constantly, everyday talking shit to everyone , and one day he said he was going to leave us and help hardcore in next Sieges, so I suggested this to Okla and we took his stuff " Reporter:" Squadron lost last week the battle for supremacy, what happened? " Chukundah :"We were 23 players , Alex, Snook, Okla had other players playing on their accounts which takes all the experience , we also lacked the same AE's as we had last cs cause they couldn't play , and also in this cs we had new players playing with us , which they didn't follow our calls and were playing mostly for kills .. but I don't use this as an excuse to defeat , we did our best with what we had , gz for their win" Reporter: " What is your opinion about Hardcore merging with Dynasty? " Chukundah : "Don't know for sure if they were enemies or not, but since Hardcore didn't have enough players for CS , merging with some of them wasn't bad at all to keep the competition up " Reporter :" RuSuLeTzZz said in his interview that Squadron is .exe guild? How do you comment that? " Chukundah :"Cry is for free " Reporter : " RuSuLeTzZz also said about you in his interview 'He's a funny guy with multiple personalities ( ADMIN caught him speaking about him from another account, LOL) '. How do you comment those accusations? " Chukundah : "As I said above when you asked me about conflicts, I do that for fun ^^, maybe they think the contrary , don't really care " Reporter : "Do you have any enemies in the game?" Chukundah :"Everyone that is not in my guild / ally , is an enemy for me ." Reporter :" How do you comment the rumors that Reporter is a Squadron member?" Chukundah :" I don't believe you are, and if you were Squadron member i've would known for sure. About being a fan idk , good to know you are, haha " Reporter:" Can you tell us about the funniest moments you've experienced on OldSquad?" Chukundah :" The one I saw gay porn in Voyager's TeamViewer and shared in discord with guild ^^" Reporter:" The number of online players started to decrease lately on Phoenix, what do you think are the main reasons?" Chukundah :" As far I seen a lot of ppl quit due to fact of inactivity of Admin and also from the attacks that server/site suffered , and lack of interaction of him with players reporting stuff related to diff formulas in sv20 , hidden formulas in sv1, test server, and seeing bugs in game , and until now nothing being changed or helping them, and ppl still complaining, I can't say for sure these are the reasons , or if Admin really was inactive or fixing something , was just what I've seen in forum and in game of ppl speaking, or maybe was just players that gave up , along whit their alts. Reporter:" Do you accept a challenge?" Chukundah :" Ye " Reporter:" There will be several questions and I need details on each answer of yours. " Reporter :" Can you give us the name of the best guild master you ever had?" Chukundah :"Boyager , good leader " Reporter:" What did he do special and what did the other leaders you had not do?" Chukundah :" Every dramas inside guild he always took care with peace and make all good without consequences or problems after " Reporter:" How do you comment on rumors that TwoCheeks was the best guild master that Squadron ever had?" Chukundah :" Is not a rumor , it's true , I didn't play with TwoCheeks as him being GM, that's why I didn't mention him , but TwoCheeks I can mention in CS leading aspect , he's one of the best making strats and adapt everyone to any situation in ongoing CS." Reporter:" Can you give us the names of the 3 you respect the most in Hardcore and the names of the 3 players you dislike from Hardcore ?" Chukundah :" " Reporter:" Give us the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad." Chukundah :"As i said before , everyone out of my guild / ally , is an enemy , so i don't like or respect no one in or out of Hardcore" Reporter :" But you accepted challenge, so you have to name 3/3 with reasons ! " Chukundah:" Haha, ok , "respect" i give to Mu3rTe ( the real one , not his brother that plays right now), No1liveer and Takeshi because they are good players, dislike goes for Makiaveli, Rusuletz(for being complete rats that came out of the sewer after GROM and DEADCATS stop playing and finally they have the chance to shine, and acting like they are good in the game because they copy everything from us from items to strats in cs and creating alts to ask opinions about builds). And sparkle for talking shit all the time and suck, as well." Reporter :" Give us the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad " Chukundah:"The one who I respect the most is Zutto for his skills as BK, which is a very hard char to play , TwoCheeks for his leading at cs , and Voyager for maintaining the guild peacefully after dramas. I dislike most Makiashit , Rusushit and Sparkleshit ." Reporter:" Do you read the News Paper?" Chukundah :"When I have the patience to read all you write , yes, i do ^^ it's entertaining" Reporter:" What would you improve on NewsPaper ? Chukundah :" I don't know exactly, but as far I see you really do a good job." Reporter:" Do you think that NewsPaper adds +value on our community? " Chukundah :" Yes, 100% " Reporter: "Can you send a message for staff, friends , enemies?" Chukundah :"To staff :Stop banning me from forum , i don't intent no harm or toxicness , only to keep players mad and take revenge in game ^^ friends : SALUTE , enemies: there is a profile pic on my char in ranking that's for them. " Reporter: "Thank you very much for your time, patience and if I was respecting you as a player, now i started to respect you as a human being !! Keep up the good work!! Wish you Good Luck and have fun on Phoenix #2! " Chukundah :" All good , keep doing the NewsPaper job and don't stop doing it , you are doing a great job and you keep the community active on forum as well , and sometimes making some drama which is good too :d " This was Chukundah's interview, a top player on our community and a cerebral person that surprised me. I only knew him as a flamer and this interview changed my opinion 100% about him !!
