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      Mu3rTe got a reaction from uask4it in The Third Rebirth of Phoenix "Bring the Light"!   
      Sounds like a promising data base I wish I could play also, but maybe next time
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      Hopefully a better view :))
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      we can make perma DS and all will be happy. 
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      Hopefully a better view :))
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      Mu3rTe reacted to mafy in A new feature is now live (discussion)   
      When everybody was struggling to survive on a weak spot, we were pulling mobs. Most of you couldn't pull mobs, even if you wanted or tried it, because you were not using proper items, buffs, builds, positions, coordinations or party build. It's about thinking of everything, not just pulling. Those pulls were not an abuse, but a well planned and developed strategy.
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      Mu3rTe reacted to ADMIN in HoF - Edition 13 September 2019 - 25 May 2020   
      First to make a reset:
      ME: Sparkle
      BK: Zutto
      SM: Trippy
      SUM: RuSuLeTzZz
      DL: RedBuLL (first to make a reset from server).
      MG: FKinGCunT
      RF: Makiavelli

      Stage 1.1 Unlockers: RuSuLeTzZz, Makiavelli and RedBuLL
      Stage 2 Unlockers: Makiavelli, darkyo and Devex
      Stage 2.1 Unlockers: mafy, Trompeta and Atenea
      Stage 3 Unlockers: mafy, Mu3rTe and AlmightySM
      Stage 3.1 Unlockers: mafy, Makiavelli and Zutto

      First to get 30 resets and level 400:
      ME: Eleonora
      BK: Zutto
      SM: Mu3rTe
      SUM: mafy (first to make 30 resets and level 400 from server).
      DL: ZaZaX
      MG: Makiavelli
      RF: Sm0uke

      Total Accounts: 36750
      Total Characters: 9643
      Record Online: 721
      Final Ranks of the Edition
      Normal Top:


      PvM Rankings:

      Blood Castle:

      Devil Square:

      Chaos Castle:

      Castle Siege Killers:

      Castle Siege Stampers:


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      Mu3rTe reacted to ADMIN in Patch - 19.08.2020   
      Release date: 19.08.2020 - At around 14:00 - The patch will be up after maintenance (that will last 5-30 minutes, during this period server will be offline).
      [FIXED] CS reward not giving the boxes if the team didn't reach the GM VIP reward (6000 points). [FIXED] CS not internally changing the new Guild winner at the end of CS without manual intervention, causing Erohim to sometimes not drop his reward to the new winner guild. [FIXED] Queen set items asking for more STR than it shows. [FIXED] Illusion Temple System giving the warns to players that joined IT but left before the event started (teams were made). [UPDATED] Change name function will now automatically restore Mercenary points, PvM points, Quest progress, etc. [UPDATED] Socket Weapons have been slightly buffed in their damage/wizz power so the difference between them and the last exc tier items to be a bit higher. [UPDATED] 380 Weapons have been highly buffed in their damage/wizz power to be better than the last exc tier weapons. Note: 380 Weapons are now on the same level with fully socketed Socket weapons. Current Tiers: SUM: Exc. Lilium Stick < Exc. Raven Stick < Unsocketed Merlin Stick < Storm Blitz Stick = Fully Socketed Merlin Stick. SM: Exc. Platina Staff < Exc. Chromatic Staff < Unsocketed Inberial Staff < Grand Viper Staff = Fully Socketed Inberial Staff. DL: Exc. Great Lord Scepter < Exc. Striker Scepter < Unsocketed Absolute Scepter < Soleil Scepter = Fully Socketed Absolute Scepter. AE: Exc. Viper Bow < Exc. Air Lyn Bow < Unsocketed Dark Stinger < Sylph Wind Bow = Fully Socketed Dark Stinger. RF: Phoenix Soul Star > All (buffed). EMG: Any 1h staff < Unsocketed Deadly Staff < Explosion Blade = Fully Socketed Deadly Staff. BK: Exc. Knight's Blade < Unsocketed Flameberge = Unsocketed Sword Breaker < Bone Blade = Fully Socketed Flameberge = Fully Socketed Sword Breaker. SMG: Rune Bastard Sword & Explosion Blade buffed. [FIXED] Cyclone range being 3 instead of the default 2. Note: This MAY also fix visual-bugs related to cyclone as well as sometimes character getting back by himself after using it. [FIXED] Fire Slash & Chain Drive range being 3 instead of 2. Note: This MAY also fix fire slash sometimes not doing damage despite character being in range. [FIXED] Several bugs related to /rebuild at CS. [FIXED] /qwarp not letting people enter through swamp gates. [UPDATED] Introducing Imperial Event V2: Now Imperial Event requires the player that wants to enter it to be in party. Difficulty highly increased. Drop rate of invitation pieces buffed. Traps can now stun & knockback. There are now 2 wizards per trap room that will also ice you. There is no longer a "shared" reward. Instead, at the end of the event, each player from the party will get his own individual reward (so the focus should be on participating with 4-5 players for a faster clear, as everyone will receive the same reward no matter if finished by 2 players or 5). New personal reward: Normal bosses: 3 jewels + 20% chance for 1x TocA & 80% chance for 4th jewel. Sunday last boss: 3 jewels + 1 TocA Now Imperial has a new special weekly rankings & extra rewards under a competitive system: This rankings that ca be found on website are based on "how fast" your party clears the event. The fastest timers will be higher in the top. In order to be "qualified" for such rankings your party have to consist of 5 players and UNIQUE classes (if you'll have 2x same class in party your finish-time won't be considered for weekly top/records. Note: The weekly rewards will be set and will start from this Monday (during then, it's test period). Now the statues that can be found during the event will be there as optional objectives for those that don't want to race for best timers, and have enough time to kill them as well (they have a high HP pool though).  