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  1. Cottonstar

  2. Cottonstar

    I would gamble for 200 stack mana or 200 stack life its a necessity for all and at the same time its consumable
  3. Cottonstar

    Hi, Meron ba dito gusto ng stable party araw araw? meron ako 2 chars. Buong araw lang naka afk. Nasa Aida lang ako 2nd spot tabi nila Christmas. Pa PM na lang ako or reply kayo ng IGN. Salamat sa maga gusto sumali.
  4. Cottonstar

    Sino may guild? Sino mga busy dito na need ng party buong araw?
  5. Cottonstar

    Sino mga Pilipino dito? Kaway kaway naman jan Gawa naman tayo ng solid na guild sa bagong server
  6. Thanks for taking the time to find a solution! Appreciate it. Keep up the great work! 🙂
  7. Cottonstar

    Hi! Is it possible to have this on server? Maybe once every day? Great way to get those resets pumping.. https://ibb.co/mc8VsyH https://ibb.co/Vm9vz20
  8. Hi, I still keep getting dced even if I only have 3 accounts online in our household. I still get the Maximum time exceeded error and sometimes it disconnect and reconnect for sometime. Is there an issue? Thanks for the help!
  9. Cottonstar

    I always get disconnected after the maintenance. The running count now is 10 so far and its really annoying. Can someone fix the problem? My other account doesn't get DCed. This is the only one who keeps on disconnecting. IGN:Pulsar Thanks in advance!
  10. Cottonstar

    The server wants people to be active. If you farm AFK then you get minimal drops. If you know when/where to farm and play then you get rewarded. But I agree.. 😀 LOT is crap Server should at least give rewards to the winners of the castle because it's freakin 2 HOURS long and then you win only LOT crap. HAVE A HEART ❤️ PEOPLE!
  11. Cottonstar

    The server is great but it gets boring in the long run. Same routine everyday. Even the events are routines! Have a theme every month is a pretty cool idea! It works on mobile games why not apply it here? different drops based on the month etc... Holidays are a great way to invent themes and get the players to be active but most of the admins are on vacation as well. When I was playing in MU Ph there was an event in the Valley of Loren to have all the freakin monsters appear! IT WILL BE EXCITING TO SEE IT IN THIS SERVER. Players are mostly concerned about the drops/gears/items which is great by the way. But there is also fun in just playing and leveling your characters. If you notice ALL PLAYERS ARE ON AFK WHEN THEY'RE LEVELLING MOST OF THE TIME. I do it because who wants to wait for the freaking bar to move. When you have an EE with full ml def and dmg buff its all AFK baby. -Research and create themes! -Create events for levelling up! -Break away from routines! -Be spontaneous! -Create ways to challenge players every time! LET'S DO THIS PEOPLE!!!
  12. Cottonstar

    Alright. Thanks! I didn't know you have this. 🙂
  13. Cottonstar

    Hi, I'm not sure if it's just me or the other players didn't notice. I always get lower exp compared to the other characters. I'm playing an SMG and I noticed that I get about 2-5k lower exp from other characters that I'm playing even if I get to the exact same level. For example, when I kill mobs (condra) at level 395 I get only 9-10k of exp compared to bk/sm/elf with the same level or higher. They get about 12-15k. Is this normal?
  14. Cottonstar

    Has any ADMIN noticed this? Can you fix this please? I missed getting an ancient in DS because of the helper, not auto looting. Jewels and Ancient not working even if it's ticked! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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