    8. Hello, We're waiting feedback about the 3rd edition of Phoenix. Cheers!
    9. Hi In the new server Phoenix im using the helper in my DK, and I think the range is bugged (that or the spawn of the mobs shows them in 1 spot, but their hitbox is in another spot, which sounds weird) Im using the original possition feature and the range in 1 (in 1 for testing, normally i have it in 6 and 8, both in hunting and obtaining, and the distance in 0 min) and even then my character walks to another spot every time. this is also happening to my party members (elf and dws) while we lvl in lorencia and devias (so in different maps and spots). I do have the long-distance counter attack activated, but even having 4 or 5 mobs around me, my dk goes for other mobs that doesn't even shown in my screen. this is prety odd since in Inception the helper has never worked this way. or at least i never saw it working like this If i had to bet, i´d say it´s a bug with the mobs spawn, and not with the helper. who knows... ty
    10. Hello OldSquaders & New comers, Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our 3rd edition of Phoenix! The server will be launched officially tomorrow (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+3 (follow counter from website). You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc. The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). You still have time to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Keep in mind to find a Permanent Stable Party if you plan to play seriously. Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly means! So, share the news to your friends, families, mu contacts, strangers, pets and gather on the start to conquer once again the OldSquad World! Important Info: !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Phoenix' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Inception and you will be able to use the Inception services/options instead of Phoenix !!! In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent). Don't forget that ENERGY ELVES are OUT OF GAME! Their buffs are useless on normal maps. Note: You can still play EE at CS where buffs works, but there you can adjust points with /rebuild command, only for the CS. Note2: Also don't make TANK builds (VBK/VDL) as they can be used "for free" at CS via /rebuild, only for the CS. Don't forget that EXP STARTS REALLY LOW and does get HIGHER as you progress in Levels. Note: The same things does apply for mobs on spots, starts from 4 and gets to 7-8 on highest maps. You can make DL, MG, RF from level 150 or since server starts if you get VIP. Note: Only Dealer/Hunter available until Break 2 - Level 350 - when PRO will be available as well. You have access to OFF-Attack for up to 5 hours. Note: VIP is boosting its duration/it adds auto-pick based on VIP type. Only BoK+1 Goldens & Golden Budges are available at start (from the golden mobs) - rest of them will be released progressively - Check gameplay info. Test server is still online and will remain online even after Phoenix start, so you can test anything anytime you want. You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more! 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (11 April - Sunday) but there will be no rewards. Note: You will play only to get used to our custom CS System and for fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS (CS rewards are progressive, read about them on Info topic -> CS System). This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned! Mercenary Squad will be unlocked after Break 1 (level 285). Note: You will need at least level 250 to join Merc Squad, as well as to start a Merc Quest. Add luck from website will be unlocked after Break 1. Until Break 1, you can only upgrade from website from +9 to +10, after Break 1 you can upgrade to +11, and after Break 2 to +12 as well. Increase ADD Option from website will be unlocked after Break 1. Up to 60-70% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time. Make sure to invest jewels in early exc items from mobs / non exc items with high defense in order to progress! Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here: Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ Info about CREDITS: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2895-phoenix-info-about-credits/ Characters Info, Builds & Buffs Formulas: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2931-phoenix-everything-about-characters-buffs-and-formulas/ Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2897-phoenix-server-rules/ If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time! OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    11. Hello, Test server for Phoenix is now officially open for public. Client can be downloaded from here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2919-phoenix-downloads/ Note: It is shared client with the official server. Note2: Characters have been saved from the last test server from Phoenix, you can still test using them. While we are aware that most of you that join the Test-Server are doing it for personal benefits (i.e. testing which char to choose, who is better at what, fast leveling routes, etc.) we would be glad if you do also test parts of our info/drops/bosses and so on and