Each of the statues will drop extra reward on the ground (that can be picked by any player from party). Statues reward: 2 Jewels / Statue. [ADDED] Duel Gamble System You can write "/gamble credits/bless amount CharName" to target-gamble a player. 1st argument is either "credits" or "bless" depending on what you want to bet. 2nd argument is the amount of credits/bless you want to gamble. 3rd argument = name of the character you're gambling with. Example: /gamble credits 300 Gion -> Will start a gamble with Gion for 300 credits. Note: You must have the credits / bless in your Website! (for bless you need to have them in Jewel Wallet). After a gamble is asked, the starter will have the values extracted from his account. After 10 minutes, if the player is not in the colosseum (basically, the opponent didn't accepted the gamble) he will have the credits/bless returned. If the opponent doesn't have the bet you're asking you won't be able to start the gamble. You can also manually /reject a current gamble (only if you're the one asked) if you want to start another one with someone else. After the gamble is asked, the opponent must write /accept in the 10 minutes window. If he writes that, both characters will be moved to colosseum without the possibility to move away. If any of them does disconnect during colosseum, that one will be counted as loser. The gamble is over when first player does kill the other for 3 times (basically, best of 5). Note: After killing an opponent your SD remains the same - it doesn't reset like on duel. The winner gets his bet back as well as the opponent's bet. + Other small fixes/adjustments.
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      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Amnesia in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XVll   
      I su*k yours and you su*k mine,
      Let's hold hands so we can rise.
      Power of friendship  prevails yeyyyyyyyy,
      let's rename BFF4EVER.
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      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Amnesia in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XVl   
      Nothing special, same old, same old, * strikes again.
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      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Sparkle in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
      Dude, if you want to participate at CS, give a fucking care, if your full leadership is  not able to fucking register signs and they only login at 23:59 to do it, that means you don't deserve to participate.
      It's part of the game, its a fucking strategy. But no, you guys are cleaver i am stupid. Maybe you guys will learn to play, or maybe try to improve yourself.
      Maybe work on dignity, and pride, and from time to time, maybe admit that others are better than yourselves.
      If that crappy attack guild had any pride in them, they will admit they were outplayed, and learn for next time.
      And do you even have courage to post here? when you put tanks in fucking squadron and hold switch  when gm is not even available?, yes that is Antigame if you wanna speak about that. 
    12. Thanks
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from atysmoke in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
      Dude, if you want to participate at CS, give a fucking care, if your full leadership is  not able to fucking register signs and they only login at 23:59 to do it, that means you don't deserve to participate.
      It's part of the game, its a fucking strategy. But no, you guys are cleaver i am stupid. Maybe you guys will learn to play, or maybe try to improve yourself.
      Maybe work on dignity, and pride, and from time to time, maybe admit that others are better than yourselves.
      If that crappy attack guild had any pride in them, they will admit they were outplayed, and learn for next time.
      And do you even have courage to post here? when you put tanks in fucking squadron and hold switch  when gm is not even available?, yes that is Antigame if you wanna speak about that. 
    13. Thanks
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Amnesia in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
      Dude, if you want to participate at CS, give a fucking care, if your full leadership is  not able to fucking register signs and they only login at 23:59 to do it, that means you don't deserve to participate.
      It's part of the game, its a fucking strategy. But no, you guys are cleaver i am stupid. Maybe you guys will learn to play, or maybe try to improve yourself.
      Maybe work on dignity, and pride, and from time to time, maybe admit that others are better than yourselves.
      If that crappy attack guild had any pride in them, they will admit they were outplayed, and learn for next time.
      And do you even have courage to post here? when you put tanks in fucking squadron and hold switch  when gm is not even available?, yes that is Antigame if you wanna speak about that. 
    14. Haha
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Error in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
      Dude, if you want to participate at CS, give a fucking care, if your full leadership is  not able to fucking register signs and they only login at 23:59 to do it, that means you don't deserve to participate.
      It's part of the game, its a fucking strategy. But no, you guys are cleaver i am stupid. Maybe you guys will learn to play, or maybe try to improve yourself.
      Maybe work on dignity, and pride, and from time to time, maybe admit that others are better than yourselves.
      If that crappy attack guild had any pride in them, they will admit they were outplayed, and learn for next time.
      And do you even have courage to post here? when you put tanks in fucking squadron and hold switch  when gm is not even available?, yes that is Antigame if you wanna speak about that. 
