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    More Events, PLSS!!?


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    Wake up OldSquad!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I cannot understand is why people act like this... In the past, there were always players who screams  that there are not enough events, let me tell you that we now have new and interesting events, but guess what? Nobody cares:

    Let's start with the Castle Siege, in the past people were complaining that it is not attractive, that there are no good rewards for the castle owners, etc. They are good now (of course, now everyone is screaming that the rewards are too high), but what are these players doing to have them? ? Nothing, for 2 weeks I expect to see a nice fight and there is no guild able to gather 25 players from a server with 600+ chars on. 

    The second event for which a lot of work has been done to, just to entertain players on the server, is the Soccer event ! is it unique, fun and with good prizes (just as some have woken up to criticize that the rewards are too good), what do you think is going on? There have been 9 teams registered and 5 matches out of 37 have been played so far in one full week, all I can say to Admin is "More Events pls". I get now why some people complain about the "events' high rewards".

    I even started a bet event on those matches, and guess what ? 4 players out of 600 registered. 

    Gaion Event, the only event that can bring you easy talisman of chaos assembly, is made only by maximum 20 players out of 600. 

    Mirror event, an event that can bring you very good buffs and antidotes, I think has been done up to 15 times so far.. 

    About Mercenary Squad, a new system that had to improve the pvp on the server, tell me, what do you think that our players did with it? They are privately messaging each other (although they don't know each other) to meet somewhere so they can complete the quest then they kiss and hug and go on... What can I say? Its name should be change to "Let's socialize and get to know each other better." , or "I pay 2 gems for your friendship". At least this will come to an end soon.

    They asked Reliks to be a pvp map, guess what? You can stay there for weeks, nobody will kill you to take your spot.

    In contrast, Blood Castle and Devil Square are filled daily, 20/20 in the high level ones. Soo, ah, for this you find time, but when it comes to much more important events you guys just ignore them until they get canceled by the Admin and then us we will hear the screams again, MORE EVENTS PLSS !!

    At the end of this article I will suggest Admin to make new events for AFK players with high rewards , so nobody should complain anymore!! 

    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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    Gaion:ppl accepted higher reward same like me, for 7day event that you must run EVERy single day or if u miss 1day u can wait another 7days because u will lack 1fragment..like it was allways on every other server,gaion was most famous event that was run on 5man party, with great reward because u need to run it all 7days,here you get 30jwls and 1tali.? sorry no thanks,

    Dimensional:sorry but reward is useless if u have run it on 5ppl to complete it,unless ur outbalanced MG sum sm to run it solo and get all..

    Soccer:Like i say 1time we play MU online not Soccer..but thats just my thing maybe..

    Actaully all what you can do in game now that make u real happy is BC/DS,1time IT some invasions and afk.

                                                                                              No crying but this is how i actually see it,Have a nice day.

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    In connection with the latest statement of the administrator, as it is even scary to write on the forum) although if you think about it, I wrote the end before, now my predictions come true

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    i agree with activity 🙂

    i even tried to find someone for gaion event on post, nobody answered. Same with dopple, hard to find ppl to move out of spots.

    maybe other chars like mg or sm can do it solo, idk

    two weeks without real enemies on CS makes me so bored that i quit.

    I see that many events promote teamplay, but it making solo-playing ( sometimes we are just forced to play alone) uncompetitive

    It would be nice if i can make some solo-activity to make me stronger


    or maybe i see thinks like this only because of broken DL:<?


    still, i had a great time here, thanks for all. See you at OldSquadS14, break time for me:-)

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    To be honest, there isn't people anymore remaining in the server who can do the hardcore play and give fightback to guys like us. Since ADMIN banned GROM and DEADCATS there isn't any competition. Many people are crying why we KS them on spot and can we move, back then few years ago we were fighting for days for one spot. What I can say for Relics? There were cases when my team was waking me up in 2 am so we can fight in Relics for hour or two. We coulnd't set up a proper party in vulcanus during the nights unless we have someone to maintain the party and bring people back or defend us by killing others. Right now the server is completely PVP.
    I love the changes the administration did, after all it is a custom server and they are unique and beautiful but I would like to see the next server (i refer next 10rr, not 50rr) to be fully customized by the ADMIN (and I would like to see BASE version of Season 6 with BASE version of Devil Square with no spots and everyone must KS everyone to get exp) - not from the players here who just can't play hardcore and crying to him to set PVP kills limits on maps cuz someone is hunting them. That game is based on PVP, not PVM and all these changes lead to this - we have PVM server and no one wants to fight for spot, kill someone and etc cause he fears that they will pk him over the night.

    Cheers, PVM Players :) I suggest you to go play Single Player game or Tetris.

    p.s. The injection the server needs is to rework the PVP challenges and make organized tournaments on weekly basis (may be sunday after CS or Saturday evening will be better) 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 or even 5v5 and hof badges for the winners.

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    1. 600 players / 2 = 300 players. Let's be honest. Most players have 2 Mu sessions opened. I don't think that counter shows unique players :) > it doesn't fell like 600+ either. I see the same people almost all the time.

    2. There are no competitive guilds because this is MU. Most of the players here are 80% time AFK and don't give a rats ass about other players.

    3. No guild for CS. It makes sense. When Rampage ( now HARDCORE ) had castle they used lord mix to get sets for there administration/alt chars. Nothing was given to the other players. Not even ancient sets. Guess what, now they have 2 parts with partially good equipment and that's it. Definitely not enough to win CS. 

    4. MU online = land of drama. The only guild that stuck together was SQUADRON, the rest where just emo/depressed/PMS players.