if you can't find a problem (that usually happens) we will be glad if you at least bring a constructive feedback of what have you tested around. Important note: While we welcome any characters feedback, we'll only take into consideration real feedback/problems with them, supplied with enough details and/or screens/videos. We'll ignore any comments like "X char is shit buff plz", or "Y char is OP nerf plz", or "I play Z plz buff it". Important note: While up to 95% of things available on the test server will remain as they are, there may be changes/adjustments/additions on the official server and/or changes/adjustments before content additions (related to them). Also, keep in mind that the current Imperial Event, Doppelganger Event & Crywolf Event from Test-Server does not reflect the official version, as they were not "reworked" yet and they will be reworked only before their addition to the official server as part of the Break 2 content. Topic where you can bring your feedback: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4261-phoenix-2021-feedback-discussions/ Test server commands: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2921-phoenix-test-server-commands/ Cheers!
    12. Hello OldSquaders, The cold season is 'almost' over and spring is knocking on the door. There's something else except of higher temperatures to think at when talking about spring, and that's PHOENIX! Our Project Phoenix is rising once again, hitting its third edition and bringing some freshness on our community and a new challenge for those seeking of a fun journey in our MU world. Phoenix #3 is featuring our Arena Tournament V2, a more compact gameplay, a bit slower paced progression and tweaks across characters & economy. Grand Opening: 02 April at 19:00 GMT+3 (Mobs will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3). We want to highlight the biggest gameplay change that it has, as always you can consult our official information topic for everything you need to know: Instead of 10 optional resets, Phoenix is now offering only 5 optional resets, cutting some of the "boring" resets. This means that once the Non-Reset part is completed, you'll enter directly the End-Game Quest part, to unlock the 5 extra resets. The reset bonuses were reworked to further reflect our new compact gameplay that is more balanced, less boring and provide more action across your gameplay. Extra changes worth mentioning: Longer & more balanced breaks. Slower level 1-400 progression. Some of the content released along with breaks as well as content released at a SET time. Increased a little the difficulty of farming excellent items with 2 options. Lower levels of BC & DS have their monsters cut to both have an easier difficulty and in the same time to reduce the EXP boost compared to the number of mobs from spots on lower maps. Gens Raids will now be released along with Mercenary Squad, which means battle maps are safer on first weeks but also only having a 5% EXP boost instead of 12% (until Raids release). Breaks are having rewards for everyone that progressed them based on how many levels they made during the Break. The amount of spots across the game that have +1 mob on the same type of spots is now 50% (from 30-35%). So you'll have 50% standard spots and 50% +1 mob spots. The EXP bonus for 2 people and 3 people in party is now higher than solo EXP, as well as the GOLDEN bonus for party of 4 and 5 is increased. Other tweaks across economy, drops, events & so on. Characters from last Phoenix were pretty balanced in terms of their pros and cons, but we also made notes at the end of the last edition, so here are the main characters changes: Berserker max rate for Summoner has been reduced (a small nerf to SUMM PvE & PvP on mid-late game). MG can no longer use Cometfall (direct nerf to EMG PvP & Hunt). Small buff to SM, SUM & BK PvM damage. More than that, Phoenix #3 is also featuring most of the improvements, fixes & features that were worked on Inception in the last 6 months (and there are hundreds), adapted for Phoenix. While most of information is updated, there are still things left to be added to the info as well as maybe few changes before the Phoenix actually starts. Prepare yourselves for another great journey brought to you by OldSquad Community! Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ Official discussions topic for Phoenix #3: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4261-phoenix-2021-feedback-discussions/ We're waiting questions, feedback & suggestions on this topic! Test-Server for Phoenix will be opened to public with few days before launch! #MakeMuGreatAgain!
    13. Hello, Because the average online players of the last ~10 days in a 24 window is 0.5, we took the decision to end its suffer and shut it down 1 month earlier than granted, as there is simply "0.5" interest in it and we do prefer to have our website look better for newcomers. Phoenix had a great evolution compared to its first edition, it was way better and had the highest record of online players from our community. Sadly we were a bit unlucky with it, having some bigger technical problems in the first weeks, that caused many players to reconsider it, so its active life time was cut more than expected. We are still happy about it, and we expect it to be even better when it will come back. The 3rd edition will start somewhere between March and April, in 2021. As for now, Phoenix has just been closed. HoF has been added: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4056-hof-edition-03-april-2020-24-october-2020/ Thanks to everyone that took part in this project and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run!
    14. Spawn