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      Mu3rTe reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter XlV   
      The battle for server supremacy after "Squadron era"  has started since the beginning of the week. The power on the server is divided between three major guilds: Hardcore, ATTACK and the new PlayBoys guild, the latter was created from the active players who remained on the server from the great Squadron guild. Fierce fighting ensued between Hardcore and the other two guilds (ATTACK and PlayBoys), all three guilds dreamed to grab the crown dropped by Voyager. The fights that took place at night turned into prolonged fights, Hardcore provoking both opposing guilds to PVP and PK, making safe areas populated 24 hours a day by warriors from all three guilds, becoming the prey of the anger and revenge. 
      As in any war, everyone had to lose and no one to win, the battles were fierce and no one from these three guilds could not acquire experience. Time runs fast and the weekend is approaching, the Lord's sign records begin and on Saturday night the first surprise is triggered: ATTACK guild is removed from the game this time successfully by Hardcore. The warrior's eyes of these 3 guilds are glittering in the dark, looking to see the great crown  they wish to place on the head of their leader, and, of course, to sit on the great throne and together to rule the MU world.
       Sunday was quiet as usual before the breakup of hell. There were secret strategies on the chessboard that were due to be revealed during the war. In order to take part in this war for supremacy, those in the ATTACK who no longer had the chance to reach the top of the chain, allied themselves with PlayBoys and thus helped this guild to crush Hardcore ones who started the fight well, but they lost important points, being forced to step backwards. Playboys and ATTACK hit hard from start to the end, being helped by some warriors introduced into Squadron guild. They fought bravely and, with the two top guilds force on their side,  crushed and trampled on everything that was moving through their path. At the end of this battle, these warriors were raising Sk0pt to the highest possible rank, the master of Inception, and the ruler of the continent.
      Some rumors say that pride and arrogance has cost the Hardcore warriors the crown, these voices say that you cannot start a war with two equally strong guilds at the same time only if you are crazy, and they seem to be right. They also say that Hardcore had too few warriors with experience and it was another factor that led to their defeat.

      Over the grave of the Squadron era, a new era begins to flourish, the PlayBoy ERA, a new guild who was learning and taking advantage of the experience gained in that legendary guild, they knew how to play this fight in their favor and to speculate and gain an unexpected help (at least at the beginning of the week), a help from ATTACK, a guild that was pushed back by Hardcore, they had only two choices, to stand back and watch from distance or to get in fight and smash the enemy.  
      After this Castle Siege, Hardcore died, the most important players gave up the game for unknown reasons, so rumors are heard that ATTACK and PlayBoys will break the alliance and continue the fight for supremacy.
                                                                                                                                                      To be continued...
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      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Jawbreaker in [Interview] Voyager   
      i hope, some day, we can really be adversaries, no hold backs  
      All inclusive. GG for this edition tho.
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      Mu3rTe reacted to Reporter in [Interview] Voyager   
      This interview is about Voyager, the invincible guild master of the best guild on Inception, it is a legendary guild and its name is Squadron. This guild led by Voyager dominated Inception since the start of mid-game period, until now, when end game period started.  
      Reporter: " From the beginning you led the Squadron firmly and managed to take it to the peaks of success, Congratulations!!"
      Voyager : "Thanks, Squadron always had one core team members who manage everything related with the guild. " 
      Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you managed to bring Squadron guild back to Old Squad?"
      Voyager : " Well, it wasn't that hard, we all played together for the past few years, but we couldn't bring some of our key members and creators of the guild due to the lack of time (TwoCheeks, Mboopi, LastHope, Kenpachi and so on)." 
      Reporter: "Please, allow me to enter into your personal life and ask you a few questions. What is your occupation? Do you a have family? How old are you? What encourages you to play this "forgotten" game that is kept alive only by old school "maniacs"  like us ? " 
      Voyager : "I am from Bulgaria, living in the capital Sofia and turned 29 few months ago. I am not married, got one happy doge :slight_smile: 
      What encourages me.. well probably it is the nostalgia by playing it at so young age back in 2002-3. I must say that I was rolling this game since then with some little pauses." 
      Reporter : "What are you doing for a living?"
      Voyager: " I am working in an engineering company in the sales department."
      Reporter: "How did you found OldSquad ?"
      Voyager : "When I said little pauses, I have found the server in one website for MMO private servers. I tried it and from the first time my expressions was huge - found many friends and players on my age playing this game and having a good experience. This was 3 years ago and the first edition for me was the NonRR. " 
      Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?""
      Voyager : "In my past I had different names and all was related with NASA space shuttle's missions - Voyager, Endeavour, Curiosity and so on. In OldSquad I was using Voyager mostly. Had funny times with moldovians in past 30rr who couldn't pronounce Voyager and they were calling me 'Boyagar'. " 
      Reporter: "Did you had VIP activated since Inception started?? "
      Voyager : "Yes, and I kept it activated in the first two months, depending on my team. " 
      Reporter :" Do you think OldSquad servers are having a real play to win concept ? Or you think that only donors can get in top? " 
      Voyager : " At the current state - no, back in few editions there were a higher chance you can obtain credits and more character options. I do not like the most of the changes in the past 2 editions (Inception and Phoenix). For sure there is a way to compete with the top players if you do not have VIP - but you have to play A LOT." 
