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  1. Speedyzor

    dont forget about ur surname, Spoitorul! aka Fane Spoitorul!
  2. Speedyzor

    u can select whatever resolution u want, u need to select windowmode to be able to access other stuff in your pc
  3. Speedyzor

    under the resolution is a option named Window Mode. select it and play like that.
  4. Speedyzor

    whats the fun of playing a server if everything is easy? my opinion , dont change it!
  5. Speedyzor

    crack on mate:)
  6. Speedyzor

    is not our fault that you guys are 'pussies' and register three guilds, cowards.
  7. Speedyzor

    Hello, im Speedy, some pros: Tons of players, and only 2 per ip Lots of events by GMs and ADMINs Fairness gap. Gens and Mercenary system is pretty good. dynamic xp system is good aswell OldBox System some cons: Bugs dont get fixed fast enough (it exp , pvpquest exp, gaion mob disappearing, players duplicate in bc, re auto bug in bc/ds, etc) i bet you know abot all of the... changes to characters without consulting the players admins giving reword back to players that been buged out of events (not their fault...) 4 options items (is a joke. u can add 380 items only on cs and 2 ex ops, same for rare items) seeds rate to high Hope this feedback makes a difference, good luck OldSquad.
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