      Attack speed bug

      When you're pres Ctrl in any situation u have double attack speed, this "features" will be repaired or is fine that ?
    15. Character name: GalivanRF Suggestion Type: Server Suggestion Content: Problem: When there are multiple invasion(i.e. goldens and Cursed Dragon) you can't see the first row of goldens. Thus missing important goldens such as: Budge/GGD/Drekon. Fix options:(Best to worst IMO) Make the message display more lines in a time Join the Golems and IronKnights lines together - now we have 1 less line to show which is exactly what we need When goldens up, remove other invasion messages Move the Drekon/Budges line lower in the order How it brings value: Better quality of life for people in invasion Problem: If you come late, and a budge is killed, you don't know where did it die Fix options: Add a location for the budges. when a budge dies, remove the location from the msg, just as we have with WW. Example: Budges: 4/4(Lorencia, Elbeland, Noria, Devias) -> Elbeland dies -> Budges(3/4)(Lorenica, Noria, Devias) How it brings value: Better quality of life for people in invasion
    16. This quote from the "How to get started + some secrets" thread. I tried doing W3 today, and this what happend:
    17. From what i've been able to see in the gaion event rankins there are these following steps: 1. The most advantageous is to do as 5, cause you get no downtime compared to 4 or 3 , they all compete for the same time and i don't think that s quite fair for people that do not have a party of 5 different chars. 2. The best record time remains from the day u did best (which given the fact that on Monday is the easiest, that one sticks) i think you should make somehow of an overral average during the 7 days which might be more competitive and force people to do monday to sunday. 3. Given that you added the Icing mobs and Icing-Block things during spikes (at least monday tuesday) if it's going to be a matter of seconds that diferentiate 2 parties, is kinda random, cause as far as i've seen is hard or not possible at all to avoid being "stunned" during spike-paths. Overrall i think it's a good implementation, brought some competition, people are more inclined to find parties and play with people.
    18. Hi, I got a pvpquest of a target in swamp map. I was RF lvl 378, and thus couldn't tp to swamp - game said I need to be lvl 380 to enter the map.
    19. lsoto


      my game start but i cant login always said that is incorrect but i login whit the same account in the page help me pls
    20. BachuS

      pvpquest problem

      So, if u have below 350 and u try to d pvpquest and u re target is in swamp, u write comand /qwarp ant then u cant enter in swamp gates because u re not 350 lvl.....thats a problem, solve it pls....
    21. Hello admin, i play Elf and i see a bug with multi shot skill. Sometimes it doesn't do any damage. Please fix it. Thank you very much.
    22. In regards to this -- The summed stats in the print screen attached by DikutzZ is 2619. The expected stats for DikutzZ's SM should be: Level 1 (base points) 81 Level 2 -> 220 1095 Level 221 -> 400 1080 3rd Quest 90 Resets x4 360 Fruits 21 Total 2727 Conclusion: DikutzZ's SM is missing 108 stats.
    23. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLnJb-jRxOnhjVZ-9nMS8sAv8ig?e=UnZURG
    24. Hvman

      EXP Boost

      What about a new EXP boost in LVL and especially MLVL (maybe untill 50-70) I see there is literally no competition at high-endgame since everyone kinda took a break or left, but i sometimes see new players, that are making fast rrs( due to 1-3 rr being kinda easy to do now) but they lack really much in terms of MLVL and on non-rr mlvl is kinda everything so they still stand no chance given the fact that 1 player with 100mlvl can kill an entire party with literally no buffs. Would u think about making the exp even higher and giving a significant boost in mLVL at least to 50-70 so they can become decently competitive given the fact that we have no competition? I mean i know it's summer, and servers are not that populated during summer, that s nothing new, but at least, we give a chance for someone to come from behind in terms of lvl/mlvl in 1- 1 and a half months and maybe we see some activity in high events like maya/selupan/medusa. No new players even attend them, given the fact that the difference between us is huge. Maybe you'll take it into consideration, we play for fun during summer and wait for the new project to come up.
    25. hi all, why is in forum character guide, MGs fireslash formula is; Fire Slash Defence Reduction: Max Rate: 20%. Formula: 10% + ENE/60(%) - Capped at 600 ENE. but when tried on test server, same increase on damage after fireslash with(600) or without(15) ene. is this bug or guide is just outdated?
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