      Reporter :" You know Mu3rte..., he started with 1 month + delay and he got ranked no1 pretty fast, isn't this play 2 win?"
      Voyager: " Mu3rTe is one man army, we have played together once and I was amazed how much time this guy invest in the game. For sure he played a lot when he started, but keep in mind also the stages who allows the new players to level faster compared to the rest of the server who plays since day 1.
      He is also a very good and skilled player in my eyes."
      Reporter : "At the beginning of the server I had the impression that there would be only one guild on the whole server, although there were 600 characters on, the top 40 was just Squadron, what happened? What made that Squadron break into pieces and how did you manage to gather what was left to fight with Rampage and eventually to dominate the server for so long?? " 
      Voyager : "Before the server launch we kinda had a full group of 25 players, including some of the people who went to RAMPAGE after. There were differences in the way we play and the way other people wanted to play, so we have decided to say goodbye to each other. It was really hard time for me in the next month to organize everything and continue growing so we can finish as winners in the Castle Siege and I couldn't do that without my team's help. For sure we all played hardcore in the first month, month and a half and we invested a lot of time and nerves to build this. " 
      Reporter: "When you won the first Castle Siege, I know that, initially, there were some fights lost by Squadron to the limit, what did you change at that Castle Siege when you defeated Rampage?  "
      Voyager : " Well, we were behind with players (we had less than them) and we fought hard to be able to compete with them in CS compared to their gear from the past 2 CS's they held.
      In two Castle Sieges we used a DL tank alone in a shadow guild so we can fight vs RAMPAGE + Assasins which was hard for us without using this tactic." 
      Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions ? Do you think that  Castle is Cursed?
      Voyager : "I believe in many things but not in that. Many guilds failed due to the lack of organization. " 
      Reporter: " Have you ever been almost overcome by the curse?"
      Voyager : "No, as I said our guild leadership and organization is different than others and we deal quick with the drama or in the end we get rid of those who plant the seeds of drama    " 
      Reporter: "So, you had no struggles between the members right after you won the first siege? "
      Voyager : "No, there was a good hype after this victory which helped and motivated many people who doesn't have our experience and they can give up after few loses. To be honest, I prefer to be on the losing side, this way you give everything from yourself. " 
      Reporter:" Earlier you said that this server's play to win concept its not that real, are you saying that a player who wants to be a top guild master has to donate?"
      Voyager : " It is not the right way to compare a top guild master and a regular player who plays a lot without VIP and a player who invest money in the game. Being a GM in our guild means you got the support from other players in terms of in-game stuff. That's Squadron's policy and we do that for all the key players - we simply invest in them. I do not want to extend my words for the server's "play to win" meta cause there are ways to earn credits without paying a single dollar, but this applies for people who spends a lot of time here. " 
      Reporter: "What happened to Chukundah? Why did he quit the game so early?"
      Voyager : "Haha, he got a new job and he wanted to play more league of legends which caused his laptop to burn. 😂 " 
      Reporter: " What about Snajper, there was a lot of scandal about this player and his separation from Squadron, what really happened?"
      Voyager :"Well, the deal was that we invested in him somehow and he wanted to turn back on us."
      Reporter :" Some voices say that after he was helped, he became a traitor and that's why guild punished him, is that true? " 
      Voyager: " How couldn't you love those voices :)), as I said we invested in him somehow." 
      Reporter : " Can you give us some tips about Dark Lord stats build to be a strong Guild Master ? Can you reveal yours?"
      Voyager : "I am not the guy who should give any tips about Dark Lord, cause this was the first time in my life playing a DL. The thing which every player should do (if the server allows it) is to test every possible stat in the beta server which I did for the first 5,6 resets. After those test I knew what stats I should use till 10th RR. In the first 5 resets I was 60% dmg and when the server moved to its mid phase I sacrificed almost every STR into AGI and VIT, but not for long - as you can see in 27RR I have over 6k STR so I can still be able to  help my team in stamps.
      My current build was 60% VIT, 30% AGI and 10% STR so you can be able to kill people and farm alone in the same time. I do not consider myself as a strong DL or a Guild Master - everything I have done was a result watching other good DL's in the face of ProtoType and BSB. " 
      Reporter : "You are the only Guild Master that held Castle for months and still invincible! (0 deaths in CS rankings) /Respect!!!" 
      Reporter: "Why did you and your friends quit Inception?? "
      Voyager : "Heh, well we all got bored somehow, some of us were playing only for the CS and in the end we decided to take a break from MU. " 
      Reporter:"  Did you had any enemies in game on this data base? "
      Voyager : "That's the thing server missed - enemies. Administration made many changes which turned the server into PVM state and we couldn't enjoy of the PVP. One thing amazed me even more - when mercenary was introduced, people started to whisper me "Can you come davias and let me kill you, I got an quest". Possibly there are one explanation - the administration banished all dedicated players in the face of DEADCATS and GROM who was ready for PVP mash ups during the nights. My answer is NO - I didn't had any enemies. As far as I heard I am being hated from certain people but do not know the reason   " 
      Reporter :" What do you need to have in order to handle the challenges of a guild master to become the server leader ?"