    After 3 months of MU and few hundred euros invested in a server that was promising i realized that it's slowly going down. Good luck to all, i'm out!

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    I didnt play when Mercenary was first time launched. I was excited when i heard about it on Inception, and then when i first time got message like " Hi Sir , are you here, i have quest on you '' i was like wtf, thought to myself that that was like one time thing but then it happened multiple times again and it keeps happening every day💩 . Server feels like the nicest place to be in, everyone is so nice to each other, no ks, no mercenary kills, rarely gens map kills. 💚

    People cant gather to fight us for CS which is even more pathetic. They keep registering their guild for CS and dont come. Last week we were expecting 3 guilds and prepared well for it, guess what - we had 15 min fight with RedBulls guild and then they quit 🤡

    P.S. Tonight our party got killed by Trompeta i hope its a start for something nice to come 😈


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    1 minute ago, Green said:

    P.S. Tonight our party got killed by Trompeta i hope its a start for something nice to come 😈

    Trompeta and Darkyo PK people from the top just so that they can boost Makiavelli ;)

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    1 hour ago, Green said:

    People cant gather to fight us for CS

    Accent on fight, me funny to see on how many you arrogant races have driven server until such a fortune but still blame it on others.

    Squadron, arrogant guild, people which on forum play drama, but me in PM write how server shit, Classes not balanced and admin is bad

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    We driven you to be complete garbage who cannot handle their inside guild dramas ? Ok, i accept that. I keep teasing people here as well as in game in hope that you grow a pair and finally gather and attack and take castle from us. But your baby minds gets mad at me, start cursing which is so fun to watch. Spending so much time in game and still being bad, thats some skills boys. About your PMs bring proofs otherwise its just bla bla bla by another drama queen


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    I used to play CS on a Romanian server with 150-200 chars online (Rere4Fun), without any special CS system or rewards (the old last 5 mins register crown) and where MS from SM was 85% so almost no chars dying at CS except support chars.

    And guess what, there were constantly 3-4 alliances coming at CS to have fun (alliances with 2-4 guilds each) and endless fights.

    The 80% of servers where I played there were only 2 classes for PvP & PvM (BK and DL or BK and RF), the rest being useless (AE), support classes (SM/SUM) and "just for fun" classes (MG). And people playing (including me) were just having fun, without endless complaints.

    Years ago I was incredibly excited just to participate at a GM Event, with trash rewards, just to have fun and see my name on the screen if winning/qualifying, and share some good talks with the GM and rest of participants.

    Current playerbase doesn't enjoy anymore this game, either full AFK and casual and complaining that active players are ahead (even with our boosts for them), either full competitive and drama queens, never satisfied, that thinks having big virtual balls still matters in almost 2020, for such game.

    I used to work with passion and enjoy watching what our ppl do, gameplay, strategies, etc. Now I work for the already invested almost 4 years and for the sacrifices I made during them, but with close to 0 passion (except loving to improve the weakest game I ever played), at least in the current circumstances, that I pray to change on 2020/2021 when S14 will be released with a new playerbase.

    Gud luck.


    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    7 minutes ago, Green said:

    We driven you to be complete garbage who cannot handle their inside guild dramas ? Ok, i accept that. I keep teasing people here as well as in game in hope that you grow a pair and finally gather and attack and take castle from us. But your baby minds gets mad at me, start cursing which is so fun to watch. Spending so much time in game and still being bad, thats some skills boys. About your PMs bring proofs otherwise its just bla bla bla by another drama queen

    Ooo u want a proof?, np mate, I coming home and uploading it for u. 

    About what fight u talk mate? It's castle of tricks without any restriction, u guild get castle jut coz abuse second guild and our guild based on MG can't make nithing in CS. when I try to change something in community interest ur guild just trash talk. 

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    At least I can not complain about OSGM. 

    My guys are always backing me up! 

    Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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    guys.. MU is like 15years old game.. the 90% of top 100players are about 30-35years old..  most of them have families etc etc. its kinda normal that they cant take place in every event.. i mean.. for me is already too much doing 3bc, 3ds, 2 marce quest and maybe 2 gaion events every day.. MU was always like afking most of time. and the last years with helper picking everything u need.....

    reporter maybe u see 600++ online.. but there are max 200 players.. everyone using 2 acc and there like also people like muerte who somehow can log 4 noob dls and make their own pt. and from these 200players i guess only 100 are the really hardcore player who know the server and play hard.

    and we are at the point that these 100 players got already what they need.. i mean.. kundun.. drop anc.. nah.. why i bother? i got already my +12 set. maya event.. nah.. i got already my +12..13 weapon. Inva.. nehhh.. all sets are done.. etc etc.. maybe sock items will wake up server a little..

    i playing this game for 15 years.. with pauses ofc. and the reason that im still playing it, its cause it doesnt really need that much time and u can afk at least for exp. and i finding old squad already a really tryhard server.

    about server and admin i cant say shit. ofc server isnt perfect or pvp isnt totally in balance but still omg..... its by far best server i have ever play. with all events and bosses active. really few bugs. with good balance in pvp with game master doing events etc etc.

    maybe this +12 upgrade with cred making things really easier. but i can also understand it cause a good server needs support and money to work. and still server isnt pay2win.  cause u can still win cred by selling items or from inva etc etc.

    i dont really have any suggestion.. its simply how MU is.. it was and it will always be a semi afk game.. thats why same people play it still after all these years :)

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    • Gion changed the title to More Events, PLSS!!?

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