      Voyager : "Can you be more specific about this question  'to become the server leader' ? " 
      Reporter :" You were the leader of inception, you still are the one! Leading the top guild to glory and owning Castle makes you top number one leader of server." 
      Voyager :" You have to be passionate and calm in order to achieve something as a guild master. Of course you can not do that alone - the help from your crew is very important." 
      Reporter: "Have you ever had a moment in wanting to quit being a Guild Master?
      Voyager : " Yes, there were some moments, a month after we have won vs RAMPAGE cause the pressure was really hard and it was focused on me and I really wanted to step down for a while." 
      Reporter: " Do you read the newspaper? What do you suggest to improve on it?
      Voyager : "Yes, I am reading all your articles. I could suggest more detailed information about whats happening in the server but in general the idea of the Newspaper is good   " 
      Reporter: " Do you have any message to send to friends, enemies or Admin Staff? "
      Voyager : "Well, I already sent a message of my friends which I played with, about the enemies - don't think they care about my words. Administration - I would like to see a server setup like the oldest OldSquad editions - no restrictions, no DS camps and everyone should fight for everything -> that's Mu Online." 
      Reporter : "Do you want the Grom guild that cheated the hell out of all the expectations (hacking), that was stealing startups, stealing everything they could to get back on OldSquad? Would you like Admin to 'parole' them ?"
      Voyager: "I believe everyone deserve a second chance and OldSquad was build thanks to players like DEADCATS and GROM who left their trail. I would like to face them once again in the next NonRR which should be in a newer version."
      Reporter: "I would like to end the interview with a challenge. Do you accept?"
      Voyager :" Haha, if the challenge is without making me return playing in the server - yes, I accept." 
      Reporter :" No, no, name 5 players from the beginning of Inception you respect (not Squadron) , some details would be nice, and 5 players you dislike, we also want details "
      Voyager :" Tough question. I can't say I dislike anyone, Mu is a game where you can start admiring people who PK you overnight and have fun PVP fights
      The guys which I respect a lot is:
      1.Mu3rTe - played with and versus him in multiple editions and he proved to be a valuable player
      2.RedBull - we have similar characters and he is a nice guy
      3.AlmightySM - proved to be a skilled player in every edition I saw him
      4.MaSSaCre - was nice to play versus players like him
      5.CRIEEEE ofc - even with the multiple jokes we made of him - he still is a good guy who was one of the TOP MGs in each edition" 
      Reporter :" And the flop list? The one with the players you dislike the most? "
      Voyager :" Well, don't have such a list, there wasn't enough worthy people to make me dislike them, if I could add a name from other editions in my top respect list - that would be Mamed, i had enormous fun playing versus this guy. "
      Reporter : " So, you don't have a disgrace list, but you can make a list with the players you respect more since you started to play OlsSquad?" 
      Voyager : "Legion, Weew, BSB, Mamed, Soulka those are the players from which I learned a lot and had an enormous fun playing versus them. I do not have a flop list, I am really not that type of player who will dislike someone in mu online, I don't believe you can have such a list. "
      Reporter:" Thank you very much, "Boyager"   !" 
      Voyager:" It's Boyagar!!!" 
      Reporter: "Thank you, Boyagar!!!!!!!!!! And I hope I will see you again in next editions,
      cause OldSquad is about pro players and you are one of those!"
      Voyager:" Thanks, was a funny interview  I am far from one of those but thanks, I am playing only for the fun = )".
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      Mu3rTe reacted to atysmoke in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Xll   
      @ZaZaX interlopul de pe @oldsquad care in timpul liber face memeuri despre jucatorii pe care ii admira 🤣😂 
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      Mu3rTe reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Xll   
      I am in Lorencia, probably the oldest land of this continent, called Mu. It is a small part from Lemuria that's the continent where it all started, I am near the entrance to the dreaded territory , "no mans land" is also called and its name is Valley of Loren.  Everything begins there and everything ends in this magic land. This Sunday is a quiet one,  resting on the whole server, whispers are heard in the deaf, everyone is making plans, strategies, the hour of the battle is approaching and nothing except this fact does not count on the whole continent. I feel the vibe of the battle, a fight in which all the true warriors take part to reach even if they die on the eternal wall of the heroes.
      I carry with me hope, the only hope , it is that the skirmishes are not true and the rumors are just fairy tales for children, I hope that The Curse can be defeated, one of the legendary guilds, named Squadron, seems to have the antidote, they fought bravely, they are brave, they already have the supremacy for months, they dominated the continent, almost from its head to the tail and thus other myths are born, as if they had made a pact with the curse, these voices claim that there is no antidote, only the middle way, but they rule this server and they're united, more united than all other guilds. They are proud and they have reasons to be, cause no one can stand up against them.
      I am in front of the entrance , and I hold my hand firmly on the door, I push it and I step inside: screams are crushing my ears, sounds made of swords crossed with another spelled metal are lost in shields, screams born from anger and pride of the defeated heroes are heard.
      I am trying to get to the bridge that leads to the castle, as fast as possible. I finally managed to get there and I see only injured warriors, the smell of blood and burnt flesh is smashing my nose, wounded warriors trying to heal or to find potions for it , they try to recover, to get back into the front line as quickly as possible. The fight is heated, I disguise myself in the armor received from the Admin, and enter inside the throne room, a bloody fight takes place here, ATTACK and Hardcore still attacking, the points are divided, already one hour passed since this epic fight for supremacy started and everyone still have hope.
      All the attacks ended in Squadrons defense, they are faster, more organized, stronger. Squadron begins to have good advantage and time starts to pass on their side , but nobody gives back, Squadron knows how to use all the advantages of the game, their Dark Lords are using their skills better than any other, protecting the switches, if they succeed means no one can kneel them. If using the power of Dark Lords horses intelligently to take and defend the switches, Squadron's warriors are impossible to be defeated, time passes and no one can reach Voyager's crown.
      At the end of this fight, Squadron team wins, again, this time easily because they have the stronger core and because there is not yet a guild organized enough to deal with them.
      In the past, this legendary guild named Squadron was the only obstacle in front of the GROM guild, now they are invincible, but back then they were torn by others and their start on Inception was apathetic, they made many mistakes, but now, these warriors are fighting to honor the legendary name they wear above their heads, a name that was and will always be legendary on the Old Squad.
      After this Castle Siege, ATTACK guild started to be hunted by Hardcore top players and safe zones became more populated than ever. There are rumors that ATTACK played this time on Squadron's side (it is not like Squadron leaders wanted this), but the ATTACK guild focused more on entangling Hardcore and aroused their anger, so after the Castle Siege a not-so-cold war started between Hardcore and ATTACK, mafy and Mu3rTe killing them everywhere . 
      At the end I will lift my hat and I will throw it away!  Good job to all guilds! If Squadron continue like this until the end of OldSquad, it will probably prove that they have the antidote and that the curse cannot bring them wounds !!
    20. Like
      Mu3rTe reacted to Reporter in [Interview] Makiavelli   
      This interview is about Makiavelli, one of the best Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad has ever had , he is ranked top number one on Magic Gladiator reset ranking, Blood Castle rankings, and second ranked on hall of fame main (he owns 10 Hall of Fame trophies at this moment), and he is also a stage breaker. 
      Reporter: "Hello, Makiavelli ! At this moment you are ranked as number one on MG reset rankings, on Blood Castle and second ranked on hall of fame, congratulations! "

      Makiavelli: " Hello, Reporter, and thank you! "
      Reporter : " Can you reveal us your name and age? "
      Makiavelli : " Of course, my name is Marius and  I`m 28  ."
      Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? "
      Makiavelli : "  When I play mu I`m very dedicated and I play it a lot, that`s why after every DB I play I usually take a break for atleast a few months in which I don't even touch the PC "
      Reporter: "What do you do in real life for a living?"
      Makiavelli: "I`m a dentist. "
      Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? "
      Makiavelli: "I can`t remember exactly, but I think around 2004. "
      Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?"
      Makiavelli: "I think my friend RedBuLL was the one who told me about OS in 2015 or 2016. "
      Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" 
      Makiavelli:" I`ve had Makiavelli for years, krazee before that, many others in the past."
      Reporter: "Since 2015 when you started to play OS, have you played on any other servers? 
      Makiavelli:"I only had an attempt to play other server which opened while i was waiting for OS and as soon as OS was ready i played them both at the same time. There was a conflict in the antihacks of the servers or something like that and sometimes my client would get closed so I couldn`t afk properly. The decision was very easy to make, i quit the other server and stayed on OS, which is the only server that i would play now. "
      Reporter :"Why did you choose this server?"
      Makiavelli:" There`s a lot of work put in this servers since it started and I like the settings more than any other server I`ve ever played
      and even though I`d very much like to play a S14 I only enjoy mu on OS in the last years so im willing to play it even on S6"
      Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? You have this VIP since you started Inception?"
      Makiavelli:"Yes, I have PRO vip activated since it first came up, before that i juggled between dealer and hunter, depending on the stage of the game. "
      Reporter: " How did you manage to achieve so many hall of fame trophies? Can you reveal us "the secret"?  "
      Makiavelli: "You just have to be active and have proper builds/gameplay: either for PVP (arena) or PVE (BC/DS/CC). Testing is the key to everything, someone beat you in something, either pve or pvp event, go to test server and find out what happened - you can at least do as good as he did . "
      Reporter :"Since you are top one Magic Gladiator player on the server, can you reveal us a few tips about Magic Gladiator pvp build? Can you reveal your stats ?"
      Makiavelli: "My stats were constantly changing untill I found what I think is the perfect stats build for sMG , a build that allows  me to do proper PVE/PVP and also hold a switch at CS  and I think its fair on servers with reset limit or non-reset that players make their own builds. I`ve never asked anybody about their build and I don`t want to reveal mine either. About pvp build, it`s easy to find the best one by testing builds in duels on pvp servers."
      Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Magic Gladiator in the beginning  ?"
      Makiavelli:"sMG can be better than eMG in everything, except holding a spot, so my advice is to go sMG since you can find a nice party to take care of the spot killing, also considering there is a bonus xp in party. To get to the top places you should find a stable party with people that you trust so you can share your accounts and try having somebody online to take care of the party most of the time. You should not skip any bc`s/ds`s, you got 3/24h so it shouldn`t be so hard if you organise your time properly, and if that is not enough, you should get a PRO vip that let`s you go 4 times into these events. If you can't find a stable party you can still do it on your own, it`s gonna take more of your time but it can be done. "
      Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best on pvp ? 
      Makiavelli:" "In my oppinion any character that is played well can be very good in pvp but if I have to choose 1 class, it`s gonna be BK."
      Reporter :"You are number one on Blood Castle rankings, can you tell us how have you accomplished that?"
      Makiavelli: "Well, I`ve only missed very few  BCs since the server started and I`ve always been high ranked in resets so my damage was always above average, allowing me to take the statue many times."
      Reporter: "Several weeks ago you were ranked number on on main reset rankings with a decent gap between rest of server, what happened?"
      Makiavelli: "I`ve had some time off, had a long vacation in which I lost a lot in ranks, but the gap you`re talking about helped, so I never got far from the first places."
      Reporter: " Do you still have have a permanent party ? 
      Makiavelli:"Yes, I still do have a permanent party with @Sparkle, @mafy, @Mu3rte,  but it's not like it was in the beginning. Some are doing resets, some are doing ML, but we help each other, and I see it as a stable party. "
      Reporter: " What happened to your old mates, RedBuLL, RuSuLeTzZz, TzaPusHH , MasSacre and Obraznic ?"
      Makiavelli:" RedBuLL had a lot of work to do from the beginning of the server, he just wanted to play it with us cause he loves this server and he likes playing with us, as I do with him, but not long ago he decided it`s not worth to spend the little time that he has for himself staying on a PC, but he is still around to help whenever we ask for it.  Rusuletz quit game because of many reasons that I don`t want to speak about, but mainly because he started working and he is the kind of player that either plays active or doesn`t play at all. I`m that kind of player too. Tzapush ... you would have to ask him, I have no idea what happened there, temporary insanity or something. Obraznic tryied to sell a set for real money and he got banned, he did not have the approval of any of us and that`s all I have to say about this. Massacre didn`t have much time from the begining, but he started playing after I`ve asked him to several times so his presence here was shady from the start."
      Reporter :"Why Rampage disbanded? "
      Makiavelli: "A lot of players quit, some players tried to sell for real money and got banned, the energy there wasn`t good anymore. We disbanded it and choose to take it easy for a while, now we have a very nice group, here in H4RDC0RE the energy is really nice, and it`s a pleasure for me to play with these guys. We are not as strong as we were when we were winning the castle siege, but we are getting there, we didn`t abandon the fight for castle, nor will we. "
      Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? "
      Makiavelli:"Yes, I enjoy reading the newspaper, it`s something special that I haven`t seen anywhere else. "
      Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? "
      Makiavelli:"I don`t believe in superstitions, but I find this amusing and I enjoy reading the posts though. "
      Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?"
      Makiavelli: "The more you win it, the less you want it. The more you lose it, the more you want it.That`s how i see it. "
      Reporter: " Squadron is your enemy guild now?"
      Makiavelli:"Yes, they are our enemy guild this database, even though we have played together in the past. I still have friends and people I respect in that guild, even thought they did not take attitude when the administration of Squadron did some very shitty things like show 0 respect to my party, which helped them before and this database too, or steal items and credits from Snajper when they found out he was going to join us. After these events, and others, and losing CS several times to us, what they did is even more mind blowing to me - they allied with ATTACK and then deny several times that they did until Colossus confessed it all on forum and they didn`t even pay them what they promised for their help from what I know. It was not even only the normal help to come and play against us ,they were killing their GM and the GM of their secondary guild to make points.Everything is allowed at CS so we never said that this is not fair, but these are some stains on their chicks and I`d like people to remember it. "
      Reporter : "There are rumors that the ATTACK guild is allied with HARDCORE, are they true?"
       Makiavelli :" We are not allied and we never were, I remember some of them wanted to help us after Squadron mocked them and they offered their services but nothing synthesized."
      Reporter: " Do  you think that your guild can win next Castle Siege? "
      Makiavelli : "I know they can be defeated in the next siege, we beat them before and we could have beat them a lot more times. They did not win because they were too good, they won because we messed up big time on so many different occasions, and it is only our fault we lost but server`s still up and going, as I said before, we have a nice team now and I have high hopes that we`re gonna win the next castle siege. Nobody is crying for the castle but it's a thing of honor."
      Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?"
      Makiavelli: "I don`t see myself in any capacity to give advice on how to improve a newspaper. You are doing a great job, just keep on doing what you`re doing and all is good,or at least that`s how I feel about it. "
      Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Inception?"
      Makiavelli:"I like non-reset servers and I`ve played an amazing non-reset here on OS that I'd give 10. I`ve had bad thoughts of Inception at times, like when the aRF was 2hitting everybody and at an immense range, but watching the big picture now I see some very interesting stuff made with builds. Many people are crying that some chars are OP but if you pay attention you will see that they are OP only in front of other classes, or even if they outpower all other classes is just for a limited amount of time. For example at first was BK and MG, after that it was aRF, updates made and now is vRF instead of him, SM also got really strong, people already got some + 15 sockets and once slots will be filled with seeds, vRF will take a step back, and DL/SM/Summ era will begin. BK will always be at least a good tank. I don`t want to miss this opportunity to congratulate all OS team for their hard work with an accent on mercenary and gens systems, I like them a lot. "
      Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?"
      Makiavelli:"I guess I`d eliminate some of the Premium options on website like Change class/Change Name, I`d make the online Blacksmith at a max item upgrading of + 11, remove the add luck option completely, cause in my opinion,
      it makes one of the best options in game be worthless to any very active or willing to donate some money players in game. Some new systems were installed this db and although they are very nice they created a few bugs, some of which were already solved fast or a compromise solution has been found for them for example the case of BC bug, so what I expect from the following servers is  two things : 1:the same dedication of the team to solve major problems and 2: Season 14 as fast as possible on OS.
      Reporter: " What do you think about this new rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Admin."
      Makiavelli :" This rule can be very unpleasant for some players who have done nothing wrong and I know this for a fact because it has happened to me when some players from our team got banned for this reason and all the items,even a very high character at that time ended up in the hands of the players who we were playing against. Some would say that it is my fault for choosing the wrong guys to play with but everybody should know by now that people can hide their true faces very well so I don`t consider it my fault. Although this rule can be unpleasant for people who don't deserve it, I fully agree with it because I don't see a better way to stop this real money market." 
      Reporter: "So you are against "black market" ?
      Makiavelli :"  I don't have anything against someone who would sell/buy character/items on black market but these are the rules and I think it would be best for everybody if there wasn't a black market." 
      Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Can a player who is active reach the top without donating? " 
      Makiavelli :" I don't think VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", first of all because the stages system help a lot all the players who are behind and secondly because there is a market where you can trade basically anything for credits or consumables, so if you are a good merchant you can always have VIP without spending any money. When someone spends years on a project that he shares, I find it normal that he should receive some compensation for his work and I know that these days very few people would give something if they don't receive something in return, for example they like some artists but they have never bought an album to support the guy, online is so easy and cheap. I buy albums of my favourite artists just to support them even though I got all the songs in playlists on Youtube and I also donate when my VIP period is over,even if i have credits, because I see it as a support to the server, and I can also use the credits I already have for other stuff that I need." 
      Reporter: "Thanks for this interview, Marius, I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with health and accomplishments on all plans!" 
      Makiavelli: " Thank you! It has been a privilege for me, and I wish you and all OS players a Happy New Year!" 
      This was one of the most complex interviews I ever took !!!  It could compete with Ganja's or Zutto`s ( I followed Ganja more then 6 hours into all events and I was waiting for Zutto's interview since Phoenix mid game until Inception mid start ), so he deserves the room in NewsPaper Hall of Fame because he is one of all time best  Magic Gladiator players that Old Squad Ever Had!!!
      I wish to all News Paper readers a Happy New Year and I hope that the Goddess of Fortune will bring them all the luck and  to fulfill their pure desires !!
    21. Haha
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from darkyo in aRF & CS   
      did you reconsider when he pwned you in cc just few mins ago?    :)))
    22. Thanks
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Season in aRF & CS   
      so, to answer your question, if you, as a new player want to have any impact, you should play atleast 1 month 24/7 to recover the lvl/reset different.
      Assuming that after 1 month, you somehow, you are on par with the resets, than you must spend 1 more month, to recover the items gaps.
      So, as a new player, i suggest you make some friends, and be active, gain their trust, and mb they will have some account to share for you to play CS.
      Otherwise 2 months madman, and you can make some difference.
      to answer other quest, you have potion of soul +20 attacksped / ale +20 attack speed / scroll of quiness +40 attack speed + other  pumpking buff+10 attack speed+ elixir of agility +1000agility = so lets say you can make with a little effort 120 attack speed extra.
      Also, i kinda agree that rf is now kinda op, but what to expect since different gear lvl + ml + fenrir.
      That golden fenrir, i did not check last changes, but wasnt supposed to be un-tradable? i mean, i dont remmember Oklahoma winning OGSM.
    23. Thanks
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Timor in More Events, PLSS!!?   
      i wish i can pk some ppl, but i am afraid some will leave server
    24. Haha
      Mu3rTe got a reaction from Green in More Events, PLSS!!?   
      i wish i can pk some ppl, but i am afraid some will leave server
    25. Hype
      Mu3rTe reacted to Colossus in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vll   
      if you could understand how ,you would do it would win cs alone .....but otherwise you ask 2 guild to help you ,and then show your so rumored character =))) and telling everyone that you did all :)) 
      Also ,why were you crying that Assasins helped Rampage 2 CS's ago? if they did the same thing as us? staying at the entrance and slowing down and weakening?
      You are so lame ,that you throw words against you =)) .Admin should make a top of Lamest excuses ,and there you will win it by being fair .
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